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Authentic Happiness

Authentic Happiness ebook ISBN: 1857884132
Publisher: Hachette UK
Author: Martin Seligman
Number of Pages: 336 
File: authentic-happiness.pdf
Reads: 4071303


'A practical map for a flourishing life' (Daniel Goleman, author of Emotional Intelligence) In this groundbreaking, heart-lifting and deeply useful book, Martin Seligman, internationally esteemed psychologist and the father of Positive Psychology, shows us that happiness can be learned and cultivated. Using many years of in-depth psychological research he lays out the 24 strengths and virtues unique to the human psyche and teaches you how to identify the ones you possess. By calling upon your signature strengths, you will not only develop natural buffers against misfortune and negative emotion, but also improve the world around you - at work, in love and in raising children - achieving new and sustainable contentment, joy and meaning.

Authentic Happiness

Authentic Happiness ebook ISBN: 9781864713022
Publisher: William Heinemann
Author: Martin E. P. Seligman
Number of Pages: 321 
File: authentic-happiness.pdf
Reads: 4907996


From the author of the international bestseller, Learned Optimism, comes a ground-breaking look at the nature of happiness and how everyone has the power to inject real joy into their lives. Martin E. Seligman is the international leader of the Positive Psychology Movement. His first trade book, the international bestseller Learned Optimism, greatly influenced the way people thought about mental health by bringing the concepts of cognitive psychology to a mass audience. Authentic Happiness is an even bigger ground-breaker. It represents the first time any scientist has placed value in the study not only of mental illness, but of 'mental wellness.' It's not about curing one's ills, but about exercising one's strengths and virtues in order to achieve what Seligman terms 'authentic happiness.' The life-changing lesson of Authentic Happiness is that, by assessing the very best in ourselves, we can improve the world around us and achieve new and lasting levels of genuine contentment and joy.

Authentic Happiness

Authentic Happiness ebook ISBN:
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: authentic-happiness.pdf
Reads: 7651339


Positive Psychology, a new branch of psychology which focuses on the empirical study of such things as positive emotions, strengths-based character, and healthy institutions. This website contains questionnaires, resources, and newsletters.

Authentic Happiness in Seven Emails

Authentic Happiness in Seven Emails ebook ISBN: 0984223940
Publisher: Enligtened Hyena Press
Author: Javy W. Galindo
Number of Pages: 132 
File: authentic-happiness-in-seven-emails.pdf
Reads: 3311704


An Entire Psychology of Happiness Course Conveyed in Easy-to-Read Emails Understand the psychology of happiness. Discover why happiness is a choice. And, learn four simple ways of choosing happiness in this succinct guide that can easily be read over a weekend or long plane flight. "What a beautiful gift--a few simple steps that can end what is so often, and for so many, a futile quest for a truly happy life...This is a simple, practical guide for anyone who's searching for that elusive state called true happiness." - John McGrail, Ph.D. Clinical Therapist. "What a terrific text, especially for those who have yet to learn lessons of happiness, success, and their personal responsibility in making each happen. Definitely a must read for all!"- LaQuisha Beckum Ed.S. Professor of Psychology. About Authentic Happiness in Seven Emails Have you found yourself caught in the happiness trap: in the continual pursuit of happiness? After years of pursuing happiness through money, relationships, and material possessions, Vickay found herself unfulfilled and unhappy. A college course on the psychology of happiness taught by a philosophy instructor piqued her curiosity. On a whim she was inspired to contact the professor for some insights on how to break out of her rut. His ideas forever changed her approach to finding happiness and started her on a path towards living life more skillfully. It all began with an email, containing a simple question, asked at the right time: How can I be happier? Authentic Happiness in Seven Emails is the answer to that question. Through these seven emails, the professor shares three key concepts and four critical skills for living a happy life: - What makes us happy? - If happiness is a choice, why don't we always choose it? - What is happiness anyway? - How can we experience more peace and less negativity? - How can we experience more joy? - How can we be more engaged and satisfied with our lives? - How can we live a meaningful life and rediscover our sense of purpose? Topics Include: the happiness equation; positive psychology; flow experiences; the hedonic treadmill; hedonic adaptation; cultural conditioning and the unconscious mind; mindfulness and meditation; gratitude; negative thinking and the negativity bias; internal locus of control, and much more. The professor draws on modern psychological research to provide practical tools for experiencing consistent, everyday happiness, but he also raises philosophical questions that will have you discovering your own unique insights on life. Authentic Happiness in Seven Emails is more than a collection of emails or an introductory textbook to positive psychology. It is an inspirational, thought-provoking guide to the science of happiness and to a life well lived. Whether over a week, weekend, or long plane flight, what better investment of your time than to learn the basics of the psychology of happiness? Why not learn how to be happy starting today?

