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Deaf-blind Infants and Children

Deaf-blind Infants and Children ebook ISBN: 9780802077875
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
Author: John M. McInnes,Jacquelyn A. Treffry
Number of Pages: 284 
File: deaf-blind-infants-and-children.pdf
Reads: 3528023


This is a comprehensive reference guide for teachers, parents, and paraprofessionals working or living with children who are both deaf and blind. It provides day-to-day guidance and suggestions about techniques and methods for assessing children with multi-sensory deprivation, and for devising programs to help them cope.

Cognitive Development in Blind Children

Cognitive Development in Blind Children ebook ISBN: 9788171417346
Publisher: Discovery Publishing House
Author: S. Begum
Number of Pages: 222 
File: cognitive-development-in-blind-children.pdf
Reads: 1274819


Contents: Introduction, Conspectus of Research on Cognitive Abilities, A Study Plan and Procedure, Presentation Analysis and Interpretation of Data, Discussion, Summary, Conclusions, Recommendations and Suggestions.

Caring for a Blind Cat

Caring for a Blind Cat ebook ISBN: 0955691311
Author: Natasha Mitchell
Number of Pages: 61 
File: caring-for-a-blind-cat.pdf
Reads: 6973733


The 'Caring for a cat' series is a selection of titles which each focus on a common feline condition. Over 3000 copies sold worldwide. Caring for a blind cat has been written as an ideal information source and support tool for cat owners whose cats are visually impaired or blind. It is also helpful to owners of cats with eye problems that may lead to vision problems blindness and would be perfect for a person thinking of re-homing a blind or disabled cat. The book is also designed to be a resource for student vets, veterinary nurses and technicians. The science and emotional aspects of dealing with a diagnosis of blindness are dealt with and the causes and treatments of eye conditions are discussed. The book has practical advice on how to modify the home and garden for blind cats. Case studies are included to show how well blind cats can cope with their disability and Caring for a Blind Cat gives lots of advice to improve the quality of life of your visually impaired cat.

On the Special Needs of Blind and Low Vision Seniors

On the Special Needs of Blind and Low Vision Seniors ebook ISBN: 9781586031527
Publisher: IOS Press
Author: Hans-Werner Wahl,Hans-Eugen Schulze
Number of Pages: 351 
File: on-the-special-needs-of-blind-and-low-vision-seniors.pdf
Reads: 917326


Main headings: I. Basic positions. - II. Epidemiology and medical-ophthalmological research. - III. Psychosocial issues and daily living skills in different settings: empirical and conceptual contributions. - IV. Intervention and rehabilitation: empirical and conceptual contributions. - V. Educational issues: programs, media, self-help and new technologies. - VI. Learning from each other in an international perspective. - VII. Look into the future.

Blind People

Blind People ebook ISBN: 143840090X
Publisher: SUNY Press
Author: Shlomo Deshen
Number of Pages: 197 
File: blind-people.pdf
Reads: 6019134


Blind People approaches disability from a fresh perspective: people with an unusual body are conceived of relativistically as a variant of humanity, much the way anthropology approaches people of different culture. While deeply empathic to its subject matter, Blind People raises questions that anthropologists ask routinely, but which are commonly avoided in everyday life because they touch on sensitive matters. Based on fieldwork in Israel, the book constitutes an ethnography of blind Israelis. It starts by focusing on intimate issues of the management of the sightless body, goes on to discuss the role of the blind person in the domestic setting, and moves to issues of how the blind person strives to attain material requirements. Finally, the book relates the way blind people cope with problems of associating with both blind and sighted people in arenas of leisure activity and public affairs. Deshen’s book aims to present a truthful, dignified, fully human depiction, in the tradition of socio-cultural anthropology.

Adoption in a Color-blind Society

Adoption in a Color-blind Society ebook ISBN: 9780742559424
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
Author: Pamela Anne Quiroz
Number of Pages: 141 
File: adoption-in-a-color-blind-society.pdf
Reads: 1236471


Adoption in a Color-blind Society illustrates how the political economy of private domestic adoption intersects with the political economy of racism to generate quite different demands for infants and children of different races and how the private adoption arena responds to these demands. This book argues that rather than moving towards a color-blind democracy, we instead live in a context where race continues to matter substantially, particularly in arenas 'closest to home.'

Blind Equalization and Identification

Blind Equalization and Identification ebook ISBN: 9780824704797
Publisher: CRC Press
Author: Zhi Ding,Ye Li
Number of Pages: 418 
File: blind-equalization-and-identification.pdf
Reads: 4638861


This text seeks to clarify various contradictory claims regarding capabilities and limitations of blind equalization. It highlights basic operating conditions and potential for malfunction. The authors also address concepts and principles of blind algorithms for single input multiple output (SIMO) systems and multi-user extensions of SIMO equalization and identification.

