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Write Until It Becomes As Natural As Breathing

Write Until It Becomes As Natural As Breathing ebook ISBN: 9781705657522
Author: Micro Story Press
Number of Pages: 108 
File: write-until-it-becomes-as-natural-as-breathing.pdf
Reads: 1789520


Writers of Flash Fiction! Here's your book!This big 8.5"x11" book is the perfect place to keep all of those micro-short stories trying to get out of your head and onto paper. The 105 pages include setups for several different lengths of stories so any writer can choose to the length of story that needs to be written. Grab yours today for yourself or as the perfect gift for the writer in your life.

How Children Learn

How Children Learn ebook ISBN: 0786746904
Publisher: Hachette UK
Author: John Holt
Number of Pages: 320 
File: how-children-learn.pdf
Reads: 239279


This enduring classic of educational thought offers teachers and parents deep, original insight into the nature of early learning. John Holt was the first to make clear that, for small children, “learning is as natural as breathing.” In this delightful yet profound book, he looks at how we learn to talk, to read, to count, and to reason, and how we can nurture and encourage these natural abilities in our children.”

Mark (The Preacher's Commentary)

Mark (The Preacher's Commentary) ebook ISBN: 1418573671
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Author: David L. McKenna
Number of Pages: 320 
File: mark-the-preacher-s-commentary.pdf
Reads: 1091488


General editor Lloyd J. Ogilvie brings together a team of skilled and exceptional communicators to blend sound scholarship with life-related illustrations. The design for the Preacher's Commentary gives the reader an overall outline of each book of the Bible. Following the introduction, which reveals the author's approach and salient background on the book, each chapter of the commentary provides the Scripture to be exposited. The New King James Bible has been chosen for the Preacher's Commentary because it combines with integrity the beauty of language, underlying Hebrew and Greek textual basis, and thought-flow of the 1611 King James Version, while replacing obsolete verb forms and other archaisms with their everyday contemporary counterparts for greater readability. Reverence for God is preserved in the capitalization of all pronouns referring to the Father, Son, or Holy Spirit. Readers who are more comfortable with another translation can readily find the parallel passage by means of the chapter and verse reference at the end of each passage being exposited. The paragraphs of exposition combine fresh insights to the Scripture, application, rich illustrative material, and innovative ways of utilizing the vibrant truth for his or her own life and for the challenge of communicating it with vigor and vitality.

365 Excuse Me...

365 Excuse Me... ebook ISBN: 9781612831831
Publisher: Hampton Roads Publishing
Author: Mina Parker
Number of Pages: 376 
File: 365-excuse-me.pdf
Reads: 2885291


365 Excuse Me... is for the hundreds of thousands of fans of the Law of Attraction who want more help incorporating its teachings into their daily lives. Inspired by Lynn Grabhorn's bestselling Excuse Me, Your Life Is Waiting, 365 Excuse Me... contains 365 empowering meditations to help readers live the Law of Attraction and embrace the possibilities that life offers every day. Each day's meditation has three parts:A quote from Lynn GrabhornA charmingly told anecdote or teaching storyA personal goal for the day Lynn Grabhorn wrote: "Didn’t you ever feel that there’s some secret part of you that knows everything there is to know but just doesn’t stick its head out? There is.” 365 Excuse Me... offers readers the motivation and inspiration to find the secret part in themselves to live the Law of Attraction every day of the year.

Not off the Hook at 491

Not off the Hook at 491 ebook ISBN: 1524512680
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Lora Renée Hubbard
Number of Pages: 250 
File: not-off-the-hook-at-491.pdf
Reads: 7418408


Relationships-casual or intimate-can be riddled with turmoil and betrayal. Ask the Stephens family. Readers are invited to peer behind the curtain of this affluent New York family to discover hearts encrusted with unforgiveness. Through a series of startling twists and turns as well as the unexpected influence of others, they struggle to forgive one another, forgive themselves, and even accept forgiveness from God. Keeping score of offenses and guarding our unforgiving hearts can feel as natural as breathing, but it can jeopardize our freedom. Is it really possible to throw away the scorecard and forgive without limits? Isn't that just what God does every time He forgives us?

