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Art Plus Soul

Art Plus Soul ebook ISBN: 0522857639
Publisher: The Miegunyah Press
Author: Hetti Perkins
Number of Pages: 286 
File: art-plus-soul.pdf
Reads: 8039037


FROM THE PUBLISHERS OF THE BESTSELLER FIRST AUSTRALIANS COMES the lavishly illustrated art+soul, the companion book to the prime-time ABC TV series by the same name. art+soul is inspired by the flourishing of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander art in Australia over the past thirty years, captivating viewers around the world with astonishingly powerful artworks. Hetti Perkins, the distinguished Aboriginal art curator, travels to the startlingly beautiful landscapes of remote Arnhem Land, saltwater country and the desert heartlands of Central Australia, sharing with us the rare privilege of being welcomed into the homes and homelands of many senior artists. This lavishly illustrated book captures the remarkable energy and diversity of Aboriginal art, from the Papunya Tula Artists, the renowned art movement that had its humble beginnings in the early 1970s, to Rover Thomas and his heirs' phenomenal achievements in the East Kimberley. It features the work of contemporary artists Destiny Deacon, Brenda L Croft and Michael Riley, and that of the celebrated Emily Kam Ngwarray, whose paintings revolutionised Australian art. art+soul tells their storiesandmdash;heartfelt, intimate and political. The book includes more than 150 artworks, and photographs by Warwick Thornton, director of the accompanying television series and the award-winning film Samson and Delilah.

Art Soul

Art Soul ebook ISBN:
Author: David Hurtado
Number of Pages: 104 
File: art-soul.pdf
Reads: 7695203


ART SOUL is a book about paintings with a tittle of each painting and a comment below each painting depicting the characteristics of a painting or the actual meaning and reasons for the painting. By reading each comment I hope to reach your soul and help you think about life in general as well as the significance and meaning of each painting. Enjoy !

The Art and Soul of Baking

The Art and Soul of Baking ebook ISBN: 0740773348
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Author: Cindy Mushet,Sur La Table,Maren Caruso
Number of Pages: 464 
File: the-art-and-soul-of-baking.pdf
Reads: 3936684


Presents a collection of recipes for a variety of baked goods along with information on equipment, ingredients, and baking methods.

Art & Soul

Art & Soul ebook ISBN: 9780578718989
Author: Burton Callicott,Burton Carley,Baird Callicott
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: art-soul.pdf
Reads: 6409622


Landscape formatted coffee-table book: acknowledgments; foreword; introduction; 49 poems by Burton Callicott (1907-2003) paired with images of his paintings in conversation with freshly written prayers and meditations by Burton Carley; notes to paintings and poems. 34 of the poems are written in Burton Callicott's calligraphy and other pieces of calligraphy are interpolated into the texts of the foreword, written by consisting of a brief biography of the poet and painter, written by his son Baird and daughter Alice, and the provenance of the project; the introduction describing the relationship between the two Burtons written by the younger Burton, and the notes written by Baird Callicott. The book is printed by TOOF American Digital Printers of Memphis, Tenn.

Art and Soul

Art and Soul ebook ISBN: 0398075247
Publisher: Charles C Thomas Publisher
Author: Bruce L. Moon
Number of Pages: 162 
File: art-and-soul.pdf
Reads: 9933314


Bruce L. Moon is an artists and art therapist with extensive clinical, teaching and administrative experience. He is a registered and board certified art therapist who holds a doctorate in creative arts with specialization in art therapy. Bruce is the director of the Graduate Art Therapy program at Mount Mary College in Milwaukee.

The Sacred Art of Soul Making

The Sacred Art of Soul Making ebook ISBN: 0978610903
Publisher: Joseph Naft
Author: Joseph Naft
Number of Pages: 296 
File: the-sacred-art-of-soul-making.pdf
Reads: 2314944


"The Sacred Art of Soul Making" offers an authentic and substantive spirituality for our time, one that leads the reader toward understanding the structure of the soul and its development through meditation, prayer, presence, and other practices. This book addresses the important questions of soul and spirit with the depth and subtlety they require and with the clarity they call for. Joseph Naft presents an integrated spiritual path that begins where we are and ultimately takes us beyond consciousness, toward the abode of the sacred. That sacredness can touch and transform each of us, if we make the necessary, devoted effort. And "The Sacred Art of Soul Making" shows the way toward that potential.

