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Indian Blankets and Their Makers

Indian Blankets and Their Makers ebook ISBN: 0486145905
Publisher: Courier Corporation
Author: George Wharton James
Number of Pages: 230 
File: indian-blankets-and-their-makers.pdf
Reads: 9088727


History, old-style wool blankets, changes brought about by traders, symbolism of design and color, a Navajo weaver at work, more. Emphasis on Navajo. 254 illustrations, 32 in color.

Security Blankets

Security Blankets ebook ISBN: 0740790560
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Author: Donald Fraser
Number of Pages: 168 
File: security-blankets.pdf
Reads: 6634503


Charles M. Schulz and his beloved comic strip, Peanuts, have changed the world. In Security Blankets, Fraser and Bang present a heartwarming collection of 51 touching true stories to show the connection people have with the adored cartoon. Stories, photos from the contributors, and Peanuts artwork make this work extra special. The connections are so strong they've even had the power to change people's lives. Take, for example, the Vietnam POW; whose first piece of correspondence while in captivity was a Snoopy card that included a picture of his wife and children. Or the 5-year-old boy from Boston who demanded that his stuffed Snoopy accompany him to the hospital for a high-risk surgery. Connections such as these show how Peanuts has become a security blanket for thousands. This is chicken soup for the Peanuts lover's soul. Excerpt from the book: "But what made this drawing different was the unique "countdown calendar" that my father had drawn on Snoopy's belly. Each square on the calendar, which my sisters and I would cross out, meant that our dad was one day closer to coming home. Every time a square was marked off that drawing, Snoopy brought a bit of happiness and security to a war-weary and scared ten-year-old girl who desperately missed her Daddy. Did Snoopy help bring my father safely home from the Vietnam War? Maybe, maybe not. But to this day, whenever I see Snoopy--especially when he's performing his happy dance--my heart is grateful and filled with loving memories of my Dad.

Language of the Robe

Language of the Robe ebook ISBN: 1423600169
Publisher: Gibbs Smith
Author: Robert W. Kapoun,Charles J. Lohrmann
Number of Pages: 179 
File: language-of-the-robe.pdf
Reads: 7654454


From the history of the trade blanket to contemporary collectible blankets to designs of the major trade blanket manufacturers such as Pendleton Woolen Mills, Racine Woolen Mills, and Buell Manufacturing Company, Language of the Robe presents the bright colors and intricately woven patterns hallmark to American Indian trade blankets.

Salish Blankets

Salish Blankets ebook ISBN: 1496201477
Publisher: U of Nebraska Press
Author: Leslie Heyman Tepper,Janice George,Willard Joseph
Number of Pages: 232 
File: salish-blankets.pdf
Reads: 133289


Salish Blankets presents a new perspective on Salish weaving through technical and anthropological lenses. Worn as ceremonial robes, the blankets are complex objects said to preexist in the supernatural realm and made manifest in the natural world through ancestral guidance. The blankets are protective garments that at times of great life changes--birth, marriage, death--offer emotional strength and mental focus. A blanket can help establish the owner's standing in the community and demonstrate a weaver's technical expertise and artistic vision. The object, the maker, the wearer, and the community are bound and transformed through the creation and use of the blanket. Drawing on first-person accounts of Salish community members, object analysis, and earlier ethnographic sources, the authors offer a wide-ranging material culture study of Coast Salish lifeways. Salish Blankets explores the design, color/pigmentation, meaning, materials, and process of weaving and examines its historical and cultural contexts.

Crochet Car Seat Blankets

Crochet Car Seat Blankets ebook ISBN: 9781464712029
Publisher: Leisure Arts
Author: Becky Stevens
Number of Pages: 48 
File: crochet-car-seat-blankets.pdf
Reads: 5325822


These little blankets are just right for keeping little legs warm when you are on the move with Baby! All the designs are easy to crochet, a nd the same pattern can be used to make small or large blankets simply by choosing light or medium weight yarn and changing hook sizes. All for Easy skill level, these designs by Becky Stevens include Alternating Blocks; Leaf Stitch; Mountains and Valleys; Rectangular Filet; Ripple; Vertical Stripes; Crossed Doubles; and Zig Zag Filet.

