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As You Law It - Negotiating Shakespeare

As You Law It - Negotiating Shakespeare ebook ISBN: 3110591510
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG
Author: Daniela Carpi,François Ost
Number of Pages: 282 
File: as-you-law-it-negotiating-shakespeare.pdf
Reads: 2480841


Shakespeare was fascinated by law, which permeated Elizabethan everyday life. The general impression one derives from the analysis of many plays by Shakespeare is that of a legal situation in transformation and of a dynamically changing relation between law and society, law and the jurisdiction of Renaissance times. Shakespeare provides the kind of literary supplement that can better illustrate the legal texts of the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries. There was a strong popular participation in the system of justice, and late sixteenth-century playwrights often made use of forensic models of narrative. Uncertainty about legal issues represented a rich potential for causing strong reactions in the public, especially feelings concerning the resistance to tyranny. The volume aims at highlighting some of the many legal perspectives and debates emplotted in Shakespearean plays, also taking into consideration the many texts that have been produced during the latest years on law and literature in the Renaissance.

The Ruin of Kasch

The Ruin of Kasch ebook ISBN: 0141397020
Publisher: Penguin UK
Author: Roberto Calasso
Number of Pages: 432 
File: the-ruin-of-kasch.pdf
Reads: 2764101


A sparkling new translation of the classic work on violence and revolution as seen through mythology and art The Ruin of Kasch takes up two subjects: "the first is Talleyrand, and the second is everything else," wrote Italo Calvino when the book first appeared in 1983. Hailed as one of those rare books that persuade us to see our entire civilization in a new light, its guide is the French statesman Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand, who knew the secrets of the ancien régime and all that came after, and was able to adapt the notion of "legitimacy" to the modern age. Roberto Calasso follows him through a vast gallery of scenes set immediately before and after the French Revolution, making occasional forays backward and forward in time, from Vedic India to the porticoes of the Palais-Royal and to the killing fields of Pol Pot, with appearances by Goethe and Marie Antoinette, Napoleon and Marx, Walter Benjamin and Chateaubriand. At the centre stands the story of the ruin of Kasch, a legendary kingdom based on the ritual killing of the king and emblematic of the ruin of ancient and modern regimes. 'Startling, puzzling, profound . . . a work charged with intelligence and literary seduction' The New York Times 'Unique, idiosyncratic and vaultingly ambitious... essential reading' Independent 'A great fat jewel-box of a book, gleaming with obscure treasures' John Banville

Machiavelli and Mystery of State

Machiavelli and Mystery of State ebook ISBN: 9780521437905
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Author: Peter S. Donaldson
Number of Pages: 242 
File: machiavelli-and-mystery-of-state.pdf
Reads: 9597746


This 1989 book studies the sacred and secular conceptions of kingship in the Renaissance.

Humanism, Machinery, and Renaissance Literature

Humanism, Machinery, and Renaissance Literature ebook ISBN: 9780521831871
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Author: Jessica Wolfe
Number of Pages: 305 
File: humanism-machinery-and-renaissance-literature.pdf
Reads: 968807


This book explores how machinery and the practice of mechanics participate in the intellectual culture of Renaissance humanism. Before the emergence of the modern concept of technology, sixteenth- and early seventeenth-century writers recognized the applicability of mechanical practices and objects to some of their most urgent moral, aesthetic, and political questions. Harnessing the discipline of mechanics to their literary and philosophical concerns, writers including Francis Bacon and Edmund Spenser look to machinery to ponder and dispute all manner of instrumental means, from rhetoric and pedagogy to diplomacy and courtly dissimulation.

The Origins of the English Novel, 1600-1740

The Origins of the English Novel, 1600-1740 ebook ISBN: 9780801869594
Publisher: JHU Press
Author: Michael McKeon
Number of Pages: 529 
File: the-origins-of-the-english-novel-1600-1740.pdf
Reads: 251146


The novel emerged, McKeon contends, as a cultural instrument designed to engage the epistemological and social crises of the age.

