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Blood Reunion

Blood Reunion ebook ISBN: 1939759234
Publisher: SubtleDemon Publishing, LLC
Author: Connie Suttle
Number of Pages: 346 
File: blood-reunion.pdf
Reads: 8435152


Lissa looked up in surprise at Roff's words. His wings rustled after he spoke—he normally didn't involve himself in the politics of Le-Ath Veronis. Not to this extent, anyway. "I know, honey. And now two other children are likely to die as a result. Yes, I know they did this, but I'm not convinced we have all the ones involved in the crime." Toff's life is in danger - someone from the Green Fae village wants him dead. In fact, the entire Fae community has begun to grumble as Kifirin's judgment looms. With only a few exceptions, the Fae focus their anger (and the blame) on Toff, who fails to understand why everyone now seems to be against him.

Blood Reunion

Blood Reunion ebook ISBN: 9780061062834
Publisher: Harpercollins
Author: Janice Harrell
Number of Pages: 235 
File: blood-reunion.pdf
Reads: 5151610


Anne Marie, tormented by her brother's monstrous transformation, fights for control of her life as her brother, hunted by those who know his terrible secret, seeks his father's lethal protection. Original.

Reunion of Blood

Reunion of Blood ebook ISBN:
Publisher: MCTYRE ENTERTAINMENT via PublishDrive
Author: Robert McTyre Jr
Number of Pages: 19 
File: reunion-of-blood.pdf
Reads: 4271048


Beware of how you treat people because what goes around comes around.

Blood Alliance

Blood Alliance ebook ISBN: 1634780248
Publisher: SubtleDemon Publishing, LLC
Author: Connie Suttle
Number of Pages: 308 
File: blood-alliance.pdf
Reads: 8689121


Zaria "There's a slight problem," Teeg San Gerxon announced as he appeared next to Rylend. "What's that?" Vik asked. I already knew from reading it in Teeg's face. Irina's body had been found; I recognized her image in Teeg. He still didn't know her identity, but testing on her body revealed that she died of radiation poisoning, and that she was originally from Old Earth. * * * After his escape from Earth in the past, D'slay appears in the Reth Alliance—in the future. Zaria can only follow D'slay's trail of crimes; something—or someone—prevents her from finding him. Is D'slay the real villain, or is he only a distraction for other, more sinister plans? When it becomes apparent that important hub worlds are in danger, Lissa, Reah, Zaria and many others must form a Blood Alliance to combat the coming chaos. Will their efforts prove effective, or has the plot against them been laid too well?

Blood Sense

Blood Sense ebook ISBN: 1939759161
Publisher: SubtleDemon Publishing, LLC
Author: Connie Suttle
Number of Pages: 235 
File: blood-sense.pdf
Reads: 9771046


Saxom is dead. The vampires know this. Anthony Hancock, Director of the Joint NSA/Homeland Security Department, knows it as well. Tony and the vampires are now on the hunt for Saxom's brood, all of whom are determined to avenge their sire's death. Neither Tony nor the vampires are aware of the other's efforts to search out these rogues, who may number in the hundreds at the very least. Tony holds information the vampires don't—he knows that Xenides, Saxom's eldest vampire child, has allied with terrorists (both foreign and domestic). Tony also neglects to provide vital information to Wlodek when he requests Lissa's help. While struggling to recover from a near-fatal bout with the sun, Lissa fails to understand why Wlodek willingly sends her away on assignment so quickly. With very little information provided to her, Lissa is forced to face an enemy more deadly than anyone can imagine and unravel a plot that could kill millions.

A Companion to the Horror Film

A Companion to the Horror Film ebook ISBN: 1118883497
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Author: Harry M. Benshoff
Number of Pages: 608 
File: a-companion-to-the-horror-film.pdf
Reads: 635458


This cutting-edge collection features original essays by eminent scholars on one of cinema's most dynamic and enduringly popular genres, covering everything from the history of horror movies to the latest critical approaches. Contributors include many of the finest academics working in the field, as well as exciting younger scholars Varied and comprehensive coverage, from the history of horror to broader issues of censorship, gender, and sexuality Covers both English-language and non-English horror film traditions Key topics include horror film aesthetics, theoretical approaches, distribution, art house cinema, ethnographic surrealism, and horror's relation to documentary film practice A thorough treatment of this dynamic film genre suited to scholars and enthusiasts alike

