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Roses of Blood on Barbwire Vines

Roses of Blood on Barbwire Vines ebook ISBN: 1618680234
Publisher: Permuted Press
Author: D.L. Snell
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: roses-of-blood-on-barbwire-vines.pdf
Reads: 7424491


Zombies have devoured mankind. And the few survivors would be better off dead because a clan of vampires, bloodthirsty and vicious, have captured the remnants of humanity for livestock. In an apartment building barricaded with wrecked cars, concrete rubble, and snarls of barbwire, the vampires breed lobotomized amputees. Ann, the secret blood slave of the maternity doctor, has evaded this fate, yet her sister Ellie has not. Though she longs to escape, Ann cannot abandon her sibling and unborn niece. But she may have to if she wants to survive. The living dead have found a weak spot in the barricade and are quickly invading the building. Shade, the vampire monarch, defends her kingdom, while Frost, Shade's general, plans to migrate to an island where they can breed and hunt humans. In their path stands a legion of corpses, just now evolving into something far more lethal, something with tentacles--and that's just the beginning.

A Dead Man In Deptford

A Dead Man In Deptford ebook ISBN: 1407065823
Publisher: Random House
Author: Anthony Burgess
Number of Pages: 288 
File: a-dead-man-in-deptford.pdf
Reads: 6566255


'One of the most productive, imaginative and risk-taking of writers... It is a clever, sexually explicit, fast-moving, full blooded yarn' Irish Times A Dead Man in Deptford re-imagines the riotous life and suspicious death of Christopher Marlowe. Poet, lover and spy, Marlowe must negotiate the pressures placed upon him by theatre, Queen and country. Burgess brings this dazzling figure to life and pungently evokes Elizabethan England.

A Two-Colored Brocade

A Two-Colored Brocade ebook ISBN: 1469616378
Publisher: UNC Press Books
Author: Annemarie Schimmel
Number of Pages: 558 
File: a-two-colored-brocade.pdf
Reads: 1649639


Annemarie Schimmel, one of the world's foremost authorities on Persian literature, provides a comprehensive introduction to the complicated and highly sophisticated system of rhetoric and imagery used by the poets of Iran, Ottoman Turkey, and Muslim India. She shows that these images have been used and refined over the centuries and reflect the changing conditions in the Muslim world. According to Schimmel, Persian poetry does not aim to be spontaneous in spirit or highly personal in form. Instead it is rooted in conventions and rules of prosody, rhymes, and verbal instrumentation. Ideally, every verse should be like a precious stone--perfectly formed and multifaceted--and convey the dynamic relationship between everyday reality and the transcendental. Persian poetry, Schimmel explains, is more similar to medieval European verse than Western poetry as it has been written since the Romantic period. The characteristic verse form is the ghazal--a set of rhyming couplets--which serves as a vehicle for shrouding in conventional tropes the poet's real intentions. Because Persian poetry is neither narrative nor dramatic in its overall form, its strength lies in an "architectonic" design; each precisely expressed image is carefully fitted into a pattern of linked figures of speech. Schimmel shows that at its heart Persian poetry transforms the world into a web of symbols embedded in Islamic culture.

Blood on the Bayou

Blood on the Bayou ebook ISBN: 1439189897
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Author: Stacey Jay
Number of Pages: 432 
File: blood-on-the-bayou.pdf
Reads: 3561676


The second book in a new urban fantasy series featuring mosquito-sized fairies with poisonous bites that drive humans insane.

Blood, Bread, and Roses

Blood, Bread, and Roses ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Beacon Press (MA)
Author: Judy Grahn
Number of Pages: 323 
File: blood-bread-and-roses.pdf
Reads: 5712546


The feminist author of Another Mother Tongue offers a mythographic study of the interconnections among ancient menstrual rites and the development of agriculture, mathematics, writing, calendars, and other realms of knowledge.

Whose Baby?

