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Female Sexuality and Cultural Degradation in Enlightenment France

Female Sexuality and Cultural Degradation in Enlightenment France ebook ISBN: 1317135911
Publisher: Routledge
Author: Mary McAlpin
Number of Pages: 208 
File: female-sexuality-and-cultural-degradation-in-enlightenment-france.pdf
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In her study of eighteenth-century literature and medical treatises, Mary McAlpin takes up the widespread belief among cultural philosophers of the French Enlightenment that society was gravely endangered by the effects of hyper-civilization. McAlpin's study explores a strong thread in this rhetoric of decline: the belief that premature puberty in young urban girls, supposedly brought on by their exposure to lascivious images, titillating novels, and lewd conversations, was the source of an increasing moral and physical degeneration. In how-to hygiene books intended for parents, the medical community declared that the only cure for this obviously involuntary departure from the "natural" path of sexual development was the increased surveillance of young girls. As these treatises by vitalist and vitalist-inspired physiologists became increasingly common in the 1760s, McAlpin shows, so, too, did the presence of young, vulnerable, and virginal heroines in the era's novels. Analyzing novels by, among others, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Denis Diderot, and Choderlos de Laclos, she offers physiologically based readings of many of the period's most famous heroines within the context of an eighteenth-century discourse on women and heterosexual desire that broke with earlier periods in recasting female and male desire as qualitatively distinct. Her study persuasively argues that the Western view of women's sexuality as a mysterious, nebulous force-Freud's "dark continent"-has its secular origins in the mid-eighteenth century.

The Poetry of Jaroslav Seifert

The Poetry of Jaroslav Seifert ebook ISBN: 9780945774396
Publisher: Catbird Press
Author: Jaroslav Seifert
Number of Pages: 255 
File: the-poetry-of-jaroslav-seifert.pdf
Reads: 1270487


Poems celebrate the beauties of women, art, and the poet's Czech homeland

The Aleister Crowley Collection

The Aleister Crowley Collection ebook ISBN: 0359905722
Author: Aleister Crowley
Number of Pages: 420 
File: the-aleister-crowley-collection.pdf
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The Aleister Crowley Collection includes Crowley's seminal works The Book of the Law and The Book of Lies, as well as his esoteric, entertaining drug memoir, Diary of a Drug Fiend.

The Diary of a Drug Fiend

The Diary of a Drug Fiend ebook ISBN: 9781609255787
Publisher: Weiser Books
Author: Aleister Crowley
Number of Pages: 384 
File: the-diary-of-a-drug-fiend.pdf
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This is a true story... It is a terrible story; but it is also a story of hope and of beauty. Written by Aleister Crowley, Diary of a Drug Fiend tells the story of young Peter Pendragon and his lover Louise Laleham, and their adventures traveling through Europe in a cocaine and heroin haze. The bohemian couples’ binges produce visions and poetic prophecies, but when their supply inevitably runs dry they find themselves faced with the reality of their drug addiction. Through the guidance of King Lamus, a master adept, they use the application of practical Magick to free themselves from addiction. Released in as his first published novel in 1922 and dubbed “a book for burning” by the papers of the time, Diary of a Drug Fiend reveals the poet, the lover, and the profound adept that was Aleister Crowley.

The Selected Poetry of Jaroslav Seifert

The Selected Poetry of Jaroslav Seifert ebook ISBN:
Publisher: New York : Macmillan Publishing Company
Author: Jaroslav Seifert
Number of Pages: 194 
File: the-selected-poetry-of-jaroslav-seifert.pdf
Reads: 7843711


A lyrical anthology of poetry by the 1984 Nobel Prize winner presents English translations of poems distinguished by their luminous clarity, directness, unpretentious simplicity, and irony and includes selected passages from Seifert's memoirs

Working and Singing

Working and Singing ebook ISBN:
Author: Richard Sheldon Chadwick
Number of Pages: 188 
File: working-and-singing.pdf
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Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture

Studies in Eighteenth-Century Culture ebook ISBN: 9780801885983
Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press
Author: Jeffrey S. Ravel,Linda Zionkowski
Number of Pages: 312 
File: studies-in-eighteenth-century-culture.pdf
Reads: 3749087


Shteir, Flora primavera or Flora meretrix? Iconography, Gender, and ScienceKaren Melvin, A Potential Saint Thwarted: Religion and the Politics of Sanctity in Late-Eighteenth Century New Spain Margaret R. Ewalt, Christianity, Coca, and Commerce in the Peruvian MercuryHoward Irving, Haydn and the Politics of the Picturesque Richard Wittman, The Hut and the Altar: Architectural Origins and the Public Sphere in Eighteenth-Century France Göran Blix, The Occult Roots of Realism: Balzac, Mesmer, and Second Sight

Bitter Spirits

Bitter Spirits ebook ISBN: 1101636378
Publisher: Penguin
Author: Jenn Bennett
Number of Pages: 336 
File: bitter-spirits.pdf
Reads: 3874366


It’s the roaring twenties, and San Francisco is a hotbed of illegal boozing, raw lust, and black magic. The fog-covered Bay Area can be an intoxicating scene, particularly when you specialize in spirits… Aida Palmer performs a spirit medium show onstage at Chinatown’s illustrious Gris-Gris speakeasy. However, her ability to summon (and expel) the dead is more than just an act. Winter Magnusson is a notorious bootlegger who’s more comfortable with guns than ghosts—unfortunately for him, he’s the recent target of a malevolent hex that renders him a magnet for hauntings. After Aida’s supernatural assistance is enlisted to banish the ghosts, her spirit-chilled aura heats up as the charming bootlegger casts a different sort of spell on her... On the hunt for the curseworker responsible for the hex, Aida and Winter become drunk on passion. And the closer they become, the more they realize they have ghosts of their own to exorcise…

A Most Bitter Conclusion

A Most Bitter Conclusion ebook ISBN: 0557310989
Author: M.E. Robertson-Hoon
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: a-most-bitter-conclusion.pdf
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Festival ebook ISBN:
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: festival.pdf
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Toward a Philosophy of the Act

Toward a Philosophy of the Act ebook ISBN:
Author: M.M. Bakhtin,Mikhaïl Mikhaïlovitch Bakhtine,Michael Holquist
Number of Pages: 106 
File: toward-a-philosophy-of-the-act.pdf
Reads: 9177854


Toward a Philosophy of the Act contains the first occurrences of themes that occupied Bakhtin throughout his long career. The topics of authoring, responsibility, self and other, the moral significance of "outsideness," participatory thinking, the implications for the individual subject of having "no-alibi in existence," the relation between the world as experienced in actions and the world as represented in discourse - all are broached here in the white heat of discovery.

The Gift-Wrapped Groom

The Gift-Wrapped Groom ebook ISBN: 9780373165636
Publisher: Harlequin Books
Author: M. J. Rodgers
Number of Pages: 248 
File: the-gift-wrapped-groom.pdf
Reads: 6261838


The Gift-Wrapped Groom by M.J. Rodgers released on Oct 25, 1994 is available now for purchase.