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The Black Cathedral

The Black Cathedral ebook ISBN: 0374719446
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Author: Marcial Gala
Number of Pages: 224 
File: the-black-cathedral.pdf
Reads: 8991995


Haunting and transcendently twisted, this English-language debut from a Cuban literary star is a tale of race, magic, belief, and fate The Stuart family moves to a marginal neighborhood of Cienfuegos, a city on the southern coast of Cuba. Arturo Stuart, a charismatic, visionary preacher, discovers soon after arriving that God has given him a mission: to build a temple that surpasses any before seen in Cuba, and to make of Cienfuegos a new Jerusalem. In a neighborhood that roils with passions and conflicts, at the foot of a cathedral that rises higher day by day, there grows a generation marked by violence, cruelty, and extreme selfishness. This generation will carry these traits beyond the borders of the neighborhood, the city, and the country, unable to escape the shadow of the unfinished cathedral. Told by a chorus of narrators—including gossips, gangsters, a ghost, and a serial killer—who flirt, lie, argue, and finish one another’s stories, Marcial Gala's The Black Cathedral is a darkly comic indictment of modern Cuba, gritty and realistic but laced with magic. It is a portrait of what remains when dreams of utopia have withered away.

The Black Church Studies Reader

The Black Church Studies Reader ebook ISBN: 1137534559
Publisher: Springer
Author: Alton B. Pollard,Carol B. Duncan
Number of Pages: 335 
File: the-black-church-studies-reader.pdf
Reads: 2299484


The Black Church Studies Reader addresses the depth and breadth of Black theological studies, from Biblical studies and ethics to homiletics and pastoral care. The book examines salient themes of social and religious significance such as gender, sexuality, race, social class, health care, and public policy. While the volume centers around African American experiences and studies, it also attends to broader African continental and Diasporan religious contexts. The contributors reflect an interdisciplinary blend of Black Church Studies scholars and practitioners from across the country. The text seeks to address the following fundamental questions: What constitutes Black Church Studies as a discipline or field of study? What is the significance of Black Church Studies for theological education? What is the relationship between Black Church Studies and the broader academic study of Black religions? What is the relationship between Black Church Studies and local congregations (as well as other faith-based entities)? The book's search for the answers to these questions is compelling and illuminating.

Black Bishop

Black Bishop ebook ISBN: 9780252026188
Publisher: University of Illinois Press
Author: Michael Jay Beary
Number of Pages: 305 
File: black-bishop.pdf
Reads: 8047518


The story of America's first black bishop and his struggle, against white apathy, lack of funds, and jurisdictional ambiguity, to rebuild the African-American component of the Episcopal Church in the context of a segregated church.

Black Sun Moon

Black Sun Moon ebook ISBN: 1775235017
Publisher: Dylan Doose
Author: Dylan Doose
Number of Pages: 338 
File: black-sun-moon.pdf
Reads: 2194472


In the beginning there was madness and there was death. A string of occult murders leads veteran holy-man-with-a-big-sword, Cullum Shrike, to Wardbrook, a treacherous place of pagan practices, corrupt leaders, and sinister sorcery. Cullum must purge his beliefs as he is forced to face the evil within, for when all light dies, only darkness can kill a shadow. New heroes join the fray. Are they friend or foe? Cullum Shrike, warrior priest of the holy Order of Seekers. Haunted by the ghosts of his failures, he clings to his faith even as treachery and insidious betrayal are revealed. Nyva, the witch, is bound to the black house on the hill. She is stronger than she could imagine, she just needs someone to unlock her latent power. An unlikely pair, but a pair they do make and when the dancing starts, they might just bring the house down. Don't miss this thrilling—and terrifying—stand-alone full-length novel in the dark and gritty Sword and Sorcery series! Read all the books in the Sword and Sorcery series: Fire and Sword (Volume 1) Catacombs of Time (Volume 2) I Remember My First Time (short story) The Pyres (Volume 3) Ice and Stone (Volume 4) As They Burn (Volume 5) Black Sun Moon (Volume 6) Embers on the Wind (Volume 7) Graves of the Gods (Volume 8)—Coming Soon!

White Church, Black Mountain

White Church, Black Mountain ebook ISBN: 1784628905
Publisher: Troubador Publishing Ltd
Author: Thomas Paul Burgess
Number of Pages: 200 
File: white-church-black-mountain.pdf
Reads: 9433619


