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The Patriarch Piasialle

The Patriarch Piasialle ebook ISBN:
Author: Michael R Hartman
Number of Pages: 386 
File: the-patriarch-piasialle.pdf
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This is an adventure of four friends, brought together to fight a malevolent dystopia, and the paramount helping them. The story starts in a panorama of stars where Piasialle plays. She is tasked to help Adrienne, a young redhead from Earth, destined to save our heroes from an alien calamity, occurring one and half billion years in her past.About our heroes: Clara is immortal, beautiful, and regal. She decides she needs to find someone to help her save the world. Aiden has the right bumps in all the right places, but would seriously just like to discover what happened to his family? It won't take him long to realise he is smitten, but, of course, he has to save the world first. Bright is kind, a mute, and Aiden's apprentice. The story will reveal what that is all about. Violet is a siren, attractive, sexy, inviting, a warrior and guide. Without her, surely they would fail? On the dark side is an emblem in Black and Red, a symbol for the Lour, which the elite Decara soldiers wear. It is this administration the heroes must defeat to win, and it will not be easy. Besides, Clara has fallen for Aiden, and Violet. What to do, what to do

The Seven Angels of the Apocalypse

The Seven Angels of the Apocalypse ebook ISBN: 1496972112
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Author: Peter M. Sciarrotta
Number of Pages: 286 
File: the-seven-angels-of-the-apocalypse.pdf
Reads: 4862325


The Seven Angels of the Apocalypse This is the third edition of The Seven Angels of the Apocalypse, sub-titled Fullness of Time. The main character, Michael Barone is shot in the chest with a 12 gauge deer slug at point blank range and is placed in a coma. While he is in the coma, the story rolls back 3,000 years to the life of one of his ancestors, Eli, the Judge of Israel. The story follows Eli’s priesthood line through the kingdoms of Saul, David and the anointing of Solomon. The story further continues with vignettes about the temple regalities, such as the Ark of the Covenant, the Breastplate and the Urimm and Thummin. Israel falls in and out of favor with God and finally is taken captive by the Babylonians. Later, Rome conquers Jerusalem and Pompey sends 30,000 Jews to populate his newly annexed Sicily. This is when Michael Barone’s bloodline moved from Israel to Sicily. 2,000 years later, the Seventh seal is unsealed, and the Barones heroically migrate to America, and grow as a family. Michael wakes from his coma in time to guide his family through the end times, into the days when the seven angels who are identified by the author come to blow their trumps. Each angel’s trumpet brings a catastrophe in fulfillment of St. Johns Revelation. In fact, St. John is one of the angels. This book is a realistic view of what happens during the end times. This is not just a good read. This is a wakeup call!

Beyond Vengeance and Protest

Beyond Vengeance and Protest ebook ISBN: 9780820471310
Publisher: Peter Lang
Author: Oliver O. Nwachukwu,Oliver Nwachukwu
Number of Pages: 292 
File: beyond-vengeance-and-protest.pdf
Reads: 6404905


Beyond Vengeance and Protest takes a fresh look at the Book of Revelation from the point of view of blessing. If John wrote Revelation to tell the Christian communities that he had seen the Lord and to encourage them to persevere, the macarisms underscore his conviction of God's vindication of the righteous who suffer now. With the sevenfold macarisms expressing hope in God's grace, John lays grounds for action by positing the good for which the contrary must be rejected.

The Biblical World

The Biblical World ebook ISBN:
Author: William Rainey Harper,Ernest DeWitt Burton,Shailer Mathews
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: the-biblical-world.pdf
Reads: 9227750


"Books for New Testament study ... [By] Clyde Weber Votaw" v. 26, p. 271-320; v. 37, p. 289-352.

The New Monthly

The New Monthly ebook ISBN:
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: the-new-monthly.pdf
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Books for New Testament Study

Books for New Testament Study ebook ISBN:
Author: Clyde Weber Votaw,Charles Frederick Bradley
Number of Pages: 79 
File: books-for-new-testament-study.pdf
Reads: 9681570