Simple Tools for Clarity, Understanding and Betterment

Simple Tools for Clarity, Understanding and Betterment ebook ISBN: 0957853742
Publisher: ProCreative Pty Ltd
Author: Stephen Pirie
Number of Pages: 60 
File: simple-tools-for-clarity-understanding-and-betterment.pdf
Reads: 8170666


Simple Tools for Clarity, Understanding and Betterment provides useful tools for those who are wanting or needing to engage with, and create desired, healthier, better, successful futures. In the early part of the book a number of tools are presented to break through and see beyond many accepted fixed beliefs that block the path to results, well-being and betterment. The latter part of the book provides tools for engaging the future, in quite literal, practical and useful terms. Examples are given of how the future 'feeds' into our present awareness, providing exceptionally insightful and useful information with which to create one's desired future. This book will appeal to entrepreneurs, sales and creative people who are visionary, creative, and results-orientated. Feedback says that many intelligent, discerning thinkers and high achievers have greatly enjoyed and gained value from my work and I encourage you to further enhance, or develop your ability to think more critically, achieve more, and more effectively “see around corners” with my eBook. [Stephen Pirie (21 October, 2013)] Early endorsements: "This book by Stephen Pirie is a masterpiece. It is a magnificent guide to help one think outside the box with the issues we experience in life. This book is small in size but big in ideas. It is a brilliant book full of intelligent humour for the thinking, open-minded person. Stephen demonstrates incisive observations of human behaviour and traditions and shows how in casting aside old myths one is guided to understand and overcome difficult or interesting times in one's life." Robert Colquhoun, Barrister and Philosopher (Sydney, Australia) "Stephen condenses a lifetime of research and experience into less than 50 pages – each part a tool that will result in immediate clarity regarding our beliefs, what we can do to both understand and change these beliefs and pre-emptively live the future. Recommended reading." Steven Lesser, Managing Director InfoWorks International Pty Ltd "Stephen Pirie’s is a playful nature, full of a mischievous verve that compliments his very considerable intelligence. What he has done in his Simple Tools for Clarity, Understanding and Betterment, is create a practical quantum handbook for those foundering in an outdated conception of what constitutes “reality”. Stephen’s presentation is lively, humorous, and conversational, free of mind-numbing disquisitions on quantum mechanics theory in the abstract. Most physicists chunder on about physics as an objectified body of knowledge that has no immediate relevance to the feelings and kinesthetics of getting on with life. Stephen simply grabs what is immediately useful and applies it to what is needed to get the job done. Simple Tools is exactly what it calls itself, a service manual for fixing broken belief systems. It is the right tool for a very specific job. Stephen’s book is a guide to action in the present, which promises to alter what that present means in a completely transfigurative and lasting way. It is a transformative work much needed during this increasingly compelling, ever-widening transition in human consciousness. Stephen's book is a guide to action in the present, which promises to alter what that present means in a completely transfigurative and lasting way. It is a transformative work much needed during this increasingly compelling, ever-widening transition in human consciousness." Frank Juszczyk, Ph.D [Emeritus Prof. English, Western New Mexico University] Endorsements for Stephen's earlier work (BE and BECOME) "Stephen Pirie's book, Be and Become, provides valuable insights and guidance principles for those of us who realize that "doing business as usual," simply won't work in the 21st century. Be and Become is not just a sit down and read book but a workbook designed for you and the problems you will surely face in this new century and, taking some of the ideas found in it in mind, this millennium. Borrowing from the quantum metaphors of the previous century, Pirie demolishes the old Darwinian saw and replaces it with a shining and hopeful spiritual vision." Dr. Fred Alan Wolf (Dr Quantum) Author, Taking The Quantum Leap "The book Be and Become is a significant contribution to the burgeoning field of self-development and spiritual awareness." Deepak Chopra more reviews at

Overnight Heiress

Overnight Heiress ebook ISBN: 1459264991
Publisher: Harlequin
Author: Modean Moon
Number of Pages: 192 
File: overnight-heiress.pdf
Reads: 3054862


MISSING HEIRESS FOUND! Almost overnight, plain Meg Wilson had gone from being a struggling single mom to a long-lost heiress! She'd inherited a glittering world of wealth and power that would once have satisfied her wildest dreams. But nothing about it would be satisfying without the love of Sheriff Lucas Lambert…. This tall, dark and devastatingly sexy lawman had found the missing millionairess, but it was his all-consuming kisses and quiet strength that had shown her what it meant to be cherished as a beautiful, desirable woman. After a night of passion, Meg knew her world would never be complete without Lucas. But first she's have to break down the walls this loner had built around his heart….

