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Arctic Meltdown, Rising Seas

Arctic Meltdown, Rising Seas ebook ISBN:
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File: arctic-meltdown-rising-seas.pdf
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The Marshall Islands, with an average elevation of six feet above sea level, are among the most sensitive environments to long term climate change. Rising seas may force the people of these islands to flee.. Halfway around the world, another culture in a vastly different environment is also confronting the life-altering realities of a warming world - the Arctic. Part of these ice-bound lands will soon be submerged. Today, thawing glaciers, changing wildlife populations and thinning ice over once stable lands are rapidly destabilizing traditional ways of northern native life.. This film gives the viewer a first hand look at the human implications of global warming and helps us identify with populationswho face the threat of becoming environmental refugees. We alsohear the inspiring voices of those who are working constantly to minimize the impact of global warming, examine its causes, and encourage change.

The Renegades Arctic Meltdown

The Renegades Arctic Meltdown ebook ISBN: 0241501636
Publisher: Dorling Kindersley Ltd
Author: Jeremy Brown,David Selby,Katy Jakeway
Number of Pages: 96 
File: the-renegades-arctic-meltdown.pdf
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Beneath the melting Arctic permafrost a sleeping methane monster - the Methanaur - is awakening. Can Katelyn, Mo, and Leon, three unsuspecting heroes, use their superpowers to trap it in the ice and save the planet? Meet Professor Katelyn, Leon, and Mo - also known as The Renegades. Professor Kateyln is a whip-smart, sassy scientist who uses her 'Oracle Specs' to see into the future. Wrestling with his anger at the naysayers who don't seem to care about the environment, Leon has the ability to become invisible - the perfect spy! And then there's Mo who, in the wake of his brother's death in a cyclone, finds his courage and builds a Solar Supershield that can generate an electrical force strong enough to fight the deadliest of foes. Our superheroes grapple with multiple environmental threats, most deadly of all a monster that lurks beneath the melting Arctic permafrost. If it escapes, this creature of chaos will release huge plumes of methane gas into the atmosphere, changing the balance of our planet's climate forever.

Arctic Meltdown

Arctic Meltdown ebook ISBN:
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: arctic-meltdown.pdf
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Meltdown ebook ISBN: 9781930865792
Publisher: Cato Institute
Author: Patrick J. Michaels
Number of Pages: 271 
File: meltdown.pdf
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Why do scientists so often offer dire predictions about the future of the environment? In Meltdown, climatologist Patrick Michaels argues that the way we do science today creates a culture of exaggeration and a political comunity that then takes credit for having saved us from certain doom.

The Dundurn Arctic Culture and Sovereignty Library

The Dundurn Arctic Culture and Sovereignty Library ebook ISBN: 1459729560
Publisher: Dundurn
Author: Michael Posluns,Bruce W. Hodgins,S.L. Osborne,Kerry Karram,Ken S. Coates,P. Whitney Lackenbauer,William R. Morrion,Greg Poelzer,Anthony Dalton,Alexis S. Troubetzkoy,John David Hamilton,Claudia Coutu Radmore
Number of Pages: 3128 
File: the-dundurn-arctic-culture-and-sovereignty-library.pdf
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This special bundle is your essential guide to all things concerning Canada’s polar regions, which make up the majority of Canada’s territory but are places most of us will never visit. The Arctic has played a key role in Canada’s history and in the history of the indigenous peoples of this land, and the area will only become more strategically and economically important in the future. This bundle provides an in-depth crash course, including titles on Arctic exploration (Arctic Obsession), Native issues (Arctic Twilight), sovereignty (In the Shadow of the Pole), adventure and survival (Death Wins in the Arctic), and military issues (Arctic Front). Let this collection be your guide to the far reaches of this country. Arctic Front Arctic Naturalist Arctic Obsession Arctic Revolution Arctic Twilight Death Wins in the Arctic In the Shadow of the Pole Pike’s Portage Voices From the Odeyak

Arctic Front

Arctic Front ebook ISBN: 0887628400
Author: Ken S. Coates,P. Whitney Lackenbauer,William R. Morrion,Greg Poelzer
Number of Pages: 280 
File: arctic-front.pdf
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An energetic and engaging collaboration by four of Canada's leading Northern specialists, Arctic Front is a clarion call to all Canadians about our endangered Arctic region.