Whose Baby? ebook ISBN: 1459279409
Publisher: Harlequin
Author: Suzanne Carey
Number of Pages: 256 
File: whose-baby.pdf
Reads: 7050484


Baby makes three… AN INNOCENT CHILD Sweet little Kassie had been abandoned before, and adoptive dad Jack Kelleher was determined that she wouldn't lose her family again. A DETERMINED FATHER Why should the death of his wife cause the authorities to take away the child he'd come to love? Jack would do anything within his power to keep his adopted daughter. AN IN-NAME-ONLY WIFE Liz Heflin was shocked at her brother-in-law's suggestion. He wanted her to take her late sister's place in his life! But to keep Kassie in the family, Liz would do whatever it took—and pray that everything would work out….

Blood Rose

Blood Rose ebook ISBN: 1469173255
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Lisa Hornsby
Number of Pages: 274 
File: blood-rose.pdf
Reads: 7512787


Ever since Rose's mother died, she has planned her escape from her abusive step-father. Now she has finally managed to leave, and head to a cabin in the Montana hills where she and her mother had spent many happy days together. There, Rose begins to understand her own special abilities. As well as uncovering the secrets of her Chippewa legacy left behind for her by her mother. Before Rose was even born her grandmother a great Chippewa seer, enlisted Cole, a beautiful immortal man to look after Rose and protect her from the 'evil ones'. Together Rose and Cole embark on a journey that twists them through family secrets, unforeseen dangers, powerful abilities and unstoppable love.

Blood Roses

Blood Roses ebook ISBN: 0750990201
Publisher: The History Press
Author: Kathryn Warner
Number of Pages: 320 
File: blood-roses.pdf
Reads: 7029884


Traditionally, the Wars of the Roses – one of the bloodiest conflicts on English soil – began in 1455, when the Duke of York attacked King Henry VI’s army in the narrow streets of St Albans. But this conflict did not spring up overnight. Blood Roses traces it back to the beginning. Starting in 1245 with the founding of the House of Lancaster, Kathryn Warner follows a twisted path of political intrigue, bloody war and fascinating characters for 200 years. From the Barons Wars to the overthrowing of Edward II, Eleanor of Castile to Isabella of France, and true love to Loveday, this is a new look at an infamous era. The first book to look at the origins of both houses, Blood Roses reframes some of the biggest events of the medieval era; not as stand-alone conflicts, but as part of a long-running family feud that would have drastic consequences.

Blood Roses

Blood Roses ebook ISBN: 1300827971
Author: Melanie Marie Shifflett Ridner
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: blood-roses.pdf
Reads: 1843058


Blood on the Snow

Blood on the Snow ebook ISBN: 0801470110
Publisher: Cornell University Press
Author: Jan Bondeson
Number of Pages: 250 
File: blood-on-the-snow.pdf
Reads: 904175


The Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme, a major figure in world politics and an ardent opponent of apartheid, was shot dead on the streets of Stockholm in February 1986. At the time of his death, Palme was deeply involved in Middle East diplomacy and was working under UN auspices to end the Iran-Iraq war. Across Scandinavia, Palme's killing had an impact similar to that of the Kennedy assassinations in the United States—and it ignited nearly as many conspiracy theories. Interest in the Palme slaying was most recently stirred by reports of the death of Christer Pettersson, who was tried for the murder twice, convicted the first time, and then acquitted on appeal. In his investigative account of Palme's still-unsolved murder, the historian Jan Bondeson meticulously recreates the assassination and its aftermath. Like the best works of crime fiction, this book puts the victim and his death into social context. Bondeson's work, however, is noteworthy for its dispassionate treatment of police incompetence: the police did not answer a witness's phone call reporting the murder just 45 seconds after it occurred, and further time was lost as the police sought to confirm that someone had actually been shot. When the police arrived on the scene, they did not even recognize the victim as the Prime Minister. This early confusion was emblematic of the errors that were to follow. Bondeson demolishes the various conspiracy theories that have been devised to make sense of the killing, before suggesting a convincing explanation of his own. A brilliant piece of investigative journalism, Blood on the Snow includes crime-scene photographs and reconstructions that have never before been published and offers a gripping narrative of a crime that shocked a continent.