Faith Bass Darling's Last Garage Sale

Faith Bass Darling's Last Garage Sale ebook ISBN: 1101580607
Publisher: Penguin
Author: Lynda Rutledge
Number of Pages: 336 
File: faith-bass-darling-s-last-garage-sale.pdf
Reads: 7382371


On the last day of the millennium, sassy Faith Bass Darling, the richest old lady in Bass, Texas, decides to have a garage sale. With help from a couple of neighborhood boys, Faith lugs her priceless Louis XV elephant clock, countless Tiffany lamps, and everything else in her nineteenth-century mansion out onto her long, sloping lawn. Why is a recluse of twenty years suddenly selling off her dearest posessions? Because God told her to. As the townspeople grab up five generations of heirlooms, everyone drawn to the sale--including Faith's long-lost daughter--finds that the antiques not only hold family secrets but also inspire some of life's most important questions: Do our possessions possess us? What are we without our memories? Is there life after death or second chances here on earth? And is Faith really selling that Tiffany lamp for $1? READERS GUIDE INCLUDED

Live Large!

Live Large! ebook ISBN: 9780936077468
Publisher: Gurze Books
Author: Cheri K. Erdman
Number of Pages: 176 
File: live-large.pdf
Reads: 7487266


Offering gentle encouragement for all women--especially those who struggle with a poor body image--the ideas, affirmations, and actions in this book are designed to get readers to replace critical thoughts and channel new energy into rewarding achievements.

Singing for Equality

Singing for Equality ebook ISBN: 0786472596
Publisher: McFarland
Author: Cheryl C. Boots
Number of Pages: 288 
File: singing-for-equality.pdf
Reads: 9095077


"Before the American Civil War, men and women who imagined a multiracial American society (social visionaries) included Protestant hymns and psalms in their speeches and writings. Music affirmed the humanity and equality of Indians and blacks. Singing and reading Protestant hymns encouraged community formation that led to American human rights activism in the 19th and 20th centuries"--Provided by publisher.

The Soul Genome

The Soul Genome ebook ISBN: 1587369958
Publisher: Wheatmark, Inc.
Author: Paul Von Ward
Number of Pages: 233 
File: the-soul-genome.pdf
Reads: 9685109


Much thought-provoking evidence suggests that the way you look, think, react to life events, and interact with other people may be predisposed by the experiences of one or more human beings who lived in the past. Even if you don't know who they were, you may find what appears to be their "soulprints" in the person you are today and the manner in which you live. "The Soul Genome: Science and Reincarnation" explores these ideas, focusing on verifiable information that can be tested by objective means. The detailed, robust case studies presented here not only suggest that reincarnation is more than just a metaphysical concept, but also indicate that it is a valid subject of scientific inquiry.

Rallying the Whole Village

Rallying the Whole Village ebook ISBN: 9780807735398
Publisher: Teachers College Press
Author: James P. Comer
Number of Pages: 185 
File: rallying-the-whole-village.pdf
Reads: 7792600


This volume presents specifics of the School Development Program holistic model in action, a plan that received the 1996 Heinz Award for improving the quality of American education. Topics discussed include children’s psychosocial development, group dynamics of effective school communities, teacher preparation and school/university partnerships, appropriate alignment of classroom content to standardized tests, increased student engagement and learning time, research and evaluation, community health, government initiatives, and school/business partnerships.

Bach Flower Remedies to the Rescue

Bach Flower Remedies to the Rescue ebook ISBN: 9780892813780
Publisher: Inner Traditions / Bear & Co
Author: Gregory Vlamis
Number of Pages: 176 
File: bach-flower-remedies-to-the-rescue.pdf
Reads: 9817818


The author discusses the many uses of the Rescue Remedy in reducing stress, anxiety, fear, emotional upset, and trauma.

Fashion Me a People

Fashion Me a People ebook ISBN: 1611642302
Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press
Author: Maria Harris
Number of Pages: 205 
File: fashion-me-a-people.pdf
Reads: 4738553


Curriculum as described by Maria Harris's book is viewed as an activity, the practice of Christian education. It includes community, service, worship, proclamation, and instruction for all the members of the church from birth to death.

Let Thy Kingdom Come

Let Thy Kingdom Come ebook ISBN: 1477111654
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Wilma Fogleman
Number of Pages: 100 
File: let-thy-kingdom-come.pdf
Reads: 1443580


Let Thy Kingdom Come is a door that enters into the Kingdom of Heaven. It is my truth. I offer this only as my truth. It is a new look at the Holy Scriptures, a new look as a path into spirituality, a door into the kingdom of Heaven. It is not a plan for salvation but rather a plan for living openly to the joy of the kingdom of heaven now in this life. You are a creature to whom the Creator has given freedom of choice with the ability to choose joy. This book will help you become God's partner in putting your life in order, if you are tired of living in a world held in bondage by fear, by evil, by a lack of love, this book is for you. I am sure that the secrets revealed in this book works in my life. I am equally sure that there is some truth hidden within these pages that can transform your life. Take only what is true for you in the NOW; the remaining truths may not be intended for you, at this moment. This book contains many secrets and when read with prayer and an open seeking heart will transform your pain into joy; your worry into faith; and death into everlasting life. Forever is going to start tonight.