Authentic Happiness: Using the New Positive Psychology

Authentic Happiness: Using the New Positive Psychology ebook ISBN: 9781090465931
Author: Lukas Bell
Number of Pages: 110 
File: authentic-happiness-using-the-new-positive-psychology.pdf
Reads: 725264


Perfect for personal use, or for your whole office. Get yours today.Whether on your desk at home or in your bag on the go our professionally designed! Specifications: Cover Finish: Matte Dimensions: 6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm) Interior: Blank, White Paper, Unlined Pages: 110

Holding Hands with Happy

Holding Hands with Happy ebook ISBN:
Publisher: D\'Lisa DarLuz
Author: D'Lisa DarLuz
Number of Pages: 39 
File: holding-hands-with-happy.pdf
Reads: 8223379


"Holding Hands with Happy" provides readers easy ways to be happy through daily, activities that encourage positive, self reflection. These no-cost exercises are perfect for motivated individuals, seeking to continue their momentum. "Holding Hands with Happy" is also suitable for readers who struggle with the everyday balance of feeling inspired. You may have asked, "What do I do to get happy?" This daily guide to being happy may be small, but the results are emotionally, physically, and undoubtedly rewarding approaches the topic of nurturing self happiness in a witty, compassionate, and realistic manner. Her guidance is adaptable to any life style. The book is sectioned into 15 activities, with easy to understand directions and lessons on why each activity plays an important role in the reader's day. "Holding Hands with Happy'' definitely delivers. It's a must read for anyone who understands; happiness is a state of mind. Once achieved, it holds your hand wherever you journey. "Holding Hands with Happy" is the 1st of 3 in the Little Books, Big Results series.

Authentic Happiness

Authentic Happiness ebook ISBN: 9781942587408
Publisher: Carpenter\'s Son Publishing
Author: Sarah Rowan
Number of Pages: 352 
File: authentic-happiness.pdf
Reads: 5712541


Authentic Happiness is a collection of journals of one slumbering believer s journey of awakening. Are you having a deep and growing spiritual life or are you sleeping through it?"

Happiness by the Numbers

Happiness by the Numbers ebook ISBN: 9780990800545
Author: Heather Silvio
Number of Pages: 242 
File: happiness-by-the-numbers.pdf
Reads: 9056397


Are you living the life of your dreams? Allow the 9 Steps to Authentic Happiness to guide you to... Increase physical health by improving how you care for your body Enhance emotional health by uncovering the real you and what you want Strengthen spiritual health by heightening your connection to self and others.

Life Changing Gratitude

Life Changing Gratitude ebook ISBN: 9780997315806
Author: Matt Blohowiak
Number of Pages: 135 
File: life-changing-gratitude.pdf
Reads: 8708169


A collection of gratitude quotes and accompanying color nature photographs.

100 Years of Happiness: Insights and Findings from the Experts

100 Years of Happiness: Insights and Findings from the Experts ebook ISBN: 1440803633
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
Author: Nathan S. Carlin,Donald Eric Capps
Number of Pages: 210 
File: 100-years-of-happiness-insights-and-findings-from-the-experts.pdf
Reads: 6134351


This book sums up 100 of years of research into the study of happiness—from 19th century scientific insights on the subject to the pop psychology perspectives of modern-day America. • Concise summaries of classic debates on the meaning of happiness • An examination of cultural and individual belief systems regarding happiness

Happiness: A Very Short Introduction

Happiness: A Very Short Introduction ebook ISBN: 0191654337
Publisher: OUP Oxford
Author: Daniel M. Haybron
Number of Pages: 144 
File: happiness-a-very-short-introduction.pdf
Reads: 120359


