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Black Tar

Black Tar ebook ISBN: 9781979270250
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Author: Stephen E. Crockett
Number of Pages: 286 
File: black-tar.pdf
Reads: 9066257


Black Tar is an autobiographical look at the use of black tar heroin and the toll it takes on the addict and his surroundings. It is written from an addict's perspective and details the day to day existence of one junkie as he lives from fix to fix and watches as his life spirals into uncontrollable drug addiction. From alcoholism, pills, and cocaine to black tar heroin. His attempts to free himself and live a sober life are always half-hearted at best and so his casual drug use spirals from a clean life, with a job and the hope of a family to a heroin addict; homeless, living hand to mouth - unemployed and desperate on the streets. In this smack tinted world, the extremes for a junkie are simple: Heroin abuse and death by overdose. This book deals with drug abuse and drug addiction. Especially Black Tar heroin. Also known as smack, junk, boy, and girl. It also deals with heroin withdrawal and follows our main man as he suffers through his share of both. Ultimately he finds himself dangling between the heroin that will kill him and sobriety.

Black Tar Mormon

Black Tar Mormon ebook ISBN: 1387060732
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
Author: Dan Workman
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: black-tar-mormon.pdf
Reads: 5472204


I want to tell you how I ruined my name as a man and then built it into something stronger from the rubble. This is for anyone who has looked at the ashes of their life, mixed them with tears to create mortar, and undergone the arduous construction of redemption. I'm going to tell you the uncensored and gritty truth about my time as a Mormon and a missionary, but this is not a book about Mormonism. I'm going to tell you the intimate details about my early experiences with love and lust, but this is not a relationship book. I'm going to give you the raw and dirty confessions about my time as a heroin addict, but this is not a book about drugs. I'm going to tell you about what it took for me to get comfortable in my own skin, but this is not a self-help book. The pages here will end. That's inevitable. But my story continues... just like yours. That is both the beautiful and terrifying responsibility of living life. Each day we are given a page. Each day we decide what our story will leave behind.


BLACK TAR GODDESS ebook ISBN: 1365578232
Author: Evelyn Trevino
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: black-tar-goddess.pdf
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Watcher in the Darkness

Watcher in the Darkness ebook ISBN: 9781304704245
Author: K.M. Spires
Number of Pages: 110 
File: watcher-in-the-darkness.pdf
Reads: 2413034


Some people struggle to stand apart. Some are just born weird. Toby knows what it means to be different. His father is vampire royalty. His human mother murdered her entire family. Not really a vampire, not really a mortal, Toby is all alone in the world. The only way he can become a Pure vampire is to find the Tepes Chalice then enlist the aid of a teenage necromancer. Sounds simple enough. Yeah. Sure. Toby's ex-girlfriend hid the Chalice thirty years earlier. The necromancer might be of more help, if the two of them could just stop arguing. On top of everything else, his mortal enemy has reemerged and a horde of wild vampires is rampaging through town. It's hard to imagine how things could get worse. Enter the Watchers. An underground organization that's declared eternal war on any threat against humanity, the Watchers are the bane of vampire-existence. Toby must root out the source of the vampire attacks before the Watchers target him and every other Disavowed vampire in the city.

Drugs in American Society: An Encyclopedia of History, Politics, Culture, and the Law [3 volumes]

Drugs in American Society: An Encyclopedia of History, Politics, Culture, and the Law [3 volumes] ebook ISBN: 1610695968
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
Author: Nancy E. Marion,Willard M. Oliver
Number of Pages: 1163 
File: drugs-in-american-society-an-encyclopedia-of-history-politics-culture-and-the-law-3-volumes.pdf
Reads: 2862261


Containing more than 450 entries, this easy-to-read encyclopedia provides concise information about the history of and recent trends in drug use and drug abuse in the United States—a societal problem with an estimated cost of $559 billion a year. • Contains more than 450 detailed entries on topics ranging from drugs themselves—such as alcohol, codeine, heroin, marijuana, and methamphetamines—to key individuals like Harry Anslinger to organizations such as the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) • Covers the latest developments in U.S. policies and public attitudes toward drugs and drug use • Provides citations with each entry to guide users to other valuable research resources • Features carefully selected primary documents—including excerpts from important laws, policies, and campaigns—that have shaped American drug policy over the decades