Living and Learning with Blind Children

Living and Learning with Blind Children ebook ISBN: 9780802077004
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
Author: Felicity Harrison,Mary Crow
Number of Pages: 266 
File: living-and-learning-with-blind-children.pdf
Reads: 8025846


Blind and visually impaired children experience the world in unique ways. To help them learn and develop, parents and teachers need to understand how such children relate to their environment. The authors offer practical strategies for encouraging the blind child's development and interaction. Paper edition (7700-5), $17.95. Annotation copyright by Book News, Inc., Portland, OR

Diary of a Blind Magician

Diary of a Blind Magician ebook ISBN: 1449082556
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Author: Gary Haun
Number of Pages: 288 
File: diary-of-a-blind-magician.pdf
Reads: 1646486


In this book Gary reveals how magic has helped him overcome his limitations. As a blind magician, Gary explains what he has had to do to perform magic. He discusses the techniques and methods that have enabled him to become one of the world’s finest blind magicians. In Diary of a Blind Magician, Gary shares his passion for magic with you. He not only gives you some very interesting information about magic he actually teaches you how to perform some easy to do magic tricks.

Foundations of Rehabilitation Counseling with Persons who are Blind Or Visually Impaired

Foundations of Rehabilitation Counseling with Persons who are Blind Or Visually Impaired ebook ISBN: 9780891289456
Publisher: American Foundation for the Blind
Author: J. Elton Moore,William Hughes Graves,Jeanne Boland Patterson
Number of Pages: 477 
File: foundations-of-rehabilitation-counseling-with-persons-who-are-blind-or-visually-impaired.pdf
Reads: 6148823


Rehabilitation professionals have long recognized that the needs of people who are blind or visually impaired are unique and require a special knowledge and expertise for the provision and coordination of effective rehabilitation services. Contributions to this text from more than 25 experts provide essential information on subjects such as functional, medical, vocational and psychological assessments; demographic and cultural issues; placement and employment issues; and the rehabilitation team. Each chapter includes a Learning Activities section that can be used in class assignments or during in-service training. Sample forms, such as a Job Analysis Worksheet, a Comprehensive Vocational Evaluation System Protocol, an Individualized Written Rehabilitation Program, and a Work Environment Visual Demands Report are included in the appendices. An extensive glossary provides easy access to clear definitions of terms.

The Development of Social Skills by Blind and Visually Impaired Students

The Development of Social Skills by Blind and Visually Impaired Students ebook ISBN: 9780891282174
Publisher: American Foundation for the Blind
Author: Sharon Sacks,Linda Kekelis
Number of Pages: 214 
File: the-development-of-social-skills-by-blind-and-visually-impaired-students.pdf
Reads: 877630


In this examination of the social interactions of children with visual impairments, theory and research are combined to explore how these children can be helped to succeed socially. Innovative practical strategies are provided for educators, researchers, and families on how to assist children in the development of social skills. Qualitative ethnographic approaches demonstrate how classroom teachers can work effectively with individual children and present valuable insights about children's interactions.

Handbook of Blind Source Separation

Handbook of Blind Source Separation ebook ISBN: 9780080884943
Publisher: Academic Press
Author: Pierre Comon,Christian Jutten
Number of Pages: 856 
File: handbook-of-blind-source-separation.pdf
Reads: 3543056


Edited by the people who were forerunners in creating the field, together with contributions from 34 leading international experts, this handbook provides the definitive reference on Blind Source Separation, giving a broad and comprehensive description of all the core principles and methods, numerical algorithms and major applications in the fields of telecommunications, biomedical engineering and audio, acoustic and speech processing. Going beyond a machine learning perspective, the book reflects recent results in signal processing and numerical analysis, and includes topics such as optimization criteria, mathematical tools, the design of numerical algorithms, convolutive mixtures, and time frequency approaches. This Handbook is an ideal reference for university researchers, R&D engineers and graduates wishing to learn the core principles, methods, algorithms, and applications of Blind Source Separation. Covers the principles and major techniques and methods in one book Edited by the pioneers in the field with contributions from 34 of the world’s experts Describes the main existing numerical algorithms and gives practical advice on their design Covers the latest cutting edge topics: second order methods; algebraic identification of under-determined mixtures, time-frequency methods, Bayesian approaches, blind identification under non negativity approaches, semi-blind methods for communications Shows the applications of the methods to key application areas such as telecommunications, biomedical engineering, speech, acoustic, audio and music processing, while also giving a general method for developing applications