Blankets, Hats, and Booties

Blankets, Hats, and Booties ebook ISBN: 160468593X
Publisher: Martingale
Author: Kristin Spurkland
Number of Pages: 80 
File: blankets-hats-and-booties.pdf
Reads: 483529


Blankets to swaddle, hats to coddle, and booties for toasty tootsies--these knit and crochet confections for Baby are truly sweets for the sweet! Fifteen coordinating sets of projects are just right for snuggling a new baby and delighting a new mom. Create 45 designs in soft, subtle colors and timeless styles; 10 sets are knitted, 5 sets crocheted Designs highlight simple stripes, lacy loops, and motifs such as flowers, ducks, and pinwheels Includes ideas for sizing projects up or down to fit larger and smaller babies--even preemies

Crochet Blankets

Crochet Blankets ebook ISBN: 158923765X
Publisher: Creative Publishing int\'l
Author: Margaret Hubert
Number of Pages: 32 
File: crochet-blankets.pdf
Reads: 4782479


DIVCombine fun yarn, hooking, and easy stitches and you’ll end up with eight eye-catching crochet blankets that everyone will want. Crochet Blankets is an easy, how-to booklet that teaches you everything you need to know about crocheting blankets and throws. From yarn recommendations to stitches used, this booklet contains eight patterns that you’ll want to try again and again./div

Baby-Fresh Blankets

Baby-Fresh Blankets ebook ISBN: 1601403119
Publisher: Leisure Arts
Author: Drg Dynamic Resource
Number of Pages: 16 
File: baby-fresh-blankets.pdf
Reads: 5222302


Remember the freshness of gingham fabric? You can get the same look with this book's Beautiful-in-Blue Baby Afghan featuring color-block panels. Or you can treat your toddler to a rainbow of fresh colors. Dainty, textured stitches worked in pretty pastels make the Cotton Candy Stripes afghan as cute as it is cuddly. In the Lavender Lace Baby Afghan, an elaborate edging of love knots and picots accents a simple seed stitch body. 4 baby afghans to crochet (3 easy designs in light worsted weight yarn and 1 intermediate design in fine/baby weight): Beautiful-in-Blue Baby Afghan courtesy of Spinrite; Rainbow Nap-ghan by Frances Hughes; Cotton Candy Stripes by Aline Suplinskas; and Lavender Lace Baby Afghan by Hilary C. Murphy.

Magnetoconvection in HCLL Blankets

Magnetoconvection in HCLL Blankets ebook ISBN: 3731502267
Publisher: KIT Scientific Publishing
Author: Mistrangelo, Chiara,Buehler, Leo
Number of Pages: 36 
File: magnetoconvection-in-hcll-blankets.pdf
Reads: 3654878


Blankets & Booties

Blankets & Booties ebook ISBN: 1601407238
Publisher: Leisure Arts
Author: Mary Ann Sipes
Number of Pages: 32 
File: blankets-booties.pdf
Reads: 4207997


These six blanket-and-bootie sets for Baby will tempt you to crochet them all, and why not, when they make such welcome shower gifts? From rows of hearts to puff stitches that form the symbols for hugs and kisses, each blanket offers something special. Pretty stripes, buds and blooms, leaf clusters, and a textured latticework--the pretty patterns are echoed whenever possible on the soft booties. With these darling designs to crochet, you have the best way to pamper tiny tykes right down to their adorable toes! 6 intermediate skill-level sets by Mary Ann Sipes to crochet in light weight yarn: Little Boy Blue, Mint Delight, Serenity Stripes, Sweet Hugs and Kisses, Buds and Blooms, and Precious in Pink.

Reversible Baby Blankets

Reversible Baby Blankets ebook ISBN: 1609001451
Publisher: Leisure Arts
Author: Barbara Shaffer,Leisure Arts
Number of Pages: 16 
File: reversible-baby-blankets.pdf
Reads: 6567006


Presents instructions and patterns for five different designs of reversable infant afghans.

Crochet Baby Blankets

Crochet Baby Blankets ebook ISBN: 3736847122
Publisher: BookRix
Author: Jennifer Garst
Number of Pages: 20 
File: crochet-baby-blankets.pdf
Reads: 7937883


Crochet Baby Blankets features 12 vintage baby blankets, that'll keep your beloved child warm throughout the cold nights. Every pattern comes with easy-to-follow directions and pictures of the completed works.