Jimmy Black's Tales from the Tar Heels

Jimmy Black's Tales from the Tar Heels ebook ISBN: 1582619824
Publisher: Sports Publishing LLC
Author: Jimmy Black,Scott Fowler
Number of Pages: 172 
File: jimmy-black-s-tales-from-the-tar-heels.pdf
Reads: 8946000


Through exclusive interviews with key players and coaches as well as his own personal insights, Black, the senior point guard and undisputed leader of the 1981-82 North Carolina national champion basketball team, celebrates the Tar Heels' most famous team. Photos.


Dreamland ebook ISBN: 1620402513
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
Author: Sam Quinones
Number of Pages: 384 
File: dreamland.pdf
Reads: 8264232


Winner of the NBCC Award for General Nonfiction Named on Amazon's Best Books of the Year 2015--Michael Botticelli, U.S. Drug Czar (Politico) Favorite Book of the Year--Angus Deaton, Nobel Prize Economics (Bloomberg/WSJ) Best Books of 2015--Matt Bevin, Governor of Kentucky (WSJ) Books of the's 10 Best Books of 2015--Entertainment Weekly's 10 Best Books of 2015 --Buzzfeed's 19 Best Nonfiction Books of 2015--The Daily Beast's Best Big Idea Books of 2015--Seattle Times' Best Books of 2015--Boston Globe's Best Books of 2015--St. Louis Post-Dispatch's Best Books of 2015--The Guardian's The Best Book We Read All Year--Audible's Best Books of 2015--Texas Observer's Five Books We Loved in 2015--Chicago Public Library's Best Nonfiction Books of 2015 From a small town in Mexico to the boardrooms of Big Pharma to main streets nationwide, an explosive and shocking account of addiction in the heartland of America. In 1929, in the blue-collar city of Portsmouth, Ohio, a company built a swimming pool the size of a football field; named Dreamland, it became the vital center of the community. Now, addiction has devastated Portsmouth, as it has hundreds of small rural towns and suburbs across America--addiction like no other the country has ever faced. How that happened is the riveting story of Dreamland. With a great reporter's narrative skill and the storytelling ability of a novelist, acclaimed journalist Sam Quinones weaves together two classic tales of capitalism run amok whose unintentional collision has been catastrophic. The unfettered prescribing of pain medications during the 1990s reached its peak in Purdue Pharma's campaign to market OxyContin, its new, expensive--extremely addictive--miracle painkiller. Meanwhile, a massive influx of black tar heroin--cheap, potent, and originating from one small county on Mexico's west coast, independent of any drug cartel--assaulted small town and mid-sized cities across the country, driven by a brilliant, almost unbeatable marketing and distribution system. Together these phenomena continue to lay waste to communities from Tennessee to Oregon, Indiana to New Mexico. Introducing a memorable cast of characters--pharma pioneers, young Mexican entrepreneurs, narcotics investigators, survivors, and parents--Quinones shows how these tales fit together. Dreamland is a revelatory account of the corrosive threat facing America and its heartland.


BLACK BUBBLEGUM ebook ISBN: 1483669750
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: William A. Gonzalez
Number of Pages: 206 
File: black-bubblegum.pdf
Reads: 7427909


Black Bubble Gum is written primarily for people who live in inner city communities. The purpose behind writing a book with this kind of context is simply to inspire people in ghettos across the world,and to show that written art can be created out of any life circumstance. William A. Gonzalez writes pieces like Black Bubble Gum, which paints a bloody scene from the view of a piece of bubble gum stuck onto a public sidewalk. This book includes authentic poetry biographies that replace generations of generic stanzas with soul driven pieces for people who have lost their lives to public street violence. It also includes inspirational poems for youth and unity pieces for future humanity. The splattering of ink on this book finishes with a section filled with a variety of quotes. “Black Bubble Gum penetrates souls with a new flavor of written literature.”

