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Ashes in the Wind

Ashes in the Wind ebook ISBN: 9780814320365
Publisher: Wayne State University Press
Author: Jacob Presser,Jacques Presser
Number of Pages: 556 
File: ashes-in-the-wind.pdf
Reads: 7572145


Focusing on a country often forgotten in Holocaust histories, this comprehensive account describes how 110,000 Jews were deported from the Netherlands to concentration camps in 1940 but less than 6,000 returned at the end of the war. Utilizing 15 years of research and documents from the Netherlands State Institute for War Documentation, the incremental demands on Jewish citizens are analyzed - starting with forced registry and ending with death at concentration camps - while demonstrating how this slow progression led the Germans involved to accept these atrocities. Graphically recounting stories of persecution, going into hiding, and life in the transit camps, it conveys the despair experienced as families and lives were destroyed, while showing how these stories fit into a wider, global picture.

Ashes in the Wind

Ashes in the Wind ebook ISBN: 9780061762529
Publisher: Harper Collins
Author: Kathleen E. Woodiwiss
Number of Pages: 672 
File: ashes-in-the-wind.pdf
Reads: 3846034


A woman burdened by war...A doctor torn between passion and duty...A sweeping tale of love in the face of dishonor from the incomparable storyteller--Kathleen Woodiwiss. Alaina MacGaren is forced to flee the devastation of her homeland in the guise of a young boy, only to find sanctuary in the arms of an enemy. Cole Latimer is a dashing Yankee surgeon who has served the Union faithfully, and his tender heart compels him to help a ragged, innocent "lad" in need--never suspecting the rags conceal a bewitching belle suspected of being a rebel spy. But Alaina's masquerade does not fool Cole for long. And the strength, courage, and breathtaking sensuality of this woman whom it would be treasonous to love sets duty and desire at war within him. Yet Destiny has joined them for good or ill--and they both must follow where their hearts would lead them, if they are to build a glorious new life together out of the ashes of the old.

ashes In The Wind

ashes In The Wind ebook ISBN: 1781859329
Publisher: Head of Zeus
Author: Christopher Bland
Number of Pages: 416 
File: ashes-in-the-wind.pdf
Reads: 7648358


Two boys are growing up in County Kerry, Irish Tomas Sullivan and Anglo-Irish John Burke, close friends from different tribes. This is Ireland in 1919, and their friendship will be torn apart in the War of Independence and in the Civil War that follows. The entwined fates of the Burkes and the Sullivans are played out over three generations, in Kerry, Spain, Northumberland, Mount Athos and finally back in Kerry, where the two families meet again. Subtle, gripping, beautifully written, ashes In The Wind is rooted in the history of Christopher Bland's own Anglo-Irish family, and brings to vivid life the people and places of 20th-century Ireland in a story of love, violence and redemption.

Wind in the Ashes

Wind in the Ashes ebook ISBN: 0786027967
Publisher: Pinnacle Books
Author: William W. Johnstone
Number of Pages: 368 
File: wind-in-the-ashes.pdf
Reads: 9120536


The Rebel dream is to rebuild this nation. To build something for future generations. Outlaws and roaming gangs of thugs and punks will not be tolerated. They have no place in the society we dream of." –Ben Raines A Savage New World Anarchy and chaos have erupted out of the devastation of World War III. Now, it is one survivor's duty to lead his nation out of the ashes: legendary soldier and freedom fighter, Ben Raines. Whatever it takes, he is going to rebuild America. . .and he is going to do it his way. From his secret outpost in the far west, Raines orders his Rebels to back him in one last desperate assault against the Russian invaders and the mercenary turncoat, Sam Hartline, who joined their brutal brigade. But until reinforcement arrives, Raines is forced to wage a one-man guerilla war against the enemy. It could be the first step toward a free America—or the kamikaze warrior's final showdown. Either way, they'll be hell to pay. . .

Albert of Adelaide

Albert of Adelaide ebook ISBN: 1455509604
Publisher: Hachette UK
Author: Howard Anderson
Number of Pages: 240 
File: albert-of-adelaide.pdf
Reads: 7937032


