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Blind Submission

Blind Submission ebook ISBN: 9780307351494
Publisher: Crown
Author: Debra Ginsberg
Number of Pages: 304 
File: blind-submission.pdf
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Books can be a dangerous business . . . When Blue Moon Books, the Bay Area bookstore where Angel Robinson has worked since college, is squeezed out of business, Angel is forced to find a new job. She lucks into a position as the assistant to the world-renowned literary agent Lucy Fiamma. Angel soon learns that working for Lucy is no picnic. The agent has a blockbuster ego to match her blockbuster success and Angel must juggle both her boss’s prima donna demands and the strange quirks of her authors. But Angel soon becomes indispensible to the agency and develops a keen understanding of big projects and the writers who create them. What she doesn’t realize is just how far one of them will go to get published. One day, a chapter from a mysterious manuscript by an anonymous author arrives at the office. Set in a New York literary agency, the novel, titled Blind Submission, centers on the ambitious assistant to a successful literary agent. Angel is pulled in by the plot—but her initial curiosity soon turns to panic. As the story unfolds—with chapters e-mailed in one by one—it becomes clear that the mystery author is writing the story of Angel’s own life, including secrets she thought were deeply hidden. Someone is watching her, even plotting against her. Could it be her backstabbing coworker, her jealous boyfriend, or her seductive new client? When the novel’s plot turns to murder, Angel knows that if she doesn’t discover the author’s identity before the final chapter is written, more than just her career will be cut short. From the Hardcover edition.

Doing What Comes Naturally

Doing What Comes Naturally ebook ISBN: 9780822309956
Publisher: Duke University Press
Author: Stanley Fish
Number of Pages: 624 
File: doing-what-comes-naturally.pdf
Reads: 5767077


In literary theory, the philosophy of law, and the sociology of knowledge, no issue has been more central to current debate than the status of our interpretations. Do they rest on a ground of rationality or are they subjective impositions of a merely personal point of view? In Doing What Comes Naturally, Stanley Fish refuses the dilemma posed by this question and argues that while we can never separate our judgments from the contexts in which they are made, those judgments are nevertheless authoritative and even, in the only way that matters, objective. He thus rejects both the demand for an ahistorical foundation, and the conclusion that in the absence of such a foundation we reside in an indeterminate world. In a succession of provocative and wide-ranging chapters, Fish explores the implications of his position for our understanding of legal, literary, and psychoanalytic interpretation, the nature of professional and institutional culture, and the place of reason in a world that is rhetorical through and through.

Conrad et Lowry

Conrad et Lowry ebook ISBN: 9782842871697
Publisher: Presses Univ. Limoges
Author: Faculté des lettrres et des sciences humaines. Société conradienne française
Number of Pages: 200 
File: conrad-et-lowry.pdf
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Ce numéro de L'Époque Conradienne rassemble la plupart des communications présentées lors du colloque international organisé en septembre 1999 à l'Université Lumière - Lyon II sur le thème : Conrad and Lowry : l'esth-éthique de la fiction. Les comparaisons, rapprochements éthiques et divergences esthétiques entre ces deux auteurs dominent donc dans cette livraison et enrichissent notre vision de deux œuvres majeures du XXe siècle. Conrad, moins omniprésent que d'habitude, profite cependant de ces regards croisés qui soulignent, une fois de plus, son rôle fondamental dans l'éclosion de la modernité.

Peer Review

Peer Review ebook ISBN: 9780742514355
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
Author: David Shatz
Number of Pages: 249 
File: peer-review.pdf
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Clear away the clutter of takeaway tins and bring a new dawn to your student kitchen with this fresh edition of the original Student Grub cookbook - the original (and best!) cookbook for university newbies. As essential in every student's kitchen as shot glasses and hangover cures, this easy-to-follow guide contains everything from basic recipes to world cuisine. Whether you need inspiration for a post-pub snack or want to impress your date with a three-course culinary spectacular, this book will help launch you into a lifetime of good food.

Sunday Afternoon

Sunday Afternoon ebook ISBN:
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: sunday-afternoon.pdf
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Handbook of Research on Instructional Systems and Technology

Handbook of Research on Instructional Systems and Technology ebook ISBN: 1599048663
Publisher: IGI Global
Author: Kidd, Terry T.,Song, Holim
Number of Pages: 1110 
File: handbook-of-research-on-instructional-systems-and-technology.pdf
Reads: 1993074


"This book provides information on different styles of instructional design methodologies, tips, and strategies on how to use technology to facilitate active learning and techniques to help faculty and researchers develop online instructional and teaching materials. It enables libraries to provide a foundational reference for researchers, educators, administrators, and others in the context of instructional systems and technology"--Provided by publisher.

Authority and the Teacher

Authority and the Teacher ebook ISBN: 1472529804
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
Author: William H. Kitchen
Number of Pages: 160 
File: authority-and-the-teacher.pdf
Reads: 1338074


Authority and the Teacher seeks to overturn the notion that authority is a restrictive force within education, serving only to stifle creativity and drown out the voice of the student. William H. Kitchen argues that any education must have, as one of its cornerstones, a component which encourages the fullest development of knowledge, which serves as the great educational emancipator. In this version of knowledge-driven education, the teacher's authority should be absolute, so as to ensure that the teacher has the scope to liberate their pupils. The pupil, in the avoidance of ignorance, can thus embrace what is rightfully theirs; the inheritance of intellectual riches passed down through time. By invoking the work of three major philosophers – Polanyi, Oakeshott and Wittgenstein – as well as contributions from other key thinkers on authority, this book underpins previous claims for the need for authority in education with the philosophical clout necessary to ensure these arguments permeate modern mainstream educational thinking.

Rural New Yorker

Rural New Yorker ebook ISBN:
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: rural-new-yorker.pdf
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Dynamic Positions in Birth

Dynamic Positions in Birth ebook ISBN: 1780661150
Publisher: Pinter & Martin Publishers
Author: Margaret Jowitt
Number of Pages: 224 
File: dynamic-positions-in-birth.pdf
Reads: 2684267


Most women give birth in hospitals, institutions modelled around the needs of the people who work there. The delivery room is designed around the obstetric bed which was designed for the benefit of the obstetrician rather than the woman giving birth. Despite research showing the benefit of upright positions in labour and birth, most women in the UK still give birth in the semi-reclined position, pushing their baby out against the forces of gravity. The author argues that unnatural positions make labour and birth more painful and difficult for modern women than it was for their ancestors. How did we come to put the needs of care givers above those of the labouring woman? Is there anything that can be done? Starting with a short history of birth furniture, Dynamic Positions in Birth goes on to explore the anatomy and physiology of labour from an evolutionary perspective and explores how rethinking positions for labour and birth could benefit mothers and their babies. Equally important is the need to change attitudes to birth so that women are encouraged to play a more active part in the birth of their babies instead of being subjected to clinical interventions designed to mitigate the adverse effects of labouring in a starkly unnatural environment. Margaret Jowitt argues that it is possible to give women labouring in hospital a better chance of giving birth naturally. The book concludes by calling for a fresh look at the environment for birth. Delivery rooms can be made more user friendly by introducing furniture designed around women’s need for physical support during labour as well as for the birth, and by hiding away the more alarming technology unless it is needed. Women need a less forbidding environment and more encouragement to move freely and adopt positions which will enhance their chance of achieving a normal birth.