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Men Viewing Women as Art Objects

Men Viewing Women as Art Objects ebook ISBN: 9781571132598
Publisher: Camden House
Author: Christoph E. Schweitzer
Number of Pages: 103 
File: men-viewing-women-as-art-objects.pdf
Reads: 8939727


Varied images of women studied in a variety of German texts as a springboard for plot or character.

Art Objects

Art Objects ebook ISBN: 1448180236
Publisher: Random House
Author: Jeanette Winterson
Number of Pages: 208 
File: art-objects.pdf
Reads: 6991729


These interlocking essays uncover art as an active force in the world - neither elitist or remote, present to those who want it, affecting even those who don't. Winterson's own passionate vision of art is presented here, provocatively and personally, in pieces on Modernism, autobiography, style, painting, the future of fiction, in two essays on Virginia Woolf, and more intimately in pieces where she describes her relationship to her work and the books that she loves.

The Idol in the Age of Art

The Idol in the Age of Art ebook ISBN: 9780754652908
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
Author: Michael Wayne Cole,Rebecca Zorach
Number of Pages: 356 
File: the-idol-in-the-age-of-art.pdf
Reads: 4340211


Conflicting attitudes towards devotional art was a major factor in the confessional divisions that split Reformation Europe. By presenting essays concerned with both European subjects and European perceptions of other cultures, The Idol in the Age of Art contributes to ongoing attempts to globalize the study of European art. Approaching the Reformation idol as an essentially international problem, and placing particular emphasis on cultural encounters, it provides fresh perspectives on the very nature of Renaissance art, and underscores how colonial issues came to be often framed in terms of European religious conflicts.

The Care and Handling of Art Objects

The Care and Handling of Art Objects ebook ISBN: 1588397122
Publisher: Metropolitan Museum of Art
Author: Marjorie Shelley
Number of Pages: 221 
File: the-care-and-handling-of-art-objects.pdf
Reads: 1507264


The Metropolitan Museum of Art houses one of the world’s largest and most comprehensive collections of works of art from antiquities to modern and contemporary material. Their preservation is a responsibility shared by the many individuals employed at the Museum who oversee and have direct contact with the collection on a daily basis. The Care and Handing of Art Objects—first published in the 1940s and continually updated—offers a guide to the best practices in handling and preserving works of art while on display, in storage and in transit. It explains many of the fundamental principles of conservation that underlie these methods. One of its goals is to make the complexities of caring for a collection readily accessible. The first part offers basic guidelines for the preservation of the diverse types of materials and art objects found in the Met. Each chapter addresses the physical characteristics specific to the particular category, and the environmental, handling and housing factors to which one should be alert to prevent damage and ensure their preservation. Written by experts in the respective specialty, it addresses the Museum’s vast holdings summarizing the most critical preservation issues, many of which are amplified by photographs. As the table of contents makes evident these range from paintings on canvas and works on paper and photographs to furniture and objects made of stone, wood and metals to arms and armor, upholstery, ethnographic materials and many others. Part II succinctly describes factors that affect the collection as a whole: among them, current environmental standards for temperature, relative humidity, light exposure, storage and art in transit. Based on Museum protocols it addresses emergency preparedness and response, and integrated pest management. For easy reference, it includes charts on storage and display conditions, on factors contributing to deterioration, and a glossary of conservation terms, principles, and housing materials referenced in the individual chapters. Drawing upon the knowledge of conservators, scientists, and curators from many different departments, as well as technicians and engineers whose expertise crosses boundaries of culture, chronology, medium and condition, The Care and Handing of Art Objects is primarily directed to staff at the Met. It is, no less, an invaluable resource for students, collectors, small museums, museum study programs, art dealers, and members of the public who want to enhance their understanding of how works of art are safeguarded and the role environment, handling and materials play in making this possible.

The Restitution of Art Objects Seized by the Nazis from Holocaust Victims and Insurance Claims of Certain Holocaust Victims and Their Heirs

The Restitution of Art Objects Seized by the Nazis from Holocaust Victims and Insurance Claims of Certain Holocaust Victims and Their Heirs ebook ISBN:
Author: United States,United States Government Printing Office,United States. Congress. House. Committee on Banking and Financial Services
Number of Pages: 375 
File: the-restitution-of-art-objects-seized-by-the-nazis-from-holocaust-victims-and-insurance-claims-of-certain-holocaust-victims-and-their-heirs.pdf
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Art and Art Objects

Art and Art Objects ebook ISBN:
Author: Jenkins Company
Number of Pages: 100 
File: art-and-art-objects.pdf
Reads: 3042324


Objects as History in Twentieth-century German Art

Objects as History in Twentieth-century German Art ebook ISBN: 0520260422
Publisher: Univ of California Press
Author: Peter Chametzky
Number of Pages: 286 
File: objects-as-history-in-twentieth-century-german-art.pdf
Reads: 3370803


This book provides an overview of twentieth-century German art, focusing on some of the period's key works. In Peter Chametzky's innovative approach, these works become representatives rather than representations of twentieth-century history. Chametzky draws on both scholarly and popular sources to demonstrate how the works (and in some cases, the artists themselves) interacted with, and even enacted, historical events, processes, and ideas.--[book jacket].

Pluralistic Approaches to Art Criticism

Pluralistic Approaches to Art Criticism ebook ISBN: 9780879725433
Publisher: Popular Press
Author: Douglas Emerson Blandy,Kristin G. Congdon
Number of Pages: 135 
File: pluralistic-approaches-to-art-criticism.pdf
Reads: 4705926


Contributors to this anthology analyze the contemporary academic methods for critiquing art and suggest new ways that might further our understandings of art created by myriad individuals and groups. The essays give readers further insight into a diverse range of artistic creators often overlooked in art world studies.

