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Blood Roots

Blood Roots ebook ISBN: 1480441767
Publisher: Open Road Media
Author: Richie Tankersley Cusick
Number of Pages: 352 
File: blood-roots.pdf
Reads: 3737605


Drawn to her ancestral home, a young woman uncovers a dangerous legacy Olivia always wanted to be part of a big family, but all her life it’s been only her mother and her. As Olivia grew into a young woman, her mother’s erratic behavior turned to madness, with fits of rage and despair over her childhood home, the grand plantation Devereaux House, which Olivia never knew. During her mother’s dark rages, Olivia dreamed of going to her family home and reclaiming her legacy. After her mother’s death, Olivia yearns to find her roots and meet the grandmother she never knew. Keeping her identity a secret, she travels to Devereaux House, where she is hired as a member of the household staff. At last, the doors to Devereaux House are opened. But Olivia can sense that something is not right, and soon she is drawn into a world of dark secrets, and a poisoned legacy of lust and desecration. This ebook features an illustrated biography of Richie Tankersley Cusick including rare photos and never-before-seen documents from the author’s personal collection.

Blood Roots

Blood Roots ebook ISBN: 9780368656361
Author: Sierra D. Davis
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: blood-roots.pdf
Reads: 7654855


Step into the world of African culture. Explore different African tribes culture, traditions through the art of face paint.

Wild Roots

Wild Roots ebook ISBN: 9780892815388
Publisher: Inner Traditions / Bear & Co
Author: Doug Elliott
Number of Pages: 128 
File: wild-roots.pdf
Reads: 5656179


The author profiles roots, rhizomes, corms, and tubers that grow in fields, forests, and marshlands of North America.

Wonders In Weeds

Wonders In Weeds ebook ISBN: 1446489949
Publisher: Random House
Author: William Smith
Number of Pages: 192 
File: wonders-in-weeds.pdf
Reads: 4408685


During recent years there has been a great revival in the interest of herbs for both culinary purposes and healing and this has led to the production of numerous books on these subjects, but Wonders in Weeds will be welcomed by those seeking a reliable work by a practitioner who has studied and has had the opportunity of observing the results of botanic therapy over several decades. This book is the result of practical experience by a man who has devoted his whole life to healing, a man who is anxious to pass on his knowledge to those seeking a safe method of treatment which has no dangerous 'side' effects.

Who’s 50

Who’s 50 ebook ISBN: 1770904751
Publisher: ECW/ORIM
Author: Graeme Burk,Robert Smith?
Number of Pages: 420 
File: who-s-50.pdf
Reads: 5206667


“Like being thrown the keys to the TARDIS with a temporal map to visit all those not-to-be-missed adventures in time and space” (Phil Ford, Doctor Who writer). Ever since its premiere on November 23, 1963, Doctor Who has been a television phenomenon. This companion guide presents the top fifty stories from the show’s first fifty years—examining every corner of the imaginative, humorous, and sometimes scary universe that has made Doctor Who an iconic part of popular culture. This must-have reference also includes behind the scenes details, goofs, trivia, connections to Doctor Who lore, and much more.

Histology and Cell Biology: An Introduction to Pathology E-Book

Histology and Cell Biology: An Introduction to Pathology E-Book ebook ISBN: 0323085881
Publisher: Elsevier Health Sciences
Author: Abraham L Kierszenbaum,Laura Tres
Number of Pages: 720 
File: histology-and-cell-biology-an-introduction-to-pathology-e-book.pdf
Reads: 9915375


Histology and Cell Biology: An Introduction to Pathology uses a wealth of vivid, full-color images to help you master histology and cell biology. Dr. Abraham L. Kierszenbaum presents an integrated approach that correlates normal histology with cellular and molecular biology, pathology, and clinical medicine throughout the text. A unique pictorial approach—through illustrative diagrams, photomicrographs, and pathology photographs—paired with bolded words, key clinical terms in red, and clinical boxes and "Essential Concepts" boxes that summarize important facts give you everything you need to prepare for your course exams as well as the USMLE Step 1. Access to, with USMLE-style multiple-choice review questions, downloadable images, and online only references. Easily find and cross-reference information through a detailed table of contents that highlights clinical examples in red. Review material quickly using pedagogical features, such as Essential Concept boxes, bolded words, and key clinical terms marked in red, that emphasize key details and reinforce your learning. Integrate cell biology and histology with pathology thanks to vivid descriptive illustrations that compare micrographs with diagrams and pathological images. Apply the latest developments in pathology through updated text and new illustrations that emphasize appropriate correlations. Expand your understanding of clinical applications with additional clinical case boxes that focus on applying cell and molecular biology to clinical conditions. Effectively review concepts and reinforce your learning using new Concept Map flow charts that provide a framework to illustrate the integration of cell-tissue-structure-function within a clinical-pathology context.

