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Les Sœurs de Blackwater

Les Sœurs de Blackwater ebook ISBN: 2843049482
Publisher: Zulma
Author: Alyson Hagy
Number of Pages: 240 
File: les-sœurs-de-blackwater.pdf
Reads: 6166269


Sorcière pour les uns, sainte pour les autres, elle seule sait encore lire, écrire, fabriquer de l’encre et du papier, et on vient de loin pour obtenir d’elle une lettre. Dans une Amérique balayée par d’étranges fièvres, des hordes de mercenaires et les Indésirables, elle a su garder sa ferme, fidèle à la mémoire de sa sœur. Mais l’arrivée de Mr Hendricks met fin à ce fragile équilibre. Son étrange magnétisme libère en elle tous les fantômes, l’entraînant dans un voyage bien au-delà de la rivière de Blackwater, sur les terres du tout-puissant Billy Kingery... Les Sœurs de Blackwater est une ode magistrale et envoûtante au pouvoir des mots – seule arme et seul remède dans le monde dystopique d’Alyson Hagy.

La mariée de Blackwater Lake - L'étreinte d'un cow-boy

La mariée de Blackwater Lake - L'étreinte d'un cow-boy ebook ISBN: 2280337479
Publisher: Harlequin
Author: Teresa Southwick,Brenda Harlen
Number of Pages: 384 
File: la-mariée-de-blackwater-lake-l-étreinte-d-un-cow-boy.pdf
Reads: 5255482


La mariée de Blackwater Lake, Teresa Southwick Une mariée en fuite : Cabot Dixon n’a jamais rien vu de plus étrange à Blackwater Lake. Ni de plus joli. Alors, quand la jeune femme lui dit chercher du travail, il lui propose un poste dans son ranch perdu au milieu des montagnes. Et c’est une chance que Kate saisit avec enthousiasme. Dans ce coin du Montana où personne ne la connaît, elle va pouvoir se ressourcer. Mais, pour cela, il lui faut d’abord faire taire les émotions bouleversantes qu’elle ressent en présence de Cabot et de son petit garçon... L’étreinte d’un cow-boy, Brenda Harlen « Nous allons nous marier. » A ces mots, Maggie se fige. Si elle est venue à Rust Creek Falls, c’est pour annoncer à Jesse Crawford qu’elle attend un enfant de lui, et certainement pas pour l’entendre lui demander sa main. Certes, elle n’est pas étonnée que Jesse veuille prendre ses responsabilités, mais un mariage ? Comment peut-il seulement l’envisager, alors qu’ils sont si différents l’un de l’autre – elle, l’avocate hollywoodienne, et lui, le cow-boy ténébreux ? Aussi stupéfaite que troublée, Maggie comprend vite que Jesse n’est hélas pas le genre d’homme à accepter un refus...

Blackwater Mine

Blackwater Mine ebook ISBN: 9780748759279
Publisher: Nelson Thornes
Author: John Parsons
Number of Pages: 32 
File: blackwater-mine.pdf
Reads: 4034484


Bookwise is a carefully graded reading scheme organized into five cross-curricular strands, encouraging links to other subjects. Comprising 16 fiction and ten non-fiction titles, the 25 books at each level span a two-year reading age and the three-tier levelling system within each level facilitates an accurate match of reading ability and text. The full-colour readers are accompanied by teacher's guides and resource sheets to help teachers get the most out of their guided reading and writing sessions.


Blackwater ebook ISBN: 1847654789
Publisher: Profile Books
Author: Jeremy Scahill
Number of Pages: 956 
File: blackwater.pdf
Reads: 8270409


Meet Blackwater USA, the private army that the US government has quietly hired to operate in international war zones and on American soil. Its contacts run from military and intelligence agencies to the upper echelons of the White House; it has a military base, a fleet of aircraft and 20,000 troops, but since September 2007 the firm has been hit by a series of scandals that, far from damaging the company, have led to an unprecedented period of expansion. This revised and updated edition includes Scahill's continued investigative work into one of the outrages of our time: the privatisation of war.

