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Concept Attainment Model in Mathematics Teaching

Concept Attainment Model in Mathematics Teaching ebook ISBN: 9788171414246
Publisher: Discovery Publishing House
Author: K. S. Prabhakaram
Number of Pages: 122 
File: concept-attainment-model-in-mathematics-teaching.pdf
Reads: 7831980


Mathematics is one of the core subjects in school education. The need to make mathematics teaching interesting and effective is, therefore, felt all around. Concept Attainment Model is considered to be effective in teaching mathematical concepts. So a research study to evaluate the effectiveness of CAM in maths teaching has been undertaken. As the utilisation of innovative teaching approaches help the students a lot, it is always better to apply the techniques like CAM wherever and whenever there is a possibility. The teachers and researchers will get a great advantage with this book.

Cultural Practices and Socioeconomic Attainment

Cultural Practices and Socioeconomic Attainment ebook ISBN: 9780313303401
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
Author: Christopher J. Crook
Number of Pages: 175 
File: cultural-practices-and-socioeconomic-attainment.pdf
Reads: 5179667


An empirical look at why children of parents who have high levels of education tend to perform better at school and end up with more desirable jobs.

The Path to Attainment

The Path to Attainment ebook ISBN: 1932890149
Publisher: Summit University Press
Author: Mark L. Prophet,Elizabeth Clare Prophet
Number of Pages: 423 
File: the-path-to-attainment.pdf
Reads: 9676867


Mind, body, spirit.

Educational Attainment and Society

Educational Attainment and Society ebook ISBN: 1441108270
Publisher: A&C Black
Author: Nigel Kettley
Number of Pages: 246 
File: educational-attainment-and-society.pdf
Reads: 3758701


Sophisticated monograph focussing on attainment at the end of secondary/high school education (and the interface with tertiary education). Combines re-analysis of secondary literature (including official statistics, institutional histories, interview data) and analysis of qualitative and quantitative primary research using descriptive and inferential statistics, value-added analysis and grounded theory. The results show the siginificance and weakness of both the mid-twentieth century classic analyses of social clas and the late-twentieth century feminist approaches. Shows how a joint consideration of social issues, in particular of gender and social stratification, produce a powerful model for explaining attainment with important implications for policy on (a) boys' underachievement and (b) participation in higher education.

The Attainment Agenda

The Attainment Agenda ebook ISBN: 1421414066
Publisher: JHU Press
Author: Laura W. Perna,Joni E. Finney
Number of Pages: 328 
File: the-attainment-agenda.pdf
Reads: 95391


"While the federal government seeks to promote educational attainment and equity through its extensive investment in student financial aid, states have primary responsibility for policies that affect the educational attainment of their populations. Despite the centrality of state policy, however, we know relatively little about the relationship between state policy and these outcomes. This book addresses this knowledge gap. Drawing on data collected from descriptive case studies of the relationship between public policy and higher education performance in five states (Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Texas, and Washington), this book offers a more complete conceptual framework for understanding how state public policy can promote educational attainment. The resulting framework has five central tenets that help us understanding how to improve overall educational attainment and increase equity in that attainment. At its core, the model assumes that higher education performance is determined by effective state policy leadership for higher education. The book also illustrates the need for state policies that reduce the cumulative negative implications of policies that perpetuate differences in educational outcomes across groups and that proactively address the barriers that limit educational attainment for underachieving groups. This book has important implications for public policymakers, college and university leaders, educational researchers and others who are interested in understanding how public policy can improve educational attainment and equity in attainment across groups"--

Gender Differences in Aspirations and Attainment

Gender Differences in Aspirations and Attainment ebook ISBN: 1107021723
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Author: Ingrid Schoon,Jacquelynne S. Eccles
Number of Pages: 510 
File: gender-differences-in-aspirations-and-attainment.pdf
Reads: 6184958


A dynamic and contextualized account of the processes and mechanisms underlying gendered career decisions and attainment across the life course.

Credits and Attainment

Credits and Attainment ebook ISBN: 1428926100
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: 72 
File: credits-and-attainment.pdf
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The Benefits to Taxpayers from Increases in Studentsâ€TM Educational Attainment

The Benefits to Taxpayers from Increases in Studentsâ€TM Educational Attainment ebook ISBN: 0833049372
Publisher: Rand Corporation
Author: Stephen J. Carroll,Emre Erkut
Number of Pages: 142 
File: the-benefits-to-taxpayers-from-increases-in-studentsâ-tm-educational-attainment.pdf
Reads: 4600887


Increases in educational attainment benefit the public because more highly educated people tend to pay more in taxes, are less likely to use social support programs, and are less likely to commit crimes. This volume examines the monetary value of these benefits over an individual's lifetime and how they vary with education level.

Reversing Lower Attainment

Reversing Lower Attainment ebook ISBN: 113662158X
Publisher: Routledge
Author: Diane Montgomery
Number of Pages: 192 
File: reversing-lower-attainment.pdf
Reads: 2552341


First Published in 1998. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

Goal Attainment Scaling

Goal Attainment Scaling ebook ISBN: 1317767039
Publisher: Psychology Press
Author: Thomas J. Kiresuk,Aaron Smith,Joseph E. Cardillo
Number of Pages: 336 
File: goal-attainment-scaling.pdf
Reads: 7694275


There is an extensive literature on Goal Attainment Scaling (GAS), but the publications are widely scattered and often inaccessible, covering several foreign countries and many professional disciplines and fields of application. This book provides both a user manual and a complete reference work on GAS, including a comprehensive account of what the method is, what its strengths and limitations are, how it can be used, and what it can offer. The book is designed to be of interest to service providers, program directors and administrators, service and business organizations, program evaluators, researchers, and students in a variety of fields. No previous account of GAS has provided an up-to-date, comprehensive description and explanation of the technique. The chapters include a basic "how to do it" handbook, step-by-step implementation instructions, frequently occurring problems and what should be done about them, methods for monitoring the quality of the goal setting process, and a discussion of policy and administration issues. There are many illustrations from actual applications including examples of goals scaled for the individual, the specific program, the agency, or the total system. Procedures for training and estimates of training costs are also provided.

Libraries and Information Services towards the Attainment of the UN Millennium Development Goals

Libraries and Information Services towards the Attainment of the UN Millennium Development Goals ebook ISBN: 3598441258
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
Author: Benson Njobvu,Sjoerd Koopman
Number of Pages: 224 
File: libraries-and-information-services-towards-the-attainment-of-the-un-millennium-development-goals.pdf
Reads: 6250365


The United Nations Millennium declarations of 2002 set eight Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) to be achieved by 2015. The papers presented in this publication endeavour to address how libraries and information professionals in East, Central and Southern Africa seek to make themselves relevant to national development by asking themselves how libraries and information centres could contribute to the attainment of these MDGs.

Goal Attainment eBook

Goal Attainment eBook ebook ISBN: 0977438821
Publisher: Kim Olver
Author: Kim Olver
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: goal-attainment-ebook.pdf
Reads: 3755827


Our e-Book is 30 pages long and goes into great detail about our Seven-Step Action Plan for Attaining your Goals. It contains seven lessons that you can work on at your own pace.If you are serious about attaining your goals this year, then this e-Book will show you the way.