Happiness is an everyday term in our lives, and most of us strive to be happy. But defining happiness can be difficult. In this Very Short Introduction, Dan Haybron considers the true nature of happiness. By examining what it is, assessing its importance in our lives, and how we can (and should) pursue it, he considers the current thinking on happiness, from psychology to philosophy. Illustrating the diverse routes to happiness, Haybron reflects on contemporary ideas about the pursuit of a good life and considers the influence of social context on our satisfaction and well-being. ABOUT THE SERIES: The Very Short Introductions series from Oxford University Press contains hundreds of titles in almost every subject area. These pocket-sized books are the perfect way to get ahead in a new subject quickly. Our expert authors combine facts, analysis, perspective, new ideas, and enthusiasm to make interesting and challenging topics highly readable.

Transforming the Struggles of Tamars

Transforming the Struggles of Tamars ebook ISBN: 1630872938
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
Author: Lina Andronovienė
Number of Pages: 300 
File: transforming-the-struggles-of-tamars.pdf
Reads: 6240229


This book explores the unprecedented challenge of involuntary singleness for women, and the implications of disregarding this challenge for the Christian (and particularly, baptistic) communities of faith. It argues that these communities not only fail involuntarily single women, but also in so doing, suffer a serious detriment to their own communal health and Christian witness. Taking the challenge of involuntary singleness as a test case, this book explores the method of convictional theology and argues for a holistic framework that can draw together the personal, communal, and visionary spheres of human existence. Although primarily a work of theological ethics, it also draws from a number of different disciplines, including cultural studies and sociology as well as intersections of science and theology.

Positive Approaches to Change

Positive Approaches to Change ebook ISBN: 9780954974909
Publisher: Solutions Books
Author: Mark McKergow,Jenny Clarke
Number of Pages: 178 
File: positive-approaches-to-change.pdf
Reads: 5777762


The first Solutions Focus field book. This collection of articles from the AMED journal "Organisations & People" describes international experience of applying the positive power of Solutions Focus and Appreciative Inquiry to Coaching, Team Remotivation, Supervision, Performance Management, Strategic Planning, Feedback, Organisation Development, Staff Appraisal, Competence Management, and Community Development. Contributors include Louis Cauffman, Sheila McNamee, Paul Z Jackson, Peter Szabo, Gunter Lueger, Harry Norman and others from the UK, across Europe and the USA. This collection gives you new applications and ideas about staying pragmatically positive and incisively simple in many organisational contexts. Includes a new and expanded introduction by Mark McKergow comparing positive psychology, Appreciative Inquiry and Solutions Focus.

Failure to Flourish

Failure to Flourish ebook ISBN: 0190212209
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Author: Clare Huntington
Number of Pages: 352 
File: failure-to-flourish.pdf
Reads: 9263014


Exploring the connection between families and inequality, Failure to Flourish: How Law Undermines Family Relationships argues that the legal regulation of families stands fundamentally at odds with the needs of families. Strong, stable, positive relationships are essential for both individuals and society to flourish, but from transportation policy to the criminal justice system, and from divorce rules to the child welfare system, the legal system makes it harder for parents to provide children with these kinds of relationships, exacerbating the growing inequality in America. Failure to Flourish contends that we must re-orient the legal system to help families avoid crises and, when conflicts arise, intervene in a manner that heals relationships. To understand how wrong our family law system has gone and what we need to repair it, Failure to Flourish takes us from ancient Greece to cutting-edge psychological research, and from the chaotic corridors of local family courts to a quiet revolution under way in how services are provided to families in need. Incorporating the latest insights of positive psychology and social science research, the book sets forth a new, more emotionally intelligent vision for a legal system that not only resolves conflict but actively encourages the healthy relationships that are at the core of a stable society.

Minding Closely

Minding Closely ebook ISBN: 1559397438
Publisher: Shambhala Publications
Author: B. Alan Wallace
Number of Pages: 368 
File: minding-closely.pdf
Reads: 7933322


Bringing his experience as a monk, scientist, and contemplative, Alan Wallace offers a rich synthesis of Eastern and Western traditions along with a comprehensive range of meditation practices interwoven throughout the text. The guided meditations are systematically presented, beginning with very basic instructions, which are then gradually built upon as one gains increasing familiarity with the practice.

