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In the Presence of Mine Enemies: The Civil War in the Heart of America, 1859-1864

In the Presence of Mine Enemies: The Civil War in the Heart of America, 1859-1864 ebook ISBN: 0393247430
Publisher: W. W. Norton & Company
Author: Edward L. Ayers
Number of Pages: 496 
File: in-the-presence-of-mine-enemies-the-civil-war-in-the-heart-of-america-1859-1864.pdf
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Winner of the Bancroft Prize: Through a gripping narrative based on massive new research, a leading historian reshapes our understanding of the Civil War. Our standard Civil War histories tell a reassuring story of the triumph, in an inevitable conflict, of the dynamic, free-labor North over the traditional, slave-based South, vindicating the freedom principles built into the nation's foundations. But at the time, on the borderlands of Pennsylvania and Virginia, no one expected war, and no one knew how it would turn out. The one certainty was that any war between the states would be fought in their fields and streets. Edward L. Ayers gives us a different Civil War, built on an intimate scale. He charts the descent into war in the Great Valley spanning Pennsylvania and Virginia. Connected by strong ties of every kind, including the tendrils of slavery, the people of this borderland sought alternatives to secession and war. When none remained, they took up war with startling intensity. As this book relays with a vivid immediacy, it came to their doorsteps in hunger, disease, and measureless death. Ayers's Civil War emerges from the lives of everyday people as well as those who helped shape history—John Brown and Frederick Douglass, Lincoln, Jackson, and Lee. His story ends with the valley ravaged, Lincoln's support fragmenting, and Confederate forces massing for a battle at Gettysburg.

Willow Tree Whisperers

Willow Tree Whisperers ebook ISBN: 9814254436
Publisher: Experiences & Experiments Books Pte Ltd
Author: Justine Ocampo
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: willow-tree-whisperers.pdf
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A war has broken here many generations ago. Young generations such as yourself may be able to stop this. The old willow reached out its branches to the two teenagers standing on either side join Kayla and Kyle on their adventure for the hidden secret: the cause of the war and to find their missing past.

Planning the Home Front

Planning the Home Front ebook ISBN: 022602542X
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
Author: Sarah Jo Peterson
Number of Pages: 373 
File: planning-the-home-front.pdf
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Before Franklin Roosevelt declared December 7 to be a “date which will live in infamy”; before American soldiers landed on D-Day; before the B-17s, B-24s, and B-29s roared over Europe and Asia, there was Willow Run. Located twenty-five miles west of Detroit, the bomber plant at Willow Run and the community that grew up around it attracted tens of thousands of workers from across the United States during World War II. Together, they helped build the nation’s “Arsenal of Democracy,” but Willow Run also became the site of repeated political conflicts over how to build suburbia while mobilizing for total war. In Planning the Home Front, Sarah Jo Peterson offers readers a portrait of the American people—industrialists and labor leaders, federal officials and municipal leaders, social reformers, industrial workers, and their families—that lays bare the foundations of community, the high costs of racism, and the tangled process of negotiation between New Deal visionaries and wartime planners. By tying the history of suburbanization to that of the home front, Peterson uncovers how the United States planned and built industrial regions in the pursuit of war, setting the stage for the suburban explosion that would change the American landscape when the war was won.

The History of The War in the Air 1914- 1918

The History of The War in the Air 1914- 1918 ebook ISBN: 1783462485
Publisher: Pen and Sword
Author: Sir Walter Raleigh
Number of Pages: 409 
File: the-history-of-the-war-in-the-air-1914-1918.pdf
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This magnificent and comprehensive volume was written in 1922 by Professor Walter Raleigh. Originally entitled The History of the War in the Air (Being the story of the part played in the Great War by the Royal Air Force) this all embracing and vital work features the most important account of the aerial battles, the men and the machines.??Raleigh was Professor of English Literature at Glasgow University and Chair of English Literature at Oxford University. On the outbreak of the Great War he turned to the war as his primary subject. His finest book on the subject is this, the first volume of The War in the Air, which was an instant publishing success. Unfortunately the projected second volume was never completed as Raleigh died from typhoid (which he contracted during a visit to the Near East) in 1922. Nonetheless, Professor Sir Walter Alexander Raleigh has attained classic status as a result of this mighty work and this legendary volume ensures his status as a military author par excellence.

