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Blood, Sweat, and High Heels

Blood, Sweat, and High Heels ebook ISBN: 9781462054947
Publisher: iUniverse
Author: Cheryl Waiters, with Darnella Ford
Number of Pages: 188 
File: blood-sweat-and-high-heels.pdf
Reads: 1973002


Exemplified by the power of the human spirit, life in the face of death, she had the courage to challenge a generation to release the shackles of ignorance surrounding women and gender roles. All of this and more is lyrically conveyed in Cheryl Waiters' autobiographical novel titled "Blood Sweat & High Heels", based in Cleveland, Ohio. Her autobiography delivers a message of self-empowerment for women of all ages, nationalities and demonstrates unyielding courage to transcend the impossible and the unthinkable. Cheryl holds the noble distinction as the country's first African-American female to rise to the height of fame in her more than 20-year career in the male-dominated field of construction work, as a journeyman electrician. Waiters escorts the reader through a private tour of hell as she blows open the doors for an unauthorized peek inside the world of Mafia-controlled cities, labor unions, and life and death situations on job sites where women are anything but welcome. Haunting and intensely reflective, her birth and formative years are eloquently paired with historical movements that profoundly changed the world, from J.F.K to Martin Luther King, the rise of the Black Panther Movement, women's liberation, and hippies touting "free love and peace." The timeless genius of this story has not only captured an essential slice of history, but has also defined it. Given such an achievement of literary brilliance, IT IS DESTINED TO BECOME AN AMERICAN CLASSIC! Being born is like coming into the middle of a movie. You have to find out what happened before you arrived and catch up to where you are now. Everybody has a life, but the true gift lies in the ability to express that "life force" in a way that is thought provoking, entertaining, inspiring and educational to anyone who might see that life. This life then becomes more—it becomes art.

Memories Blood, Sweat, and Fears and a Little Bit More

Memories Blood, Sweat, and Fears and a Little Bit More ebook ISBN: 1438936419
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Author: Faye M. Hardin
Number of Pages: 208 
File: memories-blood-sweat-and-fears-and-a-little-bit-more.pdf
Reads: 1762729


Twelve men pull off what should have been a perfect crime. In Montana they rob both the sellers and buyers of drugs and leave no witnesses. There is one glitch in the plan. One of the buyers turns out to be a DEA agent. Feds are all over the place, backing the men into a corner. To escape they go to the most isolated place in Wyoming, the small town of Heritage located in the Rocky Mountains. When the town's people learn who they are, the gang takes over the town raining havoc and violence. Only one man is in position to fight back but the odds are sorely against him.

The JOY of Losing Your JoB

The JOY of Losing Your JoB ebook ISBN: 9780997132502
Author: Christina Deoliveira
Number of Pages: 176 
File: the-joy-of-losing-your-job.pdf
Reads: 9828840


They lost their jobs - but went on to find far more fulfilling lives. Discover how being downsized can free you up to find your dreams - and achieve things you never thought possible!

A Belle in Brooklyn

A Belle in Brooklyn ebook ISBN: 1451609299
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Author: Demetria L. Lucas
Number of Pages: 336 
File: a-belle-in-brooklyn.pdf
Reads: 2412434


The "Essence" editor counsels women on how to enjoy the dating experience without placing undue pressure on finding a partner immediately, sharing advice based on interviews with dating experts and her Male MindSquad team.

Alibi In High Heels

Alibi In High Heels ebook ISBN: 0984857435
Publisher: Gemma Halliday Publishing
Author: Gemma Halliday
Number of Pages: 234 
File: alibi-in-high-heels.pdf
Reads: 5546654


