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Black As Night

Black As Night ebook ISBN: 9780981931821
Publisher: Regina Doman
Author: Regina Doman
Number of Pages: 276 
File: black-as-night.pdf
Reads: 863318


Retelling of the story Snow White.

Black as Night

Black as Night ebook ISBN:
Author: Daniel D. Nern
Number of Pages: 261 
File: black-as-night.pdf
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Dark as Night

Dark as Night ebook ISBN: 9780972441230
Publisher: Uglytown Productions
Author: Mark T. Conard
Number of Pages: 285 
File: dark-as-night.pdf
Reads: 4618477


A man, trying to help his brother stay out of trouble, is drawn into the violent and unforgiving world of the Philadelphia mob in this noir thriller. Morris White is the sous-chef at a first-rate Philadelphia restaurant, Le Tour de Cochon. All he wants is to leave behind his past and open his own spot. His dream comes one step closer to reality when the affair he's having with Vicky Ward heats up. Not only is she the manager of the restaurant he's working at, she also comes from money and a privileged background. She wants to make his dream come true, and the only thing that could stop them from doing it together is the one thing Morris hasn't told her about: his half-brother, Vince Kramer, is about to get out of Graterford Prison. Morris is finding it harder and harder to escape his hometown roots, which unlike the crisp, white linens of La Tour, are black as hell and dark as night.

Black As Night

Black As Night ebook ISBN: 9781466386938
Author: Daniel Mckay
Number of Pages: 286 
File: black-as-night.pdf
Reads: 5487162


James Black, professional mage and monster hunter, is down on his luck. Fighting evil isn't nearly as profitable as you might think and he is fresh out of money for little luxuries like rent and food. So when his friend Sarah offers him a job looking for the elusive Sun Heart how can he say no? Unfortunately for James, he isn't the only one looking for the Sun Heart. In order to get paid he will have to deal with bloodthirsty vampires, treacherous werewolves and a seemingly unstoppable monster. All of which would be more than happy to go through your friendly neighbourhood augmentamancer to get what they want.

A Day as Dark as Night

A Day as Dark as Night ebook ISBN: 1612357393
Author: JT Adeline
Number of Pages: 134 
File: a-day-as-dark-as-night.pdf
Reads: 6624755


A Prophecy Is Written On a day as dark as night three will be born with powers that will surpass all others, with unique names to remind them of their passage. These three will be born of Dracula with traits as black as night, identical in face, but individual in appearance. The firstborn will be able to travel undetected; the second-born will be able to hear all but not be heard; the third-born will be able to detect danger from miles away. On the hour of the three's seventeenth birthday, only when the fourth with unknown and unsurpassed powers is linked, their powers, passed down from Dracula and Merlin, will combine to make them as one. A Quest Has Begun If you think being a teenager is hard, try being told you were born to stop immortality and save mankind. A Fight to Win Rove, Roam and Rune Gustavo, with the help of their friend Maya Stewart, find they have no choice but to race against time to find the fourth to fulfill their destiny. But do they have what it takes to beat the odds and win?

Black As Night

Black As Night ebook ISBN: 9781489563156
Author: M. C. Webb
Number of Pages: 410 
File: black-as-night.pdf
Reads: 7987405


sequel to “Fade to black”Black as NightbyM. C. WebbSex, Lies and Murder - all with good intentions. Book two is exciting with a touch of macabre full of sins of the worst kind yet human in nature.Piper has made a decision that she believes will save everyone, but will ultimately cost those she loves the most. Though the world has been tipped on its axis nothing is what it seems.As Ryan tries desperately to save his wife, death and betrayal show him no mercy as hard lessons of life turn the world black as night.

The American Musical Landscape

The American Musical Landscape ebook ISBN: 0520224825
Publisher: Univ of California Press
Author: Richard Crawford
Number of Pages: 381 
File: the-american-musical-landscape.pdf
Reads: 3230040


"This book reflects a breakthrough in American music studies, an unrecognized field among traditional musicologists until the past few decades, during which enormous progress has been made in documenting three centuries of American musical activities and figures. Time and effort had to be expended exclusively on the development of basic historical studies. The time has come for a new phase, one that can take a creative, interpretive approach. Professor Crawford's study will introduce this higher level of scholarship into the field of American music studies."—Vivian Perlis, author of Charles Ives Remembered "A major statement by a senior scholar on what American musicology is all about. . . These themes are also topical; they come at a time when much more research is being done in American music, but little thought is being given to the big picture, the vision, the philosophy, and the implications of historical research. Now is the time for a synthesis, and there are few scholars better equipped to do that in American music than Richard Crawford."—Michael Broyles, author of Music of the Highest Class

