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Blubber ebook ISBN: 1447280237
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
Author: Judy Blume
Number of Pages: 224 
File: blubber.pdf
Reads: 8377542


Blubber is a thick layer of fat that lies under the skin and over the muscles of whales . . . When Linda innocently reads out her class project, everyone finds it funny. Linda can't help it if she's fat, but what starts as a joke leads to a sustained and cruel ritual of humiliation. Jill knows she should defend Linda, but at first she's too scared. When she eventually stands up to the bullies, she becomes their next victim - and what's worse, Linda is now on their side . . . In Blubber, Judy Blume sensitively explores bullying and true friendship.

Encyclopedia of Marine Mammals

Encyclopedia of Marine Mammals ebook ISBN: 9780080919935
Publisher: Academic Press
Author: William F. Perrin,Bernd Würsig,J.G.M. Thewissen
Number of Pages: 1352 
File: encyclopedia-of-marine-mammals.pdf
Reads: 8217536


This thorough revision of the classic Encyclopedia of Marine Mammals brings this authoritative book right up-to-date. Articles describe every species in detail, based on the very latest taxonomy, and a host of biological, ecological and sociological aspects relating to marine mammals. The latest information on the biology, ecology, anatomy, behavior and interactions with man is provided by a cast of expert authors – all presented in such detail and clarity to support both marine mammal specialists and the serious naturalist. Fully referenced throughout and with a fresh selection of the best color photographs available, the long-awaited second edition remains at the forefront as the go-to reference on marine mammals. More than 20% NEW MATERIAL includes articles on Climate Change, Pacific White-sided Dolphins, Sociobiology, Habitat Use, Feeding Morphology and more Over 260 articles on the individual species with topics ranging from anatomy and behavior, to conservation, exploitation and the impact of global climate change on marine mammals New color illustrations show every species and document topical articles FROM THE FIRST EDITION “This book is so good...a bargain, full of riches...packed with fascinating up to date information. I recommend it unreservedly it to individuals, students, and researchers, as well as libraries." --Richard M. Laws, MARINE MAMMALS SCIENCE "...establishes a solid and satisfying foundation for current study and future exploration" --Ronald J. Shusterman, SCIENCE

Burn the Blubber

Burn the Blubber ebook ISBN: 1304316998
Publisher: Robert Dave Johnston
Author: Robert Dave Johnston
Number of Pages: 91 
File: burn-the-blubber.pdf
Reads: 3869869


In, Burn the Blubber - How to Lose Belly Fat Fast (And For Good!), author Robert Dave Johnston gives you an in-depth look at the causes of belly fat, the health implications and a comprehensive list of tips, techniques and lifestyle changes that can help you get rid of that spare tire once and for all. The author outlines thought, behavior and external changes that helped him overcome 20 + years of obesity and binge eating as well as lose more than 100 pounds, which he has now kept off for 12 years. Topics include, measuring body fat and assessing where you are, creating a definite fat loss goal, getting active, handling emotions and urges to overeat, portion control, dietary changes, list of banned foods, addressing the internal world of thoughts and belief systems, the amazing power of 'daily fasting' and numerous other tips and techniques to promote belly fat loss. Even though losing belly fat can be challenging, the author presents the material in a point-by-point format that is detailed and easy to understand. If you are looking for a guide to help you make the lifestyle changes needed to achieve long-term fat loss, this book will prove itself to be a very useful addition to your library. Burn the Blubber is Volume 4 of the series, How To Lose Weight Fast, Keep it Off & Renew The Mind, Body & Spirit Through Fasting, Smart Eating & Practical Spirituality. Hello dear friend, this is Rob. Just in case you are still undecided, here are crucial health reasons why you MUST get rid of belly fat quickly and without further hesitation. It may sound cute when somebody tells you that you are shaped like an apple or pear, but what it really means is that you are packing on the visceral fat in the thighs and butt. I get into this topic in detail inside the book; however, there is never anything cute about belly fat in view of the huge health problems that it will ALWAYS cause. Not to alarm you, but too much fat around the mid-section skyrockets your risk of life-threatening health problems as stroke, diabetes and high-blood pressure. But this warning doesn't just apply to those who are heavy. Skinny people can also pack dangerous amounts of unseen blubber. Since the person is not overweight, the fat digs itself deep around the vital organs in your tummy. Sure, these people may look slim on the outside, but, inside, they carry the same health time-bomb as others who may be noticeably overweight or obese. Doctors have told me that accumulations of fat in the midsection actually become ONE 'living organ' inside your body; a derelict 'alien' invader consuming your life resources and 'feeding' on your health. This is quite a dramatic depiction, I know. But I want to drive the message hard and deep that belly fat is deadly and must be destroyed. In which ways is belly fat harming you? Do you know? Are you soberly aware of the seriousness of the situation? Do you realize that immediate action is required to halt and vanquish these looming sicknesses? IF you are so persuaded, then what are you waiting for? One by one, we will discuss all of the changes that need to happen in your life over time. I will give you plenty of tips, motivation and inspiration to get the ball rolling and never look back. There is still time to sidestep serious health consequences. BUT you must get off the couch, get moving and stop entertaining negative thoughts related to your weight and health. So let's get started! The best is yet to come, IF you train yourself (little by little) to take daily action and modify your lifestyle in the various ways that I will suggest. May peace, love, health and prosperity follow you all of the days of your life!

