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Jerusalem {Resiliating Jerusalem} and Athens

Jerusalem {Resiliating Jerusalem} and Athens ebook ISBN: 1491745681
Publisher: iUniverse
Author: Hullin
Number of Pages: 856 
File: jerusalem-resiliating-jerusalem-and-athens.pdf
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Jewish Studies Athens. BUT BE CAREFUL THAT I DON?T ?SOMEHOW? DECEIVE YOU UNINTENTIONALLY (!!! ) BY PROFFERRING AN ILLEGITIMATE ACCOUNTING OF THE CHILD/TOKOU. [Republic 507a] ************************************************************************************* Jerusalem. A Note from the Tanna Kamma: The laws regarding the release from vows hover in the air (having no Scriptural support). The laws of Shabbat; of the Festival Offerings; and acts of trespass; are like mountains suspended by a hair; for there are but scant Scriptural foundation for them but there are numerous halakhot for them. Civil cases; Temple services; the regulations concerning purity and contamination; and the forbidden sexual relations; all of these have true and firm Scriptural support. AND IT IS THESE {the ones with true and firm Scriptural support) WHICH ARE THE FUNDAMENTALS OF THE TORAH [The last Paragraph of Chapter One of the Hagigah Mishna; found at 10a-i of the Art Scroll rendition (with some modifications). The passage is orchestrated by the Tanna Kamma.]

The South Vs. The South

The South Vs. The South ebook ISBN: 0199832072
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Author: William W. Freehling
Number of Pages: 256 
File: the-south-vs-the-south.pdf
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Why did the Confederacy lose the Civil War? Most historians point to the larger number of Union troops, for example, or the North's greater industrial might. Now, in The South Vs. the South, one of America's leading authorities on the Civil War era offers an entirely new answer to this question. William Freehling argues that anti-Confederate Southerners--specifically, border state whites and southern blacks--helped cost the Confederacy the war. White men in such border states as Missouri, Kentucky, and Maryland, Freehling points out, were divided in their loyalties--but far more joined the Union army (or simply stayed home) than marched off in Confederate gray. If they had enlisted as rebel troops in the same proportion as white men did farther south, their numbers would have offset all the Confederate casualties during four years of war. In addition, when those states stayed loyal, the vast majority of the South's urban population and industrial capacity remained in Union hands. And many forget, Freehling writes, that the slaves' own decisions led to a series of white decisions (culminating in the Emancipation Proclamation) that turned federal forces into an army of liberation, depriving the South of labor and adding essential troops to the blue ranks. Whether revising our conception of slavery or of Abraham Lincoln, or establishing the antecedents of Martin Luther King, or analyzing Union military strategy, or uncovering new meanings in what is arguably America's greatest piece of sculpture, Augustus St.-Gaudens' Shaw Memorial, Freehling writes with piercing insight and rhetorical verve. Concise and provocative, The South Vs. the South will forever change the way we view the Civil War.


Athens ebook ISBN:
Publisher: CUP Archive
Author: Charles Theodore Seltman
Number of Pages: 228 
File: athens.pdf
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Timon of Athens: The Oxford Shakespeare

Timon of Athens: The Oxford Shakespeare ebook ISBN: 0191623083
Publisher: OUP Oxford
Author: William Shakespeare
Number of Pages: 384 
File: timon-of-athens-the-oxford-shakespeare.pdf
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The Oxford Shakespeare General Editor: Stanley Wells The Oxford Shakespeare offers authoritative texts from leading scholars in editions designed to interpret and illuminate the plays for modern readers - A new, modern-spelling text, collated and edited from all existing printings - On-page commentary and notes explain meaning, staging, language, and allusions - Detailed introduction provides a full account of the play's performance history and explores issues of gender, gift-theory, and ecology - Appendices include source materials and a chronology of major productions worldwide - Illustrated with production photographs and related art - Full index to introduction and commentary - Durable sewn binding for lasting use 'not simply a better text but a new conception of Shakespeare. This is a major achievement of twentieth-century scholarship.' ABOUT THE SERIES: For over 100 years Oxford World's Classics has made available the widest range of literature from around the globe. Each affordable volume reflects Oxford's commitment to scholarship, providing the most accurate text plus a wealth of other valuable features, including expert introductions by leading authorities, helpful notes to clarify the text, up-to-date bibliographies for further study, and much more.