Black Bazaar

Black Bazaar ebook ISBN: 9789064505126
Publisher: 010 Publishers
Author: Ineke Hans,Ed van Hinte
Number of Pages: 144 
File: black-bazaar.pdf
Reads: 7743034


The work of industrial designer Ineke Hans presented in a (black) setting. 'No colour is just a colour, especially back'.

L'Exécuteur 308 : Opération Oiseau Noir + Requiem pour Mazepa

L'Exécuteur 308 : Opération Oiseau Noir + Requiem pour Mazepa ebook ISBN: 2744318647
Publisher: Exécuteur
Author: Don Pendleton
Number of Pages: 224 
File: l-exécuteur-308-opération-oiseau-noir-requiem-pour-mazepa.pdf
Reads: 9004723


Les trafiquants de tous bords de la frontière mexicaine n'ont qu'à bien se tenir : Mack Bolan, cette fois sous converture et en équipe avec un flic des frontières, entreprend ni plus ni moins que de démanteler les réseaux de trafic de chair humaine, ces passeurs sans scrupules qui promettent à de pauvres Mexicains la fortune au bout du chemin et ne leur donnent que désespoir, ou mort.


Botulism ebook ISBN: 9780823941971
Publisher: The Rosen Publishing Group, Inc
Author: Maxine Rosaler
Number of Pages: 64 
File: botulism.pdf
Reads: 4832641


Discusses botulism, examining how one gets it, how to treat it, and its symptoms.

Mild to Moderate Psoriasis, Third Edition

Mild to Moderate Psoriasis, Third Edition ebook ISBN: 1482215098
Publisher: CRC Press
Author: John Y. M. Koo,Ethan C. Levin,Argentina Leon,Jashin J. Wu,Mark G. Lebwohl
Number of Pages: 233 
File: mild-to-moderate-psoriasis-third-edition.pdf
Reads: 6182933


Using a practical and problem-focused approach, this updated, full-color Third Edition of Mild-to-Moderate Psoriasis equips dermatologists, internists, family practitioners, and residents with a state-of-the-art guide to the clinical management of mild-to-moderate psoriasis.Written by an international team of key opinion leaders, this resource explores new developments in treatments for the condition and provides clinicians with up-to-date strategies for optimal patient management.

Sex Trafficking

Sex Trafficking ebook ISBN: 0826171168
Publisher: Springer Publishing Company
Author: Mary De Chesnay, PhD, RN, PMHCNS-BC, FAAN
Number of Pages: 400 
File: sex-trafficking.pdf
Reads: 7120757


Awarded third place in the 2013 AJN Book of the Year Awards in the Community-Public Health category "[A]n indispensable volume for nurse educators to use to help to inform new generations of nurses about the topic of sex trafficking...What is striking about this book is its readability. It draws the reader into the chapters with its engaging scenarios and pertinent information... A highly readable guide to sex trafficking for U.S. nurses and other health care professionals." -- Journal of Transcultural Nursing "This is a valuable resource for emergency departments everywhere! It is the gold standard for information about this topic."--Doody's Medical Reviews "This excellent text puts forensic nurses in an excellent position to make an impact one of the 27 million people who are victims, just in the United States, of sex trafficking crimes. It is incumbent on the forensic community to take a stand and lead a charge in first learning about and then putting into action a plan to give a voice to the victims, caring for them as our patients and developing a strategy to help end this crime. This book will help to create the awareness and passion that is needed to accomplish just that."--Forensic Nursing News The statistics are staggering: nearly 27 million people worldwide are currently victims of human trafficking, most frequently girls between the ages of 12 and 14. This is the first clinical guide to assessing and treating victims of sex trafficking, encompassing best practices and strategies for overcoming the severe barriers that this group presents. These barriers most notably include separating victims from their pimps/handlers who exert tight control over their lives, speech, and interactions with healthcare providers. At the heart of the book are consistently organized chapters addressing the major injuries, diseases and psychological traumas for which trafficked victims are likely to seek treatment. These chapters include a description of each condition, culturally based best practices for treatment, special considerations for male, female, and child victims, and expected outcomes. Citing the specialized circumstances of this population, the book discusses how to adapt current treatments to the special needs of these young victims. Additional features include case studies, short bullet points, and easy-to-follow recommendations. The book also discusses human trafficking as a global issue with particular attention to the United States. The guide describes the countrywide resources available for practitioners to learn about sex trafficking in the United States, focusing on Georgia as the only state to offer a comprehensive approach to sex trafficking and a model for the rest of the country. It also addresses health policy implications for practitioners and how to harness the support of law enforcement entities. Key Features: Provides best practices to date in a concise reference-style guide to medical and psychological assessment and treatment of sex trafficking victims Includes case studies and easy-to-follow practice recommendations Describes strategies on overcoming handlersí control over their victims Provides phone numbers and contact information by state or region regarding how to safely involve law enforcement