Joint Audit of Blackwater Contract and Task Orders for Worldwide Personal Protective Services in Iraq

Joint Audit of Blackwater Contract and Task Orders for Worldwide Personal Protective Services in Iraq ebook ISBN: 1437928250
Publisher: DIANE Publishing
Author: Harold W. Geisel
Number of Pages: 59 
File: joint-audit-of-blackwater-contract-and-task-orders-for-worldwide-personal-protective-services-in-iraq.pdf
Reads: 3691412


The Dept. of State, Bureau of Diplomatic Security (DS), is responsible for protecting personnel, facilities, and info. ¿ both domestic and abroad. Over the years, DS has been unable to provide long-term personal protective services solely from its pool of special agents, and it has turned to contractual support. This report focuses on the Blackwater contract in Iraq and associated task orders. This audit addressed four objectives: 1. What was the contracting process? 2. What were the key requirements and provisions of the contract and task orders? 3. What are the costs and funding sources of the contract and task orders? 4. How did the Dept. administer the contract and task orders to provide proper oversight of Blackwater¿s cost and performance in Iraq?

Summary: Blackwater

Summary: Blackwater ebook ISBN: 2511000229
Publisher: Primento
Author: BusinessNews Publishing
Number of Pages: 44 
File: summary-blackwater.pdf
Reads: 4284788


The must-read summary of Jeremy Scahill's book: “Blackwater: The Rise of the World’s Most Powerful Mercenary Army”. This complete summary of "Blackwater" by Jeremy Scahill, an award-winning bestseller, presents his insight on the powerful private American army operating in international war zones. It is the explosive story of a company who came from rural America to become one of the most powerful participants in the Iraq War. Added-value of this summary: • Save time • Discover the surprising story of an unlikely player in the Iraq War • Expand your knowledge of American politics and warfare To learn more, read "Blackwater" and discover the fascinating story of a small mercenary army's rise to power.


Blackwater ebook ISBN: 1446484432
Publisher: Random House
Author: Kerstin Ekman
Number of Pages: 448 
File: blackwater.pdf
Reads: 4942861


Startling in its revelations, disturbing in its implications - a thriller of gripping intensity and immense literary power. Two violent deaths in the Swedish wilderness; the hurried flight of a sinister stranger: terrible events long buried in Annie Raft's memory - until she sees her daughter in the arms of the man she believes responsible for the killings...


Blackwater ebook ISBN: 1463670273
Publisher: Bad Rabbit Publications
Author: C.D. Blizzard
Number of Pages: 296 
File: blackwater.pdf
Reads: 9917132


Swamps, alligators, deadly snakes. Illegal fishing, bad booze, and a river they called Blackwater. It's a place where a boy can dream.... The summer of 1965. That's the year Mikey would never forget. It was the year he became a man. He'd been ten-years-old when Uncle Cotton finally managed to convince Mikey's overprotective mother that what her little sissy-boy son needed was to spend the summer with a real man. Mikey was all too eager to comply. In their small Florida community, Cotton's penchant for wildness had made him a celebrity, and there was nothing in the world Mikey wanted more than to get close to all that craziness and experience it for himself. Under the tutelage of this local legend, Mikey steps into a world filled with the sort of adventure he'd only imagined. But, by summer's end, the innocence of youth is tarnished when a single chilling act shatters the boy's idealistic view of his uncle. (Full length novel, 85,000 words, 400 page paperback.) "Wildest ride with the biggest kick in the ass." 1965, Alligators, Booze, Coming of Age, Florida, Snakes, Swamp

Blackwater Draw

Blackwater Draw ebook ISBN: 1611391113
Publisher: Sunstone Press
Author: David S. Turk
Number of Pages: 156 
File: blackwater-draw.pdf
Reads: 2662340


