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Black, White, and Indian

Black, White, and Indian ebook ISBN: 9780195313109
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
Author: Claudio Saunt
Number of Pages: 300 
File: black-white-and-indian.pdf
Reads: 3177336


This tells the story of a Native American family with a long kept secret: one branch is of African descent. Focusing on five generations from 1780 to 1920, Saunt shows how Indians disowned their black relatives to survive in the shadow of the expanding American republic.

Cabaret de curiosités - Black / White / Live Box

Cabaret de curiosités - Black / White / Live Box ebook ISBN: 2365300154
Author: Boris Charmatz,Gisèle Vienne,Frédéric Cherboeuf,Benjamin Dupé,Halory Goerger,Ange Leccia,Cyril Thomas,Claire Bishop,Christian Merlhiot,Pierre Bal-Blanc,Guillaume Désanges,Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster,Christian Rizzo,Rémy Héritier
Number of Pages: 120 
File: cabaret-de-curiosités-black-white-live-box.pdf
Reads: 7521269


La collection Cabarets de curiosités rassemble des textes, des portfolios et des documents d’artistes autour d’une thématique de la scène théâtrale contemporaine. Ce volume est consacré à l’héritage de la performance dans les arts de la scène et plus spécifiquement aux artistes qui considèrent l’espace du théâtre, le plateau, comme un nouveau lieu d’exposition. Inédit en français de Claire Bishop (extrait de Artificial Hells) ; textes de Boris Charmatz, Pierre Bal Blanc, Dorota Sajewska et Halory Goerger ; portfolios de Jacquie Bablet, Guillaume Désanges et Frédéric Cherboeuf, La Monnaie vivante ; entretiens avec Gisèle Vienne, Dominique Gonzalez Foester, Christian Rizzo, Ange Leccia, Benjamin Dupé, Christian Merlhiot, Rémy Héritier.

Black, White, and in Color

Black, White, and in Color ebook ISBN: 9780226769806
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
Author: Hortense J. Spillers
Number of Pages: 552 
File: black-white-and-in-color.pdf
Reads: 6548995


Black, White, and in Color offers a long-awaited collection of major essays by Hortense Spillers, one of the most influential and inspiring black critics of the past twenty years. Spanning her work from the early 1980s, in which she pioneered a broadly poststructuralist approach to African American literature, and extending through her turn to cultural studies in the 1990s, these essays display her passionate commitment to reading as a fundamentally political act-one pivotal to rewriting the humanist project. Spillers is best known for her race-centered revision of psychoanalytic theory and for her subtle account of the relationships between race and gender. She has also given literary criticism some of its most powerful readings of individual authors, represented here in seminal essays on Ralph Ellison, Gwendolyn Brooks, and William Faulkner. Ultimately, the essays collected in Black, White, and in Color all share Spillers's signature style: heady, eclectic, and astonishingly productive of new ideas. Anyone interested in African American culture and literature will want to read them.

Black, White and Grey

Black, White and Grey ebook ISBN: 9781919930954
Publisher: Juta and Company Ltd
Author: Franz Kruger,Franz Krüger
Number of Pages: 291 
File: black-white-and-grey.pdf
Reads: 6078744


In South Africa, the debate about journalism ethics has taken particular turns in contemporary times. Issues of transformation and race have sparked heated debates in the profession. This book grew out of these discussions. It attempts to measure the traditional standards of journalism against the demands of a changing society.

Black-White Alliances

Black-White Alliances ebook ISBN:
Author: John Henrik Clarke
Number of Pages: 22 
File: black-white-alliances.pdf
Reads: 4018268


Black, White Or Mixed Race?

Black, White Or Mixed Race? ebook ISBN: 1134511396
Publisher: Routledge
Author: Ann Phoenix,Barbara Tizard
Number of Pages: 272 
File: black-white-or-mixed-race.pdf
Reads: 7533236


The number of people in racially mixed relationships has grown steadily over the last thirty years, yet these people often feel stigmatised and unhappy about their identities. The first edition of Black, White or Mixed Race? was a ground-breaking study: this revised edition uses new literature to consider what is now known about racialised identities and changes in the official use of 'mixed' categories. All new developments are placed in a historical framework and in the context of up-to-date literature on mixed parentage in Britain and the USA. Based on research with young people from a range of social backgrounds the book examines their attitudes to black and white people; their identity; their cultural origins; their friendships; their experiences of racism. This was the first study to concentrate on adolescents of black and white parentage and it continues to provide unique insights into their identities. It is a valuable resource for all those concerned with social work and policy.