Blood and Rose

Blood and Rose ebook ISBN: 1477110801
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Ibrahim Alladin
Number of Pages: 186 
File: blood-and-rose.pdf
Reads: 40497


Blood and Rose is a story set in India and Canada. It is the thought-provoking and dramatic depiction of a young man named Amir who is caught up with the violence and insurgency in Kashmir, India. The story brings together the village life in the Kashmir Valley, where Amir grew up, the political tension and the military occupation in the region, and the exile period in Canada. Amir arrives in Toronto to stay with his uncle, Sajjad, also a refugee from Kashmir, who becomes an alcoholic out of frustration and anger. He abuses Amir and makes him work long hours in his convenience store in Toronto. Amir, though grateful to him, has other ambitions. He becomes a graduate student in political science and catches the eyes of a young professor Celia McKinnon. Celia falls in love with him but is unable to tell him because Amir suddenly travels to Kashmir to see his sick mother, where he is caught in an illegal demonstration and is thrown in the military prison in Jheel. Celia McKinnon, an authority in international law, goes to Kashmir to defend Amir. Her arrival in Kashmir marks the beginning of a game of intrigue, love, treachery, and deception. She has to negotiate Amirs release with General Pawar, the dictator who rules with an iron fist. What compromises will he make? The last thing he wanted was Amirs release. Old scores have to be settled.

William Shakespeare: The Complete Works

William Shakespeare: The Complete Works ebook ISBN: 0191608394
Publisher: OUP Oxford
Author: William Shakespeare
Number of Pages: 1424 
File: william-shakespeare-the-complete-works.pdf
Reads: 2980564


The second Oxford edition of Shakespeare's Complete Works reconsiders every detail of their text and presentation in the light of modern scholarship. The nature and authority of the early documents are re-examined, and the canon and chronological order of composition freshly established. Spelling and punctuation are modernized, and there is a brief introduction to each work, as well as an illuminating and informative General Introduction. Included here for the first time is the play The Reign of King Edward the Third as well as the full text of Sir Thomas More. This new edition also features an essay on Shakespeare's language by David Crystal, and a bibliography of foundational works.

The Hit

The Hit ebook ISBN: 144723801X
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Author: David Baldacci
Number of Pages: 400 
File: the-hit.pdf
Reads: 4536698


The Hit is David Baldacci's blockbuster follow up to The Innocent, the smash-hit bestseller featuring U.S. government assassin, Will Robie. YOU SEND A KILLER TO CATCH A KILLER. Government hitman Will Robie is an elite killer. Called on by the US authorities to assassinate enemies of the state, his formidable skill set makes him an irreplaceable asset to his employers. But when he’s given his next target, he knows he’s about to embark on his toughest mission yet. Reports indicate fellow assassin Jessica Reel has gone rogue, leaving a trail of deaths in her wake including her handler. To stop one of their own requires a special kind of agent and Robie is ordered to bring her in – dead or alive. But as the hunt begins, he quickly finds that there is more to her betrayal than meets the eye. There are larger forces at play that, if exposed, threaten to destabilize the US government and send shockwaves around the world . . .

Blood on the Stage, 1950-1975

Blood on the Stage, 1950-1975 ebook ISBN: 0810877848
Publisher: Scarecrow Press
Author: Amnon Kabatchnik
Number of Pages: 704 
File: blood-on-the-stage-1950-1975.pdf
Reads: 8691546


Discussing more than 120 full-length plays, this volume provides an overview of the most important and memorable theatrical works of crime and detection produced between 1950 and 1975.

Blood On The Moon

Blood On The Moon ebook ISBN: 1448134420
Publisher: Random House
Author: James Ellroy
Number of Pages: 262 
File: blood-on-the-moon.pdf
Reads: 6962804


The first installment of the Lloyd Hopkins Trilogy. Somewhere out there is a murderer with over twenty killings to his name - each an apparently random slaying of a woman, over a twenty-year period and all unconnnected on the police files. But Detective Sergeant Lloyd Hopkins begins to see a pattern: he senses connections between this string of seemingly motiveless, pointless and unsolved killings. Then the murderer emerges not as a random killer, but a cool, efficient despatcher - in his own eyes a saver of souls and protector of the innocent. As they are drawn inexorably together, Hopkins and the murderer challenge each other in a confrontation which pits icy intelligence against white-heated madness...