At once an old-fashioned-buddy-novel-shoot-'em-up and a work of deliciously imagined fantasy, Howard L. Anderson's dazzling debut presents the haunting story of a world where something has gone horribly awry . . . Having escaped from Australia's Adelaide Zoo, an orphaned platypus named Albert embarks on a journey through the outback in search of "Old Australia," a rumored land of liberty, promise, and peace. What he will find there, however, away from the safe confinement of his enclosure for the first time since his earliest memories, proves to be a good deal more than he anticipated. Alone in the outback, with an empty soft drink bottle as his sole possession, Albert stumbles upon pyromaniacal wombat Jack, and together they spend a night drinking and gambling in Ponsby Station, a rough-and-tumble mining town. Accused of burning down the local mercantile, the duo flees into menacing dingo territory and quickly go their separate ways-Albert to pursue his destiny in the wastelands, Jack to reconcile his past. Encountering a motley assortment of characters along the way-a pair of invariably drunk bandicoots, a militia of kangaroos, hordes of the mercurial dingoes, and a former prize-fighting Tasmanian devil-our unlikely hero will discover a strength and skill for survival he never suspected he possessed. Told with equal parts wit and compassion, Albert of Adelaide shows how it is often the unexpected route, and the most improbable companions, that lead us on the path to who we really are. Who you journey with, after all, is far more important than wherever it is you are going.

An Ember in the Ashes

An Ember in the Ashes ebook ISBN: 0698176464
Publisher: Penguin
Author: Sabaa Tahir
Number of Pages: 464 
File: an-ember-in-the-ashes.pdf
Reads: 2226203


BOOK ONE IN THE NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLING SERIES Instant New York Times bestseller From #1 New York Times bestselling author Sabaa Tahir Amazon's Best Young Adult Book of 2015 People's Choice Award winner - Favorite Fantasy Bustle's Best Young Adult Book of 2015 “This novel is a harrowing, haunting reminder of what it means to be human — and how hope might be kindled in the midst of oppression and fear.” — The Washington Post “An Ember in the Ashes could launch Sabaa Tahir into JK Rowling territory…It has the addictive quality of The Hunger Games combined with the fantasy of Harry Potter and the brutality of Game of Thrones.”—Public Radio International "An Ember in the Ashes glows, burns, and smolders—as beautiful and radiant as it is searing."—Huffington Post “A worthy novel – and one as brave as its characters.” —The New York Times Book Review Laia is a slave. Elias is a soldier. Neither is free. Under the Martial Empire, defiance is met with death. Those who do not vow their blood and bodies to the Emperor risk the execution of their loved ones and the destruction of all they hold dear. It is in this brutal world, inspired by ancient Rome, that Laia lives with her grandparents and older brother. The family ekes out an existence in the Empire’s impoverished backstreets. They do not challenge the Empire. They’ve seen what happens to those who do. But when Laia’s brother is arrested for treason, Laia is forced to make a decision. In exchange for help from rebels who promise to rescue her brother, she will risk her life to spy for them from within the Empire’s greatest military academy. There, Laia meets Elias, the school’s finest soldier—and secretly, its most unwilling. Elias wants only to be free of the tyranny he’s being trained to enforce. He and Laia will soon realize that their destinies are intertwined—and that their choices will change the fate of the Empire itself.

Reading the Romance

Reading the Romance ebook ISBN: 0807898856
Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press
Author: Janice A. Radway
Number of Pages: 288 
File: reading-the-romance.pdf
Reads: 5184347


Originally published in 1984, Reading the Romance challenges popular (and often demeaning) myths about why romantic fiction, one of publishing's most lucrative categories, captivates millions of women readers. Among those who have disparaged romance reading are feminists, literary critics, and theorists of mass culture. They claim that romances enforce the woman reader's dependence on men and acceptance of the repressive ideology purveyed by popular culture. Radway questions such claims, arguing that critical attention "must shift from the text itself, taken in isolation, to the complex social event of reading." She examines that event, from the complicated business of publishing and distribution to the individual reader's engagement with the text. Radway's provocative approach combines reader-response criticism with anthropology and feminist psychology. Asking readers themselves to explore their reading motives, habits, and rewards, she conducted interviews in a midwestern town with forty-two romance readers whom she met through Dorothy Evans, a chain bookstore employee who has earned a reputation as an expert on romantic fiction. Evans defends her customers' choice of entertainment; reading romances, she tells Radway, is no more harmful than watching sports on television. "We read books so we won't cry" is the poignant explanation one woman offers for her reading habit. Indeed, Radway found that while the women she studied devote themselves to nurturing their families, these wives and mothers receive insufficient devotion or nurturance in return. In romances the women find not only escape from the demanding and often tiresome routines of their lives but also a hero who supplies the tenderness and admiring attention that they have learned not to expect. The heroines admired by Radway's group defy the expected stereotypes; they are strong, independent, and intelligent. That such characters often find themselves to be victims of male aggression and almost always resign themselves to accepting conventional roles in life has less to do, Radway argues, with the women readers' fantasies and choices than with their need to deal with a fear of masculine dominance. These romance readers resent not only the limited choices in their own lives but the patronizing atitude that men especially express toward their reading tastes. In fact, women read romances both to protest and to escape temporarily the narrowly defined role prescribed for them by a patriarchal culture. Paradoxically, the books that they read make conventional roles for women seem desirable. It is this complex relationship between culture, text, and woman reader that Radway urges feminists to address. Romance readers, she argues, should be encouraged to deliver their protests in the arena of actual social relations rather than to act them out in the solitude of the imagination. In a new introduction, Janice Radway places the book within the context of current scholarship and offers both an explanation and critique of the study's limitations.

