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Two-measurement Methods for Working-level Determinations of Radon Daughters

Two-measurement Methods for Working-level Determinations of Radon Daughters ebook ISBN:
Author: Annie G. Smelley,August J. Kwitowski,Daryl E. Radcliffe,George M. Lucich,Jalna R. Zatko,K. J. Liles,Murray Rosen,R. S. DeCesare,Robert F. Holub,Stephen L. Law,Thomas G. Carnahan,United States. Bureau of Mines,Benjamin W. Haynes,Bernard J. Scheiner,Charles Milton Flynn,F. J. Palumbo,H. Heystek,Lewis V. Wade,Philip W. Holland,Raymond M. Stateham,P. M. Sullivan,Roald Edmund Lindstrom,William J. Campbell
Number of Pages: 8 
File: two-measurement-methods-for-working-level-determinations-of-radon-daughters.pdf
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D'ash walat 2

D'ash walat 2 ebook ISBN: 2304237835
Publisher: Editions Le Manuscrit
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: d-ash-walat-2.pdf
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Ash 2 - Cartago triunfante

Ash 2 - Cartago triunfante ebook ISBN: 8490186111
Publisher: La Factoría de Ideas
Author: Mary Gentle
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: ash-2-cartago-triunfante.pdf
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Hay más de una historia del mundo? En una era brutal de derramamiento de sangre y milagros donde la oscura hechicería ha extinguido el sol, el destino de Europa Occidental, África y quizá el mundo entero, descansa en las manos de una mujer guerrera llamada Ash. Las invictas legiones del ejército de Cartago campan a sus anchas por los reinos de Europa. Bajo un cielo sin sol, Borgoña se encuentra sola en el camino de la hora visigoda y su legendario esclavo-general, el Faris. En el corazón del territorio enemigo se encuentra un ídolo de piedra viviente con un poder pavoroso que debe ser destruido si alguien quiere sobrevivir, un ser que murmura al alma de Ash, que la ha guiado en todas sus campañas militares, que sólo ella y su enemigo, su gemelo, pueden oír.

The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci

The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci ebook ISBN: 0486225720
Publisher: Courier Corporation
Author: Leonardo da Vinci,Jean Paul Richter,Mrs. R. C. Bell
Number of Pages: 396 
File: the-notebooks-of-leonardo-da-vinci.pdf
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More than fifteen hundred extracts containing the Renaissance genius' maxims, prophecies, fables, letters, and brilliant observations in architecture, painting, physiology, geography, and other fields

Lady Smoke

Lady Smoke ebook ISBN: 222643481X
Publisher: Albin Michel
Author: Laura Sebastian,Anne-Sylvie Homassel
Number of Pages: 640 
File: lady-smoke.pdf
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Le Kaiser a tué la mère de Theodosia quand celle-ci n'était encore qu'une enfant. Après dix ans de torture et de privations, Theodosia s'est relevée, décidée à reprendre sa place de reine. Alors qu'elle vient de fuir la cour du Kaiser, emmenant en otage le prince héritier, la jeune reine du feu fait face à son destin de femme de pouvoir : évitant les pièges de ses ennemis, elle va devoir fédérer autour d'elle un royaume moribond et éclaté. Pour renverser définitivement le Kaiser, Theodosia devra faire appel à sa meilleure arme : son intelligence. Après le succès international de Ash Princess, Lady Smoke nous montre Theodosia dans les tourments du pouvoir, confirmant sa place dans les héroïnes de fantasy les plus intriguantes de la littérature de l'imaginaire. À partir de 14 ans

Applications of Advanced Technology to Ash-Related Problems in Boilers

Applications of Advanced Technology to Ash-Related Problems in Boilers ebook ISBN: 1475792239
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Author: L. Baxter,R. DeSollar
Number of Pages: 666 
File: applications-of-advanced-technology-to-ash-related-problems-in-boilers.pdf
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This book addresses the behavior of inorganic material in combustion systems. The past decade has seen unprecedented improvements in understanding the rates and mecha nisms of inorganic transformations and in developing analytical tools to predict them. These tools range from improved fuel analysis procedures to predictive computer codes. While this progress has been met with great enthusiasm within the research community, the practices of the industrial community remain largely unchanged. The papers in this book were selected from those presented at an Engineering Foundation Conference of the same title. All have been peer reviewed. The intent of the conference was to illustrate the application of advanced technology to ash-related problems in boilers and, by so doing, engage the research and industrial communities in more productive dialog. Those attending the conference generally felt that we were successful on these counts. We also engaged the industrial community to a greater extent than ever before in the conference discussion and presentation. We hope these proceedings will facilitate a continued and improved interaction between industrial and research communities. Behavior of inorganic material has long been recognized as one of the major considerations affecting the design and operation of boilers that burn ash-producing fuels. The practical problems associated with the behavior are sometimes catastrophic and spec tacular, ranging from major slag falls that damage the bottom of furnaces to complete plugging of convection passes.