Black River

Black River ebook ISBN: 1483466817
Author: Algeania W. Freeman, PhD
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: black-river.pdf
Reads: 8809168


The Image of the Black in Jewish Culture

The Image of the Black in Jewish Culture ebook ISBN: 1135789827
Publisher: Routledge
Author: Abraham Melamed
Number of Pages: 304 
File: the-image-of-the-black-in-jewish-culture.pdf
Reads: 3254579


The evolving image of the Black in the history of Jewish culture is being traced here in the conceptual framework of recent post-modern theories of the 'other'. The study focuses on the mechanisms by which an ethno-religious minority group considered by the dominant majority to be the inferior 'other' identifies its own inferior other. While until recently most scholarly attention has been devoted to the attitudes towards the Jews as 'other', this is the first comprehensive discussion of the attitudes of the Jews to their own 'others'.

Le Chant du Diable

Le Chant du Diable ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Critic
Author: Frédérick RAPILLY
Number of Pages: 256 
File: le-chant-du-diable.pdf
Reads: 1448939


Sur une plage espagnole, une touriste hollandaise est découverte nue, choquée, incapable de parler, serrant entre ses mains une tête coupée... Le lendemain, en France, la rédaction du magazine Paris Flash reçoit une étrange vidéo : bâillonnée, une inconnue terrorisée est filmée en gros plan tandis que résonnent les cris de terreur d'une autre femme qui supplie qu'on l'achève. Missionnée par sa hiérarchie, la photographe Katie Jackson couvre l'affaire. Au même moment, à des milliers de kilomètres, en Thaïlande, son ancien collègue, le journaliste Marc Torkan, enquête sur le meurtre sauvage d'une escort-girl russe... Ces deux affaires sont-elles liées ? Pourquoi Marc Torkan se retrouve-t-il à chaque fois impliqué ? Et qui chasse qui ? Le Diable seul le sait...

The Cambridge Companion to the Harlem Renaissance

The Cambridge Companion to the Harlem Renaissance ebook ISBN: 9780521673686
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Author: George Hutchinson,George Evelyn Hutchinson
Number of Pages: 272 
File: the-cambridge-companion-to-the-harlem-renaissance.pdf
Reads: 6877906


The most comprehensive guide on the market to the key authors and works of the African American literary movement.


Maya ebook ISBN: 059532794X
Publisher: iUniverse
Author: Divya Sood
Number of Pages: 208 
File: maya.pdf
Reads: 156998


There were two souls. To test desire, the fire within us, they had to survive the taking of bodies, the parting of lifetimes, deaths and rebirths. This is the story of a warrior and an illusion and the love between them. When a young photographer rents a room in a small apartment from a half sane widow, both are unaware that they share a past. But time and fate allow them to take a journey through past lives and present desire that neither ever imagined. Maya is the story that allows us to keep believing in love, in magic, and most of all, in ourselves.

When You Say My Name Just Whisper

When You Say My Name Just Whisper ebook ISBN: 1493153455
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: JB Welzenbach
Number of Pages: 186 
File: when-you-say-my-name-just-whisper.pdf
Reads: 9649531


When you say my name Just Whisper is the first of a series of nonfiction works based on four worlds existing simultaneously intertwined through a series of windows. In this first book, Val Orr is thrust from the safety and security of his home into the world of Necturn where he learns how to use powers; but not fast enough to save his sister. He then follows his sisters killers through a window to the earth world where he almost loses his life. Look closely at the picture of Val Orr. This is a very real earth person. You may have gone to school with him, saw him in the Parks of Montana, or in Seattle, or played sports against him. At the end of the book, he has to leave the earth world as he fights for his life in the battle he fought.

Similes Dictionary

Similes Dictionary ebook ISBN: 1578594693
Publisher: Visible Ink Press
Author: Elyse Sommer
Number of Pages: 660 
File: similes-dictionary.pdf
Reads: 2711765


Whether it invokes hard work or merely a hen-house, a good simile is like a good picture—it's worth a thousand words. Packed with more than 16,000 imaginative, colorful phrases—from “abandoned as a used Kleenex” to “quiet as an eel swimming in oil”—the Similes Dictionary will help any politician, writer, or lover of language find just the right saying, be it original or banal, verbose or succinct. Your thoughts will never be "as tedious as a twice-told tale" or "dry as the Congressional Record." Choose from elegant turns of phrases “as useful as a Swiss army knife” and “varied as expressions of the human face”. Citing more than 2,000 sources—from the Bible, Socrates, Shakespeare, Mark Twain, and H. L. Mencken to popular movies, music, and television shows—the Similes Dictionary covers hundreds of subjects broken into thematic categories that include topics such as virtue, anger, age, ambition, importance, and youth, helping you find the fitting phrase quickly and easily. Perfect for setting the atmosphere, making a point, or helping spin a tale with economy, intelligence, and ingenuity, the vivid comparisons found in this collection will inspire anyone.