Black, White, and Catholic

Black, White, and Catholic ebook ISBN: 9780826514837
Publisher: Vanderbilt University Press
Author: R. Bentley Anderson
Number of Pages: 292 
File: black-white-and-catholic.pdf
Reads: 246125


New Orleans Catholics and the early years of desegregation.

White on White/black on Black

White on White/black on Black ebook ISBN: 9780742514812
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
Author: George Yancy
Number of Pages: 318 
File: white-on-white-black-on-black.pdf
Reads: 1341830


White on White/Black on Black is a unique contribution to the philosophy of race. The book explores how fourteen philosophers, seven white and seven black, philosophically understand the dynamics of the process of racialization. Combined, the contributions demonstrate different and similar conceptual trajectories of raced identities that emerge from within and across the racial divide. Each of the fourteen philosophers, who share a textual space of exploration, name blackness/whiteness, revealing significant political, cultural, and existential aspects of what it means to be black/white. Through the power of naming and theorizing whiteness and blackness, White on White/Black on Black dares to bring clarity and complexity to our understanding of race identity.

An Anthology of Interracial Literature

An Anthology of Interracial Literature ebook ISBN: 0814781438
Publisher: NYU Press
Author: Werner Sollors
Number of Pages: 675 
File: an-anthology-of-interracial-literature.pdf
Reads: 2844089


On the eve of the Civil War, the Irish were one of America's largest ethnic groups, and approximately 150,000 fought for the Union. Analyzing letters and diaries written by soldiers and civilians; military, church, and diplomatic records; and community newspapers, Susannah Ural Bruce significantly expands the story of Irish-American Catholics in the Civil War, and reveals a complex picture of those who fought for the Union. While the population was diverse, many Irish Americans had dual loyalties to the U.S. and Ireland, which influenced their decisions to volunteer, fight, or end their military service. When the Union cause supported their interests in Ireland and America, large numbers of Irish Americans enlisted. However, as the war progressed, the Emancipation Proclamation, federal draft, and sharp rise in casualties caused Irish Americans to question—and sometimes abandon—the war effort because they viewed such changes as detrimental to their families and futures in America and Ireland. By recognizing these competing and often fluid loyalties, The Harp and the Eagle sheds new light on the relationship between Irish-American volunteers and the Union Army, and how the Irish made sense of both the Civil War and their loyalty to the United States.

"Black, White, Or Indifferent"

Author: Susan E. Dollar
Number of Pages: 496 
File: black-white-or-indifferent.pdf
Reads: 606810


Examines the development of a separate Creole identity in the community of Isle Brevelle, Natchitoches Parish, Louisiana.

Black, White and Gold

Black, White and Gold ebook ISBN: 1921934344
Publisher: ANU Press
Author: Hank Nelson
Number of Pages: 298 
File: black-white-and-gold.pdf
Reads: 7736465


Australian goldminers were among the first white men to have sustained contact with Papua New Guineans. Some Papua New Guineans welcomed them, worked for them, traded with them and learnt their skills and soon were mining on their own account. Others met them with hostility, either by direct confrontation or by stealthy ambush. Many of the indigenous people and some miners were killed. The miners were dependent on the local people for labourers, guides, producers of food and women. Some women lived willingly in the miners’ camps, a few were legally married, and some were raped. Working conditions for Papua New Guineans on the claims were mixed; some being well treated by the miners, others being poorly housed and fed, ill-treated, and subject to devastating epidemics. Conditions were rough, not only for them but for the diggers too. This book, republished in its original format, shows the differences in the experience of various Papua New Guinean communities which encountered the miners and tries to explain these differences. It is a graphic description of what happens when people from vastly different cultures meet. The author has drawn on documentary sources and interviews with the local people to produce, for the first time, a lively history.

