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Blind Sense

Blind Sense ebook ISBN: 9781514602126
Publisher: CreateSpace
Author: Deborah Leitch
Number of Pages: 218 
File: blind-sense.pdf
Reads: 4217524


Fourteen year old Sadie, her family, and friends attempt to evade a deadly pandemic by retreating into the mountain wilderness. They soon discover their mountain sanctuary has dangers of its own. The camp is guarded by Tyran, a man with a merciless vision of what's required to survive in a new world. Wielding fear and torture, he and his followers, impose power and control over all newcomers. When Sadie's four year old brother is killed, her father disappears, and her mother is threatened, she knows it's time to go. Being blind doesn't help. Having Kole as a best friend and discovering she has extra-keen sensory ability does. While hiding in a mysterious mountain cave, Sadie and Kole uncover secrets of an advanced, ancient civilization that suggest earth's history is not what was taught in school. It's a discovery that may help to save the world. If they could only figure out how it works. Tyran is hunting them and the plague is spreading. Time is running out.

Blind and Blindness in Literature of the Romantic Period

Blind and Blindness in Literature of the Romantic Period ebook ISBN: 0748632018
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
Author: Edward Larrissy
Number of Pages: 240 
File: blind-and-blindness-in-literature-of-the-romantic-period.pdf
Reads: 22381


In the first full-length literary-historical study of its subject, Edward Larrissy examines the philosophical and literary background to representations of blindness and the blind in the Romantic period. In detailed studies of literary works he goes on to show how the topic is central to an understanding of British and Irish Romantic literature. While he considers the influence of Milton and the 'Ossian' poems, as well as of philosophers, including Locke, Diderot, Berkeley and Thomas Reid, much of the book is taken up with new readings of writers of the period. These include canonical authors such as Blake, Wordsworth, Scott, Byron, Keats and Percy and Mary Shelley, as well as less well-known writers such as Charlotte Brooke and Ann Batten Cristall. There is also a chapter on the popular genre of improving tales for children by writers such as Barbara Hofland and Mary Sherwood. Larrissy finds that, despite the nostalgia for a bardic age of inward vision, the chief emphasis in the period is on the compensations of enhanced sensitivity to music and words. This compensation becomes associated with the loss and gain involved in the modernity of a post-bardic age. Representations of blindness and the blind are found to elucidate a tension at the heart of the Romantic period, between the desire for immediacy of vision on the one hand and, on the other, the historical self-consciousness which always attends it.

More Than Meets the Eye

More Than Meets the Eye ebook ISBN: 0190604360
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Author: Georgina Kleege
Number of Pages: 176 
File: more-than-meets-the-eye.pdf
Reads: 1046071


In More Than Meets the Eye, Georgina Kleege explores the ways that ideas about visual art and blindness are linked in many facets of the culture. While it may seem paradoxical to link blindness to visual art, western theories about art have always been haunted by the specter of blindness. Theideal art viewer is typically represented as possessing perfect vision, an encyclopedic knowledge of art, and a photographic memory of images, all which allow for an unmediated wordless communion with the work of art. This ideal viewer is defined in polar opposition to a blind person, presumed to beoblivious to the power of art, and without the cognitive capacity to draw on analogous experience. Kleege begins her study with four chapters about traditional representations of blindness, arguing that traditional theories of blindness fail to take into account the presence of other senses, or the ability of blind people to draw analogies from non-visual experience to develop concepts aboutvisual phenomena. She then shifts focus from the tactile to the verbal, beginning with Denis Diderot's remarkable range of techniques to describe art works for readers who were not present to view them for themselves, and how his criticism offers a powerful warrant for bringing the specter ofblindness out of the shadows and into the foreground of visual experience. Through both personal experience and scholarly treatment, Kleege dismantles the traditional denigration of blindness, contesting the notion that viewing art involves sight alone and challenging traditional understandings of blindness through close reading of scientific case studies and literarydepictions. More Than Meets the Eye introduces blind and visually impaired artists whose work has shattered stereotypes and opened up new aesthetic possibilities for everyone.

