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Get Free! Live Free! Stay Free!

Get Free! Live Free! Stay Free! ebook ISBN: 0557324483
Author: Jay Lowndes
Number of Pages: 89 
File: get-free-live-free-stay-free.pdf
Reads: 6989986


A chronology that explores the origins of what the American Founders pulled together to craft the world's oldest Constitution, and a guide to how people can make the American system work for them.

The Mammoth Book of King Arthur

The Mammoth Book of King Arthur ebook ISBN: 1780333552
Publisher: Hachette UK
Author: Mike Ashley
Number of Pages: 160 
File: the-mammoth-book-of-king-arthur.pdf
Reads: 907975


The most complete guide ever to the real Arthurian world and the legends that surround it He defeated the Saxons so decisively at the Battle of Badon that he held the Saxon invasion of Britain at bay for at least a generation. He has inspired more stories, books and films than any other historical or legendary figure. But who was the real King Arthur? Here is the most comprehensive guide to the real Arthurian world and the legends that surround and often obscure it. Sifting fact from fancy, Mike Ashley reveals the originals not only of King Arthur but also of Merlin. Guinevere, Lancelot and the knights of the Round Table - as well as all the major Arthurian sites. He traces each of the legends as they developed and brilliantly shows how they were later used to inspire major works of art, poetry, fiction and film. There is clear evidence that. The Arthurian legends arose from the exploits of not just one man, but at least three originating in Wales, Scotland and Brittany The true historical Arthur really existed and is distantly related to the present royal family The real Arthur and the real Merlin never knew each other The real Lancelot was not British but was closer to a sixth-century asylum-seeker The Holy Grail legend probably grew out of a cosmic catastrophe that could have destroyed most of civilization

The Arthurian Annals

The Arthurian Annals ebook ISBN:
Author: Daniel P. Nastali,Phillip C. Boardman
Number of Pages: 244 
File: the-arthurian-annals.pdf
Reads: 6680792


From Scythia to Camelot

From Scythia to Camelot ebook ISBN: 1317777719
Publisher: Routledge
Author: C. Scott Littleton,Linda A. Malcor
Number of Pages: 424 
File: from-scythia-to-camelot.pdf
Reads: 1023349


This volume boldly proposes that the core of the Arthurian and Holy Grail traditions derived not from Celtic mythology, but rather from the folklore of the peoples of ancient Scythia (what are now the South Russian and Ukrainian steppes). Also includes 19 maps.

Hopes of Victory

Hopes of Victory ebook ISBN: 1984554506
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Shaun Chapman
Number of Pages: 544 
File: hopes-of-victory.pdf
Reads: 6535744


A true story and a sweeping saga of a family at war, Hopes of Victory is a moving odyssey of the Chapman and O’Sullivan families. Going back in time to King Arthur in the Dark Ages, to the end of the Knights Templar order in the late 13th Century, and a swashbuckling ancestor, Captain de Croix, who harrassed English shipping around 1600 AD, to John Chapman who was the first Englishman to lay a claim on Southern African shores, to Thomas Reinholds who landed in Virginia, America, in 1625, and James Chapman a hunter and explorer . . . During WWI, one son is sent to Turkey and is captured while two sons are sent to France with only one returning, badly injured and with a shattered soul . . . In 1939 a new war begins and Britain finds herself alone and adrift amid stormy seas threatening to engulf her. With German bombers raining death and destruction on London’s populace Stanley William Chapman scours the rubble to pull Nazi victims to safety, with many dying in his arms. After his uncle is killed he vows vengeance upon all Nazis and joins the navy. With his brother Ernest serving on HMS Arethusa and his other sibling Jimmy in the 8th Army, Stanley heads off into the wild Atlantic to face the wrath of German U-Boats and the ocean itself . . .

The Quest For Arthur's Britain

The Quest For Arthur's Britain ebook ISBN: 1613733348
Publisher: Chicago Review Press
Author: Geoffrey Ashe
Number of Pages: 318 
File: the-quest-for-arthur-s-britain.pdf
Reads: 5646582


The legend of Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table dominates the mythology of Britain, but could this story prove more fact than fiction? Recent archaeological findings have lead Geoffrey Ashe to believe there is more truth to Arthurian legend than previously accepted. The Quest for Arthur's Britain examines the historical foundation of the Arthurian tradition, and presents the remarkable results of excavations to date at Cadbury (reputed site of Camelot), Tintagel, Glastonbury and many places known almost exclusively to Arthurian scholars.

The Camelot Chronicles

The Camelot Chronicles ebook ISBN: 9780517124505
Publisher: Wings
Author: Michael Ashley,Mike Ashley
Number of Pages: 418 
File: the-camelot-chronicles.pdf
Reads: 7193302


18 tales of Arthur and his court have been retold in contemporary language in this wonderful collection. Any reader interested in the timeless legends of King Arthur and the days of Camelot will take pleasure in these unique tales. Features such best-selling authors as Jane Yolen, P.G. Wodehouse and Phyllis Ann Karr.