Ruled by Race

Ruled by Race ebook ISBN: 9781610753562
Publisher: University of Arkansas Press
Author: Grif Stockley
Number of Pages: 529 
File: ruled-by-race.pdf
Reads: 1546760


From the Civil War to Reconstruction, the Redeemer period, Jim Crow, and the modern civil rights era to the present, Ruled by Race describes the ways that race has been at the center of much of the state’s formation and image since its founding. Grif Stockley uses the work of published and unpublished historians and exhaustive primary source materials along with stories from authors as diverse as Maya Angelou and E. Lynn Harris to bring to life the voices of those who have both studied and lived the racial experience in Arkansas.

Black/White Writing

Black/White Writing ebook ISBN: 9780838752623
Publisher: Bucknell University Press
Author: Pauline Fletcher
Number of Pages: 155 
File: black-white-writing.pdf
Reads: 1292172


"It is the fate of South African literature to be political. For better or worse, South African writers, some of whom have now acquired international reputations, have been held hostage to apartheid, which has imposed its own brutal and limiting categories even on those who oppose it. Nevertheless, as Black/White Writing: Essays on South African Literature demonstrates, writers of talent have found extraordinarily diverse and creative ways of dealing with the constraints of their historical condition." "In the opening essay Nadine Gordimer attempts to answer the question "For whom do you write?" As a politically committed writer, Gordimer would no doubt like to be read by the oppressed people whose cause she has always championed, but she is forced to recognize that South African realities render illusory the cherished concept of the universality of literature." "Gordimer's novels are discussed in three of the articles that follow. Nancy Bazin shows how, in dealing with the theme of interracial sex, Gordimer has become increasingly aware of the silent and largely ignored black woman who forms the third point of the love triangle. Pauline Fletcher argues that behind the political stance of Gordimer's novels lies a distrust of the abstractions of even the most enlightened politics; her subtext celebrates the truth of the body. Nicholas Visser places Gordimer's July's People in its historical context and compares it with other novels of future projection by Karel Schoeman and J. M. Coetzee." "Visser's overtly political and historicist study is contrasted by Sarah Heider's essay on Coetzee's Life and Times of Michael K. It is perhaps fitting that Coetzee, who has expressed distaste for the fate of being a South African writer, should receive attention from a critic who, while ignoring the historical context of the novel, demonstrates K's rejection of all attempts to convert his story into the accepted currencies of the social system." "Many black women writers from South Africa have also attempted to resist the political imperatives imposed upon writers by apartheid. Their work has in consequence often been called apolitical, and it is only recently that it has been given the consideration it deserves. Elizabeth Taylor examines the often problematical relationship between tradition and the black writer in her discussion of the ways in which black women have had to negotiate between their desire to preserve cultural continuity and their need to resist much in their inherited culture that is oppressive for women. For writers of mixed race the relation to tradition is even more problematical, perhaps accounting for the fact that both Bessie Head and Zoe Wicomb went into voluntary exile. Their work does not fall into the category of anti-apartheid writing, but (as Carol Sicherman and Isabella Matsikidze show) it does have a political dimension and it points in the direction that fiction might take in a post-apartheid South Africa." "The volume closes with an essay by Gerald Monsman that takes the reader back to an earlier South Africa, examining Olive Schreiner's writing in the broader context of other stories from an imperialist past." "Two poems by Dennis Brutus open the volume. They speak eloquently of human suffering and the desire for peace."--BOOK JACKET.Title Summary field provided by Blackwell North America, Inc. All Rights Reserved

Black/white Sex

Black/white Sex ebook ISBN:
Author: Grace Halsell
Number of Pages: 222 
File: black-white-sex.pdf
Reads: 2335863


Black, White, and in Color

Black, White, and in Color ebook ISBN: 0691186375
Publisher: Princeton University Press
Author: Sasha Torres
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: black-white-and-in-color.pdf
Reads: 6540367