Decadent Romanticism: 1780-1914

Decadent Romanticism: 1780-1914 ebook ISBN: 1472422422
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
Author: Dr Mark Sandy,Dr Kostas Boyiopoulos
Number of Pages: 216 
File: decadent-romanticism-1780-1914.pdf
Reads: 4183578


For all its strong reactions against Romanticism, Decadence shared with the period a mutual distrust of the philosophy of utilitarianism and the aesthetics of neo-Classicism. Decadent Romanticism reflects on the interstices between Romantic and Decadent literature and explores these movements' obsessions with subjectivity, isolation, addiction, fragmentation, representation, romance, and voyeurism, as well as a poetics of desire and anxieties over the purpose of aestheticism.

The Value Proposition: Sionna's Common Sense Path to Investment Success

The Value Proposition: Sionna's Common Sense Path to Investment Success ebook ISBN: 0991836618
Publisher: Sionna Investment Managers Inc.
Author: Kim Shannon
Number of Pages: 209 
File: the-value-proposition-sionna-s-common-sense-path-to-investment-success.pdf
Reads: 4434553


If you're looking for advice on how to make a fast buck and get an adrenalin high from investing, this book is not for you. If you're looking to build wealth over time, Kim Shannon covers a common sense approach that Sionna Investment Managers uses to manage money on behalf of its clients. Shannon and her investment team follow a path well-established by the most successful value investors: Benjamin Graham, David L. Dodd, Sir John Templeton, Peter Lynch and the "world's greatest investor," Warren Buffett. However, Sionna has a unique take on value — one that addresses the idiosyncrasies of concentrated markets — like those within Canada. Despite proven success, value investing struggles for respect, particularly during bubbles and declines when investors take cues from headlines instead of reason and experience. Shannon discusses the psychological impulses underlying mispriced stocks that become unmoored from their intrinsic value. Citing examples, she endorses understanding investment psychology and using relative value to buy illogically discounted shares. Suited for investors at all levels, The Value Proposition reveals Sionna's quantitative and qualitative processes and a "Sherlock Holmes" orientation to reading financial statements and assessing a company's management. After 30 successful years in the hard knocks investment world, Shannon views herself fortunate to have found her calling managing money for institutions and individuals. She describes the unlikely journey that led to an industry that has only recently attracted women. Her account of influential mentors, the merits of staying independent and her creation of a strong Sionna culture make for an engaging and informative read.

William Shakespeare: The Complete Works

William Shakespeare: The Complete Works ebook ISBN: 0191608394
Publisher: OUP Oxford
Author: William Shakespeare
Number of Pages: 1424 
File: william-shakespeare-the-complete-works.pdf
Reads: 3237102


The second Oxford edition of Shakespeare's Complete Works reconsiders every detail of their text and presentation in the light of modern scholarship. The nature and authority of the early documents are re-examined, and the canon and chronological order of composition freshly established. Spelling and punctuation are modernized, and there is a brief introduction to each work, as well as an illuminating and informative General Introduction. Included here for the first time is the play The Reign of King Edward the Third as well as the full text of Sir Thomas More. This new edition also features an essay on Shakespeare's language by David Crystal, and a bibliography of foundational works.

Cognition, Communication and Interaction

Cognition, Communication and Interaction ebook ISBN: 1846289270
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Author: Satinder P. Gill
Number of Pages: 592 
File: cognition-communication-and-interaction.pdf
Reads: 7567023


This book examines the theoretical and methodological research issues that underlie the design and use of interactive technology. The analysis directs attention to three human capacities: cognition, communication and interaction. The examination of these capacities is embedded in understanding concepts of communication and interaction and their application; conceptions of knowledge and cognition; and the role of aesthetics and ethics in design.