American Blood

American Blood ebook ISBN: 0199317046
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Author: Holly Jackson
Number of Pages: 201 
File: american-blood.pdf
Reads: 8404926


The conventional view of the family in the nineteenth-century novel holds that it venerated the traditional domestic unit as a model of national belonging. Contesting this interpretation, American Blood argues that many authors of the period challenged preconceptions of the family and portrayed it as a detriment to true democracy and, by extension, the political enterprise of the United States. Relying on works by Harriet Beecher Stowe, Nathaniel Hawthorne, William Wells Brown, Pauline Hopkins, and others, Holly Jackson reveals family portraits that are claustrophobic, antidemocratic, and even unnatural. The novels examined here welcome, in Jackson's reading, the decline of the family and the exclusionary white-privileging American social order that it supported. Embracing and imagining this decline, the novels examined here incorporate and celebrate the very practices that mainstream Americans felt were the most dangerous to the family as an institution-interracial sex, doomed marriages, homosexuality, and the willful rejection of reproduction. In addition to historicized readings, the monograph also highlights how formal narrative characteristics served to heighten their anti-familial message: according to Jackson, the false starts, interpolated plots, and narrative dead-ends prominent in novels like The House of the Seven Gables and Dred are formal iterations of the books' interest in disrupting the family as a privileged ideological site. In sum, American Blood offers a much-needed corrective that will generate fresh insights into nineteenth-century literature and culture.

Comptes rendus de la réunion

Comptes rendus de la réunion ebook ISBN:
Author: Association des physiologistes de langue française
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: comptes-rendus-de-la-réunion.pdf
Reads: 4196546


The Terminal Reunion

The Terminal Reunion ebook ISBN: 1490809767
Publisher: WestBow Press
Author: Jeanne Amersfoort
Number of Pages: 306 
File: the-terminal-reunion.pdf
Reads: 1998986


Like a dirt road, winding through the countryside, filled with potholes and rocks finally meets up with the highway, so Denette's "life after drugs" has met the "highway." It's been four long years in college after taking on the quest of a new beginning, barely escaping the devastation of addiction. Here it is, clear sailing on the highway of success on the way to her new job with a newspaper crew as an investigative reporter. Yet, in the back of her mind, Denette finds it hard to believe that her past is truly gone. As she reserves part of her mind to being cautious, just in case ... a blast from the past attempts to spoil what will finally be the true victory over her shadowy past.

Bad Blood : l'intégrale

Bad Blood : l'intégrale ebook ISBN: 2280305054
Publisher: Harlequin
Author: Collectif
Number of Pages: 1034 
File: bad-blood-l-intégrale.pdf
Reads: 7376781


L'intégrale de la saga Azur Bad Blood en exclusivité e-book ! Nathaniel, Lucas, Sebastian, Alex, Jack, Rafael, Annabelle, Jacob. Intrépides, brillants, libres, les huit héritiers de l’empire Wolfe sont aussi puissants que richissimes. Chacun à leur manière, ils se sont lancés à la conquête du monde, farouchement déterminés à réussir et à prendre leur revanche sur un passé qui les hante. Ce dont ils ne se doutaient pas, c’est que l’amour se mettrait un jour en travers de leur chemin...

Rodeo Reunion

Rodeo Reunion ebook ISBN: 1460383273
Publisher: Harlequin
Author: Shannon Taylor Vannatter
Number of Pages: 192 
File: rodeo-reunion.pdf
Reads: 7324031


RAQUEL MARRIS NEEDS A MAN WHO'LL STAY PUT And Slade Walker's not a likely candidate. Even if the former major league pitcher just agreed to coach her son's little league team. The single mom can't risk everything on a bronc-riding chaplain who's only passing through Raquel's small Texas town. Slade is taking a hiatus from the rodeo circuit to meet the sister he never knew he had. But the pretty widowed nurse next door is making him think twice about hitting the road again. He can't turn his back on the cowboys who need him, but Raquel and her boy need him, too. Can Slade fulfill his calling and finally find a place to hang his hat?

