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Arena Mode

Arena Mode ebook ISBN: 9781512078947
Author: Blake Northcott
Number of Pages: 354 
File: arena-mode.pdf
Reads: 8505485


THE ARENA MODE SAGA - KICKSTARTER'S #1 MOST-FUNDED SCIENCE-FICTION SERIES OF ALL TIME* BSFA Nominee - Best Science-Fiction Book of 2013* Part of the Florida State High School Curriculum* Shipped to 25 countries and translated into ItalianREVIEWS FOR THE AUTHOR "Blake Northcott's Arena Mode series grabbed me from the first page and wouldn't let go. She's telling a story about unique characters in a unique world, and she's doing it with a unique voice. More, please." - Mark Waid (Kingdom Come) "Blake Northcott is the most exciting new voice to come to superheroes in over a decade. She's got a brand new angle on this material. I genuinely think she's going to be a game-changer." - Mark Millar (Kick-Ass, Kingsman: The Secret Service) "Sometimes you get a chance to jump on board a writers career at the start, before everybody else discovers how good they are. Blake Northcott is that opportunity. So jump on her already...wait, just read her books." - Dave Johnson (Superman: Red Son, Deadpool) "Blake Northcott is pretty much is making nerd dreams come true. Action, Suspense and Comics all at once? Can I make that a double, with a large side of blow your mind? ! Try not to fall in love. I dare you!" - Regina Carpinelli, CEO and Founder of Stan Lee's Comikaze SUMMARYIn his twenty-nine years, Matthew Moxon had done virtually nothing with his record-breaking IQ and unparalleled problem solving abilities. He'd been content with his lower-class existence: counting cards at the local casino, and using the winnings to finance his ever-expanding comic book collection. His life was blissfully uneventful until one morning, a dangerous fall lands him in the emergency room, and he discovers a tumor is pressing against his brain.Unable to afford experimental but potentially life-saving surgery, Moxon takes drastic action. He volunteers for 'Arena Mode', the year 2041's most vicious sporting event, where superhumans fight in an urban combat zone for a multi-billion dollar prize. Moxon is forced to battle opponents possessing ungodly speed, strength, and abilities once thought to exist only across the pages of superhero comics - and he's armed with nothing more than his rapidly-diminishing brain cells. With the odds stacked impossibly against him, he fights to not only survive the wrath of the other competitors, but to unlock the mysteries buried within the Arena itself.

Multi Format

Multi Format ebook ISBN: 1907649700
Publisher: M-Y Books Limited
Author: The CheatMistress
Number of Pages: 98 
File: multi-format.pdf
Reads: 5038467


Cheats Unlimited are the specialists when it comes to video game cheats, tips and walkthrough guides. Fronted by the glamorous and gorgeous Cheat Mistress, Cheats Unlimited has helped over seven million gamers worldwide over the last 12 years. Through phone lines, fax machines, the Web and WAP sites and now eBooks, we have been there for gamers when they've needed us the most. With EZ Cheats: Video Game Cheats, Tips and Secrets, we aim to help you unlock the game's full potential with a series of tips, cheat codes, secrets, unlocks and Achievement/Trophy guides, covering Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, DS and PSP. Whether you want to find out how to spawn specific vehicles, learn how to open up harder difficulty settings, or discover sneaky ways to earn additional ingame currency, we have the answers. EZ Cheats are compiled by expert gamers who are here to help you get the most out of your games. EZ Cheats: Video Game Cheats, Tips and Secrets 5th Edition covers all of the current consoles: Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii. With all the top games covered, including Batman Arkham City, Battlefield 3, Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception, Gears of War 3, Mortal Combat, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, LA Noir, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Sonic Generations, FIFA 12, Rage, Saints Row The Third, amongst hundreds more top titles.

PSP Hacks

PSP Hacks ebook ISBN: 9780596101435
Publisher: \"O\'Reilly Media, Inc.\"
Author: Clinton Kennedy Sample
Number of Pages: 298 
File: psp-hacks.pdf
Reads: 782736


With "PSP Hacks," readers can accomplish more than good gaming on the PSP--they'll quickly learn to surf the Web with a PSP, chat in IRC, and use the PSP to read Web comics, ebooks, and RSS feeds.