The Oxford Handbook of William Wordsworth

The Oxford Handbook of William Wordsworth ebook ISBN: 0191019658
Publisher: OUP Oxford
Author: Richard Gravil,Daniel Robinson
Number of Pages: 650 
File: the-oxford-handbook-of-william-wordsworth.pdf
Reads: 8272055


The Oxford Handbook of William Wordsworth deploys its forty-eight original essays, by an international team of scholar-critics, to present a stimulating account of Wordsworth's life and achievement and to map new directions in criticism. Nineteen essays explore the highlights of a long career systematically, giving special prominence to the lyric Wordsworth of Lyrical Ballads and the Poems in Two Volumes and to the blank verse poet of 'The Recluse'. Most of the other essays return to the poetry while exploring other dimensions of the life and work of the major Romantic poet. The result is a dialogic exploration of many major texts and problems in Wordsworth scholarship. This uniquely comprehensive handbook is structured so as to present, in turn, Wordsworth's life, career, and networks; aspects of the major lyrical and narrative poetry; components of 'The Recluse'; his poetical inheritance and his transformation of poetics; the variety of intellectual influences upon his work, from classical republican thought to modern science; his shaping of modern culture in such fields as gender, landscape, psychology, ethics, politics, religion and ecology; and his 19th- and 20th-century reception-most importantly by poets, but also in modern criticism and scholarship.

Blind Realism

Blind Realism ebook ISBN: 9780847682805
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
Author: Robert F. Almeder
Number of Pages: 264 
File: blind-realism.pdf
Reads: 9506135


Blind Realism originated in the deeply felt conviction that the widespread acceptance of Gettier-type counterexamples to the classical definition of knowledge rests in a demonstrably erroneous understanding of the nature of human knowledge. In seeking to defend that conviction, Robert F. Almeder offers a fairly detailed and systematic picture of the nature and limits of human factual knowledge.

German Idealism and the Problem of Knowledge:

German Idealism and the Problem of Knowledge: ebook ISBN: 1402088000
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Author: Nectarios G. Limnatis
Number of Pages: 428 
File: german-idealism-and-the-problem-of-knowledge.pdf
Reads: 5283410


The problem of knowledge in German Idealism has drawn increasing attention. This is the first attempt at a systematic critique that covers all four major figures, Kant, Fichte, Schelling, and Hegel. The book offers a fresh and challenging analysis.

The Transonic Consciousness

The Transonic Consciousness ebook ISBN: 1462801552
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Glen C. Cutlip
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: the-transonic-consciousness.pdf
Reads: 3147686


Empirical Foundations of Psychology

Empirical Foundations of Psychology ebook ISBN: 9780415210393
Publisher: Psychology Press
Author: Nicholas Henry Pronko,J. W. Bowles
Number of Pages: 464 
File: empirical-foundations-of-psychology.pdf
Reads: 3787608


Routledge is now re-issuing this prestigious series of 204 volumes originally published between 1910 and 1965. The titles include works by key figures such asC.G. Jung, Sigmund Freud, Jean Piaget, Otto Rank, James Hillman, Erich Fromm, Karen Horney and Susan Isaacs. Each volume is available on its own, as part of a themed mini-set, or as part of a specially-priced 204-volume set. A brochure listing each title in the International Library of Psychology series is available upon request.

A Blind Child's Pathway to Learning

A Blind Child's Pathway to Learning ebook ISBN: 1491842830
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Author: Dr. William Cavitt & Dr. Thomas Gwise
Number of Pages: 214 
File: a-blind-child-s-pathway-to-learning.pdf
Reads: 545190


