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Apocryphal Tales

Apocryphal Tales ebook ISBN: 9780945774341
Publisher: Catbird Press
Author: Karel Čapek
Number of Pages: 188 
File: apocryphal-tales.pdf
Reads: 1842534


An anthology of stories presenting famous events from the point of view of the man in the street. In one story, a baker describes Jesus' miracle of loaves and fish, in another, townspeople argue who is to blame for the invasion of the Huns. Thirty stories in all.

The Bite

The Bite ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Jonathan Cape
Author: Francis Greig
Number of Pages: 166 
File: the-bite.pdf
Reads: 9050639


Korte verhalen met een wat bizarre afloop.

Ruson the Vampire Saint & Other Apocryphal Tales

Ruson the Vampire Saint & Other Apocryphal Tales ebook ISBN: 9781533163677
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Author: Aaron Hollingsworth
Number of Pages: 124 
File: ruson-the-vampire-saint-other-apocryphal-tales.pdf
Reads: 5697914


Unauthorized beings caught with these writings shall have their spirits ripped from the Soul Cycle to be cast away into lightness oblivion, your once close and loving Sun becoming a cold and distant star. -Ruson the Vampire Saint -Smoking Blood -Sir Dominic's Tree -Soul Cycle -Clairleone's Orders -The Serpent and Lilith -Amira the Succubus -Old Job and Shaitan -The Story of Easter -When God Created the Two-Spirits -The Thirtieth of May

Heads, You Lose, and Other Apocryphal Tales

Heads, You Lose, and Other Apocryphal Tales ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Outlet
Author: Francis Greig
Number of Pages: 210 
File: heads-you-lose-and-other-apocryphal-tales.pdf
Reads: 3485978


Presents an entertaining collection of ironic, apocryphal tales that appeal to basic human fears or fundamental attractions and represent an important part of modern folklore

Apocryphal and Literary Influences on Galway Diasporic History

Apocryphal and Literary Influences on Galway Diasporic History ebook ISBN: 1443826103
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Author: Gay Lynch
Number of Pages: 260 
File: apocryphal-and-literary-influences-on-galway-diasporic-history.pdf
Reads: 8418062


Apocryphal and Literary Influences on Galway Diasporic History establishes that apocryphal stories, in all their transformations, contribute to collective memory. Common characteristics frame their analysis: irreducible and enduring elements, often embedded in archetypal drama; lack of historical verification; establishment in collective memory; revivals after periods of dormancy; subjection to political and economic manipulation; implicit speculation; and literary transformations. This book contextualises Unsettled, an Australian novel about a convict play, derived from the Irish apocryphal story of The Magistrate of Galway, and documents previously unpublished primary material, including apocryphal stories passed through generations of descendents of settlers, Martin and Maria Lynch, and The Hibernian Father, a play by Irish convict, Edward Geoghegan. It puts forward new hypotheses: that the Irish hero Cuchulain may have provided a template for the archetypal and apocryphal story of the Magistrate of Galway; that disgraced Trinity College medical student and aspiring writer, Edward Geoghegan, enacted and recounted the same father-son archetypal conflict when he was transported to Botany Bay in 1839, and wrote the The Hibernian Father based on the Magistrate of Galway; that working-class Irish families were marginalised in South-east South Australian historical records; that oral apocryphal Lynch stories may be true; that Kate Grenville’s The Secret River (2006) offers an alternative history of the Hawkesbury River settlement, by some definitions apocryphal. The mystery of Geoghegan’s disappearance is solved, and knowledge about his life increased. French theorist Gerard Genette’s notion, advanced in Palimpsests: Literature in the Second Degree (1997), of all novels being transtextual, provides a model for the analysis of relationships between these key apocryphal texts.

