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Getting Gorgeous

Getting Gorgeous ebook ISBN: 1921999373
Publisher: Palmer Higgs Pty Ltd
Author: Clare Maxfield
Number of Pages: 220 
File: getting-gorgeous.pdf
Reads: 7459999


River Child

River Child ebook ISBN: 1426992572
Publisher: Trafford Publishing
Author: Eleanor Millard
Number of Pages: 304 
File: river-child.pdf
Reads: 2617982


River Child is a collection of nineteen linked short stories set in the magnificent Klondike in the famous gold rush town of Dawson City, Yukon Territory. The book explores questions of cross-cultural relationships, personal identity, and the strength of First Nations' commitment to the family through three generations. Dave Maclean is a White man from Saskatchewan who lives with Maggie, a First Nation woman in Moosehide, the native village close to Dawson City. Maggie dies from tuberculosis. Their child, Eliza, is sent to an abusive residential school hundreds of miles away. Eliza runs away to come back home, and eventually gives birth to Selena whom she leaves to be cared for by Dave. Much of the book explores the personal and social conflicts experienced by Eliza and Selena while Dave observes his child and grandchild becoming alcoholic. Several unique characters influence the life of the Maclean family, including Selena's grandmother, her best friend, her father, her brothers, and her boyfriend. While the overall story is realistically sombre, it is always hopeful.

Say When

Say When ebook ISBN: 1863953434
Publisher: Black Inc.
Author: Catherine Deveny
Number of Pages: 241 
File: say-when.pdf
Reads: 9647944


At 2 a.m., everything seems like a good idea . . . In 2008 the Pope came to Sydney, petrol prices soared and Australia proudly became the fattest nation on earth. Big Brother got the chop, Sam Newman mauled a mannequin and the Logies were as wonderfully bad as ever. Thank goodness for Catherine Deveny: always ready with a salty aside or a provocative question. Each week in the Age she brings her passionate, irreverent wit to bear on the big issues of the day. Say When collects Deveny's funniest, sharpest and most outrageous columns from the past year. Whether taking on God, climate change or Kerri-Anne Kennerley, she is sure to leave you begging for more.

My Father's Places

My Father's Places ebook ISBN: 1849012415
Publisher: Hachette UK
Author: Aeronwy Thomas
Number of Pages: 160 
File: my-father-s-places.pdf
Reads: 955226


In 1949, after years of nomadic existence, nine-year-old Aeronwy Thomas and her family arrived at the Boat House in Laugharne, a small village on the Welsh coast. Here her father, the poet Dylan Thomas and mother, Caitlin, hoped to find peace, a place to settle and work. In Laugharne Dylan began some of his most famous works, including Under Milk Wood. Mornings were spent in Brown's Hotel, listening to the gossip at Ivy William's kitchen table. In the afternoons Caitlin would lock the poet into a shed in the garden, where he sat speaking his verse aloud as he wrote, or composed begging letters to patrons and friends. Often he would head off to London, and old haunts. Little Aeronwy enjoyed the new world around her. In the Boat House, ruled over by Caitlin, there was baby Colm and in the holidays visits from big brother Llewellyn, as well as Dolly, the cleaner and cook, and the house became a refuge for village characters, including Booda the deaf, mute ferry man. The memoir paints scenes of sudden drama and poetry: reading Wind in the Willows with her father in the evenings; fish treading in the mud below the house with her mother; afternoons with Grandma Flo and DJ at the Pelican. Dylan's fame grows and he tours the United States to read his poetry. Aeronwy watches as the marriage fractures, and at last the poet dies in New York, far away from his children. My Father's Places is a deeply moving portrait of growing up and an insight into the origins and the legacy of Dylan Thomas's poetry.

Gardening Mad

Gardening Mad ebook ISBN: 9781579590079
Publisher: Soma Books
Author: Monty Don
Number of Pages: 192 
File: gardening-mad.pdf
Reads: 7595522


Monty Don offers his keen observations and trenchant opinions on gardening in 48 delightful essays.

Blue and Green

Blue and Green ebook ISBN: 1469754754
Publisher: iUniverse
Author: Wallace B. Collins
Number of Pages: 200 
File: blue-and-green.pdf
Reads: 87830


Poems / Images are a collection of verse, and excerpts from fiction I wrote over the years, with prose narrative honed and targeted to poems to make a connective, and where possible, an explosive imagery. Obviously, the writer believes he has met the goals he sets out for himself in this book, by making an imaginary unity in sound and meaning substantive, confident all along in his credo that he is always partial to impartiality.