Britain and the Arctic

Britain and the Arctic ebook ISBN: 3319692933
Publisher: Springer
Author: Duncan Depledge
Number of Pages: 142 
File: britain-and-the-arctic.pdf
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British interest in the Arctic has returned to heights not seen since the end of the Cold War; concerns about climate change, resources, trade, and national security are all impacted by profound environmental and geopolitical changes happening in the Arctic. Duncan Depledge investigates the increasing geopolitical significance of the Arctic and explores why it took until now for Britain – once an ‘Arctic state’ itself – to notice how close it is to these changes, what its contemporary interests in the region are, and whether the British government’s response in the arenas of science, defence, and commerce is enough. This book will be of interest to both academics and practitioners seeking to understand contemporary British interest and activity in the Arctic.

The European Union and the Geopolitics of the Arctic

The European Union and the Geopolitics of the Arctic ebook ISBN: 1788112091
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
Author: Andreas Raspotnik
Number of Pages: 240 
File: the-european-union-and-the-geopolitics-of-the-arctic.pdf
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The Arctic is a region that has seen exponential growth as a space of geopolitical interest over the past decade. This insightful book is the first to analyse the European Union’s Arctic policy endeavours of the early 21st Century from a critical geopolitical perspective.

The Shipping Industry, Ocean Governance and Environmental Law in the Paradigm Shift

The Shipping Industry, Ocean Governance and Environmental Law in the Paradigm Shift ebook ISBN: 3319125419
Publisher: Springer
Author: Tafsir Johansson,Patrick Donner
Number of Pages: 127 
File: the-shipping-industry-ocean-governance-and-environmental-law-in-the-paradigm-shift.pdf
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This book examines the corpus of status quo environmental legal regime, geographical issues and redundant “stakeholder claims,” which persist in the Arctic. It examines multifarious theories relating not only to conflicting and opposing interests, but also to parties to whom the shipping industry should be accountable. The unique aspect of this book is the Corporate Social responsibility analysis pertaining to the Arctic and alternatives that strike a balance between the increased commercialization of the shipping industry and the laws and concepts of ocean governance. The book relevantly puts forward the concept of “ocean governance” and to what extent it can be addressed in terms of the Arctic. What distinguishes this book from others is the fact that it is not limited to examining the effects of climate change and how it is reshaping the way scholars assume the Arctic will be in the near future. Rather it creates a transparent nexus between opposing claims and increasing commercial interests and proceeds to scrutinize the efforts of the Arctic Council and individual Arctic coastal states. In this context, the book follows a given equation based on initial theories and how the opposing claims and increasing commercialization side of the equation can be balanced with the appropriate legal norm. It also reflects on the critical aspects of “hard law and soft law” which are two opposite ends of the legal pole and core elements of any legal spectrum. The book, after reflecting on those two elements, finally proposes a new Arctic legal regime, which is intricate and detailed and is basically a hierarchy based on logic and reasoning. In doing so, it imports a pristine theory for a pristine territory.

Arctic Politics, the Law of the Sea and Russian Identity

Arctic Politics, the Law of the Sea and Russian Identity ebook ISBN: 1137414065
Publisher: Springer
Author: G. Hønneland
Number of Pages: 131 
File: arctic-politics-the-law-of-the-sea-and-russian-identity.pdf
Reads: 2787752


This book analyses the Russian opposition to the 2010 Barents Sea delimitation agreement in light of both the Law of the Sea and Russian identity, arguing that the agreement's critics and proponents inscribe themselves into different Russian narratives about Russia's rightful place in the world.

The Arctic Gold Rush

The Arctic Gold Rush ebook ISBN: 1441110364
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Author: Roger Howard
Number of Pages: 272 
File: the-arctic-gold-rush.pdf
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An exploration of the political significance of the Arctic's vast untapped wealth of natural resources, and a gripping account of the race to exploit them On August 2, 2007, a Russian submarine captured world headlines by making a dangerous journey to the bottom of the Arctic seabed and planting a metal, rustfree national flag more than 14,000 feet beneath the North Pole. The aim was to assert Russia's legal sovereignty over a region whose importance had only recently started to become apparent as its melting ice had made, or was expected to make, vast natural resources open to exploitation. The latest estimates are that the region holds around 13% of the world's undiscovered oil and as much as 30% of undiscovered natural gas reserves that would be hugely profitable for any country that managed to secure control over them. Gold, platinum, copper, and other precious metals have also been found along the coast. Neighboring countries - Russia, the United States, Canada, Denmark, and Norway - are already doing everything they can to mark out new borders. The ensuing political disagreements over the issue are already rife. In particular, games of political intrigue between Moscow and Washington are being played out in the region. But as the world's resources become increasingly scarce and valuable, could the scramble for Arctic resources become violent? Could a "War for the Arctic" be fought? Praise for The Oil Hunters: "The Dramatic Days of oil exploration in the first half of the 20th century are narrated in gripping fashion by Roger Howard." -The Spectator "A fascinating story for anyone interested in one of today's main economic problems: How to reduce the hundreds of billions that Americans spend every year to import oil...the book is packed with intrepid geologists, risk-averse business people, hardup Mideast rulers and ingenious promoters- all concerned with driving up profits."-The Associated Press