North American Gaels

North American Gaels ebook ISBN: 0228005175
Publisher: McGill-Queen\'s Press - MQUP
Author: Natasha Sumner,Aidan Doyle
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: north-american-gaels.pdf
Reads: 4312601


A mere 150 years ago Scottish Gaelic was the third most widely spoken language in Canada, and Irish was spoken by hundreds of thousands of people in the United States. A new awareness of the large North American Gaelic diaspora, long overlooked by historians, folklorists, and literary scholars, has emerged in recent decades. North American Gaels, representing the first tandem exploration of these related migrant ethnic groups, examines the myriad ways Gaelic-speaking immigrants from marginalized societies have negotiated cultural spaces for themselves in their new homeland. In the macaronic verses of a Newfoundland fisherman, the pointed addresses of an Ontario essayist, the compositions of a Montana miner, and lively exchanges in newspapers from Cape Breton to Boston to New York, these groups proclaim their presence in vibrant traditional modes fluently adapted to suit North American climes. Through careful investigations of this diasporic Gaelic narrative and its context, from the mid-eighteenth century to the twenty-first, the book treats such overarching themes as the sociolinguistics of minority languages, connection with one's former home, and the tension between the desire for modernity and the enduring influence of tradition. Staking a claim for Gaelic studies on this continent, North American Gaels shines new light on the ways Irish and Scottish Gaels have left an enduring mark through speech, story, and song.

The Book of Reykjahólar

The Book of Reykjahólar ebook ISBN: 9780802078148
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
Author: Marianne E. Kalinke
Number of Pages: 322 
File: the-book-of-reykjahólar.pdf
Reads: 6565002


The legends belong to the vast corpus of German hagiography, yet the currency of these particular versions is documented today only by virtue of their inclusion in this Icelandic legendary.

The Infancy Gospels of Jesus

The Infancy Gospels of Jesus ebook ISBN: 1594732582
Publisher: SkyLight Paths Publishing
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: 141 
File: the-infancy-gospels-of-jesus.pdf
Reads: 8705080


Presents influential apocryphal stories about the young Jesus and tales that provide the basis for Mary's biography and ideas about her purity. Will give you a deeper understanding of the devotion Christians feel for Mary and the holy infant Jesus.

Playing the Canterbury Tales

Playing the Canterbury Tales ebook ISBN: 1409479137
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
Author: Dr Andrew Higl
Number of Pages: 210 
File: playing-the-canterbury-tales.pdf
Reads: 3907786


Playing the Canterbury Tales addresses the additions, continuations, and reordering of the Canterbury Tales found in the manuscripts and early printed editions of the Tales. Many modern editions present a specific set of tales in a specific order, and often leave out an entire corpus of continuations and additions. Andrew Higl makes a case for understanding the additions and changes to Chaucer's original open and fragmented work by thinking of them as distinct interactive moves in a game similar to the storytelling game the pilgrims play. Using examples and theories from new media studies, Higl demonstrates that the Tales are best viewed as an "interactive fiction," reshaped by active readers. Readers participated in the ongoing creation and production of the tales by adding new text and rearranging existing text, and through this textual transmission, they introduced new social and literary meaning to the work. This theoretical model and the boundaries between the canonical and apocryphal texts are explored in six case studies: the spurious prologues of the Wife of Bath's Tale, John Lydgate's influence on the Tales, the Northumberland manuscript, the ploughman character, and the Cook's Tale. The Canterbury Tales are a more dynamic and unstable literary work than usually encountered in a modern critical edition.

Japanese Singers of Tales: Ten Centuries of Performed Narrative

Japanese Singers of Tales: Ten Centuries of Performed Narrative ebook ISBN: 075465379X
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
Author: Dr Alison McQueen Tokita
Number of Pages: 288 
File: japanese-singers-of-tales-ten-centuries-of-performed-narrative.pdf
Reads: 7175020


Alison Tokita presents a series of case studies that demonstrate the persistence of Japanese sung narratives in a multiplicity of genres over ten centuries together with factors contributing to change in narrative performance. Narratives that were continually re-told and recycled in different versions and formats over a long period of time served to build people's sense of a common identity over space (the geographical extent of 'Japan') and time (the enduring power of many specific narratives). The elements of variation and change relate to the move away from oral narrative to text-based performance, and from a simple narrative situation with one performer to complex theatrical narratives with dancers, singers and other musicians. Tokita includes substantial musical analysis and exploration of theoretical issues, as well as documentation of important performance traditions, all of which are extant.

