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Han Solo at Stars' End

Han Solo at Stars' End ebook ISBN: 9780722128275
Author: Brian Daley
Number of Pages: 207 
File: han-solo-at-stars-end.pdf
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The Life of Stars

The Life of Stars ebook ISBN: 9783642020889
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Author: Giora Shaviv
Number of Pages: 504 
File: the-life-of-stars.pdf
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It is the stars, The stars above us, govern our conditions. William Shakespeare, King Lear A Few Words about What, Why and How The structure of the stars in general, and the Sun in particular, has been the subject of extensivescienti?cresearchanddebateforoveracentury.Thediscoveryofquantum theoryduringthe?rsthalfofthenineteenthcenturyprovidedmuchofthetheoretical background needed to understand the making of the stars and how they live off their energysource. Progress in the theoryof stellar structurewasmade through extensive discussions and controversies between the giants of the ?elds, as well as brilliant discoveries by astronomers. In this book, we shall carefully expose the building of the theory of stellar structure and evolution, and explain how our understanding of the stars has emerged from this background of incessant debate. About hundred years were required for astrophysics to answer the crucial ques tions: What is the energy source of the stars? How are the stars made? How do they evolve and eventually die? The answers to these questions have profound im plications for astrophysics, physics, and biology, and the question of how we our selves come to be here. While we already possess many of the answers, the theory of stellar structure is far from being complete, and there are many open questions, for example, concerning the mechanisms which trigger giant supernova explosions. Many internal hydrodynamic processes remain a mystery. Yet some global pictures can indeed be outlined, and this is what we shall attempt to do here.

Unlocking the Secrets of White Dwarf Stars

Unlocking the Secrets of White Dwarf Stars ebook ISBN: 331909369X
Publisher: Springer
Author: Hugh M. Van Horn
Number of Pages: 324 
File: unlocking-the-secrets-of-white-dwarf-stars.pdf
Reads: 2610723


White dwarfs, each containing about as much mass as our Sun but packed into a volume about the size of Earth, are the endpoints of evolution for most stars. Thousands of these faint objects have now been discovered, though only a century ago only three were known. They are among the most common stars in the Milky Way Galaxy, and they have become important tools in understanding the universe. Yet a century ago only three white dwarfs were known. The existence of these stars completely baffled the scientists of the day, and solving the mysteries of these strange objects required revolutionary advances in science and technology, including the development of quantum physics, the construction and utilization of large telescopes, the invention of the digital computer, and the ability to make astronomical observations from space. This book tells the story of the growth in our understanding of white dwarf stars, set within the context of the relevant scientific and technological advances. Part popular science, part historical narrative, this book is authored by one of the astrophysicists who participated directly in uncovering some of the secrets of white dwarf stars.

From Nuclei to Stars

From Nuclei to Stars ebook ISBN: 0444597778
Publisher: Elsevier
Author: A. Molinari,R. Ricci
Number of Pages: 354 
File: from-nuclei-to-stars.pdf
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Violent Star Formation

Violent Star Formation ebook ISBN: 9780521472777
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Author: Instituto de Astrofísica de Canarias,Royal Greenwich Observatory
Number of Pages: 431 
File: violent-star-formation.pdf
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What impact do massive stellar associations have on their environment through the power of their ionising radiation and mechanical energy? Gathered together in this volume are papers presented at the first IAC--RGO meeting, held in Puerto Naos La Palma, Spain, dedicated to exploring all aspects of this burning question. This volume examines the formation and evolution of new stellar clusters, and explores all the possible consequences in a wide variety of objects where massive stellar bursts have occurred. Thus it presents an alternative model to that of supermassive black holes as the power houses of active galactic nuclei; it analyses the impact of Wolf-Rayet stars, stellar winds and supernovae on their host galaxy; and it provides evidence of massive superassociations and of supersonic velocity dispersions which result from photo-ionisation by violent star formation. For graduate students and researchers, this volume provides a valuable overview and a timely update on all aspects of violent star formation in a host of objects - from 30 Doradus, the largest HII region in the Large Magellanic Cloud, to nuclear starbursts and QSOs.