This book examines the representation of blackness on television at the height of the southern civil rights movement and again in the aftermath of the Reagan-Bush years. In the process, it looks carefully at how television's ideological projects with respect to race have supported or conflicted with the industry's incentive to maximize profits or consolidate power. Sasha Torres examines the complex relations between the television industry and the civil rights movement as a knot of overlapping interests. She argues that television coverage of the civil rights movement during 1955-1965 encouraged viewers to identify with black protestors and against white police, including such infamous villains as Birmingham's Bull Connor and Selma's Jim Clark. Torres then argues that television of the 1990s encouraged viewers to identify with police against putatively criminal blacks, even in its dramatizations of police brutality. Torres's pioneering analysis makes distinctive contributions to its fields. It challenges television scholars to consider the historical centrality of race to the constitution of the medium's genres, visual conventions, and industrial structures. And it displaces the analytical focus on stereotypes that has hamstrung assessments of television's depiction of African Americans, concentrating instead on the ways in which African Americans and their political collectives have actively shaped that depiction to advance civil rights causes. This book also challenges African American studies to pay closer and better attention to television's ongoing role in the organization and disorganization of U.S. racial politics.

Black, White, and Chrome

Black, White, and Chrome ebook ISBN: 9780865437913
Author: Andrew DeRoche
Number of Pages: 378 
File: black-white-and-chrome.pdf
Reads: 4773742


Survival: Black/White

Survival: Black/White ebook ISBN: 148314609X
Publisher: Elsevier
Author: Florence Halpern
Number of Pages: 250 
File: survival-black-white.pdf
Reads: 5291312


Survival: Black/White is a book about African-American people (regarded as ""black people"" in this book) from a perspective of the author who regarded himself as ""white"" and is in close, sustained living with the ""black people"" of the rural south. Such kind of living enabled intimate participation in the everyday experience of the people. The book is organized into two parts. Part I describes the past conditions of the world of the African-Americans, detailing their child-rearing practices; adolescence and adulthood; intelligence and education; health; identification, identity and self-concept; and roles. Part II elaborates the changes that are taking place in the world of the African-Americans. This book will help other ""white people"" to ""feel and think black"".

Fade to Black and White

Fade to Black and White ebook ISBN: 0742565416
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Author: Erica Chito Childs
Number of Pages: 250 
File: fade-to-black-and-white.pdf
Reads: 9379549


There is no teasing apart what interracial couples think of themselves from what society shows them about themselves. Following on her earlier ground-breaking study of the social worlds of interracial couples, Erica Chito Childs considers the larger context of social messages, conveyed by the media, that inform how we think about love across the color line. Examining a range of media, from movies to music to the web, Fade to Black and White offers an informative and provocative account of how the perception of interracial sexuality as "deviant" has been transformed in the course of the 20th century and how race relations are understood today.

The Black-White Test Score Gap

The Black-White Test Score Gap ebook ISBN: 9780815746119
Publisher: Brookings Institution Press
Author: Christopher Jencks,Meredith Phillips
Number of Pages: 536 
File: the-black-white-test-score-gap.pdf
Reads: 2805572


The test score gap between blacks and whites--on vocabulary, reading, and math tests, as well as on tests that claim to measure scholastic aptitude and intelligence--is large enough to have far-reaching social and economic consequences. In their introduction to this book, Christopher Jencks and Meredith Phillips argue that eliminating the disparity would dramatically reduce economic and educational inequality between blacks and whites. Indeed, they think that closing the gap would do more to promote racial equality than any other strategy now under serious discussion. The book offers a comprehensive look at the factors that contribute to the test score gap and discusses options for substantially reducing it. Although significant attempts have been made over the past three decades to shrink the test score gap, including increased funding for predominantly black schools, desegregation of southern schools, and programs to alleviate poverty, the median black American still scores below 75 percent of American whites on most standardized tests. The book brings together recent evidence on some of the most controversial and puzzling aspects of the test score debate, including the role of test bias, heredity, and family background. It also looks at how and why the gap has changed over the past generation, reviews the educational, psychological, and cultural explanations for the gap, and analyzes its educational and economic consequences. The authors demonstrate that traditional explanations account for only a small part of the black-white test score gap. They argue that this is partly because traditional explanations have put too much emphasis on racial disparities in economic resources, both in homes and in schools, and on demographic factors like family structure. They say that successful theories will put more emphasis on psychological and cultural factors, such as the way black and white parents teach their children to deal with things they do not know or understand, and the way black and white children respond to the same classroom experiences. Finally, they call for large-scale experiments to determine the effects of schools' racial mix, class size, ability grouping, and other policies. In addition to the editors, the contributors include Claude Steele, Ronald Ferguson, William G. Bowen, Philip Cook, and William Julius Wilson.