Une braise sous la cendre

Une braise sous la cendre ebook ISBN: 2823818197
Publisher: 12-21
Author: Sabaa TAHIR
Number of Pages: 375 
File: une-braise-sous-la-cendre.pdf
Reads: 8474150


Quand Games of Thrones rencontre Hunger Games ! Dans un monde où l'armée a pris le pouvoir, l'obscurantisme domine, mais deux adolescents vont s'unir pour tenter de renverser ceux qui ont imposé ce règne de la force. Autrefois le royaume était savant et cultivé. Il était partagé entre les Scholars (ceux qui détiennent le savoir) et les Martials (les soldats qui tirent leur puissance de la force brute). Jusqu'au jour où les Martials ont pris violemment le dessus et écrasé les Scholars. Désormais, quiconque est trouvé avec un livre ou en train d'écrire risque la prison ou la mort. Le royaume a sombré dans l'obscurantisme et les Scholars ont peu à peu oublié leurs connaissances... Laia, une Scholar de 16 ans, voit sa famille assassinée car son frère, qui détenait un carnet mystérieux, est accusé de trahison. Pour venger sa famille et empêcher que son frère ne soit exécuté, Laia rejoint la résistance. Celle-ci l'envoie en mission d'espionnage dans l'école militaire de Blackcliff qui forme l'élite de l'armée, où elle devient vite l'esclave de la terrible directrice. De son côté, Elias, jeune Martial de 20 ans, fils de la directrice et possible futur empereur, rêve d'échapper à son destin tant il hait les exactions du pouvoir en place... et sa mère despotique. Dans cette école-prison, les chemins de Laia et d'Elias se croisent. Ensemble, ils vont tenter de gagner leur liberté... et rejoindre la rébellion.

Japanese Orchid

Japanese Orchid ebook ISBN: 6162450481
Publisher: Booksmango
Author: Rei Kimura
Number of Pages: 177 
File: japanese-orchid.pdf
Reads: 6398924


Can a successful and powerful entrepreneur with an impeccable reputation and moving in the highest circles of New York be born out of wedlock to a Japanese prostitute during the Second World War? Obviously someone thought it was possible and Tetsuyo Akinicho's life spins into a sinister spiral of suspense and blackmail. "Your mother is not resting in peace. You should be ashamed of your ancestors. Do people know where you came from?" an email plunges Tetsuyo and his lawyer, Akira Tanaka into an intricate maze of damage control manoeuvres involving Paul Griffin, a well known American private investigator and his assistant, Japanese historian, Mayumi Onodera. Their investigations lead to one shocking discovery after another and Tetsuyo is once again drawn back To The past in an aching voyage of discovery of his roots And The mysterious and painful tragedy surrounding the woman who gave him life, his biological mother. Tetsuyo comes to terms with the fact that no one can ever really shake off the past, not even a powerful multi millionaire riding high in his world of super advanced DNA technology. The past he shares with the ghosts of World War 2 are coming back to haunt him in the form of a faceless blackmailer and Tetsuyo is drawn back to confront the place where it all started, a Japanese cemetery in Singapore and a tiny, nondescript head stone. Powerful and yet poignant this thriller chases the characters through three cities, New York, Tokyo and finally Singapore. At the end of the day, someone had to be the loser and Tetsuyo Akinicho was determined it would not be him.....

