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Zarathustra's Secret

Zarathustra's Secret ebook ISBN: 9780300092783
Publisher: Yale University Press
Author: Joachim Köhler
Number of Pages: 278 
File: zarathustra-s-secret.pdf
Reads: 3660420


In this groundbreaking biography, the author seeks to understand Nietzsche's philosophy through a reconstruction of his inner life. "Briskly written . . . almost a philosophical detective story."--"Volksblatt." 43 illustrations.

The Seven Basic Plots

The Seven Basic Plots ebook ISBN: 9780826452092
Publisher: A&C Black
Author: Christopher Booker
Number of Pages: 728 
File: the-seven-basic-plots.pdf
Reads: 385223


"This book at last provides a comprehensive answer to the age-old riddle of whether there are only a small number of 'basic stories' in the world. Using a wealth of examples, from ancient myths and folk tales, via the plays and novels of great literature to the popular movies and TV soap operas of today, it shows that there are seven archetypal themes which recur throughout every kind of storytelling." "But this is only the prelude to an investigation into how and why we are 'programmed' to imagine stories in these ways, and how they relate to the inmost patterns of human psychology. Drawing on a vast array of examples, from Proust to detective stories, from the Marquis de Sade to E.T., Christopher Booker then leads us through the extraordinary changes in the nature of storytelling over the past 200 years, and why so many stories have 'lost the plot' by losing touch with their underlying archetypal purpose."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Welcome to Arkham Asylum

Welcome to Arkham Asylum ebook ISBN: 1476670986
Publisher: McFarland
Author: Sharon Packer, M.D.,Daniel R. Fredrick
Number of Pages: 311 
File: welcome-to-arkham-asylum.pdf
Reads: 228653


Arkham Asylum for the Criminally Insane is a staple of the Batman universe, evolving into a franchise comprised of comic books, graphic novels, video games, films, television series and more. The Arkham franchise, supposedly light-weight entertainment, has tackled weighty issues in contemporary psychiatry. Its plotlines reference clinical and ethical controversies that perplex even the most up-to-date professionals. The 25 essays in this collection explore the significance of Arkham's sinister psychiatrists, murderous mental patients, and unethical geneticists. It invites debates about the criminalization of the mentally ill, mental patients who move from defunct state hospitals into expanding prisons, madness versus badness, sociopathy versus psychosis, the "insanity defense" and more. Invoking literary figures from Lovecraft to Poe to Caligari, the 25 essays in this collection are a broad-ranging and thorough assessment of the franchise and its relationship to contemporary psychiatry.

SINISTER OMENS: 560+ Supernatural Thrillers, Macabre Tales & Eerie Mysteries

SINISTER OMENS: 560+ Supernatural Thrillers, Macabre Tales & Eerie Mysteries ebook ISBN: 8026898141
Publisher: e-artnow
Author: H. P. Lovecraft,H. G. Wells,Edgar Allan Poe,Henry James,Hugh Walpole,M. R. James,Wilkie Collins,E. F. Benson,Nathaniel Hawthorne,Ambrose Bierce,Arthur Machen,William Hope Hodgson,Arthur Conan Doyle,Grant Allen,Mary Shelley,Bram Stoker,Théophile Gautier,Richard Marsh,Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu,Thomas Hardy,Charles Dickens,Rudyard Kipling,Guy de Maupassant,Elizabeth Gaskell,Mark Twain,Daniel Defoe,Jerome K. Jerome,Fitz-James O'Brien,Catherine Crowe,Émile Erckmann,Alexandre Chatrian,Pedro De Alarçon,Amelia B. Edwards,Washington Irving,John Meade Falkner,Harriet Beecher Stowe,Mary E. Wilkins Freeman,Louisa M. Alcott,Edith Nesbit,Mary Louisa Molesworth,Francis Marion Crawford,John Kendrick Bangs,John Buchan,Sabine Baring-Gould,Cleveland Moffett,Louis Tracy,Nikolai Gogol,James Malcolm Rymer,Thomas Peckett Prest,Frederick Marryat,Oscar Wilde,Robert Louis Stevenson,Charlotte Perkins Gilman,W. W. Jacobs,H. H. Munro (Saki),Wilhelm Hauff,Mary Elizabeth Braddon,Robert W. Chambers,Edward Bulwer-Lytton,Thomas De Quincey,William Makepeace Thackeray,E. T. A. Hoffmann,Robert E. Howard,David Lindsay,Marie Belloc Lowndes,Edward Bellamy,Jack London,Pliny the Younger,Helena Blavatsky,Fergus Hume,Florence Marryat,Villiers de l'Isle Adam,William Archer,William F. Harvey,Katherine Rickford,Ralph Adams Cram,Leopold Kompert,Brander Matthews,Vincent O'Sullivan,Ellis Parker Butler,A. T. Quiller-Couch,Fiona Macleod,Lafcadio Hearn,William T. Stead,Gambier Bolton,Andrew Jackson Davis,Nizida,Walter F. Prince,Chester Bailey Fernando,Leonard Kip,Frank R. Stockton,Bithia Mary Croker,Catherine L. Pirkis,Leonid Andreyev,Anatole France,Richard Le Gallienne,Lucy Maud Montgomery,Stanley G. Weinbaum,Horace Walpole,William Thomas Beckford,Matthew Gregory Lewis,Ann Radcliffe,Jane Austen, John,William Polidori,Charlotte Brontë,Emily Brontë,Walter Hubbell,George W. M. Reynolds,M. P. Shiel,Adelbert von Chamisso
Number of Pages: 23193 
File: sinister-omens-560-supernatural-thrillers-macabre-tales-eerie-mysteries.pdf
Reads: 5158364


