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Blessed Are the Cheesemakers

Blessed Are the Cheesemakers ebook ISBN: 0759528136
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Author: Sarah-Kate Lynch
Number of Pages: 336 
File: blessed-are-the-cheesemakers.pdf
Reads: 3630715


Set on a small Irish dairy farm, this tender and funny debut novel follows two lost souls as they try to carve out new lives amid a colorful cast of characters reminiscent of those in the hit film Waking Ned Divine. Abby has been estranged from the family farm since her rebellious mother ran off with her when she was a small child. Kit is a burned out New York stockbroker who's down on his luck. But that's all about to change, now that he and Abby have converged on the farm just in time to help Corrie and Fee, two old cheesemakers in a time of need. Full of delightful and quirky characters--from dairy cows who only give their best product to pregnant, vegetarian teens to an odd collection of whiskey-soaked men and broken-hearted women who find refuge under Corrie and Fee's roof--BLESSED ARE THE CHEESEMAKERS is an irresistible tale about taking life's spilled milk and turning it into the best cheese in the world.

Blessed are

Blessed are ebook ISBN: 9781869414979
Author: Sarah-Kate Lynch
Number of Pages: 270 
File: blessed-are.pdf
Reads: 9328790


"A delightfully funny novel about the perfect recipe for love - and cheese. Blessed are Corrie and Fee, for theirs is the kingdom of the world's tastiest farmhouse cheese. Tucked away in a corner of Ireland, the lifelong friends turn out batch after batch of perfect Coolarney Blues and Golds, thanks to co-operative cows, non-meat-eating milkmaids and the wind blowing just so in the right direction. Add to this mixture Corrie's long-lost granddaughter Abbey, fresh from a remote but by no means backward island where her husband has been on a mission (just not the religious kind). Stir in New Yorker Kit Stephens, heart-broken, burned-out, permanently hung over and hung up. And what you have is a recipe for disaster. The magic that Corrie and Fee weave in and out of their vats is legendary, but can they use their charm to turn bitterness and betrayal into love - or will the secret ingredient be lost to Coolarney cheese forever?"

Becoming a Blessed Church

Becoming a Blessed Church ebook ISBN: 1566997933
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
Author: N. Graham Standish
Number of Pages: 300 
File: becoming-a-blessed-church.pdf
Reads: 6339672


Becoming a Blessed Church will help you discern God’s purpose and the path God is calling your congregation to walk. This book will help you find Christ in your midst and become aware of the many ways the blessings of God’s Spirit flow through your congregation. This second edition includes three new practical chapters that answer the questions the author is most frequently asked.

Beatitudes, Not Platitudes

Beatitudes, Not Platitudes ebook ISBN: 1532633130
Publisher: Wipf and Stock Publishers
Author: Paul Louis Metzger
Number of Pages: 112 
File: beatitudes-not-platitudes.pdf
Reads: 6332429


Beatitudes, Not Platitudes shows that the Beatitudes are not overused, well-worn answers to the question, “What would Jesus do?” Rather, they are undervalued and hardly touched claims that transform our destinies. More than spiritual nuggets for personal devotion, practical advice, or propositions to be believed, the Beatitudes in Matthew 5 envision and entail a reorientation of the good life in view of Jesus’ kingdom. Jesus’ teachings reveal to us that living our best purpose-driven life now involves dying to self and the world system, and dying for our enemies. Ideal for group study, this series of meditations on each of the Beatitudes, followed by cultural reflections and study questions, helps to bridge the gaps between personal devotion and societal revolution, the academic and the practical, the ancient and the contemporary. All of us want to be happy, to be well and blessed, and esteemed with honor. However, we look for happiness, wellness, blessing, and honor in different places and with mixed results. This book helps us reimagine the good life by taking a fresh look at the Beatitudes as citizens of Jesus’ ever-new kingdom order.

Gene Eating

Gene Eating ebook ISBN: 1841882941
Publisher: Hachette UK
Author: Giles Yeo
Number of Pages: 336 
File: gene-eating.pdf
Reads: 8599216