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix - Strategy Guide

Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMix - Strategy Guide ebook ISBN: 1630413844
Publisher: Gamer Guides
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: kingdom-hearts-hd-2-5-remix-strategy-guide.pdf
Reads: 4402345


Kingdom Hearts II begins where Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories and Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days leave off. Sora and his companions have been asleep for about a year, regaining their memories. When Sora awakens, he eventually arrives in Twilight Town, the place where a mysterious boy, Roxas, lived before he suddenly left. Gaining new clothes and powers, Sora began his journey anew, unaware of the events that have taken place in Chain of Memories. Sora continues his quest by unlocking paths to new worlds, learning of Nobodies and fighting the Heartless, as well as facing the remaining members of the mysterious Organization XIII. As the game progresses, Sora learns about Roxas and how much they have in common. Birth By Sleep is the origins of the series' hero and villain, Sora and Xehanort, and delves deep into the mysteries of Xehanort's bleak past and forgotten memories as well as how Sora and Riku came to wield the Keyblade in the first place. It deals with three Keyblade Wielders: Terra, Aqua and Ventus and each character has their own scenario. Kingdom Hearts II and Birth by Sleep will take you to many places and we have them all covered here. Inside you will find: - Complete walkthrough coverage for both Kingdom Hearts 2 and Birth By Sleep. - Side quests covered in detail from Absent Silhouettes to Atlantica. - Gummi ship missions and details. - Mirage Arena covered extensively. - Mini-games discussed and much, much more.

GameAxis Unwired

GameAxis Unwired ebook ISBN:
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: 128 
File: gameaxis-unwired.pdf
Reads: 1483699


GameAxis Unwired is a magazine dedicated to bring you the latest news, previews, reviews and events around the world and close to you. Every month rain or shine, our team of dedicated editors (and hardcore gamers!) put themselves in the line of fire to bring you news, previews and other things you will want to know.

Die by the Sword

Die by the Sword ebook ISBN: 9780782122985
Publisher: Sybex
Author: Jonathan Mendoza,Sybex Inc.
Number of Pages: 214 
File: die-by-the-sword.pdf
Reads: 4560275


The full path through the combat adventure game is revealed in this official strategy guide, along with level maps, secret codes, and hidden items. Tips for movement controls and the creation of "macros" are included.

Shaping the Political Arena

Shaping the Political Arena ebook ISBN:
Author: Ruth Berins Collier,David Collier
Number of Pages: 877 
File: shaping-the-political-arena.pdf
Reads: 8209672


This book is a disciplined, paired comparison of the eight Latin American countries with the longest history of urban commercial and industrial development - Brazil and Chile, Mexico and Venezuela, Uruguay and Colombia, Argentina and Peru. The authors show how and why state party responses to the emergence of an organized working class have been crucial in shaping political coalitions, party systems, patterns of stability or conflict and the broad contours of regimes and their changes. The argument is complex yet clear, the analysis systematic yet nuanced. The focus is on autonomous political variables within particular socioeconomic contexts, the treatment of which is lengthy but rewarding.... Overall, a path-breaking volume. - Foreign Affairs Excellent comparative-historical analysis of eight countries (Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay, and Venezuela) focuses on emergence of different forms of control and mobilization of the labor movement. By concentrating on alternative strategies of the State in shaping the labor movement, authors are able to explain different trajectories of national political change in countries with longest history of urban, commerc

Armored Core 2

Armored Core 2 ebook ISBN: 9780761532873
Author: David S. J. Hodgson
Number of Pages: 140 
File: armored-core-2.pdf
Reads: 3082719


Strike evil at its core. Armored Core 2 for the PlayStation2 takes the series to a new height of fun and pure AC robot combat. With Armored Core 2: Prima's Official Strategy Guide, Prima gives you the inside scoop on everything you need to know, including: - Expert tips for building an unbeatable Mech - Exhaustive lists of all weapons, items, and upgrades - Coverage of single- and two-player arena mode - Details all 169 Mech types- including 12 secret Mechs - Full descriptions of all 49 opponents and the tactics to beat them - Complete walkthroughs of all 36 missions

Fundamentals of Shooter Game Design

Fundamentals of Shooter Game Design ebook ISBN: 0133811050
Publisher: New Riders
Author: Ernest Adams
Number of Pages: 50 
File: fundamentals-of-shooter-game-design.pdf
Reads: 4935794


You understand the basic concepts of game design: gameplay, user interfaces, core mechanics, character design, and storytelling. Now you want to know how to apply them to the shooter games genre. This focused guides gives you exactly what you need. It walks you through the process of designing for the shooter game genre and shows you how to use the right techniques to create fun and challenging experiences for your players.

Soulcalibur III

Soulcalibur III ebook ISBN: 9780744005981
Publisher: BradyGames
Author: Adam Deats,Joey Cuellar
Number of Pages: 221 
File: soulcalibur-iii.pdf
Reads: 4545163


Provides game walkthroughs along with information on game objectives, characters, strategies, and tactics.

