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Blood & Champagne

Blood & Champagne ebook ISBN: 1447227808
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Author: Alex Kershaw
Number of Pages: 320 
File: blood-champagne.pdf
Reads: 743700


A wonderfully rich and evocative biography of the great war photographer, Robert Capa, whose life was every bit as dramatic as the pictures he took.A Hungarian, Capa was driven from his country by political oppression and became the greatest war photographer of his generation with his work during the Spanish Civil War. His work during WWII made him a legend as he covered many of the significant moments of the war, crossing the Atlantic with the first convoys, enduring the London Blitz and following the Allies through North Africa, Italy and then the liberation of France. Founder of Magnum, he was one of the earliest casualties of what would become the Vietnam war, being killed in IndoChina in 1954. Friend of Hemingway, Gary Cooper, Gene Kelly, John Huston, lover of Ingrid Bergman, he is one of the great figures of the twentieth century. 'A tale rich with intrigue, love, lust, lies and betrayal...I loved this book' Janine di Giovanni 'Ambition, integrity and courage were intertwined in Capa, as Alex Kershaw persuades in this elegant biography ...a spellbinding portrait of his gypsy life.' Sunday Times 'Packed with good stories, and snappily written, Blood and Champagne is as full of life as the man it celebrates.' Observer 'Remarkably fine' Daily Telegraph

Empire on the Nile

Empire on the Nile ebook ISBN: 9780521894371
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Author: M. W. Daly
Number of Pages: 560 
File: empire-on-the-nile.pdf
Reads: 866714


Essential background for an understanding of the social and economic issues confronting the Sudan today.

Bad Blood

Bad Blood ebook ISBN: 0748121315
Publisher: Hachette UK
Author: Kristen Painter
Number of Pages: 416 
File: bad-blood.pdf
Reads: 3364556


Thomas Creek, Kubai Mata warrior, stumbles upon a murder. The girl was the major's estranged daughter, masquerading as one of the vampires' chosen servants. And the sinister circumstances of her death force the mayor to accept the othernatural threat facing her city. Creek recruits Malkolm and Chrysabelle to help prepare her for the danger ahead, but Chrysabelle is desperate to find her brother. Although to track him, she'll need to retrieve the ring of sorrows from the fae holding it ransom. As they race to find the ring and protect the city, more girls professing to be vampire servants are killed. The night of Samhain is also approaching - bringing with it the final melding of mortal and othernatural worlds. Chrysabelle must have the ring, and its unexpected powers, as a new war is about to erupt.

Star of the Sea

Star of the Sea ebook ISBN: 0547545274
Publisher: HMH
Author: Joseph O'Connor
Number of Pages: 416 
File: star-of-the-sea.pdf
Reads: 5053935


A New York Times Notable Book and “thoroughly gripping” historical mystery: On a ship packed with Irish immigrants, one passenger is a killer (People). In the bitter winter of 1847, leaving an Ireland torn by famine and injustice, the Star of the Sea sets sail for New York. On board are hundreds of refugees, some of them optimistic, many more of them desperate. Among them are a maid with a devastating secret, the bankrupt Lord Merridith accompanied by his wife and children—and a killer stalking the decks, hungry for the vengeance that will bring absolution. This journey will see many lives end, while others begin anew. Passionate loves are tenderly recalled, shirked responsibilities regretted too late, and profound relationships shockingly revealed. In this spellbinding tale of tragedy and mercy, love and healing, the farther the ship sails toward the Promised Land, the more her passengers seem moored to a past that will never let them go. “O’Connor’s luscious book brews the suspense of a thriller with the scope and passion of a Victorian novel—seasoned in authentic historical detail and served up in language that is equal parts lyrical and gritty.” —Booklist “Engrossing . . . will hold historical fiction fans rapt.” —Publishers Weekly

Into the Darkness

Into the Darkness ebook ISBN: 1469103214
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Jynell K. Hull
Number of Pages: 111 
File: into-the-darkness.pdf
Reads: 4276816