Black Holes & Time Warps: Einstein's Outrageous Legacy (Commonwealth Fund Book Program)

Black Holes & Time Warps: Einstein's Outrageous Legacy (Commonwealth Fund Book Program) ebook ISBN: 0393247473
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
Author: Kip Thorne
Number of Pages: 624 
File: black-holes-time-warps-einstein-s-outrageous-legacy-commonwealth-fund-book-program.pdf
Reads: 9268822


Winner of the 2017 Nobel Prize in Physics Ever since Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity burst upon the world in 1915 some of the most brilliant minds of our century have sought to decipher the mysteries bequeathed by that theory, a legacy so unthinkable in some respects that even Einstein himself rejected them. Which of these bizarre phenomena, if any, can really exist in our universe? Black holes, down which anything can fall but from which nothing can return; wormholes, short spacewarps connecting regions of the cosmos; singularities, where space and time are so violently warped that time ceases to exist and space becomes a kind of foam; gravitational waves, which carry symphonic accounts of collisions of black holes billions of years ago; and time machines, for traveling backward and forward in time. Kip Thorne, along with fellow theorists Stephen Hawking and Roger Penrose, a cadre of Russians, and earlier scientists such as Oppenheimer, Wheeler and Chandrasekhar, has been in the thick of the quest to secure answers. In this masterfully written and brilliantly informed work of scientific history and explanation, Dr. Thorne, a Nobel Prize-winning physicist and the Feynman Professor of Theoretical Physics Emeritus at Caltech, leads his readers through an elegant, always human, tapestry of interlocking themes, coming finally to a uniquely informed answer to the great question: what principles control our universe and why do physicists think they know the things they think they know? Stephen Hawking's A Brief History of Time has been one of the greatest best-sellers in publishing history. Anyone who struggled with that book will find here a more slowly paced but equally mind-stretching experience, with the added fascination of a rich historical and human component. Winner of the Phi Beta Kappa Award in Science.

Black Holes in Binaries and Galactic Nuclei: Diagnostics, Demography and Formation

Black Holes in Binaries and Galactic Nuclei: Diagnostics, Demography and Formation ebook ISBN: 9783540415817
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Author: Riccardo Giacconi,L. Kaper,E.P.J. van den Heuvel
Number of Pages: 378 
File: black-holes-in-binaries-and-galactic-nuclei-diagnostics-demography-and-formation.pdf
Reads: 5346236


The observational evidence for the existence of black holes has grown significantly over recent decades. Stellar-mass black holes are detected as X-ray sources in binary systems, while supermassive black holes, with masses more than a million times the mass of the Sun, lurk in the nuclei of galaxies. These proceedings provide a useful and up-to-date overview of the observations of black holes in binaries, in the center of the Milky Way, and in the nuclei of galaxies, presented by leading expert astronomers. Special attention is given to the formation (including the recent evidence from gamma-ray bursts), physical properties, and demographics of black holes.

Galactic Astronomy

Galactic Astronomy ebook ISBN: 9780691025650
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Author: James Binney,J. J. Binney,Merrifield Michael,Michael Merrifield
Number of Pages: 796 
File: galactic-astronomy.pdf
Reads: 1716675


This is a treatment of the phenomenology of galaxies. The text draws on observations of both our own galaxy, the Milky Way, and of external galaxies. It emphasizes the observational basis for current understanding of galactic astromony in the late '90s.

Pulsar Astronomy

Pulsar Astronomy ebook ISBN: 9780521839549
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Author: Andrew G. Lyne,Francis Graham-Smith,Sir Francis Graham-Smith
Number of Pages: 309 
File: pulsar-astronomy.pdf
Reads: 5497935


A thoroughly revised third edition, covering recent advances in the field and including an updated catalogue of all known pulsars.