What links a traumatic childhood secret with the murder of a high-ranking police officer and two young men facing terrorist death threats? In Belfast, Northern Ireland, the fragile Peace Process is still haunted by the crimes of the past. Truth and justice have become the currency through which victim and terrorist alike must purchase their closure regarding the conflict... When Detective Inspector Dan Watson of the Historical Enquiries Team enters an interview room for a routine consultation, he is astonished by the recognition of an eerily familiar face – Eban Barnard, the younger brother of his late partner and mentor Detective Superintendent Alex, who was brutally assassinated by the Provisional IRA twenty years earlier. What Dan learns in that room defies credulity and threatens to open up a Pandora’s Box of secrets that will unhinge the lives of all those involved – and endanger the very peace process itself. Based on actual events, and set against the backdrop of a society’s hunger for redemptive catharsis, White Church, Black Mountain is a tightly-constructed, fast-paced novel that follows the dysfunctional life of the misanthropic Eban as he traverses a generation of secrets and lies. Unlike many of the novels about ‘the troubles’ in Northern Ireland, White Church, Black Mountain is at the forefront of an emerging ‘post-conflict’ canon, considering the legacy of the conflict as it impacts upon those who seek to build a future in its aftermath. Exploring a panoply of themes – including prejudice, corruption, retribution and abiding grace – it will by enjoyed by fans of political thrillers. It can be read in conjunction with Burgess’ latest academic work, The Contested Identities of Ulster Protestants (Palgrave Macmillan).

Encyclopedia of African American Religions

Encyclopedia of African American Religions ebook ISBN: 1135513384
Publisher: Routledge
Author: Larry G. Murphy,J. Gordon Melton,Gary L. Ward
Number of Pages: 288 
File: encyclopedia-of-african-american-religions.pdf
Reads: 8028815


Preceded by three introductory essays and a chronology of major events in black religious history from 1618 to 1991, this A-Z encyclopedia includes three types of entries: * Biographical sketches of 773 African American religious leaders * 341 entries on African American denominations and religious organizations (including white churches with significant black memberships and educational institutions) * Topical articles on important aspects of African American religious life (e.g., African American Christians during the Colonial Era, Music in the African American Church)

Scenic Routes & Byways West Virginia

Scenic Routes & Byways West Virginia ebook ISBN: 0762795964
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
Author: Su Clauson-Wicker
Number of Pages: 208 
File: scenic-routes-byways-west-virginia.pdf
Reads: 4522976


Scenic Routes & Byways West Virginia features nearly twenty-five separate drives through the Mountain State, from rock ridges and gorges to springs, spas and rustic farms. An indispensable highway companion, Scenic Routes & Byways West Virginia includes route maps and in-depth descriptions of attractions.

Mandalas of the World

Mandalas of the World ebook ISBN: 9781402716225
Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.
Author: Rudiger Dahlke,Katharina von (ART) Martius
Number of Pages: 286 
File: mandalas-of-the-world.pdf
Reads: 9734749


Both beautiful and enlightening, these 100 mandalas are among the most significant in history, derived from nature and the world’s great spiritual traditions. With each mandala comes detailed background information, as well as a suggested meditation to use as you color it in. The patterns provided for your brush or ink markers include the rose window from a Gothic cathedral in Switzerland; the tenth tarot card, known as the Wheel of Destiny; the symbol that stands for T’ai Chi; and dozens more. Over and over again, through the mere act of looking and drawing, the magical circles and gorgeous designs will provide spiritual sustenance and pleasure.

The Religions of Canadians

The Religions of Canadians ebook ISBN: 1442605189
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
Author: Jamie S Scott
Number of Pages: 480 
File: the-religions-of-canadians.pdf
Reads: 6000736


The Religions of Canadians is a book about religions and the making of Canada. Drawing on the expert knowledge and personal insights of scholars in history, the social sciences, and the phenomenology of religion, separate chapters introduce the beliefs and practices of nine religious traditions, some mainstream, some less familiar. The opening chapter explores how Aboriginal Canadian traditions continue to thrive after centuries of oppression. Subsequent chapters follow in the footsteps of Catholic and Protestant Christians, Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Sikhs, and Baha'is as they have made their way to Canada, and reveal how different immigrant communities have adapted their rich religious heritages to a new life in a new land. Each chapter is divided into five sections: an introduction; a succinct overview of the tradition; its passage to and transformation in Canada; a close study of contemporary Canadian communities; and an afterword suggesting possibilities for future research. Chapters conclude with a list of important terms and dates, related websites, a concise bibliography of further readings, and key questions for reflection. The Religions of Canadians is a timely and unique contribution to the field, introducing readers to the religions of the world while simultaneously building an overall picture of the development of Canada's multicultural, pluralist society.

Freedom Time

Freedom Time ebook ISBN: 1421415216
Publisher: JHU Press
Author: Anthony Reed
Number of Pages: 280 
File: freedom-time.pdf
Reads: 748868


Standard literary criticism tends to either ignore or downplay the unorthodox tradition of black experimental writing that emerged in the wake of protests against colonization and Jim Crow–era segregation. Histories of African American literature likewise have a hard time accounting for the distinctiveness of experimental writing, which is part of a general shift in emphasis among black writers away from appeals for social recognition or raising consciousness. In Freedom Time, Anthony Reed offers a theoretical reading of "black experimental writing" that presents the term both as a profound literary development and as a concept for analyzing how writing challenges us to rethink the relationships between race and literary techniques. Through extended analyses of works by African American and Afro-Caribbean writers—including N. H. Pritchard, Suzan-Lori Parks, NourbeSe Philip, Kamau Brathwaite, Claudia Rankine, Douglas Kearney, Harryette Mullen, and Nathaniel Mackey—Reed develops a new sense of the literary politics of formally innovative writing and the connections between literature and politics since the 1960s. Freedom Time reclaims the power of experimental black voices by arguing that readers and critics must see them as more than a mere reflection of the politics of social protest and identity formation. With an approach informed by literary, cultural, African American, and feminist studies, Reed shows how reworking literary materials and conventions liberates writers to push the limits of representation and expression.