'It is rare to find a book, written by a world-class scientist, that is both informative and entertaining. Giles not only delves into the science of obesity but, with honesty and great precision, skewers many of the more foolish fad diets out there. ' DR MICHAEL MOSLEY, bestselling author of The 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet 'A hard-to-fault book written in a way that entertains as well as it informs ... Yeo's study of human appetite is packed with insights and revelations, incorporating up-to-date scientific thinking ... It's an anti-diet diet book you can trust' DAILY EXPRESS 'I really enjoy working with Giles - he makes so much sense, and cuts through the confusion about diet and health with refreshing directness. His excellent book Gene Eating busts myths and homes in on what you really need need to know. It's been a genuine help to me and I'm sure it will be to everyone who reads it.' HUGH FEARNLEY-WHITTINGSTALL 'Dr Yeo is a leading scientist in the field of obesity and one of our best science communicators. Everyone worried about their weight ought to read this book to digest its message about the importance of genetics.' ROBERT PLOMIN, author of Blueprint: How DNA Makes Us Who We Are 'An excellent and engaging book, but also an important one. It is about time that a serious, respected academic provided a voice of reason' Anthony Warner aka THE ANGRY CHEF 'Gene Eating is just a fantastic book exactly as you'd expect - but more so. Mainly it's very funny, packed with science and trivia and genuinely helpful weightloss and nutrition info' DR CHRIS VAN TULLEKEN, the BBC Why do diets fail? Why are we all getting fatter? And why are some of us just hungrier than others? We have never had more access to nutrition advice, and yet we have never been unhealthier. In an age of misinformation and pseudo-science the world is getting fatter and the diet makers are getting richer. So how do we break the cycle that's killing us all? Dr Giles Yeo's myth-busting book draws on the very latest science, and his own genetic research at Cambridge University, to explore the evolution of human appetite and how our genes affect our ability to lose and gain weight. He tackles the history of the food we eat, debunks marketing nonsense and confronts both toxic diet advice and the advocates of 'clean eating'. He translates his pioneering research into an engaging must-read. Inspiring and revelatory, Gene Eating is an urgent and essential book that empowers us all with the facts we need to make informed and healthy choices about the way we eat.

Monty Python and Philosophy

Monty Python and Philosophy ebook ISBN: 0812695933
Publisher: Open Court Publishing
Author: Gary L. Hardcastle,George A. Reisch
Number of Pages: 291 
File: monty-python-and-philosophy.pdf
Reads: 5122734


Fifteen experts in the fields of mythology, Buddhism, feminism, logic, ethics, and philosophy evaluate the ways in which the British comedy troupe's films and sketches are representative of universal themes and wisdom, in a volume that cites the philosophical concepts reflected by such popular skits as the Argument Clinic and the Dead Parrot routine. Original.

Screen Jesus

Screen Jesus ebook ISBN: 0810883902
Publisher: Scarecrow Press
Author: Peter Malone
Number of Pages: 348 
File: screen-jesus.pdf
Reads: 9186867


In Screen Jesus: Portrayals of Christ in Television and Film, Peter Malone takes a close look at films in which Jesus is depicted. From silent renditions of The Passion Play to 21st-century blockbusters like The Passion of the Christ, Malone examines how the history of Jesus films reflects the changes in artistic styles and experiments in cinematic forms for more than a century. In addition to providing a historical overview of the Jesus films, this book also reveals the changes in piety and in theological understandings of the humanity and divinity of Jesus over the decades.

The Bright Field

The Bright Field ebook ISBN: 1848256124
Publisher: Canterbury Press
Author: Martyn Percy,Jim Cotter,Jenny Gaffin,Helen-Ann Hartley,Geoff Miller,Samuel Wells,Rowan Williams
Number of Pages: 224 
File: the-bright-field.pdf
Reads: 9402365


Covering the liturgical year outside Advent, Christmas, Lent and Easter, this collection of reflections, readings, poems and prayers focuses on the life and ministry of Jesus – the rich subject matter of the lectionary readings during Ordinary Time. In addition it includes meditations by Rowan Williams and others for the major feasts of Ascension, Pentecost, Trinity, Transfiguration, Holy Cross Day and other special occasions in the calendar. This richly varied resource will be welcomed by all seeking fresh inspiration for preaching, leading worship – formal or informal, conducting retreats or quiet days. Containing around a hundred short and extended items by the very best of today’s theological and spiritual writers, it also provides rich fare for personal devotional reading.

The Effect

The Effect ebook ISBN: 1846949076
Publisher: John Hunt Publishing
Author: Linda Hoy
Number of Pages: 280 
File: the-effect.pdf
Reads: 9180549


Parallel worlds… time-travel… life-after-death. The Effect cuts through the whole caboodle with a razor-sharp edge, ripping up distinctions between science and the spiritual with page-turning clarity. If you thought mysticism was only for the devout or gullible, or found physics unfathomable, buckle up your seat belt and hold tight. Linda Hoy’s journey careers through quantum mechanics, high-energy physics and ancient wisdom with turbo-charged vigour. Can we predict the future? What happens when we die? Does life have a purpose? Does God exist? The Effect uses twenty-first-century science to validate what mystics and spiritual leaders have been telling us for centuries. It introduces us to groundmuts and dimension-hopping goldfish. It examines the increasingly-common phenomenon of near death experience. It turns what we think of as reality on its head. It makes us cry and laugh out loud. Prepare to be amazed. Best-selling children’s author, Linda Hoy cuts to the quick with her Quaker honesty and Yorkshire humour. With a penchant for live rock and alternative country music, Linda lives in Sheffield.