He walked the dark streets while his tortured thoughts turned over and over in his mind. What had he been thinking? She had been almost eager to go with him and it had only been after they entered the empty park that her heart had begun to race and doubt started to seep into her mind. After she had seen the way he looked at her. She had sensed something was wrong and he had smelled her fear which only fueled his desire. His need for her blood almost overwhelmed him. He could taste it sweet and heavy. He could feel it rushing over his tongue and through his veins. His arms trembled with the need to hold her against him, pin her to his body until her struggles ceased and she was limp and cold. Somehow through all of that he had resisted. But just barely. The man that was still very much a part of him wanted to love her and be loved by her, to protect her but the monster, the blood thirsty, soulless being wanted her life. He had fought against it and won. This time. He had left quickly, left her wondering what was wrong with him. He was wondering as well. What was he going to do? What could he do? Leaving this town, leaving her seemed impossible to him. He didnt feel he could survive without seeing her, hearing her heartbeat in his ears but to stay meant he had to tell her what he was. It was only fair he just didnt know if he could. He pictured her clear blue eyes widening as she backed away from him. He could see the look of pure revulsion on her perfect face and hear her screams echoing through the night. It had begun to rain. Fat drops pounded against him as he continued to walk, continued to search for an answer. Three hours later and he was still undecided. His footsteps echoed in the stillness as he walked soaked to the bone.

Queen of My Immortal Heart

Queen of My Immortal Heart ebook ISBN: 1483613313
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Darlyne Frederick
Number of Pages: 243 
File: queen-of-my-immortal-heart.pdf
Reads: 7301778


Vampire Princess, Nicoleta Morganthe, has been in love with Luke Sangre for over 300 years. An attack on his pack took him from her side two centuries ago, but she has never forgotten him. On the night of her crowning ceremony, she lays eyes on him once again! However, will he still love her after so much time has passed? Werewolf, Luke Sangre, is finally back home in Romania after two centuries of being away fighting rogue werewolves and protecting his brothers overseas. His heart is still set on his precious Nicoleta. However, after so much time and no contact, will she still care for him and be the Queen of his Immortal Heart?

Blood and Religion

Blood and Religion ebook ISBN: 0773568840
Publisher: McGill-Queen\'s Press - MQUP
Author: Ronald Love
Number of Pages: 488 
File: blood-and-religion.pdf
Reads: 8272474


Love places these matters in context against the broader background of endemic civil war, contemporary religious culture, and the many responsibilities imposed upon Henri by his royal rank and political role. Blood and Religion concludes with a close analysis of Henri's conversion to Catholicism in July 1593, including the king's crisis of conscience as he struggled to secure his crown and preserve his soul. Love's fresh interpretations of the influence of religion on Henri IV's political and military choices challenge much of modern scholarship on this important French monarch and cast new light on the motivations and worldview of sixteenth-century sovereigns in an age when religion and politics were inseparable.

Blood & Wine

Blood & Wine ebook ISBN: 1420809113
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Author: Rosellen Price
Number of Pages: 152 
File: blood-wine.pdf
Reads: 3421858


In the author's previous novel, Spider Song, Marci Gray makes a cameo appearance as an enigmatic woman who drifts into Keene, New Hampshire, and six months later drifts away again. In her wake she leaves many unanswered questions. Who was she? Where had she come from? Where had she gone? Arid why? Allison Recalled picks up her trail and follows her to the small town of Jordan, Ohio. Driven by a growing need to understand her past, and aided by a slender clue indicating Jordan as her birthplace, she settles into the community and initiates a search for the first four years of her life. Jordan seems to dream through the rich autumn season, as innocent as a painting. In those first days, Marci can almost feel that she has stepped into the scene. She locates a charming cottage to rent; she is befriended by one of Jordan's most influential citizens; she meets and quickly becomes involved with a lovely woman. Yet almost immediately a darker side is revealed. As Marci pursues her investigation and begins to discover a history of crime and deception, the sleeping dogs of the past are roused. In an ever-escalating show of force, threats are made, vile pranks are played. Eventually, people die. Moving inexorably towards its bitterly ironic conclusion, ALLISON RECALLED explores the themes of revenge and forgiveness, the price one may pay for truth, and the dark wonders of the twisted strands of good and evil, which occupy the human heart.

