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Blind Submission

Blind Submission ebook ISBN: 9781741751505
Publisher: Allen & Unwin
Author: Debra Ginsberg
Number of Pages: 420 
File: blind-submission.pdf
Reads: 6855871


Intrigue, revenge and true love - a sharp, witty and hugely entertaining novel set in a high-powered literary agency.

Doing What Comes Naturally

Doing What Comes Naturally ebook ISBN: 9780822309956
Publisher: Duke University Press
Author: Stanley Fish
Number of Pages: 624 
File: doing-what-comes-naturally.pdf
Reads: 1843992


In literary theory, the philosophy of law, and the sociology of knowledge, no issue has been more central to current debate than the status of our interpretations. Do they rest on a ground of rationality or are they subjective impositions of a merely personal point of view? In Doing What Comes Naturally, Stanley Fish refuses the dilemma posed by this question and argues that while we can never separate our judgments from the contexts in which they are made, those judgments are nevertheless authoritative and even, in the only way that matters, objective. He thus rejects both the demand for an ahistorical foundation, and the conclusion that in the absence of such a foundation we reside in an indeterminate world. In a succession of provocative and wide-ranging chapters, Fish explores the implications of his position for our understanding of legal, literary, and psychoanalytic interpretation, the nature of professional and institutional culture, and the place of reason in a world that is rhetorical through and through.

Holy Scripture

Holy Scripture ebook ISBN: 9780802848215
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
Author: G. C. Berkouwer
Number of Pages: 380 
File: holy-scripture.pdf
Reads: 8810207


Peer Review

Peer Review ebook ISBN: 9780742514355
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
Author: David Shatz
Number of Pages: 249 
File: peer-review.pdf
Reads: 6682191


Clear away the clutter of takeaway tins and bring a new dawn to your student kitchen with this fresh edition of the original Student Grub cookbook - the original (and best!) cookbook for university newbies. As essential in every student's kitchen as shot glasses and hangover cures, this easy-to-follow guide contains everything from basic recipes to world cuisine. Whether you need inspiration for a post-pub snack or want to impress your date with a three-course culinary spectacular, this book will help launch you into a lifetime of good food.

Handbook of Research on Instructional Systems and Technology

Handbook of Research on Instructional Systems and Technology ebook ISBN: 1599048663
Publisher: IGI Global
Author: Kidd, Terry T.,Song, Holim
Number of Pages: 1110 
File: handbook-of-research-on-instructional-systems-and-technology.pdf
Reads: 3762702


"This book provides information on different styles of instructional design methodologies, tips, and strategies on how to use technology to facilitate active learning and techniques to help faculty and researchers develop online instructional and teaching materials. It enables libraries to provide a foundational reference for researchers, educators, administrators, and others in the context of instructional systems and technology"--Provided by publisher.

The Heirs of St. Teresa of Ávila

The Heirs of St. Teresa of Ávila ebook ISBN: 1939272149
Publisher: ICS Publications
Author: Christopher Wilson
Number of Pages: 140 
File: the-heirs-of-st-teresa-of-Ávila.pdf
Reads: 1020948


This issue of Carmelite Studies presents new insights into the lives and writings of individuals who knew Teresa of Avila in life and who, after her death in 1582, worked to propagate and defend her legacy, including the illustrious nuns Anne of St. Bartholomew, Ana of Jesus, Maria of St. Joseph, and Ana of St. Augustine, and her close male confidant and collaborator, Jerome Gracian of the Mother of God. A further focus of the essays is the reception of the Teresian heritage by individuals outside the order, as mediated by these early Discalced Carmelites and by Teresa's published writings. The essays were originally presented at the 2004 symposium The Heirs of St. Teresa at Georgetown University. That year marked the 400th anniversary of a pivotal moment in Discalced Carmelite history: the arrival in France of a group of six nuns, some of Teresa's most favored proteges, including Ana of Jesus and Anne of St. Bartholomew, who traveled from Spain to inaugurate the order's first French convent. Motivated by devotion to their Founding Mother, amidst success and setbacks, these and other of Teresa's heirs strove to carry out her will with a resolute determination and to extend her reputation for sanctity throughout the world.