Our intention in writing this book is to provide three distinct but closely related groups with insight into the factors required to help a blind child attain his/her maximum level of cognitive abilities. The first group consists of parents who face the day to day reality of helping their blind child deal with the challenges imposed by the lack of sight. The second group consists of beginning and future professionals who will find themselves deeply involved with providing social, psychological, and educational support of these parents. The third group includes friends, family, and others who are not and will not be on the front lines of working with blind children, but who are interested in understanding the issues for their own reasons. There are many articles and books available that discuss the various aspects of the development of both sighted and blind children from almost every possible perspective related to the factors that impact the learning and developmental processes of children. Unfortunately, the vast majority of these have been written by professionals to professionals, using the jargon of the author's chosen field of study. As a result, people who are not part of the "in groups" often find these publications hard to understand, boring, or both. In this book, we do not aim to provide any new insights to established professionals or other individuals who are knowledgeable in this area. Rather, our purpose is to translate the knowledge provided by these professionals into ideas and concepts that can be readily understood and applied by parents, teachers, and other caregivers of blind children. Throughout the book, we will be dealing with highly specialized concepts and theories of education, psychology, and human development. We have done our best to translate the professional and academic jargon into what most people would call "simple English. Throughout the text, we have provided our definitions of key terms as we have come to understand and apply those terms. We recognize that others may have different interpretations for the same terms, and we do not dispute that their definitions serve their particular purposes.

HIV and Endocrine Disorders, An Issue of Endocrinology and Metabolism Clinics of North America,

HIV and Endocrine Disorders, An Issue of Endocrinology and Metabolism Clinics of North America, ebook ISBN: 0323323227
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Author: Paul Hruz
Number of Pages: 633 
File: hiv-and-endocrine-disorders-an-issue-of-endocrinology-and-metabolism-clinics-of-north-america.pdf
Reads: 3576660


This issue of Endocrinology and Metabolism Clinics, guest edited by Dr. Paul Hruz, is devoted to HIV and Endocrine Disorders. Articles in this issue include: Dyslipidemia and cardiovascular risk in HIV infection; Changes in nutritional concerns in HIV/AIDS; HIV Lipodystrophy: Lessons learned about adipose tissue and metabolic disorders; Hypogonadism in the HIV infected male; Gonadal function and reproductive health in women with HIV; Osteopenia, osteoporosis, and fracture risk with HIV infection and treatment; HIV-associated calcium and vitamin D abnormalities; Alterations in pancreatic islet function in HIV; Insulin resistance, glucose intolerance, and diabetes in HIV; Thyroid abnormalities in HIV; HPA axis/adrenal pathology in HIV; and Endocrinopathies in HIV-infected children.

Equine Ophthalmology - E-Book

Equine Ophthalmology - E-Book ebook ISBN: 1437708447
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Author: Brian Gilger
Number of Pages: 536 
File: equine-ophthalmology-e-book.pdf
Reads: 300028


With contributions from 18 of the world's leading equine experts, Equine Ophthalmology provides the comprehensive and authoritative coverage you need to diagnose, manage, and operate on ocular disorders in horses. Detailed illustrations facilitate the accurate identification of a wide range of ocular diseases, while up-to-date and easily accessible clinical information helps you decide on the best course of treatment. As the only comprehensive textbook on equine ophthalmology, this reference provides the information you need to treat and manage equine ocular disease. Seventeen expert contributors share their extensive insight while providing the most authoritative and current information available. An extensive collection of high-quality images helps you to identify and treat painful ocular diseases in horses. Coverage of the financial impact of ocular disease on the equine industry provides a larger perspective on the importance of effective treatment. Greater clinical detail concerning treatment, diagnosis, and procedures offers practical information for the general equine practitioner and an up-to-date resource for specialists. Expert coverage of recent and far-reaching advances in equine ophthalmology includes an expanded section on genetics. A NEW chapter on Ophthalmologic Treatment in the Field, written by expert Ann Dwyer, offers an essential overview of ocular problems that require immediate attention. NEW "how to" sections provide succinct directions on specific procedures for readers who are not well versed in surgery. A detailed chapter outline starts each chapter and provides a quick overview of the chapter contents.