The Numerical Discourses of the Buddha

The Numerical Discourses of the Buddha ebook ISBN: 161429044X
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: 1944 
File: the-numerical-discourses-of-the-buddha.pdf
Reads: 5927454


Like the River Ganges flowing down from the Himalayas, the entire Buddhist tradition flows down to us from the teachings and deeds of the historical Buddha, who lived and taught in India during the fifth century B.C.E. To ensure that his legacy would survive the ravages of time, his direct disciples compiled records of the Buddha's teachings soon after his passing. In the Theravada Buddhist tradition, which prevails in Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia, these records are regarded as the definitive "word of the Buddha." Preserved in Pali, an ancient Indian language closely related to the language that the Buddha spoke, this full compilation of texts is known as the Pali Canon. At the heart of the Buddha's teaching were the suttas (Sanskrit sutras), his discourses and dialogues. If we want to find out what the Buddha himself actually said, these are the most ancient sources available to us. The suttas were compiled into collections called "Nikayas," of which there are four, each organized according to a different principle. The Digha Nikaya consists of longer discourses; the Majjhima Nikaya of middle-length discourses; the Samyutta Nikaya of thematically connected discourses; and the Anguttara Nikaya of numerically patterned discourses. The present volume, which continues Wisdom's famous Teachings of the Buddha series, contains a full translation of the Anguttara Nikaya. The Anguttara arranges the Buddha's discourses in accordance with a numerical scheme intended to promote retention and easy comprehension. In an age when writing was still in its infancy, this proved to be the most effective way to ensure that the disciples could grasp and replicate the structure of a teaching.

Encyclopedia of Modern Jewish Culture

Encyclopedia of Modern Jewish Culture ebook ISBN: 1134428642
Publisher: Routledge
Author: Glenda Abramson
Number of Pages: 1200 
File: encyclopedia-of-modern-jewish-culture.pdf
Reads: 4240836


The Encyclopedia of Modern Jewish Culture is an extensively updated revision of the very successful Companion to Jewish Culture published in 1989 and has now been updated throughout. Experts from all over the world contribute entries ranging from 200 to 1000 words broadly, covering the humanities, arts, social sciences, sport and popular culture, and 5000-word essays contextualize the shorter entries, and provide overviews to aspects of culture in the Jewish world. Ideal for student and general readers, the articles and biographies have been written by scholars and academics, musicians, artists and writers, and the book now contains up-to-date bibliographies, suggestions for further reading, comprehensive cross referencing, and a full index. This is a resource, no student of Jewish history will want to go without.

16 jours à vivre

16 jours à vivre ebook ISBN: 1495955338
Publisher: Paul Blanchot
Author: Paul Blanchot
Number of Pages: 210 
File: 16-jours-à-vivre.pdf
Reads: 8642470


C'est le temps d'une vie. De sa naissance à sa mort, il ne vivra que 16 jours: c'est le temps que les Dieux lui ont accordé. Pendant ce laps de temps, il y aura la peur, le désespoir, les interrogations, et une lutte de chaque instant: se battre et ne jamais plier ! Il faudra découvrir et apprécier la vie... Il faudra écrire son destin. Il faudra répondre à de nombreuses questions: + N'est-il qu'un pantin entre les mains des Dieux ? + Tous les rebondissements sont-ils déjà prévus ? + Lui reste-t-il une marge pour disposer de sa vie comme il l'entend ? Un homme, animé par la rage de vivre. Un monstre, guidé par la rage de tuer. Et un monde qui les entoure, avec ses innombrables surprises. Un monde où les règles du jeu ne sont pas écrites, mais que chacun doit trouver. Vivez la plus hallucinante des poursuites infernales, et... vous verrez, vous en redemanderez encore !

La rose de Charleston

La rose de Charleston ebook ISBN: 9782290029008
Publisher: J\'Ai Lu
Author: Kathleen E. Woodiwiss
Number of Pages: 576 
File: la-rose-de-charleston.pdf
Reads: 3684300


Lorsque, en cette année 1825, sa bienfaitrice meurt, Cerynise Kendall se retrouve seule au monde. Son unique espoir : rejoindre l'Amérique. Pour cela, elle compte bénéficier du soutien de son ami d'enfance, Beauregard Birmingham, capitaine de L'Intrépide. Après bien des hésitations, ce dernier accepte de l'embarquer à bord de son navire. Au cours de la traversée, ils sont très vite emportés par les vertiges de la passion, mais la vie de Cerynise est menacée et il leur faudra affronter bien des périls s'ils veulent connaître le bonheur.

L'inconnue du Mississippi

L'inconnue du Mississippi ebook ISBN: 9782290080719
Author: Kathleen E. Woodiwiss
Number of Pages: 309 
File: l-inconnue-du-mississippi.pdf
Reads: 5091883


Ce roman se situe dans le monde riche et luxuriant du Sud américain. Un monde de torpeur, de luxe, et de volupté, à la veille de la guerre de Sécession. Sur cette toile de fond, un foisonnement de péripéties, de rebondissements, de violences et de scènes d'amour. L'héroïne, cette belle inconnue terrifiée, amnésique, qui est-elle ? Lierin, ou sa soeur jumelle Lenore, ou encore une pauvre folle échappée d'un asile ? Est-elle mariée à Ashton ou à Malcom ? Est-ce une victime ou une simulatrice ?