Fiction on the Fringe

Fiction on the Fringe ebook ISBN: 9004175474
Publisher: BRILL
Author: Grammatiki A. Karla
Number of Pages: 194 
File: fiction-on-the-fringe.pdf
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This collection of essays offers a comprehensive examination of texts that traditionally have been excluded from the main corpus of the ancient Greek novel and confined to the margins of the genre, such as the Life of Aesop, the Life of Alexander the Great, and the Acts of the Christian Martyrs. Through comparison and contrast, intertextual analysis and close examination, the boundaries of the dichotomy between the fringe vs. the canonical or erotic novel are explored, and so the generic identity of the texts in each group is more clearly outlined. The collective outcome brings the fringe from the periphery of scholarly research to the centre of critical attention, and provides methodological tools for the exploration of other fringe texts.

The Associations of Classical Athens

The Associations of Classical Athens ebook ISBN: 9780195352832
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Author: Nicholas F. Jones
Number of Pages: 368 
File: the-associations-of-classical-athens.pdf
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Jones' book examines the associations of ancient Athens under the classical democracy (508/7-321 B.C.) in light of their relations to the central government. Associations of all types--village communities, cultic groups, brotherhoods, sacerdotal families, philosophical schools, and others--emerge as fundamentally similar instances of Aristotelian koinoniai. Each, it is argued, acquired its distinctive character in response to particular features of the contemporary democracy. The analysis results in the first integrated, holistic institutional reconstruction of Greece's first city.

Aristotle on the Constitution of Athens

Aristotle on the Constitution of Athens ebook ISBN: 1584772611
Publisher: The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.
Author: Aristotle
Number of Pages: 229 
File: aristotle-on-the-constitution-of-athens.pdf
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Kenyon, F.G., editor. Aristotle on the Constitution of Athens. [Athenaion Politeia]. Third and Revised Edition. Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1892. lxvii, 229 pp. Reprinted 2003 by The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd. LCCN 2002024316. ISBN 1-58477-261-1. Cloth. $70. * Reprint of the third revised and expanded edition. A carefully edited anthology of passages in Greek from the Politics and other works, as well as fragmentary passages. With thorough annotations, notes and an extensive introduction in English.

The Fall of Athens

The Fall of Athens ebook ISBN: 9780819603937
Publisher: Biblo & Tannen Publishers
Author: Alfred John Church
Number of Pages: 334 
File: the-fall-of-athens.pdf
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Athens, Thrace, and the Shaping of Athenian Leadership

Athens, Thrace, and the Shaping of Athenian Leadership ebook ISBN: 1139620363
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Author: Matthew A. Sears
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: athens-thrace-and-the-shaping-of-athenian-leadership.pdf
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From the mid-sixth to the mid-fourth century BCE a nexus of connections to Thrace defined the careers of several of Athens' most prominent figures, including Pisistratus, Miltiades, Alcibiades and Iphicrates. This book explores the importance of Thrace to these individuals and its resulting significance in the political, cultural and social history of Athens. Thrace was vitally important for Athens thanks to its natural resources and access to strategic waterways, which were essential to a maritime empire, and connections to the area conferred wealth and military influence on certain Athenians and offered them a refuge if they faced political persecution at home. However, Thrace's importance to prominent individuals transcended politics: its culture was also an important draw. Thrace was a world free of Athenian political, social and cultural constraints – one that bore a striking resemblance to the world of Homeric epic.

The Odyssey in Athens

The Odyssey in Athens ebook ISBN: 9780801473357
Publisher: Cornell University Press
Author: Erwin F. Cook
Number of Pages: 216 
File: the-odyssey-in-athens.pdf
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A study in poetic interaction, The "Odyssey" in Athens explores the ways in which narrative structure and parallels within and between epic poems create or disclose meaning. Erwin F. Cook also broadens the scope of this intertextual approach to include the relationship of Homeric epic to ritual. Specifically he argues that the Odyssey achieved its form as a written text within the context of Athenian civic cults during the reign of Peisistratos. Focusing on the prologue and the Apologoi (Books 9?12), Cook shows how the traditional Greek polarity between force and intelligence informs the Odyssean narrative at all levels of composition. He then uses this polarity to explain instances of Odyssean self-reference, allusions to other epic traditions?in particular the Iliad?and interaction between the poem and its performance context in Athenian civic ritual. This detailed structural analysis, with its insights into the circumstances and meaning of the Odyssey's composition, will lead to a new understanding of the Homeric epics and the tradition they evoked.