Dynamic Positions in Birth

Dynamic Positions in Birth ebook ISBN: 1780661150
Publisher: Pinter & Martin Publishers
Author: Margaret Jowitt
Number of Pages: 224 
File: dynamic-positions-in-birth.pdf
Reads: 1545066


Most women give birth in hospitals, institutions modelled around the needs of the people who work there. The delivery room is designed around the obstetric bed which was designed for the benefit of the obstetrician rather than the woman giving birth. Despite research showing the benefit of upright positions in labour and birth, most women in the UK still give birth in the semi-reclined position, pushing their baby out against the forces of gravity. The author argues that unnatural positions make labour and birth more painful and difficult for modern women than it was for their ancestors. How did we come to put the needs of care givers above those of the labouring woman? Is there anything that can be done? Starting with a short history of birth furniture, Dynamic Positions in Birth goes on to explore the anatomy and physiology of labour from an evolutionary perspective and explores how rethinking positions for labour and birth could benefit mothers and their babies. Equally important is the need to change attitudes to birth so that women are encouraged to play a more active part in the birth of their babies instead of being subjected to clinical interventions designed to mitigate the adverse effects of labouring in a starkly unnatural environment. Margaret Jowitt argues that it is possible to give women labouring in hospital a better chance of giving birth naturally. The book concludes by calling for a fresh look at the environment for birth. Delivery rooms can be made more user friendly by introducing furniture designed around women’s need for physical support during labour as well as for the birth, and by hiding away the more alarming technology unless it is needed. Women need a less forbidding environment and more encouragement to move freely and adopt positions which will enhance their chance of achieving a normal birth.

Religion and Human Purpose

Religion and Human Purpose ebook ISBN: 9400934831
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Author: W. Horosz,Tad Clements
Number of Pages: 309 
File: religion-and-human-purpose.pdf
Reads: 3029868


The cross-disciplinary studies in this volume are of special interest because they link human purpose to the present debate between religion and the process of secularization. If that debate is to be a creative one, the notion of the 'human orderer' must be related significantly both to the sacred and secular realms. In fact, if man were not a purposive being, he would have neither religious nor secular problems. Questions about origins and destiny, divine purposiveness and the order of human development, would not arise as topics of human concern. It would appear, then, that few would deny the fact of man's purposiveness in existence, that the pursuit of these purposes constitutes the dramas of history and culture. Yet the case is otherwise. For, concerning 'purposes' itself, widely divergent, even antithetical, views have been held. The common man has mistrusted its guidance for purpose, much too often, 'changes its mind'. Its fluctuations and whimsical nature are too much even for common sense. The sciences have identified purpose with the personal life and viewed it as a function of the subject self. Consequently they had no need for it in scientific method and objective knowledge. The religions of the world have used purpose in its holistic sense, for purposes of establishing grandious systems of religious totality and for stating the ultimate goals in man's destiny.

Disagreements of the Jurists

Disagreements of the Jurists ebook ISBN: 0814771424
Publisher: NYU Press
Author: al-Qadi al-Numan,
Number of Pages: 496 
File: disagreements-of-the-jurists.pdf
Reads: 6320629


Al-Qadi al-Nuʿman was the chief legal theorist and ideologue of the North African Fatimid dynasty in the tenth century. This translation makes available in English for the first time his major work on Islamic legal theory, which presents a legal model in support of the Fatimids’ principle of legitimate rule over the Islamic community. Composed as part of a grand project to establish the theoretical bases of the official Fatimid legal school, Disagreements of the Jurists expounds a distinctly Shiʿi system of hermeneutics, which refutes the methods of legal interpretation adopted by Sunni jurists. The work begins with a discussion of the historical causes of jurisprudential divergence in the first Islamic centuries, and goes on to address, point by point, the specific interpretive methods of Sunni legal theory, arguing that they are both illegitimate and ineffective. While its immediate mission is to pave the foundation of the legal Ismaʿili tradition, the text also preserves several Islamic legal theoretical works no longer extant—including Ibn Dawud’s manual, al-Wusul ila maʿrifat al-usul—and thus throws light on a critical stage in the historical development of Islamic legal theory (usul al-fiqh) that would otherwise be lost to history.