On March 9, 1878, three men were murdered in isolated Blackwater Canyon in New Mexico. The suspects were Billy the Kid and a number of his Regulators. This action, almost assuredly taken in retaliation for the death of the Kid’s friend, John Henry Tunstall, became the real catalyst in the Lincoln County War. In 2006, the author and a team of investigators searched for the remains of the men and related artifacts in the obscure canyon—the first to do so since the murders. The murders were reconstructed with the discovery of over thirty bullet cartridges. As part of the reconstruction of the crime, the author widens the scope of his investigation by examining the lives and paths of all three victims: William S. “Buck” Morton, a Virginian fleeing from his past; Frank Baker, a mystery man who hid his real name and shady career; and William McCloskey, an elderly cowboy who unsuccessfully attempted to play the peacemaker. The myths and accounts of the three men and their murders are analytically separated. Connective events where the paths of the participants intersected, such as the death of John Tunstall, are likewise examined. Legend and fact are separated in the case and its participants—both victims and suspects. Billy the Kid is justly portrayed as a human being wrought by conflicts. The Regulators and their opposition reveal character both good and bad. An investigative approach to this portion of the Billy the Kid saga corrects the record on some old assumptions and creates new avenues of insight and possibility.

Blackwater Creek

Blackwater Creek ebook ISBN: 146300382X
Publisher: BookCountry
Author: Donna R. Brown
Number of Pages: 1 
File: blackwater-creek.pdf
Reads: 6984839


Life in Blackwater, Texas has always worked for Ludie Blackwell. Small town life means being part of a loving circle of family and friends. She overcame the loss of both her parents when she was a small child and has always struggled with self-consciousness from her slightly visible birth defect and her unbearable shyness around those she doesn't know well. She has resigned herself to being unlikely to ever find love, but when a fiery blaze brings sophisticated businessman Eric Butler into town and right into her life, she finds herself reconsidering the possibilities. Balancing her time between her job as a waitress at the Ladybird Café and her new job in a candle-making shop, she finds time to appreciate the blessings in her life. When the delicate balance is upset by the worldly and confident Eric, Ludie discovers that if a relationship seems too good to be true, it probably is. A broken heart isn't the only casualty and when she finds her life in danger, it takes love and support from some very unexpected sources to bring her through her biggest challenge yet.

Blackwater Lights

Blackwater Lights ebook ISBN: 0345548809
Publisher: Hydra
Author: Michael M. Hughes
Number of Pages: 208 
File: blackwater-lights.pdf
Reads: 3519647


Michael M. Hughes’s Blackwater Lights combines the eldritch horror of H. P. Lovecraft with the supernatural thrills of Dean Koontz. When Ray Simon receives a desperate call from his childhood friend Kevin, begging him to come visit, Ray can’t say no. Kevin promises to clue him in on shocking discoveries he has made about weird, half-forgotten events in their past—events associated with a summer camp near Kevin’s home in the small town of Blackwater, West Virginia. But when Ray arrives, Kevin is nowhere to be found. So Ray does some investigating of his own, only to find that no records exist of the camp. Yet he is not alone in looking for information. There are Lily, a beautiful redhead with uncanny seductive powers; Crawford, a wealthy collector of art and people; and Micah, the mysterious leader of the Church of the Open Door. All of them are seeking information about the rumored camp. And they are all interested—very interested—in Ray. Then a midnight encounter with strange floating lights sparks a return of old memories—vivid but fractured images that haunt Ray’s waking hours with intimations of terror and cruelty. Something dreadful happened at that camp long ago. Something was awakened there. Now, with the help of his new friend Ellen, a waitress at the local diner, Ray must navigate a path through madness and murder—a path that leads inexorably to an all-but-forgotten night in his childhood . . . and to a future of unimaginable horror. Praise for Blackwater Lights “Michael M. Hughes’s highly intelligent debut novel, Blackwater Lights, weaves a stunning tale of intrigue, ritual, and dark magic. It’s brilliantly paced and beautifully written, and once the journey has begun, it’s impossible to put down. Luckily for those of us hooked on Hughes, Blackwater Lights is but the first work in his forthcoming trilogy.”—Lisa Mannetti, Bram Stoker Award–winning author of The Gentling Box “Disturbing, surreal, and spooky as hell, Blackwater Lights is a brilliantly written debut, marking Michael M. Hughes as a talent to watch.”—Tim Lebbon, author of Coldbrook and the Toxic City trilogy “Blackwater Lights is a paranoid thrill-ride that deftly combines mystery, sci-fi, and horror elements into a modern-day conspiracy tale. An impressive debut that builds to a satisfying, action-filled conclusion.”—Cemetery Dance magazine “Blackwater Lights has action, adventure, sex, love, designer drugs, and violent death, all woven into a globe-spanning paranormal conspiracy. I mean, really, what’s not to like? Consider this my official request for a sequel.”—F. Paul Wilson, author of the Repairman Jack novels and The Adversary Cycle “A harrowing and riveting thrill ride. Hughes is a welcome addition to the dark-fiction ranks.”—Scott Nicholson, author of The Red Church