Summoners War

Summoners War ebook ISBN:
Publisher: HM\'s book
Author: Pham Hoang Minh
Number of Pages: 45 
File: summoners-war.pdf
Reads: 1253259


Summoners War: Sky Arena, is a mobile turn-based strategy massively multiplayer online game created by South Korean game developer, Com2uS. The game was announced and released at the Electronic Entertainment Expo on June 12, 2014 for iOS and Android devices. Summoners War has performed successfully, with over 90 million downloads worldwide, and $1.35 billion in earnings. First of all, before we get into things a bit more, I think understanding the recommended advice may help some of you who are questioning "other ways" of doing things. So - why Veromos? Why is he so important? He doesn't deal that much damage, he's got pretty tanky stats but not the best, his scalings aren't amazing on his abilities. So why is he so important to your progression? Because his kit is basically built to carry new players that lack the insanely high ATK thresholds required to speed run dungeons. His passive is a constant cleanse on your team. This "counters" the DEF break debuff on GB10 for instance (and a lot of other debuffs the game will throw at you as you progress in other areas). He has an AoE stun, this makes runs safer because mobs aren't attacking you. His S1 scales off of speed, incentivizing you to make him speedier so he cleanses more often. His S1 also applies continuous damage, meaning he's a godsend against tankier bosses (like GB10 early on). The continuous damage he deals against the boss will be dealing 50% or more of the total damage to the boss early on. He also has pretty tanky stats with mid-to-high HP and high DEF, making him easier to rune properly. One of the first things you have to realize as a new player is that ATK is not important, especially early on. The World Arena is a variant of the regular Arena mode where players face off against other players in real time (by default, up to 30 times a day). The two players take turns selecting a team of five monsters, with no duplicates allowed. After both teams are selected, each player bans one monster on the opposing team, and the match begins. The battle concludes when either player eliminates all monsters from the opposing team. The winner receives Victory Points and Medals according to their rank, while the loser suffers a small Victory Point deduction. World Arena also includes a Goodwill Battle mode, which is unranked, and allows players to battle friends or other players as often as they wish. Additionally, players may view replays of their and other players' past battles, or watch battles in progress via Spectator mode. Let's take a look at this great book to become master in Summoners Wars!

Codes & Cheats Fall 2008

Codes & Cheats Fall 2008 ebook ISBN: 9780761559443
Author: Kate Abbott
Number of Pages: 784 
File: codes-cheats-fall-2008.pdf
Reads: 9617944


Containing more than 18,000 codes, cheats, and unlockables for more than 1,500 of the most popular current and next-gen games on the biggest platforms, including PS3, Wii, and Xbox 360, this guide is a must-have for all gamers. Original.

Codes & Cheats Winter 2009

Codes & Cheats Winter 2009 ebook ISBN: 9780761559481
Publisher: Prima Games
Author: Prima Games
Number of Pages: 560 
File: codes-cheats-winter-2009.pdf
Reads: 1302867


Containing more than 18,000 codes, cheats, and unlockables for over 1,500 of the most popular current and next-gen games on the biggest platforms, including PS3, Wii, and Xbox 360, this guide offers gamers invincibility, all items, and hidden content are at their fingertips.

James Bond 007: Everything Or Nothing

James Bond 007: Everything Or Nothing ebook ISBN: 9780761542896
Publisher: Prima Lifestyles
Author: Keats Hanson,Kaizen Media Group
Number of Pages: 160 
File: james-bond-007-everything-or-nothing.pdf
Reads: 3373366


Lizzie becomes so environmentally conscious that she goes to school dressed in a burlap sack.

Private Law in the International Arena

Private Law in the International Arena ebook ISBN: 9789067041249
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Author: Jurgen Basedow
Number of Pages: 910 
File: private-law-in-the-international-arena.pdf
Reads: 7976954


Private Law in the International Arena analyzes a wide variety of effects that cross-border activities have on the operation of private law, ranging from corporate and insolvency law to labor law, property law, the law of obligations, family law, European law and lex mercatoria. Civil procedure aspects, in national courts and arbitration proceedings, are also explored. This book provides a unique source of insights into the problems encountered and their possible solutions. All contributions have been written in honor of an eminent Private International Law scholar, Prof. Dr Kurt Siehr.

Perfect Dark Zero

Perfect Dark Zero ebook ISBN: 9780761551997
Publisher: Random House LLC
Author: David S. J. Hodgson,Fletcher Black
Number of Pages: 301 
File: perfect-dark-zero.pdf
Reads: 6427215


Your guide to perfection. • Complete single-player strategies showing every possible route and methods through all 14 missions • Insanely detailed weapons guide includes full stats, plus primary, secondary, and tertiary fire tactics for each piece of killing ordnance • Every gadget, vehicle, and destructible object revealed • Tactics to complete every single-player game in Dark Agent difficulty • Get the jump on the online competition with maps and strategy for every multiplayer level • Detailed breakdowns of every weapon set for online agents • Maps and areas of interest guide you through every level