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Asgard Park

Asgard Park ebook ISBN: 9789197966702
Author: Ronald Simonar
Number of Pages: 380 
File: asgard-park.pdf
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Across two continents, a handful of strangers uncovers the oldest story on Earth and the best kept secret of all times. On a rainy day in late June, Dr Wallenberg, a Swedish neurologist passes through customs at Kennedy Airport. He has come to take over the reins at Asgard Park, an old mental Institution in upstate New York. Here the young academic discovers a misguided conspiracy run from the asylum where his predecessor, obsessed with Intelligent Design, is using vast resources 'to protect the chosen children'. However deep our faith, evolution has taught us not to leave the fate of our children in God's hands but to work hard to boost their chances of success. And yet, for all we know, the old safety net may still be there.

Magnus Chase et les dieux d'Asgard -

Magnus Chase et les dieux d'Asgard - ebook ISBN: 2226389350
Publisher: Albin Michel
Author: Rick Riordan
Number of Pages: 544 
File: magnus-chase-et-les-dieux-d-asgard.pdf
Reads: 4116506


Mon nom est Magnus Chase. Je suis orphelin. Je vis à la dure, dans les rues de Boston. Et les choses sont sur le point d'empirer. Je dormais sous un pont quand un type m'a réveillé d'un coup de pied en hurlant "ils sont à ta recherche !". Quelques instants plus tard, j'étais avec mon oncle détesté qui m'a annoncé l'air de rien que mon père, disparu il y a bien longtemps, était un dieu nordique. Rien de plus normal... En plus, il parait que les dieux d'Asgard se préparent à la guerre. Si je ne parviens pas à trouver l'épée que mon père a perdue il y a deux mille ans, ce sera la fin. La fin du monde pour être exact. Cette histoire raconte ce qui va se passer dans ma vie, juste après ma mort...

Magnus Chase et les dieux d'Asgard -

Magnus Chase et les dieux d'Asgard - ebook ISBN: 2226423109
Publisher: Albin Michel
Author: Rick Riordan
Number of Pages: 480 
File: magnus-chase-et-les-dieux-d-asgard.pdf
Reads: 5921579


Pas de répit pour les demi-dieux ! Le marteau surpuissant de Thor a disparu, une fois de plus. Si Magnus ne le retrouve pas à temps, il se pourrait bien que les neufs mondes subissent l'assaut des géants et soient détruits à jamais? Par où commencer les recherches ? Loki, le dieu de la guerre, semble connaître le coupable, mais il n'aidera pas Magnus sans contrepartie? La chasse au marteau ne va pas être de tout repos ! À partir de 11 ans

Dublin Street Atlas & Guide

Dublin Street Atlas & Guide ebook ISBN: 9781872600437
Publisher: Causeway Press (GB)
Author: Causeway Press
Number of Pages: 112 
File: dublin-street-atlas-guide.pdf
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Dublin Street Guide

Dublin Street Guide ebook ISBN:
Author: Ordnance Survey of Ireland
Number of Pages: 170 
File: dublin-street-guide.pdf
Reads: 406390


The Goddesses of Asgard

The Goddesses of Asgard ebook ISBN: 146695325X
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Author: Rod Cooper
Number of Pages: 1002 
File: the-goddesses-of-asgard.pdf
Reads: 2391663


In 2010, there is nothing about four-year-old Robert James Odom to suggest the accomplishments he will achieve in the future. In many regards, he is an average young boy from the Midwest, growing up on the shores of Lake Erie. But as an adult, success follows him. As a brilliant young entrepreneur, he develops a financial source to build his lifelong dream, a nightclub named Asgard where supernaturally beautiful and talented hostesses charm the patrons to purchase food, drinks, and souvenirs. Robert J. Odom Investments eventually becomes the most financially powerful force in the universe. But soon, prosperity results in disaster, power results in conflict, and friendships produce enemies. It's a world filled with conquest, politics, seduction, intimidation, religion, and miscalculation. Rioting, crime, and sex slavery are common occurrences. As the year 2142 rolls around and the three remaining races face extinction, cousins Robert J. Odom V (called Bob 5) and Desmond Jericho Rand (called DJ), believe the answers are in a time travel discovery that would involve travel to the past to influence change. The pair knows they cannot directly manipulate history, but through telepathic suggestions they can persuade the humans to make different choices. But what exactly should they change?

Santa Fe Light

Santa Fe Light ebook ISBN: 1440139261
Publisher: iUniverse
Author: Richard Leviton
Number of Pages: 620 
File: santa-fe-light.pdf
Reads: 6332654


Santa Fe, the City Different, has deeply excited visitors for over a hundred years with its crystal blue skies, Blood of Christ Mountains, pure dry air, old adobe charm, and beautiful light. But this high-desert State capital and artists haven may also be a Land of Lighta premier landscape of multiple sacred sites and heightened spiritual charge. People love this place, they say, for its uplifting, spiritually leavening effect, for how it starts a process of transformation, healing, deep change, and self-reinvention. People revere this place as an axis of creativity, a hotbed of innovation, and a paramount center for recreating culture and spirituality\ capable of inspiring the world. Santa Fe Light explains why. An able travel guide, it takes you to 111 different locations and their Light temples in and around Santa Fe, numinous places usually only encountered in myths or dreams. And it proposes that the observed social qualities of Santa Fe, its livability, might be due to this fabulous visionary geography alluringly just beyond the veil of our ordinary perception.