BLACKWATER FEVER ebook ISBN: 1465368574
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Steve Tucker
Number of Pages: 308 
File: blackwater-fever.pdf
Reads: 2989384


At hand is a deadly reckoning. After eight years in a Georgia prison, hardcore inmate Manny Lee Smith is returning to Blackwater. He’s after a quarter million he left behind. Brutal Sheriff Will Josey is lurking in the shadows, waiting. He wants what Smith stole from him—even if he has to put him down like the mongrel dog he is. Since the tragic death of her husband, Summer Swann and her young son, Joey, are struggling for survival. They are about to lose their home. Just when things couldn’t get worse, her world is torn asunder through a series of seemingly random events. Their lives hang in the balance, and she will see her son step into a man’s shoes. Mitch Calloway is content to work, have his lunch under a shade tree, and sit on the front porch at night—alone. When he befriends Joey and meets his mother, his life changes. Suddenly, he feels like the shine on a new dime. But a violent storm is approaching, and it threatens to tear his new world apart and rip the fabric of his very soul. And there is a wild card: the old man who steals children in the night. Together, they all will find their destinies.

Blackwater Sound

Blackwater Sound ebook ISBN: 9781429905015
Publisher: Minotaur Books
Author: James W. Hall
Number of Pages: 352 
File: blackwater-sound.pdf
Reads: 8318192


The Braswell family had everything people would kill for: money, looks, power. But their eldest son, the family's shining light, died in a bizarre fishing accident. And when he disappeared-hauled into the depths by the giant marlin he had been fighting-he took with him a secret so corrupt that it could destroy the Braswells. Ten years later, a huge airliner crashes in the steamy shallows off the Florida coast, killing all aboard. Helping pull bodies from the water, Thorn finds himself drawn into a bizarre conspiracy: someone has developed a high tech weapon capable of destroying electrical systems in a powerful flash. The terrorist potential is huge. How are the secretive Braswells and their family-owned company, MicroDyne, involved? And what does it have to do with the family's obsessive hunt for the great marlin that killed their golden boy? With the Braswells, James W. Hall introduces one of the most evil and dysfunctional families in the history of fiction. And, along with Thorn, he brings back favorite characters from his earlier books, including Alexandra Rafferty and her father, Lawton Collins, a retired and increasingly dotty former police investigator whose methods of investigation result in his kidnapping. A story that bristles with all the heat and tension of a tropical Florida summer, Blackwater Sound is destined to rank among the greatest suspense thrillers of the new decade.