New York Times, and USA Today Bestselling series! "Gemma Halliday's Maddie Springer is like the west coast version of Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum - only more stylish!" - LG Book Club Baguettes, bodies, and haute couture galore! Shoe designer turned amateur sleuth, Maddie Springer, is at it again, this time in fabulously fashionable Paris. When Europe's designer de jour, Jean Luc LeCroix, invites Maddie to show her creations at Paris Fashion Week, Maddie's sure she's died and gone to heaven. That is until Jean Luc's top model is found dead on the runway, stabbed with a familiar stiletto heel. Sure someone is trying to frame her, Maddie enlists the help of her friends, including the sexy Detective Jack Ramirez, to uncover a daring jewel heist, a devious blackmailer, and even a few skeletons lurking in the closets of those closest to her. But as the evidence mounts, Maddie becomes the prime suspect and Ramirez is stuck between a badge and a cute blonde with a tendency for trouble. Will he stand by her as she attempts to track down an international killer, or will this be the case that finally comes between them? One thing's for sure, if Maddie doesn't uncover the real killer soon, she may be saying her final adieu. Other Books in the High Heels Series: #1 Spying in High Heels #2 Killer in High Heels #3 Undercover in High Heels #3.5 Christmas in High Heels (short story) #4 Alibi in High Heels #5 Mayhem in High Heels #5.5 Honeymoon in High Heels (short story) #5.75 Sweetheart in High Heels (novella) #6 Fearless in High Heels #7 Danger in High Heels #8 Homicide in High Heels #9 Deadly in High Heels What critics are saying about Alibi in High Heels: "ALIBI IN HIGH HEELS is a clever and stylish addition to Gemma Halliday's laughter-infused Maddie Springer series." - Chicago Tribune "Halliday is on top of her game, and readers will love Maddie's new adventure." - Booklist "If you're in the mood for a fun, fast, easy read cozy, you can’t go wrong with ALIBI IN HIGH HEELS! I wasn’t just a reader, I was truly along for the ride. Gemma Halliday has created a delightful reluctant sleuth!" - Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine "I started ALIBI IN HIGH HEELS around 2 pm and read non stop until 11 pm when I finished it. The writing was so engaging and so fun that I did not want to put this book down. This is a 5 star book that I HIGHLY recommend to Janet Evanovich fans who are looking for a new author to try that they will LOVE!!! ALIBI IN HIGH HEELS is the best book that I have read in a while, and I can't wait to read more books by Gemma Halliday." - Fresh Fiction "Maddie Springer is like a cross between Paris Hilton and Stephanie Plum, only better. The dialogue is snappy and the suspense beautifully interwoven with Ms. Halliday’s unique humor. This is one HIGH HEEL you’ll want to try on again and again " - Romance Junkies

Focus on the Fabulous

Focus on the Fabulous ebook ISBN: 9781555663988
Publisher: Big Earth Publishing
Author: Matt Kailey
Number of Pages: 167 
File: focus-on-the-fabulous.pdf
Reads: 5185660


Collection of fiction, poetry, and creative non-fiction from Colorado's top writers in the GLBT community

Blood, Sweat and Schemes

Blood, Sweat and Schemes ebook ISBN: 1911320637
Publisher: Book Guild Publishing
Author: Rob Watkins
Number of Pages: 200 
File: blood-sweat-and-schemes.pdf
Reads: 6396131


After meeting at a party, Sue and Bob become an unofficial item, frequently having sex but still keeping their relationship status friendly. Following an office party, Bob has a sexual encounter with a woman, Charity, who later becomes Sue’s boss. Later on in the novel, Sue and Bob make their relationship official and get married – but behind the scenes of their happy marital lives, Bob is still carrying on with Charity, who is forcing him to continue engaging in their sexual affair despite his marriage to Sue. Desperately trying to protect Sue and their marriage, Bob falls victim to Charity’s blackmail. His abuser tramples him emotionally as he tries to hide his double life. As the novel develops, it becomes clear that there is more to this illicit affair than Bob realises. The reader is left in awe as Charity’s merciless plan begins to unravel… Can Bob escape the dangerous clasp of Charity and save himself? Or will his world collapse as he falls deeper into her vengeful scheme?

The Rough Guide to Rock

The Rough Guide to Rock ebook ISBN: 9781843531050
Publisher: Rough Guides
Author: Peter Buckley
Number of Pages: 1225 
File: the-rough-guide-to-rock.pdf
Reads: 2808594


Compiles career biographies of over 1,200 artists and rock music reviews written by fans covering every phase of rock from R&B through punk and rap.

Top Secret

Top Secret ebook ISBN: 1449082998
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Author: Dale Kiser
Number of Pages: 696 
File: top-secret.pdf
Reads: 2764277


This is an intense love story wrapped up in CIA and KGB activities and intrigue. The two main characters, Mollie Sands and Jim Owens, have a long and stormy relationship over the eleven years. Mollie, an Alaskan woman who has to survive more hurt than most people ever expect to. Jim, a former Military Intelligence Officer and finally a CIA operative of much merit. After having hurt each other significantly several times the relationship falls apart for several years. During these years the two of them continue to work together. Jim has several relationships with other women during this time. Mollie has to contend with all that while still loving him. This is a detailed writing about the work they were involved in during the eleven years and all the hurts Mollie endured. It goes deeply into the thinking of some of the characters, revealing their weaknesses and fears as well as some of their strengths. One might ask why a woman would tolerate all that Mollied did and still keep her sanity? And why would she tolerate all the other things he did with other women and not completely dismiss him from her life? And why would she insist he tell her all the details of everything he did, knowing she would suffer tremendously? The amazing thing is that she seems to have kept her sanity while struggling mightly within herself. Happenings brought on by themselves, the KGB, and their own organization, the CIA. There is love; there are assassinations, much intrigue, loneliness, loss of several close friends as the CIA and the KGB battle each other. It is set in Alaska, but takes place in many parts of the world. It is very detailed and is a compelling story, one worthy of much psychological investigation and thought.


