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Blood Dreams

Blood Dreams ebook ISBN: 0553903926
Publisher: Bantam
Author: Kay Hooper
Number of Pages: 336 
File: blood-dreams.pdf
Reads: 1996762


New York Times bestselling author Kay Hooper takes readers on a terrifying manhunt for a serial killer even the Special Crimes Unit may not be able to stop. Dani Justice knows all about monsters. They haunt her dreams—and her life. But she never expected to find herself on the trail of a real flesh-and-blood predator so cunning that he’s eluded the best law enforcement could send against him; and so deadly that he doesn’t hesitate to kill even a senator’s daughter. Or a cop. Dani doesn’t want to hunt this killer, but she doesn’t have a choice. She alone commands a weapon powerful enough to stop him. And she knows something even Bishop of the FBI’s Special Crimes Unit doesn’t know. Dani knows how the hunt ends. It ends in fire. And blood. And death. What she doesn’t know is who will survive.


Burma ebook ISBN: 0300204515
Publisher: Yale University Press
Author: Richard Cockett
Number of Pages: 304 
File: burma.pdf
Reads: 6974819


The best single-volume analysis of Burma, its checkered history, and its attempts to reform

Blood Dreams

Blood Dreams ebook ISBN: 9781419950216
Publisher: Elloras Cave Pub Incorporated
Author: Mlyn Hurn
Number of Pages: 201 
File: blood-dreams.pdf
Reads: 9297251


AnnaBelle Blue is a modern woman. She lives in Paris, supports herself, and is happy with her life. That changes when her uncle calls for help in New York. Being the child of Vampire Hunters, AnnaBelle is a highly educated hunter. Of course, there are very little slayings these days, so long as everyone obeys the rules. Rushing to New York, AnnaBelle soon finds herself strongly drawn to the handsome professor, Iain Dampier. Each time their eyes meet, she feels desire shooting through her body. She wants him like she's never wanted another man. But the professor has some secrets...

The Hidden Meaning of Dreams

The Hidden Meaning of Dreams ebook ISBN: 9780806977737
Publisher: Sterling Publishing Company, Inc.
Author: Craig Hamilton-Parker
Number of Pages: 144 
File: the-hidden-meaning-of-dreams.pdf
Reads: 4755546


Discusses the psychological and mystical meanings of specific symbols in dreams and provides experiments to help remember and analyze dreams

White Men's Dreams, Black Men's Blood

White Men's Dreams, Black Men's Blood ebook ISBN: 9780865439290
Publisher: Africa World Press
Author: Christopher M. Paulin
Number of Pages: 258 
File: white-men-s-dreams-black-men-s-blood.pdf
Reads: 8580202


This book contends that one of the primary motivations of British colonialism in southern Africa at the end of the 19th century was to create a cheap, readily available supply of African labour through conquest, dispossession, taxation and the creation of native reserves or locations, doing everything in its power to reduce southern Africa's indigenous population to wage earners dependent on Europeans for their survival. In doing so, they laid the foundation for apartheid in the 20th century.

The Blood Runs Like a River Through My Dreams

The Blood Runs Like a River Through My Dreams ebook ISBN: 0547904827
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Author: . Nasdijj
Number of Pages: 224 
File: the-blood-runs-like-a-river-through-my-dreams.pdf
Reads: 7176262


THE BLOOD RUNS LIKE A RIVER THROUGH MY DREAMS transports readers to the majestic landscapes and hard Native American lives of the desert Southwest and into the embrace of a way of looking at the world that seems almost like revelation. Born to a storytelling Native mother and a roughneck, song-singing cowboy father, Nasdijj has lived on the jagged-edged margins of American society, yet hardship and isolation have only brought him greater clarity--and a gift for language that is nothing short of breathtaking. Nasdijj tells of his adopted son, Tommy Nothing Fancy, of the young boy's struggle with fetal alcohol syndrome, and of their last fishing trip together. It is a heartbreaking story, written with great power and a diamondlike poetry. But whether Nasdijj is telling us about his son, about the chaotic, alternately harrowing and comical life he led with his own parents, or about the vitality and beauty of Native American culture, his voice is always one of searching honesty, wry humor, and a nearly cosmic compassion. While Nasdijj struggles with his impossible status as someone of two separate cultures, he also remains a contradiction in a larger sense: he cares for those who often shun him, he teaches hope though he often has none for himself, and he comes home to the land he then must leave. THE BLOOD RUNS LIKE A RIVER THROUGH MY DREAMS is the memoir of a man who has survived a hard life with grace, who has taken the past experience of pain and transformed it into a determination to care for the most vulnerable among us, and who has found an almost unspeakable beauty where others would find only sadness. This is a book that will touch your soul.