Coast Guard Polar Icebreaker Modernization

Coast Guard Polar Icebreaker Modernization ebook ISBN: 143791960X
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Author: Ronald O'Rourke
Number of Pages: 48 
File: coast-guard-polar-icebreaker-modernization.pdf
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Of the Coast Guard¿s (CG) 3 polar icebreakers, 2 ¿ Polar Star and Polar Sea ¿ have exceeded their intended 30-year service lives. Potential policy issues for Congress regarding CG polar icebreaker modernization include: the numbers and capabilities of polar icebreakers the CG will need in the future; whether to provide these icebreakers through construction of new ships or service life extensions of Polar Start and/or Polar Sea; whether new ships should be funded entirely in the Coast Guard budget, or partly or entirely in some other part of the fed. budget; and whether the Polar Star should be repaired and placed back into service. Charts and tables.

The Risk Pivot

The Risk Pivot ebook ISBN: 0815726058
Publisher: Brookings Institution Press
Author: Bruce D. Jones,David Steven
Number of Pages: 206 
File: the-risk-pivot.pdf
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The last decade has seen a revolution in global energy. First, we saw explosive growth in demand from Asia's rising powers, which fueled fears about scarcity and conflict. But we've also seen an American revolution in technology and markets, resulting in a dramatic increase in sup-ply. This is strengthening America's hand in the world—but it's not without complications. There are major security consequences of these shifts. Among the most consequential are China and India, Asia's emerging giants, which are increasingly exposed to political risks associated with energy risks, as well as the energy flows, pivoting to Asia. Meanwhile the great powers struggle to balance their need for fossil fuels with a mounting effort to tackle climate change. The top powers, and the United States above all, face a stra-tegic choice: whether to use energy as a weapon of geopolitics, or as a tool of a stable order. CONTENTS Introduction 1. The President and the King—Key Messages of the Book 2. The Energy Revolutions—A Primer Geopolitics in Flux—The Players 3. Choices—Scenarios, and the Choice the Powers Confront 4. Rough Seas Ahead—The Great Powers' Search for Energy Security Globalization and Complexity—The Problems 5. Transition in the Gulf 6. The Turbulent Middle 7. Fragile States 8. The Russian Problem 9. Connections—from Pipelines to Politics Governance—The Partners 10. An Emerging System of Global Energy Governance 11. Leadership Choices

Early Warming

Early Warming ebook ISBN: 1582438684
Publisher: Counterpoint
Author: Nancy Lord
Number of Pages: 256 
File: early-warming.pdf
Reads: 4683090


In Shishmaref, Alaska, new seawalls are constructed while residents navigate the many practical and bureaucratic obstacles to moving their entire island village to higher ground. Farther south, inland hunters and fishermen set out to grow more of their own food—and to support the reintroduction of wood bison, an ancient species well suited to expected habitat changes. First Nations people in Canada team with conservationists to protect land for both local use and environmental resilience. In Early Warming, Nancy Lord takes a cutting-edge look at how communities in the North—where global warming is amplified and climate-change effects are most immediate—are responding with desperation and creativity. This beautifully written and measured narrative takes us deep into regions where the indigenous people who face life-threatening change also demonstrate impressive conservation ethics and adaptive capacities. Underpinned by a long acquaintance with the North and backed with scientific and political sophistication, Lord’s vivid account brings the challenges ahead for us all into ice-water clarity.

Making North America

Making North America ebook ISBN: 1442665149
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
Author: James A. Thompson
Number of Pages: 200 
File: making-north-america.pdf
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Much has been written about the trilateral relationship between Canada, the United States, and Mexico, and the free trade agreements that this relationship has spawned. In Making North America, James Thompson uses the Canada–US Free Trade Agreement of 1988 and the North American Free Trade Agreement of 1994 to demonstrate that there has been an often-unrecognized impulse behind the process of North American integration – national security. Featuring interviews with key decision-makers from all three countries, including Brian Mulroney, George H.W. Bush, and Carlos Salinas, Making North America is a rigorous analysis of the role national security has played in North American integration. Furthermore, Thompson’s evidence suggests that the processes at work in North America are part of a global phenomenon where regions are progressively coalescing into larger-scale political entities.