Minnesota Plant Life

Minnesota Plant Life ebook ISBN:
Author: Conway MacMillan
Number of Pages: 568 
File: minnesota-plant-life.pdf
Reads: 5673361


The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture

The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture ebook ISBN: 1469616688
Publisher: UNC Press Books
Author: Melissa Walker,James C. Cobb
Number of Pages: 376 
File: the-new-encyclopedia-of-southern-culture.pdf
Reads: 6077110


Volume 11 of The New Encyclopedia of Southern Culture examines the economic culture of the South by pairing two categories that account for the ways many southerners have made their living. In the antebellum period, the wealth of southern whites came largely from agriculture that relied on the forced labor of enslaved blacks. After Reconstruction, the South became attractive to new industries lured by the region's ongoing commitment to low-wage labor and management-friendly economic policies. Throughout the volume, articles reflect the breadth and variety of southern life, paying particular attention to the region's profound economic transformation in recent decades. The agricultural section consists of 25 thematic entries that explore issues such as Native American agricultural practices, plantations, and sustainable agriculture. Thirty-eight shorter pieces cover key crops of the region--from tobacco to Christmas trees--as well as issues of historic and emerging interest--from insects and insecticides to migrant labor. The section on industry and commerce contains 13 thematic entries in which contributors address topics such as the economic impact of military bases, resistance to industrialization, and black business. Thirty-six topical entries explore particular industries, such as textiles, timber, automobiles, and banking, as well as individuals--including Henry W. Grady and Sam M. Walton--whose ideas and enterprises have helped shape the modern South.

My American Revolution

My American Revolution ebook ISBN: 1429945850
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
Author: Robert Sullivan
Number of Pages: 272 
File: my-american-revolution.pdf
Reads: 1895570


Americans tend to think of the Revolution as a Massachusetts-based event orchestrated by Virginians, but in fact the war took place mostly in the Middle Colonies—in New York and New Jersey and the parts of Pennsylvania that on a clear day you can almost see from the Empire State Building. In My American Revolution, Robert Sullivan delves into this first Middle America, digging for a glorious, heroic part of the past in the urban, suburban, and sometimes even rural landscape of today. And there are great adventures along the way: Sullivan investigates the true history of the crossing of the Delaware, its down-home reenactment each year for the past half a century, and—toward the end of a personal odyssey that involves camping in New Jersey backyards, hiking through lost "mountains," and eventually some physical therapy—he evacuates illegally from Brooklyn to Manhattan by handmade boat. He recounts a Brooklyn historian's failed attempt to memorialize a colonial Maryland regiment; a tattoo artist's more successful use of a colonial submarine, which resulted in his 2007 arrest by the New York City police and the FBI; and the life of Philip Freneau, the first (and not great) poet of American independence, who died in a swamp in the snow. Last but not least, along New York harbor, Sullivan re-creates an ancient signal beacon. Like an almanac, My American Revolution moves through the calendar of American independence, considering the weather and the tides, the harbor and the estuary and the yearly return of the stars as salient factors in the war for independence. In this fiercely individual and often hilarious journey to make our revolution his, he shows us how alive our own history is, right under our noses.

The Roots of Old Chinese

The Roots of Old Chinese ebook ISBN: 9027284490
Publisher: John Benjamins Publishing
Author: Laurent Sagart
Number of Pages: 272 
File: the-roots-of-old-chinese.pdf
Reads: 3415594


The phonology, morphology and lexicon of late Zhou Chinese are examined in this volume. It is argued that a proper understanding of Old Chinese morphology is essential in correctly reconstructing the phonology. Based on evidence from word-families, modern dialects and related words in neighboring languages, Old Chinese words are claimed to consist of a monosyllabic root, to which a variety of derivational affixes attached. This made Old Chinese typologically more like modern languages such as Khmer, Gyarong or Atayal, than like Middle and modern Chinese, where only faint traces of the old morphology remain. In the first part of the book, the author proposes improvements to Baxter's system of reconstruction, regarding complex initials and rhymes, and then reviews in great detail the Old Chinese affixal morphology. New proposals on phonology and morphology are integrated into a coherent reconstruction system. The second part of the book consists of etymological studies of important lexical items in Old Chinese. The author demonstrates in particular the role of proportional analogy in the formation of the system of personal pronouns. Special attention is paid to contact phenomena between Chinese and neighboring languages, and — unlike most literature on Sino-Tibetan — the author identifies numerous Chinese loanwords into Tibeto-Burman. The book, which contains a lengthy list of reconstructions, an index of characters and a general index, is intended for linguists and cultural historians, as well as advanced students.

Daily Warm-Ups: Prefixes, Suffixes, & Roots - Level I

Daily Warm-Ups: Prefixes, Suffixes, & Roots - Level I ebook ISBN: 9780825149603
Publisher: Walch Publishing
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: 190 
File: daily-warm-ups-prefixes-suffixes-roots-level-i.pdf
Reads: 7131378


180 reproducible quick activities--one for each day of the school year--review, practice, and teach English prefixes, suffixes, and roots.

China Bayles' Book of Days

China Bayles' Book of Days ebook ISBN: 1440627258
Publisher: Penguin
Author: Susan Wittig Albert
Number of Pages: 400 
File: china-bayles-book-of-days.pdf
Reads: 5471470


Readers of the China Bayles mystery novels are familiar with the usefulness and wonder of the many herbs the amateur sleuth sells in her beloved Thyme and Seasons shop. Compiled by national bestselling author Susan Wittig Albert at the request of her fans, China Bayles' Book of Days gathers together tidbits and treasures about plants and reveals ways you can put more green into your daily life. Featuring 365 days of recipes, crafts, gardening tips, remedies, and more, this special volume is a personal calendar of the legends and lore of herbs and also features brand-new essays from the author, clues from China's mysteries, and some special contributions by the irrepressible members of the Myra Merryweather Herb Guild, Pecan Springs's oldest civic organization.