Blood and Dreams

Blood and Dreams ebook ISBN:
Author: John Welch
Number of Pages: 80 
File: blood-and-dreams.pdf
Reads: 7968564


Women, Blood, and Dreams

Women, Blood, and Dreams ebook ISBN:
Author: Amber Appleby
Number of Pages: 78 
File: women-blood-and-dreams.pdf
Reads: 6216374


Video games exploded in popularity in the 80s and have been a staple in many people’s lives since. Because video games are popular and different, critics tend to ignore them beyond simple analysis like the sexist portrayal of women. Video games, like films, can be read and analyzed using different methods of theory. This is evident in the similarities in Wes Craven’s A Nightmare on Elm Street and FromSoftware’s Bloodborne. Both media feature overtly gendered imagery and spaces, the monstrousness of women, the blurring of dreams and reality, and Gothic elements that tie them together. Though Bloodborne also manages to add elements to the genre that have been less explored, such as perilous relationship between women.

Instant Insanity

Instant Insanity ebook ISBN: 1504963032
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Author: Katherine Washburn
Number of Pages: 272 
File: instant-insanity.pdf
Reads: 3215701


Many of the dreams were about my husbands sickness. Sickness affects those watching a loved one pull through sickness. I prayed to God for guidance, and he gave answers. I wish to share the experience with friends and family.

The Blood of Martyrs

The Blood of Martyrs ebook ISBN: 1135948100
Publisher: Routledge
Author: Joyce E. Salisbury
Number of Pages: 244 
File: the-blood-of-martyrs.pdf
Reads: 9279530


In The Blood of Martyrs Joyce E. Salisbury chronicles the many spectacles of violent martyrdom that took place during the first three centuries of the Christian era, describing the role of martyrdom in the development of the early Church, as well as its continuing influence on many of today's ideas. Salisbury shows through the engaging stories of the martyrs introduced in each chapter, how their legacy continues to shape contemporary ideas. Discussing modern martyrdom the book elicits deep lessons for the present from the ancient past and outlining the possibility of a religious future without violence. In The Blood of Martyrs, Salisbury brings to life this tumultuous time in late antiquity and sheds invaluable light on religious violence, modern martyrs, and self-sacrifice.

Dreams Made Flesh

Dreams Made Flesh ebook ISBN: 9781101043684
Publisher: Penguin
Author: Anne Bishop
Number of Pages: 464 
File: dreams-made-flesh.pdf
Reads: 4852560


The national bestselling Black Jewels trilogy established award-winning Anne Bishop as an author whose "sublime skill...blends the darkly macabre with spine-tingling emotional intensity, mesmerizing magic, lush sensuality, and exciting action."* Now the saga continues-with four all-new adventures of Jaenelle and her kindred.

Bound by Blood

Bound by Blood ebook ISBN:
Author: Alexander Graves
Number of Pages: 276 
File: bound-by-blood.pdf
Reads: 5494744


I have dreams. I can see them as clearly as I see you. They are all dead and I'm covered in their blood, thick and smelling of rust. They are ghostly, but their lips are stretched wide, almost like they're smiling at me. My name is Kendall and I have nothing to hide Bound by Blood is the story of a girl who had been suffering from nightmares. Everyone around her thought it was just her wild imagination. But maybe it wasn't, because your thoughts are the darkest things you own. Purchase Bound by Blood Today!

Dreams of Blood

Dreams of Blood ebook ISBN: 9781979538695
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Author: Jeff Gein
Number of Pages: 98 
File: dreams-of-blood.pdf
Reads: 3129182


Human dreams, such fertile ground for sewing the seeds of torment. Is Gabe alive and dreaming or dead and remembering? Are any of the people in this book awake? Or is this one long twisted dream? Reality is very cruel but the dream world is much worse.

Genes Dreams and Realities

Genes Dreams and Realities ebook ISBN: 9401171327
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Author: Burnet MacFarlane
Number of Pages: 232 
File: genes-dreams-and-realities.pdf
Reads: 1794942


Anointed Words, Dreams, and Visions from God

Anointed Words, Dreams, and Visions from God ebook ISBN: 144970798X
Publisher: WestBow Press
Author: Veola Thomas
Number of Pages: 49 
File: anointed-words-dreams-and-visions-from-god.pdf
Reads: 5120973


This book I am convincted and sure of this very thing, that God who began a good work in me will continue until the day of our Lord Jesus Christ. I am speaking from my heart the things that God have revealed to me by his spirit. I can no longer sit dormant , because of the things God is revealing to me. I want to share this book with all God's children that have a calling from God to stand up and be counted in God's kingdom. The holy Ghost is alive in me and is compelling me to speak God's living word. When you began to read this book, you will no longer be the same. This book will cause you to change your direction in life. You will began to see Jesus as the better way for your life..