Melancholy Duty

Melancholy Duty ebook ISBN: 9401722358
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Author: S.P. Foster
Number of Pages: 362 
File: melancholy-duty.pdf
Reads: 7761250


This book studies the complementary features of the thought of David Hume and Edward Gibbon in the complete range of its confrontation with eighteenth-century Christianity. The ten chapters explore the iconoclasm of these two philosophical historians - Hume as the premier philosopher, Gibbon as the consummate historian - as they labored to `naturalize' the study of Christianity, particularly with attention to its social and political dimensions. No other work deals as comprehensively or thoroughly with the attempt of philosophical history's challenge to Christianity. Belief in miracles and the afterlife, the dimensions of fanaticism and superstition, and the nature of religious persecution were the themes that occupied Hume and Gibbon in the making of their critique of Christianity. This book makes a valuable contribution to scholarship in a number of fields including the history of ideas, religious studies, and philosophy. It will be of interest to philosophers of religion, historians of ideas, eighteenth-century intellectual historians, scholars of the Scottish Enlightenment, and Hume and Gibbon scholars.

Please Don't Say You Need Me

Please Don't Say You Need Me ebook ISBN: 0310877148
Publisher: Zondervan
Author: Jan Silvious
Number of Pages: 160 
File: please-don-t-say-you-need-me.pdf
Reads: 3616821


Please Don’t Say You Need Me. . . is a common plea voiced by people trapped in unhealthy, codependent relationships. Confused by their conflicting emotions, they feel trapped between wanting to love and care for someone else and yet, at the same time, needing to escape from that person’s intense and suffocating demands for self-esteem.Jan Silvious offers practical, biblical answers for those dealing with codependency—actually, people-dependency—that can exist between mates, siblings, parents and children, and friends.· Who is the codependent person?· What is a codependent relationship?· What role does guilt play in a codependent relationship?· Can Christians be codependent?Jan Silvious answers these questions and shows readers how to identify and break the cycle of a codependent relationship in a loving, scriptural manner. Here is insight, hope, and encouragement for replacing unhealthy ways of relating with a new approach that can bring balance and wholeness.

Use Your Words

Use Your Words ebook ISBN: 1936740222
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Author: Kate Hopper
Number of Pages: 256 
File: use-your-words.pdf
Reads: 3970989


USE YOUR WORDS introduces the art of creative nonfiction to women who want to give written expression to their lives as mothers. Written by award-winning teacher and writer, Kate Hopper, this book will help women find the heart of their writing, learn to use motherhood as a lens through which to write the world, and turn their motherhood stories into art. Each chapter of USE YOUR WORDS focuses on an element of craft and contains a lecture, a published essay, and writing exercises that will serve as jumping-off points for the readers’ own writing. Chapter topics include: the importance of using concrete details, an overview of creative nonfiction as a genre, character development, voice, humor, tense and writing the “hard stuff,” reflection and back-story, structure, revision, and publishing. The content of each lecture is aligned with the essay/poem in that chapter to help readers more easily grasp the elements of craft being discussed. Together the chapters provide a unique opportunity for mother writers to learn and grow as writers. USE YOUR WORDS takes the approach that creative writing can be taught, and this underscores each chapter. When students learn to read like writers, to notice how a piece is put together, and to question the choices a writer makes, they begin to think like writers. When they learn to ground their writing in concrete, sensory details and begin to understand how to create believable characters and realistic dialogue, their own writing improves. USE YOUR WORDS reflects Kate’s style as a teacher, guiding the reader in a straightforward, nurturing, and passionate voice. As one student noted in a class evaluation: “Kate is a born writer and teacher, and her enthusiasm for essays about motherhood and for teaching the nuts and bolts of writing so that ordinary mothers have the tools to write their stories is a gift to the world. She is raising the value of motherhood in our society as she helps mothers build their confidence and strengthen their game as writers.”

Concise Guide to Information Literacy

Concise Guide to Information Literacy ebook ISBN: 1598849492
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
Author: Scott Lanning
Number of Pages: 99 
File: concise-guide-to-information-literacy.pdf
Reads: 6242189


At a time when students are bombarded with a seemingly infinite variety of information sources, this invaluable guide helps them build the skills they need to distinguish good sources from those that are less reliable.