Art & Soul

Art & Soul ebook ISBN: 9780830826742
Publisher: IVP Academic
Author: Hilary Brand,Adrienne Chaplin
Number of Pages: 219 
File: art-soul.pdf
Reads: 3224466


More Christians than ever before are studying and working in music, painting, sculpture, theater, television, film, architecture and more. Are you one of them? If so, you, like artists in every discipline, face the challenge of working in a way that is both wholly Christian and wholly contemporary, Hilary Brand and Adrienne Chaplin have written this practical and inspirational guide for you. In Art & Soul you'll find encouragement for developing a Christian worldview from which you can approach your craft. Here the best teaching on Christianity and the arts during the past fifty years is digested and reapplied, supported by a wealth of quotes from artists, critics and Christian thinkers. A wide range of illustrations, both historical and contemporary, illuminates the text as Brand and Chaplin explore the conflicting influences on Christians entering or working in the arts. They correlate the major biblical themes of creation, fall and redemption to the business of making art. And they examine the nature and purpose of the arts--along with the way you experience and interpret them. Finally, you'll find helpful guidelines on practicing and developing your art. Here is the book to help you meet the challenges facing you today--both from the world of art and from the world of the church.

Art and Soul: Rudolf Steiner, Interdisciplinary Art and Education

Art and Soul: Rudolf Steiner, Interdisciplinary Art and Education ebook ISBN: 3030176045
Publisher: Springer Nature
Author: Victoria de Rijke
Number of Pages: 184 
File: art-and-soul-rudolf-steiner-interdisciplinary-art-and-education.pdf
Reads: 7716001


This book brings together Steiner's philosophical, biodynamic and cultural contributions to education, where 'spirit' and ‘soul’ are the creative elements in human evolution. His thought is applied to selected examples of innovative artistic practice and pedagogy of the present. This volume is intended for researchers in the arts and education with an interest in Rudolf Steiner's huge influence on educational thought and policy.This is an urgent point in time to reflect on the role of arts in education and what it might mean for our souls. An accessible yet scholarly study of interdisciplinarity, imagination and creativity is of critical widespread interest now, when arts education in many countries is threatened with near-extinction.

Healing with Art and Soul

Healing with Art and Soul ebook ISBN: 1443803081
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Author: Kathy Luethje
Number of Pages: 490 
File: healing-with-art-and-soul.pdf
Reads: 2791142


This fascinating collection of essays contains a variety of perspectives about the use of expressive arts for facilitating physical and emotional healing. Each author within brings a fresh approach and unique experiences to their writing. Within these pages, you will find many ideas for the use of the arts and can learn how to engage the inner layers of the self that allow natural healing processes of the body and soul to flourish. When we fully engage an art modality, we find ourselves in a place in our consciousness that could be called 'healingspace,' where we feel ourselves whole and re-member ourselves as well. From psychic trauma to physical illness, dis-ease of many kinds may be addressed through the various techniques discussed here. The tools offered by some authors are population specific and age appropriate, while several authors have given us the philosophical underpinnings for it all. While the authors within represent the grassroots voices of this new and rapidly expanding field, several of them have developed their own methods for using the arts, and have thriving practices. Our approach is wholistic. Music, visual arts, movement, dance, and poetry are discussed as separate modalities and in combination with one another in a process or flow. The reader will engage in our experiences with these modalities as they have been lived. The complementary CD that accompanies this book will allows the listener to have a full sound experience of toning. If a rationale is needed for establishing arts programs in medical centers or other health facilities, it can be found here. The book offers tools for self development and for group facilitation. Those wanting to expand their healing practice through the use of the arts will find the book to be a faithful guide. Anyone wishing for a fuller understanding of how the arts may work to facilitate healing will find much food for thought within these pages.

Art & Soul, Reloaded

Art & Soul, Reloaded ebook ISBN: 1401949878
Publisher: Hay House, Inc
Author: Pam Grout
Number of Pages: 368 
File: art-soul-reloaded.pdf
Reads: 1168701


With her trademark humor, enthusiasm, and no-nonsense guidance, #1 New York Times bestselling author of E-Squared Pam Grout invites you on a yearlong "apprenticeship" to recognize and unleash your innate creativity. Making art does not necessarily mean painting a gallery-worthy still life or belting out a Grammy-winning song. It simply means finding a way to give your inner muse a voice in this world. Sure, there’s drawing, dancing, singing, and writing. But there’s also art to be made from creating your own pair of angel wings or inventing a new toy or curating your own at-home film festival. Each week features a project of self-examination, an inspirational message, a real-world example of a celebrity who has addressed similar obstacles, and three zany activities to awaken your infinite creativity. It’s time to declare the beat of your own drum.

Art, Soul and the Multiverse

Art, Soul and the Multiverse ebook ISBN: 9780997572766
Author: Deborah Perry
Number of Pages: 58 
File: art-soul-and-the-multiverse.pdf
Reads: 6611417


An enlightening and enriching collection of art and poetry by Deborah Perry, for contemplation, meditation and inspiration. Contemplate the rhymes to open up your mind. There are poems of hope, inner conflict, healing and wonderment. Meditate with the art to open up your heart. There are paintings of magic, mystery and nature - each have a story to tell beyond words. This book is a silent companion for anyone wishing to expand their personal universe.

The Moral Imagination

The Moral Imagination ebook ISBN: 019974758X
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Author: John Paul Lederach
Number of Pages: 200 
File: the-moral-imagination.pdf
Reads: 8117680


Originally published in hardcover in 2005.