Miscellanies in prose and verse. ([viz.] Contests and dissensions in Athens and Rome.-The sentiments of a Church of England man.- An argument against abolishing Christianity.-A project for the advancement of religion.-A meditation upon a broom-stick.-Various thoughts moral and diverting.-A tritical essay upon the faculties of the mind.-Predictions for the year 1708.-An account of Partridges death.-A vindication of Isaac Bickerstaff Esq.-A famous prediction of Merlin.-A letter concerning the sacramental test.-[With “Bancis and Philemon” and other poems.]).

Miscellanies in prose and verse. ([viz.] Contests and dissensions in Athens and Rome.-The sentiments of a Church of England man.- An argument against abolishing Christianity.-A project for the advancement of religion.-A meditation upon a broom-stick.-Various thoughts moral and diverting.-A tritical essay upon the faculties of the mind.-Predictions for the year 1708.-An account of Partridges death.-A vindication of Isaac Bickerstaff Esq.-A famous prediction of Merlin.-A letter concerning the sacramental test.-[With “Bancis and Philemon” and other poems.]). ebook ISBN:
Number of Pages: 416 
File: miscellanies-in-prose-and-verse-viz-contests-and-dissensions-in-athens-and-rome-the-sentiments-of-a-church-of-england-man-an-argument-against-abolishing-christianity-a-project-for-the-advancement-of-religion-a-meditation-upon-a-broom-stick-various-thoughts-moral-and-diverting-a-tritical-essay-upon-the-faculties-of-the-mind-predictions-for-the-year-1708-an-account-of-partridges-death-a-vindication-of-isaac-bickerstaff-esq-a-famous-prediction-of-merlin-a-letter-concerning-the-sacramental-test-with-bancis-and-philemon-and-other-poems.pdf
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Athens ebook ISBN: 9780738587929
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
Author: Emily Jean Doster,Gary L. Doster
Number of Pages: 128 
File: athens.pdf
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When the University of Georgia was founded in 1801, the city of Athens did not yet exist. The school's first classes were held under the trees, and Athens grew up around the school. As the university and Athens expanded, the town became the economic and cultural center of a large section of northeast Georgia, and many beautiful homes and other buildings were built. Fortunately, Athens was not in the path of Yankee general William T. Sherman's army when they sacked and burned a 30-to-60-mile-wide swath through Georgia between Atlanta and Savannah during his infamous March to the Sea in 1864. Consequently, several historic buildings still stand on the university's campus, and many beautiful antebellum homes still grace Athens's streets, avenues, and boulevards.

Between Athens and Jerusalem

Between Athens and Jerusalem ebook ISBN: 9780802843722
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
Author: John J. Collins
Number of Pages: 327 
File: between-athens-and-jerusalem.pdf
Reads: 2223874


One of the most creative and consequential collisions in Western culture involved the encounter of Judaism with Hellenism. In this widely acclaimed study of the Jews who lived in Hellenistic Egypt, "between Athens and Jerusalem," John J. Collins examines the literature of Hellenistic Judaism, treating not only the introductory questions of date, authorship, and provenance but also the larger question of Jewish identity in the Greco-Roman world.First published in 1984, this landmark study by one of the world's leading experts in Hellinistic Judaism is now fully revised and updated to take into account the best of recent scholarship.

Athens and Persia in the Fifth Century BC

Athens and Persia in the Fifth Century BC ebook ISBN: 9780521607582
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Author: Margaret C. Miller
Number of Pages: 331 
File: athens-and-persia-in-the-fifth-century-bc.pdf
Reads: 2565125


First comprehensive collection of evidence of the relations between Athens and Persia in fifth century BC.

Classical Athens and the Delphic Oracle

Classical Athens and the Delphic Oracle ebook ISBN: 9780521823739
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Author: Hugh Bowden
Number of Pages: 188 
File: classical-athens-and-the-delphic-oracle.pdf
Reads: 6295658


Comprehensive and accessible examination of the Delphic Oracle and the use made of it by the city of Athens.