There is no better reading sensation than feeling the end of your hair raised in a nail-biting suspense. Here's presenting you our biggest ever supernatural collection to give you many hours of pleasurable and just enough eerie reading experience: Contents: Edgar Allan Poe: The Masque of the Red Death The Murders in the Rue Morgue… H. P. Lovecraft: The Call of Cthulhu The Dunwich Horror… Henry James: The Turn of the Screw… Mary Shelley: Frankenstein… Arthur Conan Doyle: The Hound of the Baskervilles… Bram Stoker: Dracula The Jewel of Seven Stars… Gaston Leroux: The Phantom of the Opera Washington Irving: The Legend of Sleepy Hollow… Robert Louis Stevenson: Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde… James Malcolm Rymer: Sweeney Todd, the Demon Barber of Fleet Street H. G. Wells: The Island of Doctor Moreau Richard Marsh: The Beetle Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu: Carmilla Uncle Silas… Nikolai Gogol: Dead Souls… Rudyard Kipling: The Phantom Rickshaw… Hugh Walpole: Portrait of a Man with Red Hair All Souls' Night Robert E. Howard: The 'John Kirowan' Saga The 'De Montour' Saga Cthulhu Mythos M. R. James: Ghost Stories of an Antiquary A Thin Ghost and Others Wilkie Collins: The Haunted Hotel The Dead Secret… The Woman in White Guy de Maupassant: The Horla… E. F. Benson: The Room in the Tower The Man Who Went Too Far… Nathaniel Hawthorne: The House of the Seven Gables Rappaccini's Daughter The Birth Mark… Ambrose Bierce: Can Such Things Be? The Ways of Ghosts Some Haunted Houses Arthur Machen: The Great God Pan… William Hope Hodgson: The Ghost Pirates Carnacki, the Ghost-Finder… M. P. Shiel: Shapes in the Fire… Ralph Adams Cram: Black Spirits and White Grant Allen: The Reverend John Creedy… Horace Walpole: The Castle of Otranto William Thomas Beckford: Vathek Matthew Gregory Lewis: The Monk Ann Radcliffe: The Mysteries of Udolpho Jane Austen: Northanger Abbey Charlotte Brontë: Jane Eyre Emily Brontë: Wuthering Heights Charles Dickens: The Mystery of Edwin Drood Oscar Wilde: The Picture of Dorian Gray Marie Belloc Lowndes: From Out the Vast Deep

The Pleasures of Reading: A Booklover's Alphabet

The Pleasures of Reading: A Booklover's Alphabet ebook ISBN: 1610694333
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
Author: Catherine Sheldrick Ross
Number of Pages: 270 
File: the-pleasures-of-reading-a-booklover-s-alphabet.pdf
Reads: 1166231


Based on years of ground-breaking research, this book supplies a look at the unique relationship between each text and the individual reader that results in a satisfying, pleasurable, and even life-changing reading experience. • Supplies succinct, authoritative, and readable accounts on a wide range of genre literature and explains why these types of books appeal to readers • Promotes the librarian's role with readers and helps librarians design readers' advisory services to better serve readers • Offers valuable insights into readers and reading based on reading research • Includes an extensive bibliography and list of relevant titles for further reading • Provides a fascinating read for librarians, educators, and avid readers

Adam Gould

Adam Gould ebook ISBN: 1846591082
Publisher: Saqi
Author: Julia O'Faolain
Number of Pages: 377 
File: adam-gould.pdf
Reads: 6433063


Paris in the 1890s. Adam Gould, whose Anglo-Irish father has disowned him, works in a lunatic asylum run by the celebrated Dr Blanche, some of whose patients once starred in France's social firmament and still, when sane, sit at table with distinguished guests. One such patient is Guy de Maupassant. Another is Belcastel, who has taken the blame for a monarchist plot against the Third Republic, then feigned insanity. Madness and uncertain identity drive Adam's story, fuelled by Maupassant's sparkling insights on the matter. Gould falls in love with a married connection of Belcastel's. And things are made no simpler on his return home, when he becomes entangled with a cousin who looks hauntingly like his dead mother. A writer of stunning quality, a novelist of irony and compassion.' The Daily Telegraph Splendidly readable.' William Trevor '...a highly original work of fiction, urbane, elegant and full of esprit.' Patricia Craig Independent '...a remarkable work, written in a style of steely distinction.' Francis King Literary Review '... a vivid and absorbing story, fast-paced and confident of its strong historical flavourings.' Eve Patten Irish Times 'The novel is witty and thoutghtful...' Times Literary Supplement


