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Archive Of Fire

Archive Of Fire ebook ISBN: 1611602033
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Author: Betsy Dornbusch
Number of Pages: 375 
File: archive-of-fire.pdf
Reads: 6047390


Twins Aidan and Kaelin didn't realize until they got to university that most guys don't learn five ways to kill a man by the age of fourteen. Still, since their estranged father descends from the demon Asmodai, it's probably worth knowing how to defend themselves. But as years pass and threat never materializes, the twins suppose their mom is just paranoid - until she disappears. Their father tells them Asmodai has taken possession of their mother in order to infiltrate Sentinel, a treacherous coalition of demidemon rebels determined to protect humankind from the demon legions. The twins form a grudging alliance with Sentinel to rescue her, but when Asmodai murders their father to incite war, Sentinel starts to implode and Aidan and Kaelin must battle an enemy who wears their mother's face.

The Archive of Loss

The Archive of Loss ebook ISBN: 1478004606
Publisher: Duke University Press
Author: Maura Finkelstein
Number of Pages: 264 
File: the-archive-of-loss.pdf
Reads: 1405821


Mumbai's textile industry is commonly but incorrectly understood to be an extinct relic of the past. In The Archive of Loss Maura Finkelstein examines what it means for textile mill workers—who are assumed not to exist—to live and work during a period of deindustrialization. Finkelstein shows how mills are ethnographic archives of the city where documents, artifacts, and stories exist in the buildings and in the bodies of workers. Workers' pain, illnesses, injuries, and exhaustion narrate industrial decline; the ways in which they live in tenements exist outside and resist the values expounded by modernity; and the rumors and untruths they share about textile worker strikes and a mill fire help them make sense of the industry's survival. In outlining this archive's contents, Finkelstein shows how mills, which she conceptualizes as lively ruins, become a lens through which to challenge, reimagine, and alter ways of thinking about the past, present, and future in Mumbai and beyond.

Architecture and Fire

Architecture and Fire ebook ISBN: 1787353729
Publisher: UCL Press
Author: Stamatis Zografos
Number of Pages: 208 
File: architecture-and-fire.pdf
Reads: 8466461


Architecture and Fire develops a conceptual reassessment of architectural conservation through the study of the intimate relationship between architecture and fire. Stamatis Zografos expands on the general agreement among many theorists that the primitive hut was erected around fire – locating fire as the first memory of architecture, at the very beginning of architectural evolution. Following the introduction, Zografos analyses the archive and the renewed interest in the study of archives through the psychoanalysis of Jacques Derrida. He moves on to explore the ambivalent nature of fire, employing the conflicting philosophies of Gaston Bachelard and Henri Bergson to do so, before discussing architectural conservation and the relationship between listed buildings, the function of archives, and the preservation of memories from the past. The following chapter investigates how architecture evolves by absorbing and accommodating fire, while the penultimate chapter examines the critical moment of architectural evolution: the destruction of buildings by fire, with a focus on the tragic disaster at London’s Grenfell Tower in 2017. Zografos concludes with thoughts on Freud’s drive theory. He argues the practice of architectural conservation is an expression of the life drive and a simultaneous repression of the death drive, which suggests controlled destruction should be an integral part of the conservation agenda. Architecture and Fire is founded in new interdisciplinary research navigating across the boundaries of architecture, conservation, archival theory, classical mythology, evolutionary theory, thermodynamics, philosophy and psychoanalysis. It will be of interest to readers working in and around these disciplines.

The Archive of the Shuffled

The Archive of the Shuffled ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Álvaro Hernán Linares
Author: Alvaro Linares Clarke
Number of Pages: 128 
File: the-archive-of-the-shuffled.pdf
Reads: 4392311


The following work, The Archive of the Shuffled, began with the correction, translation and rewriting of an original manuscript that I found in the dress coat pocket of a dead man who had been quartered in one of the gardens close to Temple Debod, in the city of Madrid. The murder victim shared a certain something with Osiris; even more so because he was found a few meters away from the columns and entrance to the temple.

Dark Souls Trilogy

Dark Souls Trilogy ebook ISBN: 9784048939379
Author: 電撃Play Station編集部
Number of Pages: 320 
File: dark-souls-trilogy.pdf
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Museum, Archive, and Library Security

Museum, Archive, and Library Security ebook ISBN: 1483221032
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann
Author: Lawrence J. Fennelly
Number of Pages: 906 
File: museum-archive-and-library-security.pdf
Reads: 7932148


Museum, Archive, and Library Security provides an introduction to the security programs of museums and other park facilities. This book discusses the mechanism that provides for the protection of information, collections, equipment, personnel, and physical facilities of museums. Organized into seven parts encompassing 30 chapters, this book begins with an overview of the security programs of the National Park Service. This text then examines the quality of security personnel and its proper training, as well as its most efficient utilization and allocation. Other chapters consider the standard instruction in how to implement new security procedures by staff members. This book discusses as well the significance of good security for the protection of fine arts of any nature. The final chapter deals with global concern on the prevention, protection, import, or export of cultural property. This book is a valuable resource for security directors, archivists, curators, maintenance personnel, historic preservation specialists, and librarians.