The Natural Child

The Natural Child ebook ISBN: 1550923242
Publisher: New Society Publishers
Author: Jan Hunt
Number of Pages: 192 
File: the-natural-child.pdf
Reads: 2719448


The Natural Child makes a compelling case for a return to attachment parenting, a child-rearing approach that has come naturally for parents throughout most of human history. In this insightful guide, parenting specialist Jan Hunt links together attachment parenting principles with child advocacy and homeschooling philosophies, offering a consistent approach to raising a loving, trusting, and confident child. The Natural Child dispels the myths of "tough love," building baby's self-reliance by ignoring its cries, and the necessity of spanking to enforce discipline. Instead, the book explains the value of extended breast-feeding, family co-sleeping, and minimal child-parent separation. Homeschooling, like attachment parenting, nurtures feelings of self-worth, confidence, and trust. The author draws on respected leaders of the homeschool movement such as John Taylor Gatto and John Holt, guiding the reader through homeschool approaches that support attachment parenting principles. Being an ally to children is spontaneous for caring adults, but intervening on behalf of a child can be awkward and surrounded by social taboo. The Natural Child shows how to stand up for a child's rights effectively and sensitively in many difficult situations. The role of caring adults, points out Hunt, is not to give children "lessons in life"-but to employ a variation of The Golden Rule, and treat children as we would like to have been treated in childhhood.

The Inner Peace Diet

The Inner Peace Diet ebook ISBN: 110102450X
Publisher: Penguin
Author: Aileen McCabe-Maucher,Hugo Maucher
Number of Pages: 272 
File: the-inner-peace-diet.pdf
Reads: 641910


Lose weight and live life stress-free Change your mind, change your body, The Inner Peace Diet is an extraordinary weightloss and lifestyle plan that was created through the combined efforts of a registered nurse and licensed psychotherapist, and an acclaimed master chef. With the guidelines in this book, readers will achieve permanent weight loss and find bliss using the timeless methods of the chakra system. In addition to the easy-to-follow eating plan, each chapter features exercises that focus on psychological and emotional healing. These exercises are designed to help readers achieve a sense of fulfillment and inner peace, and can readily be incorporated into a busy, fast-paced lifestyle ?Provides easy-to-prepare gourmet recipes using readily available ingredients, as well as centuries-old methods for using chakras to lose weight and improve overall health ?Chakras play a vital role in the spiritual dimension and have been theoretically connected to the study of the endocrine system for the past 100 years ?Bestselling author and physician Deepak Chopra stresses the importance of a healthy chakra system in his books and workshops

Inspired to Pray

Inspired to Pray ebook ISBN: 1441268618
Publisher: Baker Books
Author: Phil Pringle
Number of Pages: 256 
File: inspired-to-pray.pdf
Reads: 9453404


In this powerful and motivating book, international pastor Phil Pringle invites readers to activate their spiritual lives by understanding prayer as a journey to the highest places of God. He sees prayer as an "art," a craft to be developed and nurtured. Prayer is much more than muttering religious words. It is a connection with the God of heaven Himself. Too often believers fail to bridge the gap between earth and heaven, but active prayer releases the spirit into communion with God in another world: His world. As readers grow, they will draw close to a loving God who desires relationship with all who are made in His image. When we pray in close contact with God, we see greater results on earth and in our lives. Pringle appeals to the imagination and the soul, and all who engage with these visionary teachings will discover a new dimension to the act and the art of prayer.

Handwriting & Character Analysis

Handwriting & Character Analysis ebook ISBN: 9780787305710
Publisher: Health Research Books
Author: Dewitt B. Lucas
Number of Pages: 64 
File: handwriting-character-analysis.pdf
Reads: 919270


1952 Contents: Introduction; Base Line and Slant; Pressure; Logic-Reason; Intuition; Introversion; Extroversion; Honesty-Dishonesty; Waste-Economy; Jealousy-Vanity-Envy; Intelligence-Will; How to Write Your Analysis.