"The Country of the Blind" and Other Science-fiction Stories

ISBN: 9780486295695
Publisher: Courier Corporation
Author: Herbert George Wells,Martin Gardner
Number of Pages: 90 
File: the-country-of-the-blind-and-other-science-fiction-stories.pdf
Reads: 6739672


"In the country of the blind, the one-eyed man is king." Or is he? In H. G. Wells' acclaimed tale, a stranded mountaineer encounters an isolated society in which his apparent advantage proves less than valuable. This thought-provoking fable is accompanied by other short stories, including "The Star," a gripping tale about a massive celestial object hurtling toward the Earth, as well as "The New Accelerator," "The Remarkable Case of Davidson's Eyes," "Under the Knife," and "The Queer Story of Brownlow's Newspaper." With the 1895 publication of his first novel, The Time Machine, Wells established himself as the foremost science-fiction writer of his era. This entertaining collection was selected and edited by Martin Gardner, who also provides an Afterword that offers insight into the liveliness and originality of Wells’ imagination.

The Blind, the Lame, and the Poor

The Blind, the Lame, and the Poor ebook ISBN: 1850756678
Publisher: A&C Black
Author: S. John Roth
Number of Pages: 253 
File: the-blind-the-lame-and-the-poor.pdf
Reads: 5500366


Why are the blind, the lame, the poor, and similar characters so prominent in the Gospel of Luke and all but absent in Acts?

Blind Image Deconvolution

Blind Image Deconvolution ebook ISBN: 9781420007299
Publisher: CRC Press
Author: Patrizio Campisi,Karen Egiazarian
Number of Pages: 472 
File: blind-image-deconvolution.pdf
Reads: 5043045


Blind image deconvolution is constantly receiving increasing attention from the academic as well the industrial world due to both its theoretical and practical implications. The field of blind image deconvolution has several applications in different areas such as image restoration, microscopy, medical imaging, biological imaging, remote sensing, astronomy, nondestructive testing, geophysical prospecting, and many others. Blind Image Deconvolution: Theory and Applications surveys the current state of research and practice as presented by the most recognized experts in the field, thus filling a gap in the available literature on blind image deconvolution. Explore the gamut of blind image deconvolution approaches and algorithms that currently exist and follow the current research trends into the future. This comprehensive treatise discusses Bayesian techniques, single- and multi-channel methods, adaptive and multi-frame techniques, and a host of applications to multimedia processing, astronomy, remote sensing imagery, and medical and biological imaging at the whole-body, small-part, and cellular levels. Everything you need to step into this dynamic field is at your fingertips in this unique, self-contained masterwork. For image enhancement and restoration without a priori information, turn to Blind Image Deconvolution: Theory and Applications for the knowledge and techniques you need to tackle real-world problems.

Language Development and Social Interaction in Blind Children

Language Development and Social Interaction in Blind Children ebook ISBN: 1134840985
Publisher: Psychology Press
Author: Miguel Perez-Pereira,Gina Conti-Ramsden
Number of Pages: 197 
File: language-development-and-social-interaction-in-blind-children.pdf
Reads: 7521680


This book provides an up-to-date account of blind children's developing communicative abilities with particular emphasis on social cognition and language acquisition from infancy to early school age. It purports to foster dialogue between those interested in the study of typically developing children and those interested in the development of children who are blind and to provide insights and new explanations of why the development of blind children may differ from that of sighted children. The book also aims to identify and examine current theoretical issues which are likely to be at the centre of developments in the fields of child language and developmental psychology. Language Development and Social Interaction in Blind Children is also a timely book. The study of blind children's development constitutes a unique opportunity to study the effect of vision on development, and more specifically on the development of language and certain aspects of social cognition. Current interest in the development of "theory of mind" and perspective taking in language learning, make the case of blind children crucial to our understanding of certain aspects of psychological functioning. The book explores these issues, challenges some widely-held beliefs about the development of communication in blind children, and provides a cohesive picture of our knowledge to date.

Blind Speech Separation

Blind Speech Separation ebook ISBN: 1402064799
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Author: Shoji Makino,Te-Won Lee,Hiroshi Sawada
Number of Pages: 432 
File: blind-speech-separation.pdf
Reads: 9031249


This is the world’s first edited book on independent component analysis (ICA)-based blind source separation (BSS) of convolutive mixtures of speech. This book brings together a small number of leading researchers to provide tutorial-like and in-depth treatment on major ICA-based BSS topics, with the objective of becoming the definitive source for current, comprehensive, authoritative, and yet accessible treatment.