Elephant Seals: Mountains of Blubber

Elephant Seals: Mountains of Blubber ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Learning Island
Author: Caitlind L. Alexander
Number of Pages: 25 
File: elephant-seals-mountains-of-blubber.pdf
Reads: 4205960


Elephant seals are huge animals that live part of their life on land. When I say they are huge, I mean huge. The male elephant seal can grow to be up to 16 feet (4.9 metres) long. They can weigh 6,600 pounds (3000 kilograms)! An average car weighs about 3,000 pounds (1360 kilograms). That means a male elephant seal can weigh more than two cars! That is big! Female elephant seals are only about half the size of the males. That is still a very big seal, though. Female elephant seals can be up to about 10 feet (three metres) long and weigh about 2,000 pounds (910 kilograms) Find out more about this amazing animal and learn the answers to these questions: How long does an elephant seal stay in the water? How deep can an elephant seal dive? In what way do male elephant seals dive differently from female elephant seals? Why do elephant seals like to hang out in very deep water? In March or April elephant seals wake up to find that their mother is gone. Where did she go? Learn what an elephant seal looks like, where it lives, what it eats, what eats it, how babies are born, and other fun facts. Ages 7 - 10 Reading Level 3.7 All measurements in American and metric. believes in the value of children practicing reading for 15 minutes every day. Our 15-Minute Books give children lots of fun, exciting choices to read, from classic stories, to mysteries, to books of knowledge. Many books are appropriate for hi-lo readers. Open the world of reading to a child by having them read for 15 minutes a day.

Bluejackets in the Blubber Room

Bluejackets in the Blubber Room ebook ISBN: 0817317791
Publisher: University of Alabama Press
Author: Peter Kurtz
Number of Pages: 208 
File: bluejackets-in-the-blubber-room.pdf
Reads: 6214495


Bluejackets in the Blubber Room explores key events in US maritime history from the 1820s to the end of the Civil War through the biography of the sailing ship William Badger. Taking a biographical approach to his subject, Peter Kurtz describes three phases of the life of the William Badger, a sailing ship with a long and exemplary life on the sea: first as a merchant ship carrying raw materials and goods between New England, the US South, and Europe; second as a whaling ship; and finally as a supply ship providing coal and stores for the North Atlantic Blockading Squadron in Beaufort, North Carolina, during the Civil War. Kurtz begins Bluejackets in the Blubber Room by exploring early American shipbuilding and shipbuilders in the Piscataqua region of Maine and New Hampshire and the kinds of raw materials harvested and used in making the wooden sailing ships of the time. After its construction, the Badger became part of the key economic trade between New England, the US South, and Europe. The ship carried raw materials such as timber from New England to New Orleans and subsequently cotton from New Orleans to Spain and Liverpool, England. Using ship logs, sailors’ accounts, and other primary sources, Kurtz delves into both the people and the economics of this critical “cotton triangle” trade. Following service as a merchant ship, the Badger became a whaling ship, carrying its New England–based crew as far as the South Pacific. Kurtz presents a colorful story of life aboard a whaling ship and in the whaling towns ranging from Lynn, Massachusetts, to Cape Leeuwin, Australia. Finally, Kurtz describes the last phase of the Badger’s life as a key player as a supply ship in the Union Navy’s blockade effort. Although not the most dramatic duty a sailor could have, blockade supply nevertheless was critical to the United States’ prosecution of the Civil War and eventual victory. Kurtz examines the decision-making involved in procuring such ships and their crew, notably “refugees” and escaped slaves known as “contrabands.”