The Dream Channel

The Dream Channel ebook ISBN: 1469101416
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Joseph L. Stefani
Number of Pages: 311 
File: the-dream-channel.pdf
Reads: 2427175


The pursuit of happiness! We have different perceptions of what that means among ourselves, and within ourselves as we experience myriad events (joyous or otherwise) such as - activities, relationships, activities, learning, challenges, contentions, problems. Whether we automatically think of it or not, each of those events contributes (positively or negatively) to our mental, physical, psychological and spiritual development; for being happy is good, but being happy as we develop is satisfyingly sublime. This book, The Dream Channel is designed to itemize and explain various aspects of the twenty-four Tools of Living we all have in common, yet that we, as individuals, are constantly treating subjectively in agreement with our differing (sometimes unstable) needs, desires, emotions, and values. The Supreme Being has loaned us these tools, and, through His gift of dreams, urges us to utilize these taken-for granted tools so as to allow us the mental, physical, psychological, and spiritual development of sublime happiness. Here are 12 of the 24 primary tools, including examples of the associated auxiliary tools s that are utilized in dreams: Resources book, vehicle, money Space interior and exterior Senses sound, taste, touch, smell Illumination light, darkness, color Order clean, repair, tailor, reproduce Motion walk, ride, drive, fly, fall Vegetation soil, dust, lawn Climate heat, cold, thunder Communication thought, speech, gestures Intimacy sexual activity, pregnancy, marriage Anatomy people, hand, face, infant, health Garment wearing apparel, nakedness Yes, these tools (over 160) are used in dreams; dramas meant for one individual only private and personal dramas. Specifically, each dream molds and relates to matters of your life in harmony with your temperament, your intelligence, your frames of mind, your dispositions, your affections, your traits, your lifestyle, your foibles, your habits, your peculiarities, your tendencies - as well as to the same elements of others with whom you come in contact , or by whom you are affe

The Blood Poetry

The Blood Poetry ebook ISBN: 193573847X
Publisher: Raw Dog Screaming Press
Author: Leland Pitts-Gonzalez
Number of Pages: 216 
File: the-blood-poetry.pdf
Reads: 1491837


In a book review of The Blood Poetry, Horror Talk magazine said, "Pitts-Gonzalez is a writer of the highest caliber and this book is a testament to that. The Blood Poetry is visceral, brutally honest, cerebral, entertaining.” Grace Krilanovich, author of The Orange Eats Creeps, said it's "ragged, supercharged and wildly inappropriate. A Bataille sitcom full of meat and mommies." _____________________ Is Epstein a despicable man? He's certainly trying desperately at something. When his wife disappears he's frantic to talk to his daughter. But what can he tell her? There must be a reason and he's all but sure about the gruesome answer. Can he protect Sylvia from the truth, from her terrible lineage and, ultimately, from himself? Off-beat and sordid, The Blood Poetry is a twisted, yet honest look at our desire to connect with others and the ways in which we are often stymied by our own efforts to get closer. Epstein is a curious mix of monster and romantic struggling to maintain a shred of dignity in his dingy, beat down world.

Dream of Ding Village

Dream of Ding Village ebook ISBN: 1849017425
Publisher: Hachette UK
Author: Yan Lianke
Number of Pages: 352 
File: dream-of-ding-village.pdf
Reads: 6025459


Told through the eyes of Xiao Qiang, a young boy killed by his family's neighbours, this seminal novel tells the tragic and shocking story of the blood-contamination scandal in China's Henan province. Villagers, coerced into selling vast quantities of blood for money, are infected with the AIDS virus when they're injected with plasma to prevent the onset of anaemia. Whole villages are wiped out as the sickness spreads, but no one takes responsibility for the epidemic and nothing is done to care for those left behind. As Xiao tells of the fate of his village, his family is torn apart by suspicion and retribution. This searing novel relates the tragedy of one village among many and the absurdity of a situation caused and perpetuated by the Chinese government. With black humour and biting satire, Yan Lianke's novel is a powerful allegory of the moral vacuum at the heart of Communist China, tracing the relentless destruction of a community. 'I come from the bottom of society. All my relatives live in Henan, one of the poorest areas of China. When I think of people's situation there, it is impossible not to feel angry and emotional. Anger and passion are the soul of my work.' Yan Lianke

Blank Spaces

Blank Spaces ebook ISBN: 1450092829
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Brenda Conaway
Number of Pages: 387 
File: blank-spaces.pdf
Reads: 2350033


I truly believe this book is a good read; that it is a good story. One that I think most people will enjoy. It has drama, suspense, a little comedy, and romance. But there is murder, kidnapping, and mystery. What more could you want? All I ask is for you to give it a try. Remember the title is Blank Spaces, a novel about forgotten memories. Melissa Morgan is a young woman who desperately wants to remember her childhood. Her brother, Stephen, would rather she didn’t. Her childhood was filled with tragedy. Stephen remembers, and he can see no reason for Melissa to remember, to the point that he will do anything to keep her from remembering. Melissa is kidnapped, and she starts having nightmares about her father. Even after being rescued, she continues to have nightmares. Her roommate, Lacey, suggests getting professional help. Jesse Taylor is stunned to see Melissa on the evening news. There, on TV, is the only person who can clear his name from a crime that he did not commit. Is this a sign that he is to go to her? Wanting to get his name cleared, Jesse asks Melissa to help him. Melissa has no idea why he is asking for her help until he tells her the truth that she is the only witness to her father’s murder. Now Melissa must remember her childhood to help Jesse. Stephen is adamant that she not remember. But Melissa wants to fill in the blank spaces in her mind even if it means destroying her mind completely.