This Gulf of Fire

This Gulf of Fire ebook ISBN: 1101875828
Publisher: Vintage
Author: Mark Molesky
Number of Pages: 512 
File: this-gulf-of-fire.pdf
Reads: 5161428


Winner of the Phi Alpha Theta Best Subsequent Book Award Finalist: Los Angeles Times Book Prize The captivating and definitive account of the most consequential natural disaster of modern times. On All Saints’ Day 1755, tremors from an earthquake measuring perhaps 9.0 (or higher) on the moment magnitude scale swept furiously from their origin along the Atlantic seabed toward the Iberian and African coasts. Directly in their path was Lisbon, then one of the wealthiest cities in the world and the capital of a vast global empire. Within minutes, much of the city lay in ruins. But this was only the beginning. A half hour later, a giant tsunami unleashed by the quake smashed into Portugal’s coastline and barreled up the Tagus River, carrying countless thousands out to sea. By day’s end, the great wave chain would claim victims on four separate continents. To complete Lisbon’s destruction, a hellacious firestorm then engulfed the city’s shattered remains. Subjecting survivors to temperatures exceeding 1,832°F (1,000°C), it burned for several weeks, killing thousands and incinerating much of what the earthquake and tsunami had spared. Drawing on a wealth of new sources, the latest scientific research, and a sophisticated grasp of European history, Mark Molesky gives us the authoritative account of the Great Lisbon Disaster and its impact on the Western world—including descriptions of the world’s first international relief effort; the rise of a brutal, yet modernizing, dictatorship in Portugal; and the effect of the disaster on the spirit and direction of the European Enlightenment. Much more than a chronicle of destruction, This Gulf of Fire is, at its heart, a gripping human drama, involving an array of unforgettable characters—such as the Marquês de Pombal, the once-slighted striver who sees in the chaos his path to supreme power, and Gabriel Malagrida, the charismatic Jesuit whose view that the earthquake was a punishment sent by God leads inexorably to his demise. There is Dom José, the unremarkable king of Portugal, who stands by his people in their moment of greatest need but ultimately abandons them to the tyranny of his first minister. There is Kitty Witham, the plucky English nun who helps her fellow sisters escape from their collapsing convent, and Manoel Portal, the Oratorian priest who flees the burning capital on his broken leg and goes on to write one of the definitive accounts of the disaster. Philosophers, kings, poets, emperors, scientists, scoundrels, journalists, and monkeys all make their appearance in this remarkable narrative of the mid-eighteenth century. From the Hardcover edition.

The Spanish Archives of New Mexico

The Spanish Archives of New Mexico ebook ISBN: 086534647X
Publisher: Sunstone Press
Author: Ralph Emerson Twitchell
Number of Pages: 620 
File: the-spanish-archives-of-new-mexico.pdf
Reads: 9407716


In 1914 Twitchell published in two volumes, "The Spanish Archives of New Mexico," the first calendar and guide to the documents from the Spanish colonial period. The bulk of the records accentuate the amazingly dynamic nature of land grant and settlement policies.

Plague and Fire

Plague and Fire ebook ISBN: 9780198036760
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Author: James C. Mohr
Number of Pages: 256 
File: plague-and-fire.pdf
Reads: 5483566


A little over a century ago, bubonic plague--the same Black Death that decimated medieval Europe--arrived on the shores of Hawaii just as the islands were about to become a U.S. territory. In this absorbing narrative, James Mohr tells the story of that fearful visitation and its fiery climax--a vast conflagration that engulfed Honolulu's Chinatown. Mohr tells this gripping tale largely through the eyes of the people caught up in the disaster, from members of the white elite to Chinese doctors, Japanese businessmen, and Hawaiian reporters. At the heart of the narrative are three American physicians--the Honolulu Board of Health--who became virtual dictators when the government granted them absolute control over the armed forces and the treasury. The doctors soon quarantined Chinatown, where the plague was killing one or two people a day and clearly spreading. They resisted intense pressure from the white community to burn down all of Chinatown at once and instead ordered a careful, controlled burning of buildings where plague victims had died. But a freak wind whipped one of those small fires into a roaring inferno that destroyed everything in its path, consuming roughly thirty-eight acres of densely packed wooden structures in a single afternoon. Some 5000 people lost their homes and all their possessions and were marched in shock to detention camps, where they were confined under armed guard for weeks. Next to the attack on Pearl Harbor in 1941, the Chinatown fire is the worst civic disaster in Hawaiian history. A dramatic account of people struggling in the face of mounting catastrophe, Plague and Fire is a stimulating and thought-provoking read.

Excerpts and Case Studies from the Archives of the Narcissistic Abuse Study Group

Excerpts and Case Studies from the Archives of the Narcissistic Abuse Study Group ebook ISBN: 998992919X
Publisher: Narcissus Publishing
Author: Sam Vaknin
Number of Pages: 431 
File: excerpts-and-case-studies-from-the-archives-of-the-narcissistic-abuse-study-group.pdf
Reads: 6118354


Hundreds of excerpts from the archives of the Narcissistic Abuse Study List regarding Pathological Narcissism, relationships with abusive narcissists and psychopaths, and Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD).