Water from Heaven

Water from Heaven ebook ISBN: 0231507755
Publisher: Columbia University Press
Author: Robert Kandel
Number of Pages: 336 
File: water-from-heaven.pdf
Reads: 4606415


From where—and what—does water come? How did it become the key to life in the universe? Water from Heaven presents a state-of-the-art portrait of the science of water, recounting how the oxygen needed to form H2O originated in the nuclear reactions in the interiors of stars, asking whether microcomets may be replenishing our world's oceans, and explaining how the Moon and planets set ice-age rhythms by way of slight variations in Earth's orbit and rotation. The book then takes the measure of water today in all its states, solid and gaseous as well as liquid. How do the famous El Niño and La Niña events in the Pacific affect our weather? What clues can water provide scientists in search of evidence of climate changes of the past, and how does it complicate their predictions of future global warming? Finally, Water from Heaven deals with the role of water in the rise and fall of civilizations. As nations grapple over watershed rights and pollution controls, water is poised to supplant oil as the most contested natural resource of the new century. The vast majority of water "used" today is devoted to large-scale agriculture and though water is a renewable resource, it is not an infinite one. Already many parts of the world are running up against the limits of what is readily available. Water from Heaven is, in short, the full story of water and all its remarkable properties. It spans from water's beginnings during the formation of stars, all the way through the origin of the solar system, the evolution of life on Earth, the rise of civilization, and what will happen in the future. Dealing with the physical, chemical, biological, and political importance of water, this book transforms our understanding of our most precious, and abused, resource. Robert Kandel shows that water presents us with a series of crucial questions and pivotal choices that will change the way you look at your next glass of water.

Pulsar Astronomy

Pulsar Astronomy ebook ISBN: 1107010144
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Author: Andrew Lyne,Francis Graham-Smith
Number of Pages: 345 
File: pulsar-astronomy.pdf
Reads: 996042


Now in its fourth edition, Pulsar Astronomy provides a thoroughly revised and updated introduction to the field of pulsar astronomy.

Looking at Stars

Looking at Stars ebook ISBN: 9780811425223
Publisher: Heinemann/Raintree
Author: Donna Bailey
Number of Pages: 48 
File: looking-at-stars.pdf
Reads: 5811254


Examines such aspects of stars as their relationship with other heavenly bodies, their study by humanity, their chemical composition and life, and the different kinds of stars.


Nickel ebook ISBN: 9780761418115
Publisher: Marshall Cavendish
Author: Giles Sparrow
Number of Pages: 32 
File: nickel.pdf
Reads: 1436433


Describes the properties of the element nickel and covers its history, its alloys, places where it is found, and mining and refining. Also discusses chemical reactions.

Stellar Spectral Classification

Stellar Spectral Classification ebook ISBN: 9780691125114
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Author: Richard O. Gray,Christopher J. Corbally,Adam J. Burgasser
Number of Pages: 592 
File: stellar-spectral-classification.pdf
Reads: 8047916


Written by leading experts in the field, Stellar Spectral Classification is the only book to comprehensively discuss both the foundations and most up-to-date techniques of MK and other spectral classification systems. Definitive and encyclopedic, the book introduces the astrophysics of spectroscopy, reviews the entire field of stellar astronomy, and shows how the well-tested methods of spectral classification are a powerful discovery tool for graduate students and researchers working in astronomy and astrophysics. The book begins with a historical survey, followed by chapters discussing the entire range of stellar phenomena, from brown dwarfs to supernovae. The authors account for advances in the field, including the addition of the L and T dwarf classes; the revision of the carbon star, Wolf-Rayet, and white dwarf classification schemes; and the application of neural nets to spectral classification. Copious figures illustrate the morphology of stellar spectra, and the book incorporates recent discoveries from earth-based and satellite data. Many examples of spectra are given in the red, ultraviolet, and infrared regions, as well as in the traditional blue-violet optical region, all of which are useful for researchers identifying stellar and galactic spectra. This essential reference includes a glossary, handy appendixes and tables, an index, and a Web-based resource of spectra. In addition to the authors, the contributors are Adam J. Burgasser, Margaret M. Hanson, J. Davy Kirkpatrick, and Nolan R. Walborn.