The Sacred Willow

The Sacred Willow ebook ISBN: 0199881340
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Author: Mai Elliott
Number of Pages: 544 
File: the-sacred-willow.pdf
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A finalist for the Pulitzer Prize, Duong Van Mai Elliott's The Sacred Willow illuminates recent Vietnamese history by weaving together the stories of the lives of four generations of her family. Beginning with her great-grandfather, who rose from rural poverty to become an influential landowner, and continuing to the present, Mai Elliott traces her family's journey through an era of tumultuous change. She tells us of childhood hours in her grandmother's silk shop, and of hiding while French troops torched her village, watching while blossoms torn by fire from the trees flutter "like hundreds of butterflies" overhead. She makes clear the agonizing choices that split Vietnamese families: her eldest sister left her staunchly anti-communist home to join the Viet Minh, and spent months sleeping in jungle camps with her infant son, fearing air raids by day and tigers by night. And she follows several family members through the last, desperate hours of the fall of Saigon-including one nephew who tried to escape by grabbing the skid of a departing American helicopter. Based on family papers, dozens of interviews, and a wealth of other research, this is not only a memorable family saga but a record of how the Vietnamese themselves have experienced their times.

Peace Among the Willows

Peace Among the Willows ebook ISBN: 9401034311
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Author: Howard B. White
Number of Pages: 266 
File: peace-among-the-willows.pdf
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American Women in a World at War

American Women in a World at War ebook ISBN: 0742599221
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Author: Judy Barrett Litoff,David C. Smith
Number of Pages: 237 
File: american-women-in-a-world-at-war.pdf
Reads: 8289242


This title brings together twenty-five writings by women who share their rich and varied World War II experiences, from serving in the military to working on the home front to preparing for the postwar world. By providing evidence of their active and resourceful roles in the war effort as workers, wives, and mothers, these women offer eloquent testimony that World War II was indeed everybody's war. Litoff and Smith combine pieces by well-known writers, such as Margaret Culkin Banning and Nancy Wilson Ross, with important-but largely forgotten-personal accounts by ordinary women living in extraordinary times. This volume is divided into the six sections listed below: Preparing for War In the Military At 'Far-Flung' Fronts On the Home Front War Jobs Preparing for the Postwar World

The Ecology of War in China

The Ecology of War in China ebook ISBN: 1107071569
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Author: Micah S. Muscolino
Number of Pages: 312 
File: the-ecology-of-war-in-china.pdf
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This book explores the interplay between war and the environment in Henan Province, a hotly contested frontline territory that endured massive environmental destruction and human disruption during the conflict between China and Japan that raged during World War II. In a desperate attempt to block Japan's military advance, Chinese Nationalist armies under Chiang Kai-shek broke the Yellow River's dikes in Henan in June 1938, resulting in devastating floods that persisted until after the war's end. Greater catastrophe struck Henan in 1942-1943, when famine took some two million lives and displaced millions more. Focusing on these war-induced disasters and their aftermath, this book conceptualizes the ecology of war in terms of energy flows through and between militaries, societies, and environments. Ultimately, Micah Muscolino argues that efforts to procure and exploit nature's energy in various forms shaped the choices of generals, the fates of communities, and the trajectory of environmental change in North China.

"Daddy's Gone to War"

ISBN: 9780199772001
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Author: William M. Tuttle Jr.
Number of Pages: 384 
File: daddy-s-gone-to-war.pdf
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Looking out a second-story window of her family's quarters at the Pearl Harbor naval base on December 7, 1941, eleven-year-old Jackie Smith could see not only the Rising Sun insignias on the wings of attacking Japanese bombers, but the faces of the pilots inside. Most American children on the home front during the Second World War saw the enemy only in newsreels and the pages of Life Magazine, but from Pearl Harbor on, "the war"--with its blackouts, air raids, and government rationing--became a dramatic presence in all of their lives. Thirty million Americans relocated, 3,700,000 homemakers entered the labor force, sparking a national debate over working mothers and latchkey children, and millions of enlisted fathers and older brothers suddenly disappeared overseas or to far-off army bases. By the end of the war, 180,000 American children had lost their fathers. In "Daddy's Gone to War", William M. Tuttle, Jr., offers a fascinating and often poignant exploration of wartime America, and one of generation's odyssey from childhood to middle age. The voices of the home front children are vividly present in excerpts from the 2,500 letters Tuttle solicited from men and women across the country who are now in their fifties and sixties. From scrap-collection drives and Saturday matinees to the atomic bomb and V-J Day, here is the Second World War through the eyes of America's children. Women relive the frustration of always having to play nurses in neighborhood war games, and men remember being both afraid and eager to grow up and go to war themselves. (Not all were willing to wait. Tuttle tells of one twelve year old boy who strode into an Arizona recruiting office and declared, "I don't need my mother's consent...I'm a midget.") Former home front children recall as though it were yesterday the pain of saying good-bye, perhaps forever, to an enlisting father posted overseas and the sometimes equally unsettling experience of a long-absent father's return. A pioneering effort to reinvent the way we look at history and childhood, "Daddy's Gone to War" views the experiences of ordinary children through the lens of developmental psychology. Tuttle argues that the Second World War left an indelible imprint on the dreams and nightmares of an American generation, not only in childhood, but in adulthood as well. Drawing on his wide-ranging research, he makes the case that America's wartime belief in democracy and its rightful leadership of the Free World, as well as its assumptions about marriage and the family and the need to get ahead, remained largely unchallenged until the tumultuous years of the Kennedy assassination, Vietnam and Watergate. As the hopes and expectations of the home front children changed, so did their country's. In telling the story of a generation, Tuttle provides a vital missing piece of American cultural history.