The Future of Testimony

The Future of Testimony ebook ISBN: 1135010013
Publisher: Routledge
Author: Antony Rowland,Jane Kilby
Number of Pages: 244 
File: the-future-of-testimony.pdf
Reads: 3131015


Celebrating the twentieth anniversary of the groundbreaking Testimony, this collection brings together the leading academics from a range of scholarly fields to explore the meaning, use, and value of testimony in law and politics, its relationship to other forms of writing like literature and poetry, and its place in society. It visits testimony in relation to a range of critical developments, including the rise of Truth Commissions and the explosion and radical extension of human rights discourse; renewed cultural interest in perpetrators of violence alongside the phenomenal commercial success of victim testimony (in the form of misery memoirs); and the emergence of disciplinary interest in genocide, terror, and other violent atrocities. These issues are necessarily inflected by the question of witnessing violence, pain, and suffering at both the local and global level, across cultures, and in postcolonial contexts. At the volume’s core is an interdisciplinary concern over the current and future nature of witnessing as it plays out through a ‘new’ Europe, post-9/11 US, war-torn Africa, and in countless refugee and detention centers, and as it is worked out by lawyers, journalists, medics, and novelists. The collection draws together an international range of case-studies, including discussion of the former Yugoslavia, Gaza, and Rwanda, and encompasses a cross-disciplinary set of texts, novels, plays, testimonial writing, and hybrid testimonies. The volume situates itself at the cutting-edge of debate and as such brings together the leading thinkers in the field, requiring that each address the future, anticipating and setting the future terms of debate on the importance of testimony.

River of Fire

River of Fire ebook ISBN: 0857900862
Publisher: Birlinn
Author: John MacLeod
Number of Pages: 456 
File: river-of-fire.pdf
Reads: 6997486


"MacLeod is a splendid and elegiac narrator of neglected patches of Scotland's history and brings his poetic gifts again to this, the single most dreadful event in our nation's story" - The Observer "An unflinching record of what remains of Scotland's greatest human disaster in modern history" - The Herald Vibrating with endeavours for Britain's effort against the might of Nazi Germany, Clydebank was - in hindsight - an obvious target for the attentions of the Luftwaffe. When, on the evening of 13 March 1941, the authorities first detected that Clydebank was 'on beam' - targeted by the primitive radio-guidance system of the German bombers - no effort was made to raise the alarm or to direct the residents to shelter or flight. Within the hour, a vast timber-yard, three oil-stores, and two distilleries were ablaze, one pouring flaming whisky into a burn that ran blazing into the Clyde itself in vivid ribbons of fire. And still the Germans came; and Clydebank, now an inferno, lay illuminated and defenceless as heavy bombs of high-explosive, as land-mines and parachute blasters began to fall ...With reference to written sources and the memories of those who survived the experience, John MacLeod tells the story of the Clydebank Blitz and the terrible scale of death and devastation, speculating on why its incineration has been so widely forgotten and its ordeal denied any place in national honour.

Young Fire Equipment

Young Fire Equipment ebook ISBN: 9781583880159
Publisher: Enthusiast Books
Author: Leo Duliba,Tom Shand
Number of Pages: 128 
File: young-fire-equipment.pdf
Reads: 336753


This is the first and only book on Young Fire Equipment, a previously unpublished area. Throughout its 60-year history, Young was in the forefront of fire apparatus innovation. Both the fire service and fire apparatus historians have always recognized Young as a leader in design style and uniqueness. The company even produced three full-custom designs that were unique to the Young name. Fire enthusiasts of all kinds will want to add this distinct piece of fire apparatus history to their libraries.

The James Stuart Archive of Recorded Oral Evidence Relating to the History of the Zulu and Neighbouring Peoples

The James Stuart Archive of Recorded Oral Evidence Relating to the History of the Zulu and Neighbouring Peoples ebook ISBN: 9780869805282
Publisher: University of Kwazulu Natal Press
Author: James Stuart
Number of Pages: 470 
File: the-james-stuart-archive-of-recorded-oral-evidence-relating-to-the-history-of-the-zulu-and-neighbouring-peoples.pdf
Reads: 2371392


This multi-volume series is an indispensable research tool for scholars working on the history and ethnography of the Zulu kingdom and neighbouring states. James Stuart was an official in the Natal colonial civil service in the 1890s and early years of the twentieth century. In meticulously recorded interviews with hundreds of informants, the great majority of them Africans, he assembled a vast and unique collection of notes on the traditions and customs of the Zulu and neighbouring peoples. Volume 5 contains statements from another 40 of the informants whom Stuart interviewed in the first quarter of the 20th century. Among the most important of these are: Ngidi kaMcikaziswa, who gave Stuart a great deal of information on the Zulu King Shaka from the perspective of the Langeni, the people of Shaka's mother; Qalizwe, who provided Stuart with a number of brief but fascinating statements on prostitution and homosexuality among Africans in the towns of Natal; and Pixley Seme, a founder of the South African Native National Congress (later the ANC) in 1912, who was interviewed by Stuart in London in 1925 on historical and social issues.