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As We Are Now

As We Are Now ebook ISBN: 1497646316
Publisher: Open Road Media
Author: May Sarton
Number of Pages: 128 
File: as-we-are-now.pdf
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Bestselling author “May Sarton has never been better than she is in this beautiful, harrowing novel about being old, unwanted, yet refusing to give up” (The Boston Globe). After seventy-six-year-old Caro Spencer suffers a heart attack, her family sends her to a private retirement home to wait out the rest of her days. Her memory growing fuzzy, Caro decides to keep a journal to document the daily goings-on—her feelings of confinement and boredom; her distrust of the home’s owner, Harriet Hatfield, and her daughter, Rose; her pity for the more incapacitated residents; her resentment of her brother, John, for leaving her alone. The journal entries describe not only her frustrations, but also small moments of beauty—found in a welcome visit from her minister, or in watching a bird in the garden. But as she writes, Caro grows increasingly sensitive to the casual atrocities of retirement-home life. Even as she acknowledges her mind is beginning to fail, she is determined to fight back against the injustices foisted upon the home’s occupants. This ebook features an extended biography of May Sarton.

As We Are Now

As We Are Now ebook ISBN: 9780520210738
Publisher: Univ of California Press
Author: W. S. Penn
Number of Pages: 255 
File: as-we-are-now.pdf
Reads: 1259470


As we are now: mix blood essays on race and identity.

After Dionysus: an Essay on where We are Now

After Dionysus: an Essay on where We are Now ebook ISBN: 9780838679586
Publisher: Fairleigh Dickinson Univ Press
Author: Henry Ebel
Number of Pages: 136 
File: after-dionysus-an-essay-on-where-we-are-now.pdf
Reads: 8608053


Weighs the relationship of traditional and the present. Sees our world today as being like the transitional worlds of Homer, Virgil, and Apuleius and uses the two classical texts, the Metamorphoses and the Iliad as the basis of the discussion.

How We Got to Now

How We Got to Now ebook ISBN: 0698154509
Publisher: Penguin
Author: Steven Johnson
Number of Pages: 304 
File: how-we-got-to-now.pdf
Reads: 4225488


From the New York Times–bestselling author of Where Good Ideas Come From and Farsighted, a new look at the power and legacy of great ideas. In this illustrated history, Steven Johnson explores the history of innovation over centuries, tracing facets of modern life (refrigeration, clocks, and eyeglass lenses, to name a few) from their creation by hobbyists, amateurs, and entrepreneurs to their unintended historical consequences. Filled with surprising stories of accidental genius and brilliant mistakes—from the French publisher who invented the phonograph before Edison but forgot to include playback, to the Hollywood movie star who helped invent the technology behind Wi-Fi and Bluetooth—How We Got to Now investigates the secret history behind the everyday objects of contemporary life. In his trademark style, Johnson examines unexpected connections between seemingly unrelated fields: how the invention of air-conditioning enabled the largest migration of human beings in the history of the species—to cities such as Dubai or Phoenix, which would otherwise be virtually uninhabitable; how pendulum clocks helped trigger the industrial revolution; and how clean water made it possible to manufacture computer chips. Accompanied by a major six-part television series on PBS, How We Got to Now is the story of collaborative networks building the modern world, written in the provocative, informative, and engaging style that has earned Johnson fans around the globe.

Where We Are Now

Where We Are Now ebook ISBN: 1609403886
Publisher: Wings Press
Author: Carolyn Osborn
Number of Pages: 200 
File: where-we-are-now.pdf
Reads: 5834797


A collection of stories that Carolyn Osborn has developed over two decades, Where We Are Now is about a single family, the Moores. Marianne is the main narrator of these stories about her mother's family. In the first tale, "The Greats," her relatives are so distant Marianne can only give brief glimpses of the eccentric Moores. "The Grands," an O. Henry Prize–winning story, first introduced readers to many of the characters who inhabit Where We Are Now. By knowing the Moores, we begin to know Marianne, who tries to understand them. Curious as she is, she must continually accept the mystery of reality. Aware of the need for family mythology, she orders her world as best she can with what she is given by reacting, reflecting, inventing, and enlarging on the fragments. Other narrators reveal omissions Marianne can never know. Marianne's life and the lives of the Moores have a definitively southern flavor; they mirror fading 19th-century morality, an acceptance of eccentricity, the habit of storytelling, a strong consciousness of place, and the influence as well as the particularity of family. These stories are an attempt to show the failures and triumphs of love, the necessity of forgiveness, and the usefulness of different sorts of families.