Blackwater Magic

Blackwater Magic ebook ISBN: 145205293X
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Author: James W. Trem
Number of Pages: 276 
File: blackwater-magic.pdf
Reads: 4039518


In a murky swamp on the east side of Flat Lake in South Central Louisiana hidden from the curious eyes of the local human populace is a magical place referred to by its inhabitants as Sanctuary. For 300 years woodland fairies and sylvan have guarded Sanctuary aided by magical humans called guardians. Recently the guardians have adopted the aid of werewolves who enjoy the privilege of moonlight running within the protected boundary of Sanctuary. Sanctuary itself is magical and possesses the power to keep non-magical humans out; but it cannot protect itself against the dark fey that have escaped the netherworld prisons of Faerie. The demons and other dark fey have set their sights on Sanctuary's destruction and the loss of any humans who find themselves in the way is just considered collateral damage. The guardians and protectors find themselves in a race against time to attain their full power and protect their beloved Sanctuary from destruction. Jean Lafitte Gateaux, the most powerful guardian to enter Sanctuary in 300 years joins forces with werewolves and witches in an all out attempt to thwart the dark forces of Golva the chaos demon. Will they be in time?

Blackwater Ben

Blackwater Ben ebook ISBN: 0307514595
Publisher: Yearling
Author: William Durbin
Number of Pages: 208 
File: blackwater-ben.pdf
Reads: 472396


Thirteen-year-old Ben works at Blackwater Logging Camp as cook’s helper to his Pa. Long days of flipping pancakes and peeling potatoes with his ornery Pa make Ben long to be out in the woods with the lumberjacks. Felling logs, sawing trees, driving a team through the snowy woods . . . that’s what Ben wants to be doing. But the long cold winter in a camp filled with outlandish characters teaches Ben a lot about himself. Especially when an orphan boy called Nevers arrives in camp. When Nevers signs on to work with Pa, Ben makes a friend and a rival, too. From the Hardcover edition.

Pendragon: Blackwater

Pendragon: Blackwater ebook ISBN: 1847388612
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Author: D.J. MacHale
Number of Pages: 464 
File: pendragon-blackwater.pdf
Reads: 7598604


Just when Bobby Pendragon thinks he finally understands his purpose as a Traveller he is faced with an impossible choice. Arriving on the beautiful yet primitive territory of Eelong, Bobby finds himself at the bottom of the food chain when he is confronted by the ferocious half-human / half-cat species called Klee. But something is terribly wrong and Bobby soon discovers that the inhabitants of Eelong are in danger of being wiped out by a mysterious plague. In order to save Eelong Bobby realises he must break all Traveller rules… endangering himself, his friends and the future of all other territories ~ but can he do it?

The Blackwater Lightship

The Blackwater Lightship ebook ISBN: 0743203313
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Author: Colm Toibin
Number of Pages: 288 
File: the-blackwater-lightship.pdf
Reads: 512992


With AIDS about to claim a well-loved young man, three generations of his family are reunited at his bedside in Ireland, in a novel that explores the nature of love and the complex interrelationships among family members.

Of Blood and Blackwater

Of Blood and Blackwater ebook ISBN: 9781467806541
Publisher: Author House
Author: T. C. Heffernan
Number of Pages: 416 
File: of-blood-and-blackwater.pdf
Reads: 8305873


Weve all had nightmares. But what if you started to believe your scary dreams were somehow related to a series of grisly murders? Ethnobotanist Gareth McKenna faces just such a dilemma. In Of Blood and Blackwater, he struggles to piece together nightmares he cant quite remember. Dreams that leave him thinking of the years he spent living with an indigenous Amazon tribe. When a curare-laced dart recovered at one of the crime scenes matches the analytical fingerprint from a sample he collected years earlier in the Amazon, Gareth finds himself the lone suspect. His life begins to crumble as his name surfaces in the press. With nowhere else to turn, Gareth must do the unthinkable; he must look beyond science and trust in the strange dreams that offer the only clues to the killers identity. He travels back to the Amazon, and deep in the rainforest, makes a chilling discovery. One that sends him racing home, desperate to stop a brutal murderer intent on destroying his family.