Birmingham and Midland Hardware District

Birmingham and Midland Hardware District ebook ISBN: 1136914854
Publisher: Routledge
Author: S. Timmins
Number of Pages: 740 
File: birmingham-and-midland-hardware-district.pdf
Reads: 8794639


First Published in 1967. Routledge is an imprint of Taylor & Francis, an informa company.

White Flight Black Butterfly

White Flight Black Butterfly ebook ISBN: 9781462839025
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Don S. Walker,Steven Craig Smith
Number of Pages: 153 
File: white-flight-black-butterfly.pdf
Reads: 1706336


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History of Soybeans and Soyfoods in Korea, and in Korean Cookbooks, Restaurants, and Korean Work with Soyfoods outside Korea

History of Soybeans and Soyfoods in Korea, and in Korean Cookbooks, Restaurants, and Korean Work with Soyfoods outside Korea ebook ISBN: 1928914667
Publisher: Soyinfo Center
Author: William Shurtleff,Akiko Aoyagi
Number of Pages: 759 
File: history-of-soybeans-and-soyfoods-in-korea-and-in-korean-cookbooks-restaurants-and-korean-work-with-soyfoods-outside-korea.pdf
Reads: 2772544


The world's most comprehensive, well documented, and well illustrated book on soy in Korea. With extensive index and 80 photographs and illustration. Free of charge in digital format on Google Books

Bittersweet Nightshade

Bittersweet Nightshade ebook ISBN: 1469108437
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Yew Baneberry
Number of Pages: 169 
File: bittersweet-nightshade.pdf
Reads: 6646495


Cheshire lived in a world of childhood fantasy. Books had fed her comfort through the rough years of adolescence. They had become her friends and companions. They comforted her in the darkest hour of the blackest night when no lullaby could hush the fear that crept up from the shadows. It was her upcoming graduation that made her realize that the world her books had created was crumbling. She would soon have to abandon the lyrical realm of fantasy, that fi lled her with hope, for the melancholy reality which dictated her future. Graduation was a funeral march. The only thing that Cheshire had to look forward to was the after party that her friend Seanna had coerced her into attending. Cheshire would rather have stayed home in the comfort of one of her paperback companions, but she would follow Seanna to the end of the world. That was the power Seanna held over her. It was at the party that Cheshires world took a turn into a realm of confusion, deception, and the painful struggle for survival. There she met Mario. Mario made her feel alive. He made her feel whole. She felt that she could handle the darkness of reality with him beside her. Mario would be the death of her. Cheshire had never suspected the journey that destiny had planned out for her. Thrown into a world of beauty, overshadowed by a dark sorceress, Cheshire must uncover the power that was given to her at birth. She must overcome her fears and self-doubt to free the world that she spent her entire life dreaming of. Cheshire never would have thought that, in death, she would have to fi ght to keep her dreams alive more than she ever fought to live.