Manuals of Food Quality Control

Manuals of Food Quality Control ebook ISBN: 9789251008447
Publisher: Food & Agriculture Org.
Author: P. G. Martin,Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations
Number of Pages: 409 
File: manuals-of-food-quality-control.pdf
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Carthage Ascendant

Carthage Ascendant ebook ISBN: 9780380805501
Publisher: Eos
Author: Mary Gentle
Number of Pages: 432 
File: carthage-ascendant.pdf
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The fate of Western Europe and Africa lies in the hands of a female warrior named Ash, who alone holds the key to stopping the undefeated legions of Carthage that rage across the lands of Europe, by destroying a mysterious and living stone idol possessing an awesome power

Encyclopédie ....

Encyclopédie .... ebook ISBN:
Author: Denis Diderot,Jean Le Rond d' Alembert
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: encyclopédie.pdf
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Ash Leachate Can Reduce Surface Erosion

Ash Leachate Can Reduce Surface Erosion ebook ISBN:
Author: George J. Holcomb,Philip B. Durgin
Number of Pages: 4 
File: ash-leachate-can-reduce-surface-erosion.pdf
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Untreated plots had 56 percent more erosion than plots treated with ash leachate.

Aquatic and Wetland Plants of Northeastern North America, Volume I

Aquatic and Wetland Plants of Northeastern North America, Volume I ebook ISBN: 0299163334
Publisher: Univ of Wisconsin Press
Author: Garrett E. Crow,C. Barre Hellquist
Number of Pages: 448 
File: aquatic-and-wetland-plants-of-northeastern-north-america-volume-i.pdf
Reads: 975810


This is by far the best and most comprehensive manual and illustrated guide to native and naturalized vascular plants—ferns, conifers, and flowering plants—growing in aquatic and wetland habitats in northeastern North America, from Newfoundland west to Minnesota and south to Virginia and Missouri. Published in two volumes, this long-awaited work completely revises and greatly expands Norman Fassett’s 1940 classic A Manual of Aquatic Plants, yet retains the features that made Fassett’s book so useful. Features include: * coverage of 1139 plant species, 1186 taxa, 295 genera, 109 families * more than 600 pages of illustrations, and illustrations for more than 90% of the taxa * keys for each species include references to corresponding illustrations * habitat information, geographical ranges, and synonomy * a chapter on nuisance aquatic weeds * glossaries of botanical and habitat terms * a full index for each volume Wetland ecologists, botanists, resource managers, public naturalists, and environmentalists concerned with the preservation of wetland areas, which are increasingly threatened, will welcome this clear, workable, and comprehensive guide.

The Pony Express basaltic ash: a stratigraphic marker in Lake Bonneville sediments, Utah

The Pony Express basaltic ash: a stratigraphic marker in Lake Bonneville sediments, Utah ebook ISBN: 1557918902
Publisher: Utah Geological Survey
Author: Charles G. Oviatt,Barbara P. Nash
Number of Pages: 10 
File: the-pony-express-basaltic-ash-a-stratigraphic-marker-in-lake-bonneville-sediments-utah.pdf
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The Pony Express basaltic ash is locally a useful stratigraphic marker in Lake Bonneville sediments in west-central Utah. The ash was erupted from a vent in the Sevier Desert basin soon after Lake Bonneville had transgressed high enough to flood into the basin about 24,000 years ago. The ash is found at or near the base of the Bonneville marl below altitudes of 1400m (4600 ft) in part of the Sevier Desert basin and the southernmost part of the Great Salt Lake basin. The chemical composition of the ash is similar to that of other basalts in the Sevier Desert. Possible source vents are in the Pahvant Butte area or a maar near Smelter Knolls.