Blood and Roses

Blood and Roses ebook ISBN: 1490820647
Publisher: WestBowPress
Author: Jacqueline E. Waters
Number of Pages: 248 
File: blood-and-roses.pdf
Reads: 1715899


Blood and Roses is set in the troubled era of the British Civil War. Simon, a Puritan of noble birth, joins his father to fight on the side of the Parliamentarians for religious freedom in England, but becomes disillusioned when the New Model Army goes to the extreme of executing the king. Will he decide to join those who have emigrated to New England? Nell, a servant at Haresby Hall, runs away to find her brother who is fighting for the Royalists. Will she find him alive? Will she find a husband who can live with her free spirit? Eleanor is the rich heiress of Haresby Hall. A staunch Royalist, when her father is killed in the war, she is left to manage the estate on her own in a region where the Parliamentarians are gaining power. Duncan, also from a well-to-do family, comes to her aid, but will he and Haresby Hall be lost to her? The lives of the four intertwine as they seek for truth and love in a nation torn apart by religious and political power mongering and they are confronted with issues in their relationships with one another and with God.

Blood Red Roses

Blood Red Roses ebook ISBN: 1497613094
Publisher: Open Road Media
Author: Katherine Deauxville
Number of Pages: 244 
File: blood-red-roses.pdf
Reads: 4830011


Medieval England springs to life in a romance that “transcends its basic formula with a convincing setting integral to the tale and believable characters” (Publishers Weekly). Fulk de Jobourgh is a knight of the court of King William, commanded to oversee the lands of a noble who was hanged for treason. He is also instructed to marry the dead traitor’s rebellious daughter and ensure her loyalty to the king. He brings her to the altar, and to his bed, before galloping off once again to command in the King’s war. Although Alwyn, his unwilling bride, is barely able to remember the face of Fulk, she cannot forget her response to his touch. At every turn, she thwarts his efforts to take control of her father’s estate and finds herself enslaved by her passion for him. Will she be able to resist the sensual pleasure of his touch in order to save her rightful legacy and family honor?

Blood and Roses

Blood and Roses ebook ISBN: 9780007148080
Publisher: Harper
Author: Helen Castor
Number of Pages: 448 
File: blood-and-roses.pdf
Reads: 6910192


In a span of thirty years, four kings lost their thrones, countless men lost their lives on the battlefield or their heads on the block, and others found themselves suddenly flush with gold. The Wars of the Roses tore England asunder, yet until now, almost nothing has been known about the ordinary people who lived through this extraordinary time. Drawing on an incomparably rare trove of letters discovered in a tumbledown stately home, historian Helen Castor reconstructs the lives of the Paston family, who singlemindedly worked their way up from farmers to landed gentry. As they went about their business in a disintegrating society, the Pastons corresponded on topics ranging from politics to love, from shopping to family gossip. A wife writes her husband that she'd rather have him home than have a new gown, "even if it were scarlet." A brother reports that the handless servant, Thomas Stumps, has demanded a crossbow so that he can defend them in a siege. Five hundred years later, these voices still have the immediacy of a conversation overheard on a street corner. Blood and Roses is a gripping and intimate biography of a family, which traces three generations of births, marriages, and deaths. Castor unravels the story of the family's tur-bulent affairs against the backdrop of civil war, bringing to vibrant life a remote and hazy era.

The Blood is the Life

The Blood is the Life ebook ISBN: 9780879728038
Publisher: Popular Press
Author: Leonard G. Heldreth,Mary Pharr
Number of Pages: 275 
File: the-blood-is-the-life.pdf
Reads: 6243720


The essays in this volume use a humanistic viewpoint to explore the evolution and significance of the vampire in literature from the Romantic era to the millennium."--BOOK JACKET.