Blood Is Thicker

Blood Is Thicker ebook ISBN: 1456701037
Publisher: Author House
Author: Cleo Stinyard III
Number of Pages: 184 
File: blood-is-thicker.pdf
Reads: 7473639


Kevin Lancaster is a new graduate from college and a new professional track athlete that has a chance to become champion. He has a plan on how he plans to accomplish such a feat but what he comes to realize is all things arent guaranteed to go according to plan. A short trip home to visit family and friends becomes more interesting as he hits it off with a young lady that seems to instantly grow on him. He knows how to prepare for his track meets and he knows what to expect when it comes to his training but what he doesnt know is that they both share a common interest that will challenge his life, his loyalty to family and love. Kevin has arrived and so has a new sizzling companion in his love life and they dont hesitate to pour it on thick but as time goes on Kevin will realize that at the end of the day, Blood is Thicker.

Star Wars: The New Jedi Order - Force Heretic III Reunion

Star Wars: The New Jedi Order - Force Heretic III Reunion ebook ISBN: 144815197X
Publisher: Random House
Author: Sean Williams,Shane Dix
Number of Pages: 432 
File: star-wars-the-new-jedi-order-force-heretic-iii-reunion.pdf
Reads: 7855641


The Jedi move one step closer to saving the embattled galaxy-only to confront a formidable wall of resistance.... The harrowing search for Zonama Sekot if finally over for Luke Skywalker, Jacen Solo, and others aboard the Jade Shado. But joy turns to alarm when the living planet sends a defiant message: it refuses to follow them back to a galaxy full of war, exploitation, and misery. While Luke works feverishly to persuade the elusive planet to reconsider, the Yuuzhan Vong launch a full- scale attack aimed at the heart of the new alliance. Sent to defend a major communicating base, Han and Leia find themselves hopelessly outnumbered. Reinforcements are just too far away to help before everything is destroyed. So the courageous pair must now fight an unrelenting battle against staggering odds. Whether they actually survive is another matter....

Reunion: Blood Brood Book 1 (Vampire Romance)

Reunion: Blood Brood Book 1 (Vampire Romance) ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Trina Page
Author: Trina Page
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: reunion-blood-brood-book-1-vampire-romance.pdf
Reads: 4593256


Eve is looking forward to her class reunion, curious to know how her classmates had changed in ten years. But when she arrives she finds the answer is 'not much' and resigns herself to a wasted evening. When a mysterious stranger arrives to her lonely table, professing to be a former classmate, she finds herself caught in a planned abduction and thrust into a world of blood and captivity. Escape seems impossible, but with the help of a new friend her hopes are raised. But as she begins to spend time around the vampire, Eve begins to wonder if she really wants to flee from her kidnapper...

The Reunion

The Reunion ebook ISBN: 0595757413
Publisher: iUniverse
Author: Michael James Grant
Number of Pages: 238 
File: the-reunion.pdf
Reads: 3640166


Ocean's Harbor, Maine, is the paragon of a beautiful coastal New England enclave; a community with families rooted as deep as the sins, where dark secrets simmer beneath its vestal faade. It's here that Stone Grey, a novelist, returns for his twentieth high-school reunion, hoping to put behind him his tumultuous youthful memories and somehow find comfort in the aftermath of his brother's death. But that's far from what he finds. Stone unwittingly happens upon a thirty-year-old murder mystery, and is stunned to discover that his family is entwined in its web of intrigue and danger. As Stone tries to uncover the truth and clear his family's name, he stumbles over the town's darkest secret and soon learns that this haunting mystery is bound tightly to the town's other families. With the town's families closing in around him, Stone suddenly realizes that his crusade for justice may cost him his life.

Union and Reunion

Union and Reunion ebook ISBN: 1482821281
Publisher: PartridgeIndia
Author: Aashya Khanduja
Number of Pages: 160 
File: union-and-reunion.pdf
Reads: 9956902


A girl takes the biggest decision of her life and now things don't go the way she expects. She defies to the extent she can but she finally gives up. Leaving her family behind, and accepting a new family. See how she manages her life. See how she steps into the unknown world? See how her reunion is planned and discover if the ghosts of the past ever really leave her. She had a life that a lot of people admired, adored and longed for but as they say everything comes with a price and the price she paid was a lot. The price she paid was her family. Enter into Aishas world to know her story, to know what made her say these lines. Enter into aishas world and discover what happened to her.