And When Did You Last See Your Father?

And When Did You Last See Your Father? ebook ISBN: 1847081614
Publisher: Granta
Author: Blake Morrison
Number of Pages: 224 
File: and-when-did-you-last-see-your-father.pdf
Reads: 168231


First published in 1993, Blake Morrison's And When Did You Last See Your Father? is an extraordinary portrait of family life, father-son relationships and bereavement. It became a best-seller and inspired a whole genre of confessional memoirs, winning the Waterstone's/Volvo/Esquire Award for Non-Fiction and the J. R. Ackerley Prize for Autobiography. This edition includes a new afterword by the author.

La Riviere de La Passion (NC)

La Riviere de La Passion (NC) ebook ISBN: 9782290029893
Publisher: J\'Ai Lu
Author: Kathleen E. Woodiwiss
Number of Pages: 512 
File: la-riviere-de-la-passion-nc.pdf
Reads: 5971126


1747, Virginie. Les prisonniers enchaînés s'apprêtent à débarquer et les acheteurs se pressent sur le quai. Pourtant, la qualité de la marchandise laisse à désirer : les condamnés semblent à bout de forces. L'idée d'acheter un être humain a toujours paru révoltante à Gage Thornton. Mais il est veuf et ne peut s'occuper seul de son fils de deux ans. Quoique le confier à une criminelle ne soit guère judicieux... Il est sur le point de renoncer lorsque son regard se pose sur une captive à l'éclatante crinière rousse. Malgré les loques dont elle est vêtue, il émane d'elle une indéniable distinction. Et une troublante sensualité...

A Trickster in the Ashes

A Trickster in the Ashes ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Knights Hill Publishing
Author: Felicity Savage
Number of Pages: 354 
File: a-trickster-in-the-ashes.pdf
Reads: 8086945


Since his birth in the back of a truck, Crispin Kateralbin has been a daemon handler, a trapeze artist, a fighter pilot, a street entertainer, a deckhand, a dock laborer, and a wanted man. Now the war that divided Oceania for a hundred years is over, and Crispin has achieved wealth and anonymity as a middleman for a drug-smuggling monopolist. On the far side of the continent, Crispin’s first lover Rae Akila has joined a cult that worships daemons. And in Okimako, Mickey Ash fights Greater Significance for the right to live. When these three come together again, the world will change.

Les Cendres d'Angela (N. éd.)

Les Cendres d'Angela (N. éd.) ebook ISBN: 2714475949
Publisher: Belfond
Author: Frank MCCOURT
Number of Pages: 394 
File: les-cendres-d-angela-n-éd.pdf
Reads: 296128


Il y a tout juste vingt ans, la France tombait sous le charme des Cendres d'Angela, mémoires d'une enfance irlandaise drôles, tendres et sans rancune, portés par une langue et un souffle romanesque remarquables. Véritable phénomène littéraire mondial, lauréat du prix Pulitzer 1997, un récit sur l'immigration, la pauvreté et la conquête des possibles, une œuvre devenue culte, à (re)découvrir. Difficile de croire que Les Cendres d'Angela aient déjà vingt ans, pourtant le livre de Frank McCourt a mieux vieilli que la plupart de ceux de la même époque, du fait notamment qu'il n'a rien perdu de sa justesse. Il est peut-être plus pertinent que jamais. L'autobiographie de McCourt a touché la France au cœur, réussi à faire rire ses lecteurs même en ce qu'elle recèle de plus sombre. Aujourd'hui, en 2017, elle est capable d'apporter un éclairage particulier sur notre situation, guère plus réjouissante. C'est, à la base, l'histoire d'un immigré, confronté à la pauvreté, à la solitude, à l'oppression, mais également le récit d'une lutte contre le pouvoir, d'une conquête des possibles, qui passe en revue les thèmes de la foi, de l'adhésion à une communauté, de l'isolement. Deux décennies plus tard, tout est encore là : la violence, l'exil, la privation, le besoin. Imaginez que vous apportiez un exemplaire du livre dans les tours de Saint-Denis, que vous le lisiez sur les quais de Marseille, que vous en discutiez dans la jungle de Calais avec les réfugiés. Leur propre histoire commence de la même façon. Nous ignorons seulement si elle connaîtra un dénouement analogue. Extrait de la préface de Colum McCann