Knitting Baby Blankets

Knitting Baby Blankets ebook ISBN: 3736883536
Publisher: BookRix
Author: Laura Tran
Number of Pages: 19 
File: knitting-baby-blankets.pdf
Reads: 1107636


This book consists of 13 vintage baby blankets. The blankets come in an immense variety, so everyone is sure to be satisfied with this lovely book. All of the knitting patterns come with simple instructions and pictures.

Vintage Crochet Baby Blankets

Vintage Crochet Baby Blankets ebook ISBN: 3736847084
Publisher: BookRix
Author: Alex Paget
Number of Pages: 25 
File: vintage-crochet-baby-blankets.pdf
Reads: 6264279


This book includes 12 vintage blanket patterns for all of you parents, that enjoy crocheting for your children. Every single pattern comes with easy-to-follow directions and pictures of the final product.

Rifles, Blankets, and Beads

Rifles, Blankets, and Beads ebook ISBN: 9780806135083
Publisher: University of Oklahoma Press
Author: William E. Simeone
Number of Pages: 216 
File: rifles-blankets-and-beads.pdf
Reads: 3403219


Whoever heard of a party at which the hosts lavishly give away presents, refusing to accept any gifts in return, keeping little for themselves? This is the custom of the Northern Athapaskan potlatch, a tradition that has long fascinated Americans. In Rifles, Blankets, and Beads, William E. Simeone explores the potlatch and its role in balancing competition and cooperation among the Tanacross people, a Northern Athapaskan culture. According to Simeone, the potlatch tradition helps the Tanacross people uphold standards of acceptable behavior through curbing competitiveness and stressing the ideals of cooperation. Simeone also examines Northern Athapaskan leadership practices, the introduction of trade goods into Athapaskan culture, and the complexities of cultural identity for the Tanacross.

The Story of Many Blankets

The Story of Many Blankets ebook ISBN: 9781477258941
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Author: Joann Ellen Sisco
Number of Pages: 96 
File: the-story-of-many-blankets.pdf
Reads: 6986465


The first four books are set about 200 years ago when the land was occupied by a nomadic tribe who lived in pointed tipi houses. It covers activities from the viewpoint of a thirteen year old girl, Bluebird, who illustrates with charcoal on stretched hides. A major part of the stories will be played by the native animals of the time and place, including a roving band of wild stallions. THE BISON OF THE HIGH MEADOW is Book One of the series, FOOTSTEPS IN THE CANYON. This ten book series is mainly about a canyon located on the Oklahoma panhandle. The first four books cover the activities and life of the inhabitants of the pointed tipi houses. Most of these stories are from the viewpoint of thirteen year old Bluebird as she sketches on stretched hide with her charcoal. 1.BISON OF THE HIGH MEADOW shows the interaction of the people to this native animal. Two other stories are included. 2.SEARCH FOR THE PROCUPINE is about two boys searching for the spiny animals to collect quills to decorate a sisters wedding dress. Two other stories are included 3.THE STORY OF MANY BLANKETS was not the name she was given, but the girl was determined to earn it. Two other stories are included. 4.THE KINGDOM OF THE BLACK STALLION honors the fierce black horse as he protects his band. Two other stories are included. The following six books leap forward 200 years to a modern guest ranch on the exact, same canyon. Illustrations are made by thirteen year old Caitlyn with pencil on her clipboard. Activities cover, among other things, a prairie fire, a flood, a buried treasure of long ago, a diary of a girl she would never meet, and the ditching of a hot air balloon. Each book contains two complete stories. 5. HIDDEN IN THE BLUFF and THE BIG SNOW 6. DIGGIN UP BONES and THE REALLY BAD BAG 7. THE MEMORY BOOK and THE WOLF AND THE WAPITI 8. THE TOSSED CONTAINER INCIDENT and STORIES FROM UNCLE RAYMOND 9. TWISTER and BULLRIDING AND SKYDIVING 10.ANGLERS AND TOAD STRANGLERS and SUMMER TRAIL