(More Than) 50 Ways to Lose Your Blubber

(More Than) 50 Ways to Lose Your Blubber ebook ISBN: 1448673216
Publisher: Dave Yarnell
Author: Dave Yarnell
Number of Pages: 100 
File: more-than-50-ways-to-lose-your-blubber.pdf
Reads: 5508200


Lists 50 ways to lose fat with exercise, and another 50 with diet. Describes them in detail, gives additional helpful hints for losing fat & improving overall physical condition


Blubber ebook ISBN: 9780307258304
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: 153 
File: blubber.pdf
Reads: 4292660


A spiteful note about a girl's weight makes the rounds of her class. Nobody expects the fun to end where it does.

Blubber and Beyond

Blubber and Beyond ebook ISBN:
Author: Linnea E. Pearson
Number of Pages: 340 
File: blubber-and-beyond.pdf
Reads: 674981


Phocid seals rely on lipids in the form of a blubber layer as insulation and lipids as energy sources in blubber and muscle. The amount and lipid composition of blubber and other lipid stores vary throughout life within and among species of phocid seals. I hypothesized that this variation in regulation, allocation, and interactions among lipid stores is influenced by species, ontogeny, and tissue-specific thermal regimes in polar phocids: harp (Pagophilus groenlandicus), hooded (Cystophora cristata), and Weddell (Leptonychotes weddellii) seals. I investigated the thermoregulatory strategy of neonatal harp, hooded, and Weddell seals, and throughout the transition to an aquatic environment in harp seals. All three species had similar thermal resistance, though it was achieved differently using either lanugo or blubber. While there was variation in the main thermoregulatory strategy among species, no species possessed all thermal adaptations of adults. Harp and Weddell seals had higher surface area to volume ratios (SA:V), thus higher potential heat loss, though compensatory mechanisms for heat production were different between species. Harp seals were the only species with the potential for nonshivering thermogenesis (NST) in brown adipose tissue (BAT), whereas Weddell seals had the highest potential for shivering thermogenesis (ST) in their skeletal muscle. Hooded seals relied on blubber, and had a significantly lower SA:V than the other two species. As harp seal pups develop, their potential for NST declines and they shift to a reliance on blubber for insulation. By late weaning, harp seal pups have similar insulative capabilities as adults, and can likely meet the thermoregulatory challenges associated with living in water. In neonatal and young seals that have little blubber, other lipid stores such as BAT and skeletal muscle lipids provide heat-generating mechanisms (NST or ST) to offset potentially high rates of heat loss. The potential for NST declines with age, as the blubber layer develops in harp seals, and weaned pups look to have similar insulative capabilities as adults. While phocid adults rely on blubber for insulation and maintain a thermal gradient across the tissue, otariids (fur seals and sea lions) instead maintain an external gradient across a thick fur layer. This has implications for the underlying lipid composition of blubber, as the fatty acids (FA) that make up this lipid respond differently to temperature. In phocid blubber, latitude (a proxy for environmental temperature) had a positive correlation with the proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids, but a negative correlation with saturated fatty acids. In otariids, these trends were reversed. This suggests interactions between blubber and the ambient environment play a role in the overall relative proportions of FA classes in blubber. Unlike in blubber, the FA class composition of harp, hooded, and Weddell seal skeletal muscle was similar among species. In adult female Weddell seals, the relative proportions of individual FA in blubber and muscle were significantly different between tissues; these differences persisted across seasons, and were independent of female reproductive state. It appears that the FA in blubber and muscle reflect the tissues' roles within the body. Blubber contained a greater proportion of monounsaturated FA, which remain fluid at lower temperatures, while the muscle contains a larger proportion of SFA, which produce the greatest amounts of ATP per mole oxidized to support metabolism. In adult phocids, the FA composition of the blubber layer appears to be influenced by environmental interactions with latitude (temperature), in accordance with the location of and steepness of the thermal gradient through the blubber layer. Finally, environment looks to have little influence on the FA stores in skeletal muscle, and seasonally persistent tissue differences between blubber and muscle highlight how lipid is dynamically modulated within the body of phocid seals. How and what lipids are allocated to blubber is a mixture of abiotic and biotic cues throughout life, linked to thermodynamics, ambient environment, and energy dynamics.