Art and Objects

Art and Objects ebook ISBN: 9781509512676
Publisher: Polity
Author: Graham Harman
Number of Pages: 240 
File: art-and-objects.pdf
Reads: 2087548


In this book, the founder of object-oriented ontology develops his view that aesthetics is the central discipline of philosophy. Whereas science must attempt to grasp an object in terms of its observable qualities, philosophy and art cannot proceed in this way because they don't have direct access to their objects. Hence philosophy shares the same fate as art in being compelled to communicate indirectly, allusively, or elliptically, rather than in the clear propositional terms that are often taken – wrongly – to be the sole stuff of genuine philosophy. Conceiving of philosophy and art in this way allows us to reread key debates in aesthetic theory and to view art history in a different way. The formalist criticism of Greenberg and Fried is rejected for its refusal to embrace the innate theatricality and deep multiplicity of every artwork. This has consequences for art criticism, making pictorial content more important than formalism thinks but less entwined with the social sphere than anti-formalism holds. It has consequences for art history too, as the surrealists, David, and Poussin, among others, gain in importance. The close link between aesthetics and ontology also invites a new periodization of modern philosophy as a whole, and the habitual turn away from Kant’s thing-in-itself towards an increase in philosophical "immanence" is shown to be a false dawn. This major work will be of great interest to students and scholars of philosophy, aesthetics, art history and cultural theory.

Photography and Sculpture

Photography and Sculpture ebook ISBN: 1606065343
Publisher: Getty Publications
Author: Sarah Hamill,Megan R. Luke
Number of Pages: 304 
File: photography-and-sculpture.pdf
Reads: 8954565


Ever since the mid-nineteenth century, when the new medium of photography was pressed into service to illustrate sculpture, photographs of sculptural objects have directed viewers as to what, in the course of ambling around a sculpture, was the single perfect moment to stop and look. What is the photograph’s place in writing the history of sculpture? How has it changed according to culture, generation, criti-cal conviction, and changes in media? Photography and Sculpture: The Art Object in Reproduction studies aspects of these questions from the perspectives of sixteen leading art historians. Their essays consider iconic photographs, archival collections, new and forgotten technologies, and conceptual challenges in photographing three-dimensional forms that have directed changing historical and stylistic attitudes about how we see, write about, and narrate histories of sculpture. Chapters on such varied topics as picturing Conceptual art, manipulating sacred images in India to be non-photographs, and framing Roman art with an iPad illustrate the latent visual and narrative powers and ever-expanding potential of these images of sculpture.

Art and Agency

Art and Agency ebook ISBN: 0198280149
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Author: Alfred Gell,Former Reader in Anthropology Alfred Gell
Number of Pages: 271 
File: art-and-agency.pdf
Reads: 1163413


Alfred Gell puts forward a new anthropological theory of visual art, seen as a form of instrumental action: the making of things as a means of influencing the thoughts and actions of others. He argues that existing anthropological and aesthetic theories take an overwhelmingly passive point of view, and questions the criteria that accord art status only to a certain class of objects and not to others. The anthropology of art is here reformulated as the anthropology of a category of action: Gell shows how art objects embody complex intentionalities and mediate social agency. He explores the psychology of patterns and perceptions, art and personhood, the control of knowledge, and the interpretation of meaning, drawing upon a diversity of artistic traditions--European, Indian, Polynesian, Melanesian, and Australian. Art and Agency was completed just before Alfred Gell's death at the age of 51 in January 1997. It embodies the intellectual bravura, lively wit, vigour, and erudition for which he was admired, and will stand as an enduring testament to one of the most gifted anthropologists of his generation.

Russian Art and Art Objects in Russia

Russian Art and Art Objects in Russia ebook ISBN: 9783337298999
Author: Alfred Maskell
Number of Pages: 346 
File: russian-art-and-art-objects-in-russia.pdf
Reads: 9689480


Russian Art and Art Objects in Russia - A handbook to the reproductions of goldsmiths' work and other art treasures from that country in the South Kensington Museum is an unchanged, high-quality reprint of the original edition of 1884. Hansebooks is editor of the literature on different topic areas such as research and science, travel and expeditions, cooking and nutrition, medicine, and other genres. As a publisher we focus on the preservation of historical literature. Many works of historical writers and scientists are available today as antiques only. Hansebooks newly publishes these books and contributes to the preservation of literature which has become rare and historical knowledge for the future.

Introducing Aesthetics

Introducing Aesthetics ebook ISBN: 9780275979089
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
Author: David E. W. Fenner
Number of Pages: 170 
File: introducing-aesthetics.pdf
Reads: 8704667


Introduces the discipline of western aesthetical philosophy with a focus on the central questions of aesthetics.

New Perspectives on Microsoft Excel 2010: Comprehensive

New Perspectives on Microsoft Excel 2010: Comprehensive ebook ISBN: 1133170129
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Author: June Jamrich Parsons,Dan Oja,Roy Ageloff,Patrick Carey
Number of Pages: 904 
File: new-perspectives-on-microsoft-excel-2010-comprehensive.pdf
Reads: 1554925


With the New Perspectives' critical-thinking, problem-solving approach, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of MICROSOFT OFFICE EXCEL 2010 and will learn how to take advantage of the flexibility it offers. Case-based tutorials challenge students to apply what they are learning to real-life tasks, preparing them to easily transfer skills to new situations. With New Perspectives, students understand why they're learning what they're learning and are better situated to retain skills beyond the classroom. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.