State of the World 2001

State of the World 2001 ebook ISBN: 1610916387
Publisher: Island Press
Author: The Worldwatch Institute
Number of Pages: 155 
File: state-of-the-world-2001.pdf
Reads: 5539898


From the thinning of the Arctic sea ice to the invasion of the mosquito-borne West Nile virus, State of the World 2001 shows how the economic boom of the last decade has damaged natural systems. The increasingly visible evidence of environmental deterioration is only the tip of a much more dangerous problem: the growing inequities in wealth and income between countries and within countries, inequities that will generate enormous social unrest and pressure for change.


Exodus ebook ISBN: 0330462091
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Author: Julie Bertagna
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: exodus.pdf
Reads: 4323147


The fifteenth anniversary edition of Exodus, a startling, thrilling novel set in a dystopian future ravaged by global warming It is 2099 - and the world is gradually drowning, as mighty Arctic ice floes melt, the seas rise and land disappears forever beneath storm-tossed waves. For fifteen-year-old Mara, her family and community, huddled on the fast-disappearing island of Wing, the new century brings flight. Packed into tiny boats, a terrifying journey begins to a bizarre city that rises into the sky, built on the drowned remains of the ancient city of Glasgow. But even here there is no safety and, shut out of the city, Mara realizes they are asylum-seekers in a world torn between high-tech wizardry and the most primitive injustice. To save her people, Mara must not only find a way into the city, but also search for a new land and a new home . . . This new edition celebrates the 15th Anniversary of Exodus featuring a new foreword from the author.

Neo-statecraft and Meta-geopolitics

Neo-statecraft and Meta-geopolitics ebook ISBN: 3643800061
Publisher: LIT Verlag Münster
Author: Nayef R. F. Al-Rodhan
Number of Pages: 361 
File: neo-statecraft-and-meta-geopolitics.pdf
Reads: 812022


This book proposes an innovative and comprehensive framework for conducting statecraft in the 21st century. Called neo-statecraft, this framework is based on the reconciliation of power, interests and justice. The author proposes four substrates of neo-statecraft: 1) a new structure he calls meta-geopolitics, which includes seven inter-related dimensions of state power and identifies a Geostrategic Tripwire Pivotal Corridor (TPC); 2) a sustainable national security paradigm that stresses the centrality of justice, symbiotic realism and transcultural synergy; 3) a new concept called just power, which states that power must be smart as well as just, and that global justice is above all a national interest of all states; and 4) a new concept called reconciliation statecraft of the eight global interests. Dr. Nayef R.F. Al-Rodhan is Senior Scholar in Geostrategy and Director of the Programme on the Geopolitical Implications of Globalisation and Transnational Security at the Geneva Centre f

Condensed Matter Theories

Condensed Matter Theories ebook ISBN: 9781600215018
Publisher: Nova Publishers
Author: Hisazumi Akai
Number of Pages: 446 
File: condensed-matter-theories.pdf
Reads: 864965


Focusing on recent developments and current priorities in various areas of physics, this book presents advances in high temperature superconductivity and super fluidity, physics of low dimensional systems, Bose-Einstein condensation, quantum dots, collective modes in finite systems, coherent correlations of particles, coherence of atomic levels under extreme conditions, tensor correlations in nuclei, super-heavy nuclei, the effect of relativity in nuclear structure, molecular dynamics and phase transitions in solids, nuclei and quarks and QCD dynamics for hadrons and hadronic matter.

Speed Limits

Speed Limits ebook ISBN: 0300210183
Publisher: Yale University Press
Author: Mark C. Taylor
Number of Pages: 407 
File: speed-limits.pdf
Reads: 2735856


A contemplation on “the durability of our fast-tracked, multitasked modern world . . . a stimulating cautionary report for the digital age.”—Kirkus Reviews We live in an ever-accelerating world: faster computers, markets, food, fashion, product cycles, minds, bodies, kids, lives. When did everything start moving so fast? Why does speed seem so inevitable? Is faster always better? Drawing together developments in religion, philosophy, art, technology, fashion, and finance, Mark C. Taylor presents an original and rich account of a great paradox of our times: how the very forces and technologies that were supposed to free us by saving time and labor now trap us in a race we can never win. The faster we go, the less time we have, and the more we try to catch up, the farther behind we fall. Connecting our speed-obsession with today’s global capitalism, he composes a grand narrative showing how commitments to economic growth and extreme competition, combined with accelerating technological innovation, have brought us close to disaster. Psychologically, environmentally, economically, and culturally, speed is taking a profound toll on our lives. By showing how the phenomenon of speed has emerged, Taylor offers us a chance to see our pace of life as the product of specific ideas, practices, and policies. It’s not inevitable or irreversible. He courageously and movingly invites us to imagine how we might patiently work towards a more deliberative life and sustainable world. “With panache and flashes of brilliance, Taylor, a Columbia University religion professor and cultural critic, offers a philosophically astute analysis of how time works in our era.” —Publishers Weekly