Là où je me suis retrouvée

Là où je me suis retrouvée ebook ISBN: 2755632674
Publisher: Hugo roman new way
Author: Jasmine Warga
Number of Pages: 187 
File: là-où-je-me-suis-retrouvée.pdf
Reads: 6604172


Pour Taliah, la musique est toute sa vie. Ses chansons préférées l'ont aidée à affronter les pires épreuves, notamment celle de n'avoir jamais connu son père. Sa mère a toujours été très secrète, et refuse de lui donner la moindre information sur ses origines. Jusqu'au jour où Taliah tombe sur une mystérieuse boîte à chaussures contenant les lettres d'un certain Julian Oliver... Sérieusement ? La star de rock indé en personne ?

We Are Now a Nation

We Are Now a Nation ebook ISBN: 1442669543
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
Author: Daphne Winland
Number of Pages: 240 
File: we-are-now-a-nation.pdf
Reads: 4587607


The first book-length examination of North American Croatian diaspora responses to war and independence, We are Now a Nation highlights the contradictions and paradoxes of contemporary debates about identity, politics, and place.

Who We Are Now

Who We Are Now ebook ISBN: 1466855223
Publisher: Times Books
Author: Sam Roberts
Number of Pages: 304 
File: who-we-are-now.pdf
Reads: 8958336


A revealing view of America and its citizens at the dawn of a new century, by the author of the New York Times Notable Book Who We Are For more than two centuries, America has taken stock every decade, producing a statistical self-portrait of our population. In Who We Are Now, Sam Roberts identifies and illuminates the trends and social shifts changing the face of America today. America is in the midst of a fundamental transformation. The nation's complexion changed significantly over the twentieth century, creating more varied and intermingled identities, and with the baby boomers nearing retirement and their children entering college, the graying of America has been balanced, precariously, by the youth culture. And in the wake of welfare reform in the 1990s, the fate of the working poor has become all the more tenuous. Roberts masterfully weaves stories of individuals from all corners of the country alongside the data from the latest U.S. census, creating a compelling guided tour of the places, personalities, and politics that will shape America as the new century stretches before us.

"We Are Now the True Spaniards"

ISBN: 0804784639
Publisher: Stanford University Press
Author: Jaime E. Rodriguez O.
Number of Pages: 520 
File: we-are-now-the-true-spaniards.pdf
Reads: 2747168


This book is a radical reinterpretation of the process that led to Mexican independence in 1821—one that emphasizes Mexico's continuity with Spanish political culture. During its final decades under Spanish rule, New Spain was the most populous, richest, and most developed part of the worldwide Spanish Monarchy, and most novohispanos (people of New Spain) believed that their religious, social, economic, and political ties to the Monarchy made union preferable to separation. Neither the American nor the French Revolution convinced the novohispanos to sever ties with the Spanish Monarchy; nor did the Hidalgo Revolt of September 1810 and subsequent insurgencies cause Mexican independence. It was Napoleon's invasion of Spain in 1808 that led to the Hispanic Constitution of 1812. When the government in Spain rejected those new constituted arrangements, Mexico declared independence. The Mexican Constitution of 1824 affirms both the new state's independence and its continuance of Spanish political culture.

Architectural Design and Ethics

Architectural Design and Ethics ebook ISBN: 1136428941
Publisher: Routledge
Author: Thomas Fisher
Number of Pages: 264 
File: architectural-design-and-ethics.pdf
Reads: 5289596


Architectural Design and Ethics offers both professional architects and architecture students a theoretical base and numerous suggestions as to how we might rethink our responsibilities to the natural world and design a more sustainable future for ourselves. As we find ourselves on the steep slope of several exponential growth curves – in global population, in heat-trapping atmospheric gases, in the gap between the rich and poor, and in the demand for finite resources, Fisher lays down a theory of architecture based on ethics and explores how buildings can and do provide both social and moral dimensions. The book also has practical goals, demonstrating how architects can make better and more beautiful buildings whilst nurturing more responsible, sustainable development. Architectural Design and Ethics will prove an invaluable text not only to those in the architecture field, but to anyone simply interested in the ethical issues surrounding our built environment.