Art for the Soul

Art for the Soul ebook ISBN: 9780692237441
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: 104 
File: art-for-the-soul.pdf
Reads: 7330077


Art for the Soul: The Works of Sister Madeleva Williams, CSJ features over 100 pages of artwork by Sister Madeleva Williams. Brightly colored ribbons, stars, swashes and shapes dance with distinct lettering of Scripture, thoughtful quotes of respected thinkers, and Sister Madeleva Williams' own reflections. The hardcover book is a fit gift for any art lover or contemplative person of prayer.

The Artist's Soul

The Artist's Soul ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Tarcher
Author: Linda Coons
Number of Pages: 512 
File: the-artist-s-soul.pdf
Reads: 7714035


A 365-day sourcebook for anyone undertaking creative self-expression.

Art and Soul

Art and Soul ebook ISBN: 1625644698
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
Author: Michelle Sanders
Number of Pages: 108 
File: art-and-soul.pdf
Reads: 7918006


The church is in major decline in the Western world. We cannot continue to use past evangelistic models to reach out to our modern world. Art and Soul explores ways of generating missional conversations in the community through the medium of art, offering theological reflections as well as practical strategies on how to connect with people outside of the church. This book surveys several approaches, including "Art and Soul," a course that teaches people who suffer from depression and anxiety to paint, and introduces youths, refugees, prisoners, and other at-risk people to art in order to better connect with their own personal narrative. Readers will learn about "Art for Justice," or how to use art in the marketplace to begin conversations in their local community. Art and Soul's initiatives for connecting with people through art will inspire and encourage Christ followers to step out and create places to engage with their community.

Art of Soul

Art of Soul ebook ISBN: 9781452179810
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: 168 
File: art-of-soul.pdf
Reads: 3885636


The Art of Soul presents the story behind this thrilling feature film from Pixar. This companion book features stunning artwork from the film's creation, along with character explorations, storyboards, color scripts, and much more from the creative team. • A comprehensive volume to accompany Pixar's feature film, Soul • Reveals the behind-the-scenes story of this unique film • Filled with exclusive interviews from the creative team behind it all The Art of Soul showcases concept art details that bring this epic story to life in a brand new way. • Part of the fan-favorite, collectible Art of series—books that explore production art and exclusive making-of details • A perfect gift for Pixar fans, animation and filmmaking students, film buffs, and more • Add it to the shelf with other books like The Art of Zootopia by Jessica Julius, The Art of Pixar: The Complete Color Scripts and Select Art from 25 Years of Animation by Amid Amidi. Copyright © 2020 Disney Enterprises, Inc. and Pixar. All rights reserved.

Art and Soul: Flossie Peitsch

Art and Soul: Flossie Peitsch ebook ISBN: 9781876832711
Publisher: Macmillan Education AU
Author: Flossie Peitsch
Number of Pages: 128 
File: art-and-soul-flossie-peitsch.pdf
Reads: 8667085


Canadian-born and now New South Wales-based, Flossie Peitsch is both a noted visual artist and a mother of six. She is also an active community artist who has involved her family and hundreds of others in major art projects relating to Australia's history and current ways of life. Using performance and installation art techniques, as well as traditional painting and drawing - and also women's crafts of embroidery, tapestry and knitting - Flossie loses few opportunities to engage the imagination and creativity of those involved in the projects and also those who witness them. This is an intriguing and richly illustrated book focused on an extraordinarily vibrant and effective Australian artist who operates slightly outside the mainstream.

Soul Whisperer

Soul Whisperer ebook ISBN: 1621895440
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
Author: Gary Comer
Number of Pages: 358 
File: soul-whisperer.pdf
Reads: 5880396


What if we changed the face of evangelism? In a time when so many have a negative perception of evangelism, what if a new model was entirely biblical, loaded with skills, and more effective? Soul Whisperer shifts the emphasis from telling to a drawing paradigm. It develops biblically the pattern of Jesus, who did not give static presentations but rather customized his words to each hearer. By learning his ways, our words, too, can have pinpointed impact! Christians will discover how to draw out first, in order to read their friends and discern the relevant appeal of the gospel. In this way, the style is far more dynamic. It adapts! Understanding the non-believer's unique starting point will determine a distinct path. By creating a conversation about spiritual influence and what is involved in faith formation, this book charts ways for Christians to go deeper in evangelistic relationships. Most importantly, Soul Whisperer infuses skills that will shape a more Christ-likened missional disciple.

Art Of The Soul

Art Of The Soul ebook ISBN: 1465306757
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Mike Carannante
Number of Pages: 72 
File: art-of-the-soul.pdf
Reads: 8115107


Art of the soul, is a reflection of at least part of what youth goes through today, and is intended to expose the things that would other wise be seen by naked eye . Conflicts at home, differences among them selves, fear of not being understood. But mainly it is directed towards their, need to put the rains on their destinies.