Psychosocial Aspects of Disability

Psychosocial Aspects of Disability ebook ISBN: 082610603X
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company
Author: Noreen M. Glover-Graf, RhD, CRC,Michael J. Millington, PhD, CRC
Number of Pages: 528 
File: psychosocial-aspects-of-disability.pdf
Reads: 6859229


"What a marvelous and amazing textbook. Drs. Marini, Glover-Graf and Millington have done a remarkable job in the design of this highly unique book, that comprehensively and very thoughtfully addresses the psychosocial aspects of the disability experience. These highly respected scholars have produced a major work that will be a central text in rehabilitation education for years to come." From the Foreword by Michael J. Leahy, Ph.D., LPC, CRC Office of Rehabilitation and Disability Studies Michigan State University "This is an excellent book, but the best parts are the stories of the disabled, which give readers insights into their struggles and triumphs." Score: 94, 4 Stars--Doody's Medical Reviews What are the differences between individuals with disabilities who flourish as opposed to those who never really adjust after a trauma? How are those born with a disability different from individuals who acquire one later in life? This is the first textbook about the psychosocial aspects of disability to provide students and practitioners of rehabilitation counseling with vivid insight into the experience of living with a disability. It features the first-person narratives of 16 people living with a variety of disabling conditions, which are integrated with sociological and societal perspectives toward disability, and strategies for counseling persons with disabilities. Using a minority model perspective to address disability, the book focuses on historical perspectives, cultural variants regarding disability, myths and misconceptions, the attitudes of special interest and occupational groups, the psychology of disability with a focus on positive psychology, and adjustments to disability by the individual and family. A wealth of counseling guidelines and useful strategies are geared specifically to individual disabilities. Key Features: Contains narratives of people living with blindness, hearing impairments, spinal cord injuries, muscular dystrophy, polio, mental illness, and other disabilities Provides counseling guidelines and strategies specifically geared toward specific disabilities, including "dos and don'ts" Includes psychological and sociological research relating to individual disabilities Discusses ongoing treatment issues and ethical dilemmas for rehabilitation counselors Presents thought-provoking discussion questions in each chapter Authored by prominent professor and researcher who became disabled as a young adult

The Wellness Syndrome

The Wellness Syndrome ebook ISBN: 0745688934
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Author: Carl Cederström,Andre Spicer
Number of Pages: 200 
File: the-wellness-syndrome.pdf
Reads: 4439885


Not exercising as much as you should? Counting your calories in your sleep? Feeling ashamed for not being happier? You may be a victim of the wellness syndrome. In this ground-breaking new book, Carl Cederström and André Spicer argue that the ever-present pressure to maximize our wellness has started to work against us, making us feel worse and provoking us to withdraw into ourselves. The Wellness Syndrome follows health freaks who go to extremes to find the perfect diet, corporate athletes who start the day with a dance party, and the self-trackers who monitor everything, including their own toilet habits. This is a world where feeling good has become indistinguishable from being good. Visions of social change have been reduced to dreams of individual transformation, political debate has been replaced by insipid moralising, and scientific evidence has been traded for new-age delusions. A lively and humorous diagnosis of the cult of wellness, this book is an indispensable guide for everyone suspicious of our relentless quest to be happier and healthier.

The Path to Phenomenal Health

The Path to Phenomenal Health ebook ISBN: 9780470739396
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Author: Sam Graci
Number of Pages: 226 
File: the-path-to-phenomenal-health.pdf
Reads: 4400268


A comprehensive and inspiring look at the keys to revamping your tired lifestyle. Sam offers his best tips for renewing, restoring, revitalizing and rejuvenating your life with his trademark personal style. This book will become the one title anyone needs to feel better needs, as it covers mind, body and spirit. Full of tips, lists and do-able suggestions as well as personal stories and experiences, The Path to Phenomenal Health is a great read, sure to help you get on the right track with your health, once and for all.