The Arthurian Quest

The Arthurian Quest ebook ISBN: 9781567188066
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide Limited
Author: Amber Wolfe
Number of Pages: 403 
File: the-arthurian-quest.pdf
Reads: 9556550


An examination of the legend of Camelot, which draws on mythological, cultural, historical and psychological information to reveal how Arthurian myth can be used for personal transformation.

The Cinema of Terry Gilliam

The Cinema of Terry Gilliam ebook ISBN: 0231850387
Publisher: Columbia University Press
Author: Jeff Birkenstein,Anna Froula,Karen Randell
Number of Pages: 256 
File: the-cinema-of-terry-gilliam.pdf
Reads: 4312550


Terry Gilliam has been making movies for more than forty years, and this volume analyzes a selection of his thrilling directorial work, from his early films with Monty Python to The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnussus (2009). The frenetic genius, auteur, and social critic continues to create indelible images on screen--if, that is, he can get funding for his next project. Featuring eleven original essays from an international group of scholars, this collection argues that when Gilliam makes a movie, he goes to war: against Hollywood caution and convention, against American hyper-consumerism and imperial militarism, against narrative vapidity and spoon-fed mediocrity, and against the brutalizing notion and cruel vision of the "American Dream."

King Arthur

King Arthur ebook ISBN: 9781404213647
Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc
Author: John Matthews
Number of Pages: 128 
File: king-arthur.pdf
Reads: 9192509


Details the mythic life of King Arthur, the history of Arthurian legend, and the popular themes and characters associated with the legends.

Early Peoples of Britain and Ireland: A-G

Early Peoples of Britain and Ireland: A-G ebook ISBN: 9781846450280
Publisher: Greenwood
Author: Christopher Allen Snyder
Number of Pages: 594 
File: early-peoples-of-britain-and-ireland-a-g.pdf
Reads: 2397241


This period of British history saw dramatic social, political and cultural changes, characterized by the great movement of peoples. The Stone Age peoples, Bronze Age peoples, Celts, Scots, Picts, Irish, Roman, Anglo-Saxon, Danes and Normans all arrived, settled and (to some degree) intermingled. Each of these peoples has a complex history partly separate and partly shared, sometimes obscure, sometimes distorted in the popular imagination, and the purpose of the encyclopedia is to both highlight specific details and clarify the overall picture. The geographic scope of the encyclopedia is Britain and Ireland, and chronologically it will cover everything from the Neolithic period to 1154. A section of longer essays on key themes will be followed by an A-Z section of shorter entries on specific topics. Entries will vary in length from about 400 words to about 7,500 words. Each entry will include a brief bibliography. This encyclopedia will be a useful reference for nearly every level of research, from general background information on a select topic for the lay reader to the latest and best research and historiographic trends for advanced researchers.

The Arthurian Handbook

The Arthurian Handbook ebook ISBN: 1317777433
Publisher: Routledge
Author: Norris J. Lacy,Geoffrey Ashe,Debra N. Mancoff
Number of Pages: 456 
File: the-arthurian-handbook.pdf
Reads: 5488244


Everything you ever wanted to know about King Arthur and his knights is covered in this fascinating volume: the origins of the Grail legend, the Tristan and Isolde love story in opera and literature, Spielberg's use of Arthurian motifs in Star Wars , the depiction of Arthur in paintings, the presentation of Camelot on the Broadway stage, the twitting of the legend in Monty Python and the Holy Grail and much more. This critical survey of Arthurian history and legend, archaeology, literature, and the arts from the fifth century to the present provides an introduction for the general reader and a useful summary for the specialist. It offers both historical facts and key discussions on Arthurian subjects, from post-Roman Britain to the most recent novels and films. There is a lengthy glossary of Arthurian characters, motifs, and places, a chronology of major historical and literary items, a guide to pronunciation, and a full bibliography. What's new in the Second Edition:All the material has been revised and updated to 1996 since the original 1988 edition; The chapter on modern literature has been thoroughly revised, with new material on writings from France, Germany, England, and America; The coverage of King Arthur in the arts has entirely rewritten by one of the premier authorities in Arthurian studies. Brand-new geneological charts of the ancestry of Arthur and his family and the Grail kings and knights.; A fully up-to-date chronology; Many new illustrations.

Western Europe

Western Europe ebook ISBN: 9780072902853
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies
Author: Henri J. Warmenhoven
Number of Pages: 276 
File: western-europe.pdf
Reads: 8642278


This edition contains background essays on Western Europe and each of its countries. Each country report features detailed maps and statistics. A compilation of carefully selected articles from newspapers and magazines from around the world is reprinted in this volume, and an annotated list of World Wide Web sites guides students to additional resources.

Of Hope and Glory

Of Hope and Glory ebook ISBN:
Author: Patrick J. Twohig
Number of Pages: 79 
File: of-hope-and-glory.pdf
Reads: 6459878


Avalonian Quest

Avalonian Quest ebook ISBN:
Author: Geoffrey Ashe
Number of Pages: 287 
File: avalonian-quest.pdf
Reads: 4666323


History Today

History Today ebook ISBN:
Author: Peter Quennell
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: history-today.pdf
Reads: 4870091