Oysters and Champagne

Oysters and Champagne ebook ISBN: 9780709027928
Publisher: Robert Hale
Author: Pat Davis
Number of Pages: 253 
File: oysters-and-champagne.pdf
Reads: 1140121


Recipes from Historic New England

Recipes from Historic New England ebook ISBN: 9781589794405
Publisher: Taylor Trade Publications
Author: Steve Bauer,Linda Bauer
Number of Pages: 336 
File: recipes-from-historic-new-england.pdf
Reads: 9287119


Recipes from Historic New England is a coffee table, cooking, and travel book designed to delight the senses and ignite your love of travel. From the famous Parker House rolls to the amazing scenery of The Mount Washington Hotel and Resort, to the solitude of the Inn at Sawmill Farm, each site was carefully selected by the authors and every one has much to offer the reader, cook, and traveler.

The Spectator

The Spectator ebook ISBN:
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: the-spectator.pdf
Reads: 661708


Blood and Spice, Wealth and Vice

Blood and Spice, Wealth and Vice ebook ISBN: 1469132818
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Lawrence Clarke
Number of Pages: 380 
File: blood-and-spice-wealth-and-vice.pdf
Reads: 7698324


The story is set mainly in and around Boston, with some action taking place in Brighton Beach, Coney Island. A female torso is discovered buried on Middlesex Fells. A sergeant at the local county precinct knows there are wider implications and asks the Boston Police Department for assistance. The case is passed to Sergeant Investigator Lynden Deller and his detective team, Hilly Marsden and Glynn Taylor. Deller's friend is the Deputy Coroner, Mason Bridger, and he carries out the autopsy. His preliminary report tells Deller that the torso may at one time have been a gynandromorph and had been surgically corrected'. Both men assume the amputations were carried out to hide the identity of the woman but the killer, or killers, has made a mistake. The woman has had a breast augmentation at some point in her past and the implants carry serial numbers. Lynden Deller is an unusual man. His ancestors, from Boston, England, were among the first settlers in Massachusetts. He hails from a very wealthy, Brahmin background and his brother, Charles, runs the family's multi-million dollar financial corporation. Deller and his sister Nell are totally different in character to their older brother in that they have turned their back on the wealth and dedicated themselves to assisting in the public good. Nell is an immunologist and bacteriologist and devotes most of her time abroad among the afflicted of the Third World. Their mother, Andrea, is a social butterfly who judges no-one harshly and loves her children equally. She runs charity events and donates her time to raising money and giving a good deal of her own. Her husband, Deller's father, died of a stroke in his early fifties. Miller Killaine is a billionaire but is descended from poor Irish immigrant stock. The Killaine Corporation, the legal one, own all types of businesses across America and beyond. He also heads a secretive, shell corporation whose illegal activities have been in operation for more than a century. He hates the Brahmin stock. His son, Emmet, is a different individual, having been moulded by his gentle mother. Emmet was engaged to the girl, Charlotte Alverdia, in Mason Bridger's refrigerated drawer. He does not know straight away that his father had the girl killed after she told Emmet her most guarded secret and he broke their engagement. When she left she took with her a family heirloom, an engagement ring valued at almost $2,000,000, and some papers that tell of a secret only Miller Killaine and one other person know. He will remove anyone to keep that secret. Problems arise when the ring and papers are not returned by Charlotte's killers and they demand a ransom for the jewellery and the papers. Killaine has to hire more thorough men to hunt down those who dared to doublecross him. From there the hunt for Killaine's possessions becomes more convoluted as the months pass. There are others involved, such as a gang of Romani Bulgarians and a man by the name of Russian Peter, who are on Killaine's payroll. These men are all dangerous but none is more dangerous than Killaine's most trusted contract operator. He was originally Polish and his real name was Zadufin. (FIN to those who can afford to pay for his services.) When he escaped Poland, he took his dead brother's name as a mark of respect and love. Before he left, and after his father was the cause of his brother's death, he cut the old man's throat and made Polish black sausage with the blood and spices; just the way his father had shown him. He has made the sausage many times since; in Denmark, Canada and America. He lives on a bluff on Martha's Vineyard in a house that looks across Nantucket Sound. He is the only man that Miller Killaine fears. Emmet meets Nell at a fund raiser run by his father at Garavogue, the family mansion. The Deller family are guests along with 300 other wealthy donors. Emmet and Nell eventually fall for one another but Nell is

Blood and Thunder

Blood and Thunder ebook ISBN:
Publisher: London : F. Muller
Author: Maurice Willson Disher
Number of Pages: 280 
File: blood-and-thunder.pdf
Reads: 2250888