The Origin and Evolution of Planetary Nebulae

The Origin and Evolution of Planetary Nebulae ebook ISBN: 9780521039079
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Author: Sun Kwok
Number of Pages: 260 
File: the-origin-and-evolution-of-planetary-nebulae.pdf
Reads: 80228


This authoritative volume provides a comprehensive review of the origin and evolution of planetary nebulae. It covers all the stages of their evolution, carefully synthesizes observations from across the spectrum, and clearly explains all the key physical processes at work. Particular emphasis is placed on observations from space, using the Hubble Space Telescope, the Infrared Space Observatory, and the ROSAT satellite. This book presents a thoroughly modern understanding of planetary nebulae, integrating developments in stellar physics with the dynamics of nebular evolution. It also describes exciting possibilities such as the use of planetary nebulae in determining the cosmic distance scale, the distribution of dark matter and the chemical evolution of galaxies. This book provides graduate students with an accessible introduction to planetary nebulae, and researchers with an authoritative reference. It can also be used as an advanced text on the physics of the interstellar medium.

That's Weird!

That's Weird! ebook ISBN: 9781555919993
Publisher: Fulcrum Publishing
Author: Kendall F. Haven
Number of Pages: 244 
File: that-s-weird.pdf
Reads: 9393409


Readers can explore 16 of science's toughest mysteries through stories, activities, and examination of what scientists are doing to try to solve them.

Stars on the Earth

Stars on the Earth ebook ISBN: 0595851452
Publisher: iUniverse
Author: Richard Leviton
Number of Pages: 458 
File: stars-on-the-earth.pdf
Reads: 9808097


Discover the wonderful secret the Earth holds for us-that the stars of the galaxy live on our planet. Holograms of high-magnitude stars over holy mountains. Physical travel to other planets through stargates on the Earth's surface. Near instantaneous transportation across the planet through quick-way portals. Outrageous science fiction or sober geomantic fact? Earth Mysteries researcher Richard Leviton takes you on a wild tour of three geomantic features of our planet and reveals that what science fiction has dreamed the Earth in fact offers us. Stars on the Earth combines scholarship, clairvoyance, and field experience with the latest discoveries of geology and astrophysics and the timeless insights of the world's myths to open the planetary door to the stars. It's all part of the Earth's unsuspected but staggeringly rich endowment as a designer planet. Our planet was precisely designed and implemented for us, and it's equipped with a visionary geography that mirrors features of the galaxy and Heavens. Why are so many of the Earth's mountains said to be holy, producing visions and encounters with the "gods?" They all have canopies of light called domes, each transmitting the presence of a galactic star. What is the geomantic origin of the Bermuda Triangle? Two dysfunctional stargates. If working properly, they and the Earth's other two million stargates could transport us rapidly to other planets. Is there a way to travel quickly across the planet without using cars, airplanes, boats, or trains? Yes, and it's called a traversable wormhole, and the Earth has thousands of them awaiting our discovery and use. Come join the tour of a planet you've never seen before: our own star-infused Earth.

Differentiation Strategies for Science

Differentiation Strategies for Science ebook ISBN: 9781425800147
Publisher: Shell Education
Author: Wendy Conklin
Number of Pages: 304 
File: differentiation-strategies-for-science.pdf
Reads: 7116716


Written specifically for science teachers at all levels, this resource helps facilitate the understanding and process of writing differentiated lessons to accommodate all levels of learning and learning styles. Includes a CD.

Signs of the Times

Signs of the Times ebook ISBN: 9781583304372
Publisher: Feldheim Publishers
Author: Gad Erlanger
Number of Pages: 276 
File: signs-of-the-times.pdf
Reads: 5901815


A fascinating work of the Torah outlook on astrology and the mazalot, examining the power and limits of the Zodiac in classical Jewish sources.