How I Shed My Skin

How I Shed My Skin ebook ISBN: 1616204931
Publisher: Algonquin Books
Author: Jim Grimsley
Number of Pages: 288 
File: how-i-shed-my-skin.pdf
Reads: 6382626


More than sixty years ago, the Supreme Court ruled in Brown v. Board of Education that America’s schools could no longer be segregated by race. Critically acclaimed novelist Jim Grimsley was eleven years old in 1966 when federally mandated integration of schools went into effect in the state and the school in his small eastern North Carolina town was first integrated. Until then, blacks and whites didn’t sit next to one another in a public space or eat in the same restaurants, and they certainly didn’t go to school together. Going to one of the private schools that almost immediately sprang up was not an option for Jim: his family was too poor to pay tuition, and while they shared the community’s dismay over the mixing of the races, they had no choice but to be on the front lines of his school’s desegregation. What he did not realize until he began to meet these new students was just how deeply ingrained his own prejudices were and how those prejudices had developed in him despite the fact that prior to starting sixth grade, he had actually never known any black people. Now, more than forty years later, Grimsley looks back at that school and those times--remembering his own first real encounters with black children and their culture. The result is a narrative both true and deeply moving. Jim takes readers into those classrooms and onto the playing fields as, ever so tentatively, alliances were forged and friendships established. And looking back from today’s perspective, he examines how far we have really come.

Kaleidoscope of Legends

Kaleidoscope of Legends ebook ISBN: 0595253407
Publisher: iUniverse
Author: Mary Dyer
Number of Pages: 198 
File: kaleidoscope-of-legends.pdf
Reads: 8479669


Rock'n roll désillusion

Rock'n roll désillusion ebook ISBN: 274815391X
Publisher: Editions Le Manuscrit
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: rock-n-roll-désillusion.pdf
Reads: 6353748


It Will Not Last the Night

It Will Not Last the Night ebook ISBN: 1847479383
Publisher: Chipmunkapublishing ltd
Author: Sid Prise
Number of Pages: 242 
File: it-will-not-last-the-night.pdf
Reads: 6930056


DescriptionThis novel takes place in the thrilling years of the Weimar Republic in Germany, a time when the first modern queer movements and feminist movements were converging with radical political movements of various stripes--from monarchism and fascism to socialism, communism, and anarchism. This story centers round two lovers, a working class young man named Theodor Priser who at first espouses Communism as a way to fight against the reaction of his times, and Katharina Von Rosen, a rich, beautiful flapper girl who answers with Anarchy, and embraces sexual freedom as essential to any social and political liberation. Katharina, who comes to have the nickname ""Katya,"" leads Theodor (whom she names ""Theo"") through his inhibitions to embrace anarchy, with all its sexual and spiritual freedom, and the two go on to form a nucleus of radicalism amongst their friends and comrades in the turbulent world of Weimar Berlin. They suffer many trials and tribulations over the years between 1922 and 1933, but come together at the end to deal a blow to the rising Nazi regime of Germany, one which erased and buried the glory of Weimar--though not for all time. In this novel, all the perverse and darkly celebratory beauty of the Lost Generation comes through, and a story is told that gives light to all that has been forgotten--the daring, the freedom, the craziness of the years between the First World War and the rise of Fascism in what was the most liberated city in all the world at that time--Weimar Berlin. About the AuthorSid Prise is a writer and activist born in 1972 in Chicago. Sid was diagnosed with Undifferentiated Schizophrenia in 1997, following a prolonged mental and emotional crisis culminating in hearing voices, which he deals with to this day. He has been writing seriously since 1994, and published his first novel, True Faith, in 2003. More of his writings are published online at He resides with his partner, Kathy, and their friends in a collective house in Chicago.

When True Night Falls

When True Night Falls ebook ISBN: 1405529792
Publisher: Hachette UK
Author: Celia Friedman
Number of Pages: 608 
File: when-true-night-falls.pdf
Reads: 5533675


Warrior priest Damien Vryce and immortal sorcerer Gerald Tarrant reunite in an uneasy alliance to combat an evil that threatens the delicate stability of life on Erna, where the mysterious force known as the fae conjures monsters from the stuff of dreams. This sequel to Black Sun Rising secures Friedman's reputation both as a gifted storyteller and an innovative creator. This sequel to Black Sun Rising secures Friedman's reputation both as a gifted storyteller and an innovative creator.