Who's who in the Biobehavioral Sciences

Who's who in the Biobehavioral Sciences ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Research Inst of
Author: Barbara R. Breitbart
Number of Pages: 292 
File: who-s-who-in-the-biobehavioral-sciences.pdf
Reads: 7686431


Contains profiles of over 1300 living "researchers, clinicians, educators, administrators and other prominently active professionals in the fields of the biobehavioral sciences." Worldwide coverage. Criteria for inclusion are level of achievement (i.e., significant contribution) or high quality research activity, or attainment of a position of substantial responsibility. Alphabetical arrangement by names. Entries give education, professional experience, current and concurrent activities, memberships, licensure or certification, honors, and mailing address. Geographical and discipline indexes.

The Asgard Run

The Asgard Run ebook ISBN: 0595146597
Publisher: iUniverse
Author: Steve Vance
Number of Pages: 316 
File: the-asgard-run.pdf
Reads: 9242916


Roger Griffin's lifetime dream lay before him. He stood within an immense interstellar vessel that had lain beneath the Wyoming mountains for millennia. It had remained a virtually impenetrable fortress to the scientific teams that prowled its two-mile-long exterior-until they managed to pry open the door. Then the dream of scientific discovery became a horrific nightmare as an earthquake awakened the long dormant brain of the malfunctioning spacecraft-and rocked the door shut. Griffin and his fellow survivors frantically tried to escape, but the ship's computer took steps to rescue itself and exterminate the humans in board. Suddenly, the newly awakened control room displayed a clock for its terrified inhabitants to see. Its lights blinked in and off, but the message was clear: Six hours until lift-off. Six hours to live. Six hours to die.

Baffin Island

Baffin Island ebook ISBN: 9781894765985
Publisher: Rocky Mountain Books Ltd
Author: Mark Synnott
Number of Pages: 240 
File: baffin-island.pdf
Reads: 9902556


Baffin Island, by world-renowned adventurer, filmmaker and writer Mark Synnott, is the first comprehensive guide to Canada's largest island (fifth largest in the world), which is quickly becoming known as a premiere destination for adventure travellers and thrill-seekers alike. Beautifully illustrated with stunning photos and detailed maps, Baffin Island is the best available volume for anyone considering a trip to - or even remotely interested in - the possibilities that a trek to Baffin Island has to offer.

Vehicles of Asgard

Vehicles of Asgard ebook ISBN: 1514497964
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: William Hall Watson
Number of Pages: 270 
File: vehicles-of-asgard.pdf
Reads: 9790857


This is a book that has everything: religion, mythology, sex, unexplained phenomena, archeology, anthropology, movies, Atlantis, witchcraft, arithmetic, language, genealogy, even aircraft design. You name it; there is probably something about it here. It is a volume whose formulation began five decades ago. Suffering stops and starts, being interrupted by essential lifetime events, including normal mundane employment issues and raising a family, plus writing various other books and magazine articles, it has finally been completed and contains many additional facts not known to the author when the first draft was pieced togetherand more sex than was envisaged in the beginning.

Aselia - Tales of Symphonia Locations

Aselia - Tales of Symphonia Locations ebook ISBN: 9781234793333
Publisher: Books LLC, Wiki Series
Author: Source Wikia
Number of Pages: 52 
File: aselia-tales-of-symphonia-locations.pdf
Reads: 3380374


Source: Wikia. Pages: 50. Chapters: Altamira, Altessa's House, Asgard, Asgard Human Ranch, Balacruf Mausoleum, Camberto Caves, Cape Fortress, Derris-Kharlan, Dirk's House, Dragon's Nest, Dynasty Ruins, Flanoir, Fooji Mountains, Gaoracchia Forest, Ginnungagap, Grand Tethe'alla Bridge, Hakonesia Peak, Heimdall, Hima, Hot Spring, House of Salvation, Iselia, Iselia Forest, Iselia Human Ranch, Izoold, Katz Village, Lake Sinoa Cave, Lake Umacy, Latheon Gorge, Linkite Tree, Luin, Martel Temple, Meltokio, Mizuho, Niflheim, Ossa Trail, Otherworldly Gate, Ozette, Palmacosta, Palmacosta Human Ranch, South East Abbey, Sybak, Sylvarant, Sylvarant Base, Temple of Darkness, Temple of Earth, Temple of Ice, Temple of Lightning, Tethe'alla, Thoda Dock, Thoda Geyser, Toize Valley Mine, Tower of Mana, Tower of Salvation, Triet, Triet Ruins, Underground Ruins, Vinheim, Welgaia, Ymir Forest. Excerpt: Altamira, the Seaside Paradise is a major city in the world of Tethe'alla in Tales of Symphonia. It is a seaside resort popular for the Lezareno Company's headquarters, the large beach, a resort and shopping center, and a theme park. Its mascot is the Klonoa, which becomes Presea Combatir's costume, and attendants there often work in bunny lingerie. Sheena Fujibayashi notes at this place as being "gaudy" for the revealing wear of the employees. After the final affection scene at Flanoir, the party can return here to obtain the beach costumes for Lloyd Irving and the three characters who have the highest levels of affection for him. The party reaches Altamira at the request of Regal Bryant, so he can inform his company of the illegal use of the Toize Valley Mine. At this point Altamira is experiencing a drop in the temperature and has fewer tourists than usual. Regal heads to the president's floor of the Lezareno Company headquarters and exposes the problem of the valley mine. He orders the destruction of the mine to prevent people from gathering any remaining exspheres, but just as the P...