Newsweek ebook ISBN:
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: newsweek.pdf
Reads: 7377906


Both Times in Blood

Both Times in Blood ebook ISBN: 096725521X
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: both-times-in-blood.pdf
Reads: 58652


Never Pay Retail Again

Never Pay Retail Again ebook ISBN: 9781439167366
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Author: Daisy Lewellyn
Number of Pages: 256 
File: never-pay-retail-again.pdf
Reads: 2762458


Want to look like a million bucks while you save a pretty penny? Maximize your personal style on any budget with fashion and beauty expert Daisy Lewellyn’s fun, practical, must–have guide to smart shopping. Times may be tough, but you can still look fabulous. Learn to rethink the way you buy, end unnecessary spending, and save money without sacrificing your personal style. Fashion and beauty guru Daisy Lewellyn’s savvy shopping advice and priceless insider secrets will help you score the brands you love at real discounts. The creative, inspiring, and timeless tips in Never Pay Retail Again will teach every Bargain Babe how to: • Know what, when, and how to purchase on the cheap. • Make the sales people your best friends so you’ll get access to the best merchandise—with discounts. • Turn your closet into your own private boutique, with easy ideas for transforming or updating old pieces for just a few dollars. • Train your eye to recognize quality clothes and accessories for rock-bottom prices at sample sales, department stores, or discount outlets. And much more!

Language, Society, and New Media

Language, Society, and New Media ebook ISBN: 1317688090
Publisher: Routledge
Author: Marcel Danesi
Number of Pages: 330 
File: language-society-and-new-media.pdf
Reads: 4215106


Language, Society, and New Media uses an interdisciplinary approach, integrating frameworks from sociolinguistics and linguistic anthropology and emerging strands of research on language and new media, to demonstrate the relationship between language, society, thought, and culture to students with little to no background in linguistics. Couched in this integrative "e-sociolinguistic" approach, each chapter covers the significant topics in this area, including language structures, language and cognition, and language variation and change, to elucidate this relationship, while also extending the purview of the field to encompass forms of new media, including Facebook and Twitter. Discussions are supported by a wealth of pedagogical features, including sidebars, activities and assignments, and a comprehensive glossary. In Language, Society, and New Media, Marcel Danesi explores the dynamic connections between language, society, thought, and culture and how they continue to evolve in today’s rapidly changing digital world, ideal for students in introductory courses in sociolinguistics, language and culture, and linguistic anthropology.

Don't Waste Your Pretty

Don't Waste Your Pretty ebook ISBN: 9780990819400
Author: Demetria Lucas
Number of Pages: 338 
File: don-t-waste-your-pretty.pdf
Reads: 8078252


Don't Waste Your Pretty is the much-anticipated dating and relationships manifesto from author, life coach and award-winning blogger Demetria L. Lucas. Demetria has interviewed thousands of men, advised hundreds of clients, and answered more than 38,000 dating and relationship queries on her popular Ask.Fm page, where real women submit anonymous questions and receive professional advice - for free Demetria's latest advice guide is a compilation of popular questions asked by clients and readers. Lucas delivers the advice in a fun, knowledgeable and blunt manner, quickly solving dating and relationships dilemmas.

Do They Wear High Heels in Heaven?

Do They Wear High Heels in Heaven? ebook ISBN: 9780373895359
Publisher: Don Mills, Ont. : Red Dress Incorporated
Author: Erica Orloff
Number of Pages: 248 
File: do-they-wear-high-heels-in-heaven.pdf
Reads: 8742467


Armed with a hefty supply of martinis and good humor, best friends Lily and Michael have weathered all of life's ups and downs through the years, but now the twosome is faced with a much bigger tribulation--cancer. Original. 40,000 first printing.