Tales, Rumors, and Gossip

Tales, Rumors, and Gossip ebook ISBN: 9781563081903
Publisher: Libraries Unlimited
Author: Gail De Vos
Number of Pages: 405 
File: tales-rumors-and-gossip.pdf
Reads: 1319853


Provides an introduction to the many varieties of contemporary legends, and focuses on their role in the world around us, including tales of racial and gender stereotypes, moralizing gossip, and rumors that express hopes

Mysterium and Mystery

Mysterium and Mystery ebook ISBN: 9780809318087
Publisher: SIU Press
Author: William David Spencer
Number of Pages: 344 
File: mysterium-and-mystery.pdf
Reads: 4878492


A reprint of the first book on the topic of the cleric as a crime-solver in fiction. Mysterium and Mystery by William David Spencer is a primary reference of meticulous scholarship for anyone interested in mystery literature.

AN EMPTY BOTTLE and Other Tales

AN EMPTY BOTTLE and Other Tales ebook ISBN: 1466961090
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Number of Pages: 206 
File: an-empty-bottle-and-other-tales.pdf
Reads: 9408596


An Empty Bottle is a collection of short stories that would otherwise have been consigned to the realm of forgotten things. Written over many years, many published around the world and others achieving awards in Australia, they cover aspects of life and living from humour, crime, and retribution, love and hate, children and the elderly—something for just about anyone. There is even a fairy story for adults in there. This is the third collection gleaned from a busy writing life, No Time for Pity and Standfast appearing a few years ago. Barbara believes that readers still enjoy short fiction, but it is not easy to find. For the busy person, the young mum, the city girl, the elderly, and those who just don’t have a long attention span, the genre still offers a happy hour or so curled up with a book. Reading is one of life’s true enjoyments, whether it is done with an old-fashioned collection of bound paper or one of the new electronic gadgets. Long may it last!

Jesus and Archaeology

Jesus and Archaeology ebook ISBN: 9780802848802
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
Author: James H. Charlesworth
Number of Pages: 740 
File: jesus-and-archaeology.pdf
Reads: 8518925


Archaeology still has many things to reveal about the life and world of Jesus of Nazareth. To touch a two-thousand-year-old pot held by a Jew who lived in a small village frequented by Jesus can bring us closer to understanding those who were touched by Jesus.Jesus and Archaeology contains the revised and edited lectures that leading archaeologists and biblical scholars presented at a gathering in Jerusalem to celebrate the new millennium. Many contributors came directly from their excavations in places like Bethsaida, Capernaum, Nazareth, and Jerusalem to share their discoveries and insights, focusing on the question In what ways do new archaeological discoveries clarify the world, life, and thought of Jesus from Nazareth? Readers of Jesus and Archaeology will gain many new insights into the life and times of this fascinating Galilean J ew.Contributors: Paul N. AndersonRami AravDan BahatRichard A. BateyAvraham BiranBrian J. CapperJames H. CharlesworthBruce ChiltonJames D. G. DunnJ. K. ElliottEsther EshelCraig A. EvansSean FreyneYizhar HirschfeldWilliam KlassenJohn S. KloppenborgAchim LichtenbergerFrédéric MannsJohn PainterMichele Piccirillo, O.F.M.Bargil Pixner, O.S.B.Emile PuechJohn ReumannPeter RichardsonHenry W. M. RietzDaniel R. SchwartzBenedict Thomas Viviano, O.P.Urban C. von WahldeJohn W. WelchJürgen ZangenbergJoseph E. Zias

Calf's Head & Union Tale

Calf's Head & Union Tale ebook ISBN: 9780252065538
Publisher: University of Illinois Press
Author: Archie Green
Number of Pages: 283 
File: calf-s-head-union-tale.pdf
Reads: 8305641


Whether sabotage, accident, trick, duel, or dream, no subject is immune from the soapboxer's harangue or the job clown's banter in these sixty-six delightful stories, many in multiple versions, from the world of work.

St. Paul

St. Paul ebook ISBN: 9780825436390
Publisher: Kregel Academic
Author: Sir William Mitchell Ramsay
Number of Pages: 319 
File: st-paul.pdf
Reads: 4473955


(Revised and updated edition) A widely respected classic work on the apostle Paul, with full-color illustrations for modern Christians.

Biblical Figures Outside the Bible

Biblical Figures Outside the Bible ebook ISBN: 9781563384110
Publisher: A&C Black
Author: Michael E. Stone,Theodore A. Bergren
Number of Pages: 448 
File: biblical-figures-outside-the-bible.pdf
Reads: 5647722


1999 Biblical Archaeology Society Publication Award for the category Best Book Relating to the Old Testament. Explores the evolution of the biographical traditions of some fifteen biblical figures