Teaching Banned Books

Teaching Banned Books ebook ISBN: 9780838908075
Publisher: American Library Association
Author: Pat R. Scales
Number of Pages: 134 
File: teaching-banned-books.pdf
Reads: 6511118


As a standard-bearer for intellectual freedom, the school librarian is in an ideal position to collaborate with teachers to not only protect the freedom to read but also ensure that valued books with valuable lessons are not quarantined from the readers for whom they were written.

Literature Suppressed on Social Grounds

Literature Suppressed on Social Grounds ebook ISBN: 0816071500
Publisher: Infobase Publishing
Author: Dawn B. Sova
Number of Pages: 401 
File: literature-suppressed-on-social-grounds.pdf
Reads: 3076145


Literature Suppressed on Social Grounds, Revised Edition discusses writings that have been banned over the centuries because they offended or merely ignored official truths; challenged widely held assumptions; or contained ideas or language unacceptable to a state, religious institution, or private moral watchdog. The entries new to this edition include the Captain Underpants series, We All Fall Down by Robert Cormier, and Jake and Honeybunch Go to Heaven by Margaret Zemach. Also included are updates to the censorship histories of such books as To Kill a Mockingbird and Of Mice and Men.


Blubber ebook ISBN:
Author: Ellen Gallagher,Gagosian Gallery
Number of Pages: 120 
File: blubber.pdf
Reads: 2520762


Text by Beth Coleman.

Fur Versus Blubber

Fur Versus Blubber ebook ISBN:
Author: Heather Elizabeth Mostman Liwanag
Number of Pages: 422 
File: fur-versus-blubber.pdf
Reads: 6328981


The Cyclopædia of Commerce; Comprising a Code of Commercial Law, Practice, Customs, & Information, and Exhibiting the Present State of Commerce ... to which is Added, an Appendix, Containing an Analytical Digest of the Laws and Practice of the Customs ... The Commercial Department Conducted by S. Clarke ... and the Legal Department by John Williams

The Cyclopædia of Commerce; Comprising a Code of Commercial Law, Practice, Customs, & Information, and Exhibiting the Present State of Commerce ... to which is Added, an Appendix, Containing an Analytical Digest of the Laws and Practice of the Customs ... The Commercial Department Conducted by S. Clarke ... and the Legal Department by John Williams ebook ISBN:
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: the-cyclopædia-of-commerce-comprising-a-code-of-commercial-law-practice-customs-information-and-exhibiting-the-present-state-of-commerce-to-which-is-added-an-appendix-containing-an-analytical-digest-of-the-laws-and-practice-of-the-customs-the-commercial-department-conducted-by-s-clarke-and-the-legal-department-by-john-williams.pdf
Reads: 6853004


A Whaling Captain's Daughter

A Whaling Captain's Daughter ebook ISBN: 9780736803465
Publisher: Capstone
Author: Laura Jernegan
Number of Pages: 32 
File: a-whaling-captain-s-daughter.pdf
Reads: 3074671


The diary of Laura Jernegan, a young girl who traveled with her family on her father's whaling ship in the 1860s who records her schooling, dangerous whale hunts, and the activities of her baby brother. Includes activities and a timeline related to this era.

Seasoned by Salt

Seasoned by Salt ebook ISBN: 9780807845370
Publisher: UNC Press Books
Author: Rodney Barfield
Number of Pages: 192 
File: seasoned-by-salt.pdf
Reads: 7564879


The Outer Banks of North Carolina have had a lively and sometimes lurid history going back four centuries. These barrier islands, frequently battered by storms and hurricanes, were the site of the first English colony in North America and figured prominen

Moby Dick

Moby Dick ebook ISBN:
Author: Herman Melville
Number of Pages: 545 
File: moby-dick.pdf
Reads: 5717661


A literary classic that wasn't recognized for its merits until decades after its publication, Herman Melville's Moby-Dick tells the tale of a whaling ship and its crew, who are carried progressively further out to sea by the fiery Captain Ahab. Obsessed with killing the massive whale, which had previously bitten off Ahab's leg, the seasoned seafarer steers his ship to confront the creature, while the rest of the shipmates, including the young narrator, Ishmael, and the harpoon expert, Queequeg, must contend with their increasingly dire journey. The book invariably lands on any short list of the greatest American novels.

An Account of the Arctic Regions

An Account of the Arctic Regions ebook ISBN: 110803778X
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Author: William Scoresby
Number of Pages: 670 
File: an-account-of-the-arctic-regions.pdf
Reads: 8121058


This 1820 account of the Arctic regions was the first book on whaling to be published in Britain.