L'asile ebook ISBN: 2897676582
Publisher: Éditions AdA
Author: Madeleine Roux
Number of Pages: 324 
File: l-asile.pdf
Reads: 7157792


Pour Dan Crawford, un ado de seize ans, un programme estival pour étudiants doués représente la chance d’une vie. Personne d’autre à son école ne comprend sa fascination étrange pour l’histoire et la science, mais au sein du programme préparatoire du Collège du New Hampshire, ces excentricités sont pratiquement des prérequis. À son arrivée, Dan apprend que la résidence estivale habituelle a fermé ses portes, les étudiants à demeurer dans un édifice qui tombe en ruines, Brookline — un ancien hôpital psychiatrique. À mesure que Dan et ses deux nouveaux amis, Abby et Jordan, explorent les couloirs sinueux et le soussol dissimulé de Brookline, ils découvrent des secrets troublants sur les événements survenus entre ses murs... Des secrets qui lient Dan et ses amis au passé sombre de l’asile. Car Brookline n’était pas un hôpital psychiatrique ordinaire. Et certains refusent de demeurer enfouis.

Asylum Annual

Asylum Annual ebook ISBN:
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: asylum-annual.pdf
Reads: 262407



Asiaweek ebook ISBN:
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: asiaweek.pdf
Reads: 1394988


Saturday Review

Saturday Review ebook ISBN:
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: saturday-review.pdf
Reads: 1173161


A Tale of Two Cities

A Tale of Two Cities ebook ISBN: 9781603033732
Publisher: Barnes & Noble
Author: Charles Dickens,Gillen D'Arcy Wood
Number of Pages: 464 
File: a-tale-of-two-cities.pdf
Reads: 6896240


Presents the classic tale of love, courage, and sacrifice set against the cataclysmic events of the French Revolution.

Creature Features

Creature Features ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Berkley
Author: John Stanley
Number of Pages: 596 
File: creature-features.pdf
Reads: 9230081


Thoroughly updated to incorporate the latest releases, this offbeat movie guide presents critical and humorous reviews of science fiction, fantasy, and horror films from every medium, offering thousands of capsulized reviews, a five-star rating system, video and laserdisc distribution information, and more. Original.

Un blog trop mortel

Un blog trop mortel ebook ISBN: 226509367X
Publisher: 12-21
Author: Madeleine ROUX
Number of Pages: 302 
File: un-blog-trop-mortel.pdf
Reads: 5352927


Je m'appelle Allison Hewitt. Ceci est mon blog et peut-être le tout dernier témoignage. Les Infectés nous ont encerclés, ils sont de plus en plus nombreux. Quelques survivants m'accompagnent. Nous voulons rejoindre Liberty Village, un havre de paix pour les derniers hommes. S'il existe vraiment. Si vous lisez ce blog, où que vous soyez, répondez... Aidez-nous !

Hooked on Horror

Hooked on Horror ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Libraries Unltd Incorporated
Author: Anthony J. Fonseca,June Michele Pulliam
Number of Pages: 464 
File: hooked-on-horror.pdf
Reads: 2394745


Provides an annotated bibliography of horror works, including novels, anthologies, criticism, and some films, all arranged by sub-categories within the genre.

Human Nature

Human Nature ebook ISBN: 098421366X
Publisher: 978-0984213665
Author: Matthew Ewald
Number of Pages: 462 
File: human-nature.pdf
Reads: 3700382


Matthew Ewald's (actor: Galidor, Star Trek Phase II) chilling debut novel of horror from Black Bed Sheet Books. A group of young Animal Liberation Front activists perform a raid on an animal testing lab outside of Ventura, California, not knowing that the facility, Caladine, is a secret government testing ground for bio-engineered fighting hybrids. One of the few to survive the bloodbath, now confined to a psychiatric institution, tells the tale of that night to a gifted psychologist, whose expertise lies within schizophrenic disorders. Where all have failed, she must succeed in unlocking the truth of what happened during a night hidden away in bloodshed and carnage. But, neither the doctor nor the patient realize a far more sinister truth awaits; a truth which says they are being manipulated by the scheming head of the ward, a man who keeps patients as playthings in a basement asylum. By the time they find out these motives of monsters, it is too late for the both of them. A tale of madness becomes their reality. In the end -- to hunt the world's most horrific evil, you'll need to keep your eyes open and look within.

The Nation

The Nation ebook ISBN:
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: the-nation.pdf
Reads: 8221696