Arcana imperii

Arcana imperii ebook ISBN: 9782846545051
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: 210 
File: arcana-imperii.pdf
Reads: 4506558


A l'heure où la transparence tend à devenir une exigence socio-politique incontournable, il est nécessaire de rappeler la place de la dissimulation dans l'histoire. Les spécialistes du Moyen Age et de l'époque moderne ont depuis longtemps relevé l'enjeu que constituait le secret pour leurs périodes respectives : une culture de l'opacité et de la confidentialité imprégnait les monarchies anciennes où s'entremêlaient sphères privées et publiques. En ce sens, l'oeuvre de Machiavel n'aurait fait que systématiser les injonctions à la dissimulation émises par les miroirs des Princes médiévaux. Si cette perspective de longue durée fragilise les thèses faisant du secret une arme de l'absolutisme, elle éclipse aussi les singularités de l'époque moderne dans son rapport aux arts de la feinte. Le pari de cet ouvrage est d'identifier ces caractéristiques en étudiant les modalités techniques de la circulation et de la rétention de l'information. La réflexion s'ancre dans les monarchies espagnole, française et la république de Venise entre les XVIe et XVIIIe siècles. En suivant les agents royaux sur divers terrains - curiaux, diplomatiques, commerciaux, financiers -, ce livre met en lumière ce que le perfectionnement des savoirs administratifs doit aux pratiques du secret. L'élargissement de son usage à tous les domaines du politique en fait l'une des clés de compréhension des sociétés modernes.

The Mechanics of Modernity in Europe and East Asia

The Mechanics of Modernity in Europe and East Asia ebook ISBN: 1134292635
Publisher: Routledge
Author: Erik Ringmar
Number of Pages: 256 
File: the-mechanics-of-modernity-in-europe-and-east-asia.pdf
Reads: 1290815


Why, from the eighteenth century onwards, did some countries embark on a path of sustained economic growth, while others stagnated? This text looks at the kind of institutions that are required in order for change to take place, and Ringmar concludes that for sustained development to be possible, change must be institutionalized. Taking a global view, Ringmar investigates the implications of his conclusion on issues facing the developing world today.

Charles I and the People of England

Charles I and the People of England ebook ISBN: 0191018007
Publisher: OUP Oxford
Author: David Cressy
Number of Pages: 416 
File: charles-i-and-the-people-of-england.pdf
Reads: 2677963


The story of the reign of Charles I — told through the lives of his people. Prize-winning historian David Cressy mines the widest range of archival and printed sources, including ballads, sermons, speeches, letters, diaries, petitions, proclamations, and the proceedings of secular and ecclesiastical courts, to explore the aspirations and expectations not only of the king and his followers, but also the unruly energies of many of his subjects, showing how royal authority was constituted, in peace and in war — and how it began to fall apart. A blend of micro-historical analysis and constitutional theory, parish politics and ecclesiology, military, cultural, and social history, Charles I and the People of England is the first major attempt to connect the political, constitutional, and religious history of this crucial period in English history with the experience and aspirations of the rest of the population. From the king and his ministers to the everyday dealings and opinions of parishioners, petitioners, and taxpayers, David Cressy re-creates the broadest possible panorama of early Stuart England, as it slipped from complacency to revolution.

Natural Law, Constitutionalism, Reason of State, and War

Natural Law, Constitutionalism, Reason of State, and War ebook ISBN: 9780820474274
Publisher: Peter Lang
Author: J. A. Fernández-Santamaría
Number of Pages: 471 
File: natural-law-constitutionalism-reason-of-state-and-war.pdf
Reads: 2850011


Natural Law, Constitutionalism, Reason of State, and War: Counter-Reformation Spanish Political Thought (Volumes I and II) aims at understanding how Spanish thinkers in the sixteenth and early seventeenth centuries approached the emerging institution of the state. Both volumes are divided evenly into four distinct but related parts that cover the Spaniards' central concerns. In the first part, a fundamental question is asked: Is the state a natural institution? In the second, the theme is determining the best form of government. The third part is concerned with the imperative need to define the ethical boundaries beyond which the state must not trespass. Finally, the fourth part examines the question of war as an instrument of policy.

The Myth of the Nation and the Vision of Revolution

The Myth of the Nation and the Vision of Revolution ebook ISBN: 9780436513992
Publisher: Univ of California Press
Author: Jacob Leib Talmon,Yaʿaḳov Leyb Talmon
Number of Pages: 632 
File: the-myth-of-the-nation-and-the-vision-of-revolution.pdf
Reads: 5460529


In what may well rank as the finest political and intellectual history of the twentieth century, the late J. L. Talmon explores the origins of the schism within European society between the totalitarians of Right and Left as well as the split between an acceptance of the historical national community as the natural political and social framework and the vision of a socialist society achieved by a universal revolutionary breakthrough. This, the third and final volume of Talmon's history of the modern world, brings to bear the resources of his incisive scholarship to examine the workings of the ironies of totalitarianism as well as the resources of democracy.