Willows ebook ISBN: 1439640181
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
Author: Museum Society of Willows,J. Wright,E. Whisman
Number of Pages: 128 
File: willows.pdf
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Hot, thirsty range cattle led cowboys to a shady, spring-fed pond midway between the coastal and sierra foothills in Northern California. The area was referred to as “the Willows.” It was a place no doubt well known to the native Wintun Indians long before white men came exploring. Settlers began buying up land at $4 an acre after the Gold Rush. Milton French was ranching to the west of town as early as 1857. In June 1876, Johnson and Hochheimer opened a general store. Daniel Zumwalt provided land to railroad magnate Charlie Crocker, who extended train service to the “the Willows” by 1878. Broad streets were laid out in an east-to-west orientation. The town was on its way to becoming the center of one of the most productive agricultural areas in the state, thanks to the development of deep-water wells and the building of canals.

The War of the Augur

The War of the Augur ebook ISBN: 1430326247
Author: Ana Finnegan
Number of Pages: 102 
File: the-war-of-the-augur.pdf
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Welcome to Amanar! As you enter Amanar during a time of upheaval you'll meet The Augur and learn of their secret allegiances with the giants, centaurs, healers and the race of men. Difficult times lie ahead for the Arcadians as they fight to restore the peace in Amanar which has been threatened by the Abaddonians. Will the clash among the Augur take this epic to the ultimate battle of good vs. evil?

The Afghan Way of War

The Afghan Way of War ebook ISBN: 0199912564
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Author: Robert Johnson
Number of Pages: 400 
File: the-afghan-way-of-war.pdf
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Focusing on key episodes in Afghanistan's long history of conflict with foreign forces from the early nineteenth century to the present, this book sheds new light on the Afghan "Way of War." Robert Johnson shows that, contrary to the stereotypes of primitive warriors enflamed with religious fanaticism, Afghan warfare has been marked by constant change as Afghani methods evolved to face new threats. From the dynastic struggles and popular resistance movements of the nineteenth century to the ideological confrontations of recent decades, Afghans have long resisted political coercion, military intervention, and foreign influence. To do so, they have developed sophisticated strategic approaches to deal with both internal unrest and foreign intrusion, while at the tactical level outthinking and outfighting their opponents at every step. The final part of the book, which deals with how the Taliban has contested Western intervention by borrowing from traditions in Afghan history and culture, will be of considerable topical interest in light of the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan.

The American Red Cross from Clara Barton to the New Deal

The American Red Cross from Clara Barton to the New Deal ebook ISBN: 1421408236
Publisher: JHU Press
Author: Marian Moser Jones
Number of Pages: 404 
File: the-american-red-cross-from-clara-barton-to-the-new-deal.pdf
Reads: 2905957


In dark skirts and bloodied boots, Clara Barton fearlessly ventured on to Civil War battlefields to tend to wounded soldiers. She later worked with civilians in Europe during the Franco-Prussian War, lobbied legislators to ratify the Geneva conventions, and founded and ran the American Red Cross. The American Red Cross from Clara Barton to the New Deal tells the story of the charitable organization from its start in 1881, through its humanitarian aid during wars, natural disasters, and the Depression, to its relief efforts of the 1930s. Marian Moser Jones illustrates the tension between the organization's founding principles of humanity and neutrality and the political, economic, and moral pressures that sometimes caused it to favor one group at the expense of another. This expansive book narrates the stories of: • U.S. natural disasters such as the Jacksonville yellow fever epidemic of 1888, the Sea Islands hurricane of 1893, and the 1906 San Francisco earthquake • crises abroad, including the 1892 Russian famine and the Armenian massacres of 1895–96 • efforts to help civilians affected by the civil war in Cuba • power struggles within the American Red Cross leadership and subsequent alliances with the American government • the organization's expansion during World War I • race riots in East St. Louis, Chicago, and Tulsa between 1917 and 1921 • help for African American and white Southerners after the Mississippi flood of 1927 • relief projects during the Dust Bowl and after the New Deal An epilogue relates the history of the American Red Cross since the beginning of World War II and illuminates the organization's current practices as well as its international reputation.