Thriller Almanac

Thriller Almanac ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Dystel & Goderich Literary Management
Author: DGLM Authors,David Morrell,Glen Apseloff,Diane Fanning,J.E. Fishman,G.D. Gearino,James Hankins,Kathleen Taylor,Steve Winshel
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: thriller-almanac.pdf
Reads: 9775776


Secrets and Serial Killers This FREE collection features excerpts from eight exciting mystery/thrillers! In David Morrell’s The Protector, Agent Cavanaugh must defend a brilliant scientist with a secret so extraordinary he needs to disappear and adopt a new identity. In Glen Apseloff’s Lethal Cure, Dr. Jake Warner battles the mysterious deaths of his patients as well as his own memory loss in an adventure that takes him from the ER to the streets of Venice. Diane Fanning’s The Trophy Exchange introduces Detective Lucinda Pierce who tracks a serial killer, suspecting that a respected international relief worker may be hiding a deadly secret. In J.E. Fishman’s The Dark Pool, insatiable Wall Street players have wagered everything on certain real-world outcomes—and won't hesitate to pay off their claims with the blood of others. In G.D. Gearino’s Counting Coup, a bored and cynical newspaper columnist falls in love with a beautiful woman and gets mixed up with her violent ex-husband and his a million-dollar fraud scheme. In James Hankins’ Jack of Spades, a twisted serial killer is terrorizing Massachusetts and it's up to Detective John Spader to find the man beneath the mask. Kathleen Taylor’s Funeral Food introduces a sleepy town where nothing ever happens...until the body of a missionary is found in the broom closet of the Delphi Café, and waitress Tory Bauer is drawn into investigating this real-life mystery. In Steve Winshel’s A Twisted Path, ex-cop Bill Furyk is pulled into a murder investigation, and discovers a brutal, cruel, conspiracy that destroys lives and protects the powerful.

Hearts from the Past

Hearts from the Past ebook ISBN: 1450072712
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Shiloh R. Caudle
Number of Pages: 189 
File: hearts-from-the-past.pdf
Reads: 6005177


Arana Quinn returned home to conquer her dream job as Associate COO at The Research Institute. As the youngest female to work at the executive level, she put her personal life on hold to excel at her new job. With her new job mastered, she turns her attention to her personal life and decides that it is time to call her old high school boyfriend, Darryl. An unknown stranger interrupts her attempts and mesmerizes her. She is surprised to learn that the stranger is Darryl and their love never died. Deceit and betrayal threaten their budding relationship.

High Heels in the Laundry Room

High Heels in the Laundry Room ebook ISBN: 9781732570603
Author: Michelle Cully
Number of Pages: 160 
File: high-heels-in-the-laundry-room.pdf
Reads: 7887163


High Heels in the Laundry Room is about believing in yourself and learning to trust your instincts. Michelle Cully's courageous story is a must-read for anyone with a wild dream, and who dares to hope a better life is possible.

Blood, Bones & Butter

Blood, Bones & Butter ebook ISBN: 0099498332
Publisher: Random House
Author: Gabrielle Hamilton
Number of Pages: 291 
File: blood-bones-butter.pdf
Reads: 1727059


Blood, Bones & Butter follows the chef Gabrielle Hamilton's extraordinary journey through the places she has inhabited over the years: the rural kitchen of her childhood, where her adored mother stood over the six-burner with wooden spoon in hand; the kitchens of France, Greece, and Turkey, where she was often fed by complete strangers and learned the essence of hospitality; and the kitchen of her beloved Italian mother-in-law, who serves as the link between Hamilton's idyllic past and her own future family. Unflinchingly honest, moving, beautifully crafted and funny, this is a rollicking, passionate story of food, purpose and family.

Hot Shots and High Spots

Hot Shots and High Spots ebook ISBN: 1770900640
Publisher: ECW Press
Author: George Napolitano
Number of Pages: 320 
File: hot-shots-and-high-spots.pdf
Reads: 4413652


Bringing the best of professional wrestling into focus, from the glare of the spotlights to rare, behind-the-scenes candid photos, George Napolitano has created the most far-reaching and beautiful visual history of its kind. For five decades he has been ringside, documenting wrestlings biggest main events, photographing its most famousand infamousstars. His images have captured the blood, sweat, and tears spilled in the squared circle. In the process, they have become as iconic as the men and women in them. Covering those who have made professional wrestling one of Americas great passions and pastimesBruno Sammartino and Classy Freddie Blassie, Gorilla Monsoon battling Muhammad Ali, Andre the Giant and Mil Mascaras thrilling crowds all over North America, and Cyndi Lauper and Captain Lou Albano bringing wrestling to MTVthis chronicle shows it all. For the fans of the nWo or ECWs hardcore revolution, those who love the attitudes of DX, The Rock, and Stone Cold Steve Austin, and those who still tune in every Monday night for Cena, Triple H, and Orton, this compilation is the ultimate pictorial of the glories and humiliations of the wrestling world.