Contemporary Authors

Contemporary Authors ebook ISBN: 9780787667023
Publisher: Gale / Cengage Learning
Author: Thomson Gale
Number of Pages: 454 
File: contemporary-authors.pdf
Reads: 4239565


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The Economics of the Financial Crisis

The Economics of the Financial Crisis ebook ISBN: 0230346650
Publisher: Springer
Author: Marco Annunziata
Number of Pages: 231 
File: the-economics-of-the-financial-crisis.pdf
Reads: 8730180


Through the tools of economics, Annunziata's vivid and gripping book shows how the global financial crisis was caused by a failure of leadership and common sense in which we all played a role. The insights of this clear and compelling analysis are essential for learning the right lessons from the crisis, and seeing new threats around the corner.

Locally Grown

Locally Grown ebook ISBN: 1572847034
Publisher: Agate Publishing
Author: Anna
Number of Pages: 288 
File: locally-grown.pdf
Reads: 9937482


This beautiful new book by 30-year-old writer and photographer Anna H. Blessing introduces readers to the story of the modern heartland farm. The book explores how sustainable practices--and close ties to high-profile chefs and restauranteurs--have propelled the "locally grown" culinary movement into a central feature of life in major cities like Chicago. Blessing lays out the rich histories of 25 midwestern farms through beautiful photography, fascinating anecdotes from farmers and chefs, and up-close looks at what makes each farm so unique. Interest in sustainable farming has been growing rapidly across the country and around the world, emphasizing locally produced and grown foods in place of the mass-marketed offerings from corporate consortia. When inhabitants of major cities choose to purchase food raised in nearby farms, they not only support vital satellite economies, but also improve the social and ecological quality of life along with the environmental sustainability of the world around them. Now there are also innumerable top-tier dining establishments, led by esteemed chefs like Charlie Trotter and Paul Kahan, who scour farmers markets for natural ingredients and develop personal business relationships with small-time farmers to supply their restaurants with the best and most sustainable foods. Locally Grown shows how both long-standing and newly founded farms, along with urban farms and metropolitan nonprofit organizations like Growing Power and City Provisions, are boosting the sustainable food movement throughout Chicago and its neighborhoods. Each chapter profiles a different farm, outlining locale, scale, production, and inner workings while also revealing the captivating backgrounds of each farmer. Blessing shows how each farm and farmer are making efforts to improve sustainability, and describes the behind-the-scenes practices that have made locally grown food an increasingly important part of America's food culture. Contributions from each farmer, and from chefs they work with, are included in every chapter, lending an intimate feel to Locally Grown--recipes, how-to's and Q&As that together create a riveting account of the rapidly changing world of modern farming. Beyond profiling these Midwest farms, Locally Grown points out the best places to find, buy, and eat sustainably grown foods, as well as details on visiting the farms.

Critical Terms for the Study of Buddhism

Critical Terms for the Study of Buddhism ebook ISBN: 0226493237
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
Author: Donald S. Lopez Jr.
Number of Pages: 344 
File: critical-terms-for-the-study-of-buddhism.pdf
Reads: 296768


Over the past century, Buddhism has come to be seen as a world religion, exceeding Christianity in longevity and, according to many, philosophical wisdom. Buddhism has also increasingly been described as strongly ethical, devoted to nonviolence, and dedicated to bringing an end to human suffering. And because it places such a strong emphasis on rational analysis, Buddhism is considered more compatible with science than the other great religions. As such, Buddhism has been embraced in the West, both as an alternative religion and as an alternative to religion. This volume provides a unique introduction to Buddhism by examining categories essential for a nuanced understanding of its traditions. Each of the fifteen essays here shows students how a fundamental term—from art to word—illuminates the practice of Buddhism, both in traditional Buddhist societies and in the realms of modernity. Apart from Buddha, the list of terms in this collection deliberately includes none that are intrinsic to the religion. Instead, the contributors explore terms that are important for many fields and that invite interdisciplinary reflection. Through incisive discussions of topics ranging from practice, power, and pedagogy to ritual, history, sex, and death, the authors offer new directions for the understanding of Buddhism, taking constructive and sometimes polemical positions in an effort both to demonstrate the shortcomings of assumptions about the religion and the potential power of revisionary approaches. Following the tradition of Critical Terms for Religious Studies, this volume is not only an invaluable resource for the classroom but one that belongs on the short list of essential books for anyone seriously interested in Buddhism and Asian religions.