Geology and Ore Deposits of the Willow Creek Mining District, Alaska

Geology and Ore Deposits of the Willow Creek Mining District, Alaska ebook ISBN:
Author: Richard Godfrey Ray
Number of Pages: 86 
File: geology-and-ore-deposits-of-the-willow-creek-mining-district-alaska.pdf
Reads: 8990391


A study of the general and economic geology of a lode gold mining district in southern Alaska, with particular emphasis on the significance of vein, dike, and fault patterns.

The Deadliest Indian War in the West

The Deadliest Indian War in the West ebook ISBN: 0870044877
Publisher: Caxton Press
Author: Gregory Michno
Number of Pages: 380 
File: the-deadliest-indian-war-in-the-west.pdf
Reads: 6858512


Gregroy Michno, author of several critically acclaimed books on America's Indian wars, gives readers the first comprehensive look at the natives, soldiers and settlers who clashed on the high desert of Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Oregon and Northern California in a struggle that, over a four-year period, claimed more lives than any other western Indian War.

The Details of Modern Architecture

The Details of Modern Architecture ebook ISBN: 9780262562027
Publisher: MIT Press
Author: Edward R. Ford
Number of Pages: 466 
File: the-details-of-modern-architecture.pdf
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This second volume continues the study of the relationships of the ideals of design and the realities of construction in modern architecture, beginning in the late 1920s and extending to the present day.

The Willow and the Spiral

The Willow and the Spiral ebook ISBN: 1443855936
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Author: Roberto Cantú
Number of Pages: 293 
File: the-willow-and-the-spiral.pdf
Reads: 3655033


Octavio Paz (México, 1914–1998) was one of the foremost poets and essayists of the twentieth century. Read in translations into many of the world’s languages, Paz received numerous awards and prizes during his lifetime, participated in major artistic and political movements of the twentieth century, served as Mexico’s ambassador in India (1962–1968), and was the editor of Plural and Vuelta, two literary journals of prominent influence in Mexico, Latin America, and Spain. In 1990 Paz was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature. This book of essays is a commemoration of Octavio Paz on the first centenary of his birth, a celebration undertaken with Paz’s distinguishing legacy: criticism, internationally inclusive, and open to differing viewpoints. The Willow and the Spiral: Essays on Octavio Paz and the Poetic Imagination contains studies in English and in Spanish by top-ranking Paz scholars from various continents and wide-ranging literary traditions, as well as by an emerging generation of critics who approach the work of Octavio Paz from diverse and recent theoretical methods. Specially written for this volume, the fourteen essays are in-depth studies of Paz’s poetry and essays in relation to art, eroticism, literary history, politics, the art of translation, and to Paz’s life-long reflections on world cultures and civilizations as represented by China, France, India, Japan, the United States and, among others, Mesoamerica. The essays range from new critical analyses of Piedra de sol (Sunstone) and Blanco, to studies of Renga, the haiku tradition and, among other topics, Marcel Duchamp and the literary Avant-Garde. This book will be of importance to Paz scholars, teachers, students, and the general reader interested in Octavio Paz and in topics related to artistic, literary, and cultural movements that shaped the twentieth century and that continue to inspire and steer artists and writers in the twenty-first century.

The Greening of the Willow Trees

The Greening of the Willow Trees ebook ISBN: 1477158405
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Jean Ardyce Kelton
Number of Pages: 100 
File: the-greening-of-the-willow-trees.pdf
Reads: 6281565


The author who has published stories of the 1900's before has done it again with this book. Charlie Riley, who as a young lad, lived with his father on their farm in Wisconsin. When Charlie was left an orphan after his father was murdered, his uncle encouraged him to join the army and see the world. He did this and after a four year stint come home to discover who murdered his father.

Harp of the Willows

Harp of the Willows ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Willamette Heritage Center
Author: Elvira Johnson Perkins
Number of Pages: 152 
File: harp-of-the-willows.pdf
Reads: 4926388


Elvira Perkins was one of the first people to arrive in Oregon. She stayed there for 20 years. During those 20 years, she and her husband had many adventures, including saving an Indian boy from being buried alive. She wrote a lot of those adventures down in the form of poetry. From saving lives to losing them, this book is a wonderful read for anyone who likes poetry.