The Warning of What I Feel Now

The Warning of What I Feel Now ebook ISBN: 0595156797
Publisher: iUniverse
Author: George Michael Metivier,Karen Riley
Number of Pages: 152 
File: the-warning-of-what-i-feel-now.pdf
Reads: 8250549


We all live and die in a world that is built upon feeling and emotion, but all too often we hide them and even categorize them as those being uniquely female or uniquely male. This book, simply, conveys the sentiments we all share. These poems attempt to share and show the feelings, sensations and passions that all humans have and that they are not exclusive.

Galactic Pot-Healer

Galactic Pot-Healer ebook ISBN: 0547999542
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Author: Philip K. Dick
Number of Pages: 192 
File: galactic-pot-healer.pdf
Reads: 2683037


A powerful and enigmatic alien recruits humans and aliens to help it restore a sunken cathedral in this touching and hilarious novel. Sometimes even gods need help. In Galactic Pot-Healer that god is an alien creature known as The Glimmung, which looks alternately like a flaming wheel, a teenage girl, and a swirling mass of ocean life. In order to raise a sunken city, he summons beings from across the galaxy to Plowman’s Planet. Joe Fernwright is one of those summoned, needed for his skills at pot-healing—repairing broken ceramics. But from the moment Joe arrives on Plowman’s Planet, things start to go awry. Told as only Philip K. Dick can, Galactic Pot-Healer is a wildly funny tale of aliens, gods, and ceramics.

Hold Tight Gently

Hold Tight Gently ebook ISBN: 1595589651
Publisher: New Press, The
Author: Martin Duberman
Number of Pages: 368 
File: hold-tight-gently.pdf
Reads: 5560559


In December 1995, the FDA approved the release of protease inhibitors, the first effective treatment for AIDS. For countless people, the drug offered a reprieve from what had been a death sentence; for others, it was too late. In the United States alone, over 318,000 people had already died from AIDS-related complications—among them the singer Michael Callen and the poet Essex Hemphill. Meticulously researched and evocatively told, Hold Tight Gently is the celebrated historian Martin Duberman’s poignant memorial to those lost to AIDS and to two of the great unsung heroes of the early years of the epidemic. Callen, a white gay Midwesterner who had moved to New York, became a leading figure in the movement to increase awareness of AIDS in the face of willful and homophobic denial under the Reagan administration; Hemphill, an African American gay man, contributed to the black gay and lesbian scene in Washington, D.C., with poetry of searing intensity and introspection. A profound exploration of the intersection of race, sexuality, class, identity, and the politics of AIDS activism beyond ACT UP, Hold Tight Gently captures both a generation struggling to cope with the deadly disease and the extraordinary refusal of two men to give in to despair.

A Grey Moon Over China

A Grey Moon Over China ebook ISBN: 9781429969741
Publisher: Macmillan
Author: Thomas A. Day
Number of Pages: 416 
File: a-grey-moon-over-china.pdf
Reads: 4250411


Army engineer Eduardo Torres is caught up in the world's raging oil wars when he stumbles onto the plans for a quantum-energy battery. This remarkable device could slow civilization's inevitable descent into environmental disaster, but Torres has other plans. Forming a private army, he uses the device to revive an abandoned space colonization effort in an ambitious campaign to lead humanity to a new life in a distant solar system. The massive endeavor faces many challenges before the fleet finally embarks for the Holzstein System many light-years away. But even as the feuding colonists struggle to carve out homes on alien worlds, they discover that they have not left their old conflicts and inner demons behind. Nor are they alone on this new frontier. Awaiting them are inhuman beings who strike without warning or explanation--and who may spell the end of humanity's last hope. Epic in scope, yet filled with searing human drama and emotion, A Grey Moon Over China is a monumental science fiction saga by an amazing new talent. Its original publication by Black Heron Press was named one of the "Best Books of 2006" by Kirkus Reviews. At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

A Whosoever Church

A Whosoever Church ebook ISBN: 9780664222802
Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press
Author: Gary David Comstock
Number of Pages: 296 
File: a-whosoever-church.pdf
Reads: 2084227


This book features interviews with twenty black scholars and religious leaders who speak out--from various theological perspectives--against institutional prejudice toward gay and lesbian people. The interviews are conducted in a conversational format in language that will be accessible and interesting to lay readers.

The Black Death, 1346-1353

The Black Death, 1346-1353 ebook ISBN: 1843832143
Publisher: Boydell Press
Author: Ole Jørgen Benedictow
Number of Pages: 433 
File: the-black-death-1346-1353.pdf
Reads: 9598168


The first paperback edition of this unique and shocking guide to the Black Death in Europe.