R Father N Hvn

R Father N Hvn ebook ISBN: 9780664225988
Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press
Author: Simon Jenkins
Number of Pages: 144 
File: r-father-n-hvn.pdf
Reads: 5567477


Ride the next wave of electronic communication! This book is a collection of "up 2 d8 txts frm d bible," guaranteed to get you and your text-messaging friends laughing as well as reflecting on "d word" as never before Included are text messages sent from around the world to the website and complemented throughout by Simon Jenkins' witty cartoons.

Pour la vie du monde

Pour la vie du monde ebook ISBN:
Author: Alexander Schmemann
Number of Pages: 141 
File: pour-la-vie-du-monde.pdf
Reads: 7201341


My American Unhappiness

My American Unhappiness ebook ISBN: 9780547821795
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Author: Dean Bakopoulos
Number of Pages: 288 
File: my-american-unhappiness.pdf
Reads: 9706193


“Why are you so unhappy?” That’s the question that Zeke Pappas, a thirty-three-year-old scholar, asks almost everybody he meets as part of an obsessive project, “The Inventory of American Unhappiness.” The answers he receives—a mix of true sadness and absurd complaint—create a collage of woe. Zeke, meanwhile, remains delightfully oblivious to the increasingly harsh realities that threaten his daily routine, opting instead to focus his energy on finding the perfect mate so that he can gain custody of his orphaned nieces. Following steps outlined in a women’s magazine, the ever-optimistic Zeke identifies some “prospects”: a newly divorced neighbor, a coffeehouse barista, his administrative assistant, and Sofia Coppola (“Why not aim high?”). A clairvoyant when it comes to the Starbucks orders of strangers, a quixotic renegade when it comes to the federal bureaucracy, and a devoted believer in the afternoon cocktail and the evening binge, Zeke has an irreverent voice that is a marvel of lacerating wit and heart-on-sleeve emotion, underscored by a creeping paranoia and made more urgent by the hope that if he can only find a wife, he might have a second chance at life.


Twelve ebook ISBN: 9781440638978
Publisher: Penguin
Author: Lauren Myracle
Number of Pages: 224 
File: twelve.pdf
Reads: 3515398


The only thing more exciting than being eleven . . . is turning twelve! Winnie Perry went through a lot when she was eleven, from shifting friendships to her teenage sister’s mood swings. But now that Winnie is twelve—and one step closer to being a teenager herself—there is so much more to deal with. Will her new friendship with Dinah last? Can she handle the pressures of junior high? And, most important, will Winnie survive bra shopping (in public!) with Mom? Bestselling author Lauren Myracle again sharply observes a year in the life of a winning young heroine whose humor, daring, and compassion for others is infectious and unforgettable.


Horrorland ebook ISBN: 2747065014
Publisher: Bayard Jeunesse
Number of Pages: 144 
File: horrorland.pdf
Reads: 8829423


Julie est passionnée par la photographie. Un jour, dans un vide-grenier, elle tombe sur un vieux Polaroid qu'on lui offre bien volontiers. Ravie, elle prend Reena, sa meilleure amie, en photo. Or, sur le cliché, les yeux sont rouges et incandescents. Hélas, bientôt, ils le deviennent pour de bon et brûlent Reena, atrocement... Julie se rend compte que cet appareil est un cadeau empoisonné. Par tous les moyens, elle va essayer de s'en débarrasser ! Une deuxième aventure... Julie reçoit une étrange invitation : un séjour gratuit dans le célèbre parc d'attractions « Horrorland » ! Sur place, elle constate que sa première aventure est loin d'être terminée...

Les aventuriers du très très loin : Hugo Lachance

Les aventuriers du très très loin : Hugo Lachance ebook ISBN: 2745967487
Publisher: Editions Milan
Author: Paul Stewart,Chris Riddell,Amélie Sarn
Number of Pages: 256 
File: les-aventuriers-du-très-très-loin-hugo-lachance.pdf
Reads: 3370850


"Arrivé mystérieusement dans le Grand Nord dans un chariot volant, le jeune Hugo Lachance est sauvé du danger par un couple d’éleveurs de rennes. Il n’est alors qu’un bébé. 10 ans plus tard, Hugo décide de partir à la recherche de ses origines. Commence alors un long voyage plein de surprises à la rencontre de personnages tout aussi extraordinaires les uns que les autres..."