Blood and Land

Blood and Land ebook ISBN: 1481784595
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Author: Harvey Beach
Number of Pages: 322 
File: blood-and-land.pdf
Reads: 1253183


In a world where everyone has gone to war, not choosing sides is not an option. Lord Simon Montcalm goes to war in 1066 not just because he must be true to his oath to his overlord Duke William of Normandy upon threat of destitution or death for refusal, but because there is great profit to be had. Huge lands and properties in England - the richest kingdom in Christendom. But great profit means great risk in the gaining it and the forces of England are terrible. Being the only male of his noble line, with no male heir himself, Lord Montcalm must win through the politics of his own side and the hazard of bloody battle to earn the promised glory for his name and riches for his family - or die, leaving not just him dead but his whole noble line extinct.

Blood and Iron

Blood and Iron ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Harpercollins
Author: Otto Friedlaender,Otto Friedrich
Number of Pages: 434 
File: blood-and-iron.pdf
Reads: 4382160


A chronicle of more than a century of German history focuses on the role played in that history by the Von Moltke family, from a field marshall who won the Franco-Prussian War to a count whom the Gestapo executed for conspiracy. National ad/promo.

Blood and Soil

Blood and Soil ebook ISBN:
Author: Anna Bramwell
Number of Pages: 288 
File: blood-and-soil.pdf
Reads: 1223412


A political biography of Darre, appointed National Peasant Leader and Minister of Food and Agriculture in 1933. Argues that his ecological ideas are still worthy of attention despite his racism. Although he believed in eugenics and Nordic racism, he did not emphasize their antisemitic aspect until after joining the Nazi Party in 1930, when he began to speak of the Jews as leaders of the capitalist urban threat to rural Germany and of an international Jewish conspiracy. He opposed anti-Jewish boycotts and delayed the Aryanization of Jewish land until 1940, not wanting his land reform program to be controlled by Nazi antisemitism. Although he was excluded from policy decisions after 1939, and dismissed in 1942, Darre was tried as a war criminal in 1949 and found guilty of participation in the Aryanization program and of expropriation of Polish and Jewish farmlands during the resettlement of ethnic Germans.

Through Blood and Ice

Through Blood and Ice ebook ISBN:
Author: Ferenc Imrey,Lewis Stanton Palen
Number of Pages: 353 
File: through-blood-and-ice.pdf
Reads: 1682967


The Blood and Iron Chancellor

The Blood and Iron Chancellor ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Princeton, N.J. : Van Nostrand
Author: Louis Leo Snyder
Number of Pages: 423 
File: the-blood-and-iron-chancellor.pdf
Reads: 327137


"Otto Eduard Leopold, Prince of Bismarck, Duke of Lauenburg (1 April 1815 ? 30 July 1898), simply known as Otto von Bismarck, was a conservative German statesman who dominated European affairs from the 1860s to his dismissal in 1890 by Emperor Wilhelm II. In 1871, after a series of short victorious wars, he unified most of the German states (whilst excluding some, most notably Austria) into a powerful German Empire under Prussian leadership. This created a balance of power that preserved peace in Europe from 1871 until 1914."--Wikipedia.

Hot Blood and Cold Steel

Hot Blood and Cold Steel ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Spellmount, Limited Publishers
Author: Andy Simpson
Number of Pages: 227 
File: hot-blood-and-cold-steel.pdf
Reads: 8697371


Using a unique approach of weaving anthology with a continuous commentary, Hot Blood and Cold Steel describes what it was really like to live and fight in the trenches during the Great War.Domestic life on the line - accommodations, food and drink, wiring and carrying, the whole day and night routine - are investigated along with the operational aspects of trench life - raiding and patrolling in no-man's-land and the German lines. But as well as the blood and gore of battle, the book examines the attitudes of front line soldiers, officers and their men, to each other; to the staff; to their allies and the enemy; to wounds; to God; to the sheer horror of it all.This all encompassing portrayal of the front line grips the reader and refuses to let go, communicating a genuine understanding of what it was really like to have fought in the trenches of the Western Front

The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail

The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Arrow Books
Author: Michael Baigent,Richard Leigh,Henry Lincoln
Number of Pages: 558 
File: the-holy-blood-and-the-holy-grail.pdf
Reads: 129210


Revised edition. The book's conclusions, and the new material are persuasive, shocking and even dangerous.