A Heaven on Earth

A Heaven on Earth ebook ISBN: 1908411805
Publisher: Barbara Cartland Ebooks Ltd
Author: Barbara Cartland
Number of Pages: 245 
File: a-heaven-on-earth.pdf
Reads: 2480476


Beautiful Aurora Hartnell is returning home to Hadleigh Hall for Christmas. Resigned to a quieter pace of life, she is therefore filled with anticipation when she hears that an eligible bachelor, Lord Moreton, has moved into nearby Elton Hall. Dreaming of an attractive stranger who will sweep her off her feet, Aurora is delighted when her father invites the mysterious Lord for dinner on Christmas Eve. But Aurora's dreams are crushed like a daisy underfoot when she finally meets the man, and her propects look bleak until the dashing Earl of Linford gallops into her life.

To the Fore

To the Fore ebook ISBN: 146284961X
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: J.B. Mantill
Number of Pages: 173 
File: to-the-fore.pdf
Reads: 8591177


Rusty Bruce was not born a good player, he became one. These words perfectly puts into the picture the man who made sure to always treat life as a gift, step to the fore, and make a difference. In JB Mantills, To The Fore, readers can come across Rusty Bruce, a man of great honour, dignity and compassion. His life peppered with grief, Rusty Bruce takes up social golf so as he can get away from life for a few hours a week. Despite his sadness and with the help of his friends, Rowdy, Bake and Bob, he channels down his grief into taking his golf to the next level after inadvertently winning a chance to compete with the professionals in America. Waiting for a flight at New York he meets ten year old Tim and his parents, who themselves are going through a tough time, and after hearing their story he decides to help try and change their lives for the better. Heart warming and uplifting, To the Fore is a story of not allowing the harsh realities and struggles of life get in the way of living and making a difference.


Report ebook ISBN:
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: report.pdf
Reads: 9600792


Studies in Design

Studies in Design ebook ISBN: 9781586851859
Publisher: Gibbs Smith
Author: Christopher Dresser
Number of Pages: 40 
File: studies-in-design.pdf
Reads: 2862077


Studies in Design (Historic Reprint)by Christopher Dresser $45.00 hardcover 1-58685-185-3 August8 x 12 in, 160 pp, 60 Color Plates, Rights: W, DesignIn Christopher Dresser's own words, "I have prepared this Work with the hope of assisting to bring about a better style of decorations for our houses. My book is intended to help the decorator and to enable those who live in decorated houses to judge, to an extent, the merit of the ornament around them." Indeed, in this reprint of the classic Studies in Design, the timeless designs and wisdom of Christopher Dresser are reintroduced. Originally published in 1875, Studies in Design features Dresser's exquisite design and classic theories that have enduring appeal.Christopher Dresser is considered by many to have been the most influential designer of the nineteenth century, and his designs later had a major influence on the Arts & Crafts and Modernist movements. Dresser's designs, which later influenced other artisans such as William Morris and Charles Tiffany, reveal exotic influences from such locations as Egypt, Japan, China, India, and Morocco.

The Singing Street

The Singing Street ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Mercat Press Books
Author: James T. R. Ritchie
Number of Pages: 140 
File: the-singing-street.pdf
Reads: 5630109


Visual Effects for Film and Television

Visual Effects for Film and Television ebook ISBN: 1136054650
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Author: Mitch Mitchell
Number of Pages: 248 
File: visual-effects-for-film-and-television.pdf
Reads: 7048977


* An invaluable insight into the use of visual effects in film and television * Fully illustrated with diagrams to show you step-by-step techniques * Covers visual effects processes from front-of-camera to post-production * Integrated approach to film, video and digital techniques * Redefines the rules of photography so that they can be broken for effects * Shows the line of development from the oldest to the newest processes * A must for cinematographers, editors, designers and students of VFX alike * Everything you need to know to plan and supervise visual effects shots * Essential reading for anyone working in commercials/advertising photography or effects Written by an experienced professional, this manual is the essential guide to understanding the principles and background of modern visual effects. Visual effects are at the forefront of a digital revolution in the film and video industry and are becoming more and more important to movie language. This book teaches the practical techniques and skills required to incorporate effects successfully into both film and television production.

Green on Blue

Green on Blue ebook ISBN: 1476778574
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Author: Elliot Ackerman
Number of Pages: 256 
File: green-on-blue.pdf
Reads: 4767691


From the author of Waiting for Eden and the National Book Award Finalist Dark at the Crossing, a “compassionate, provocative, and alive” ( debut war story about a young Afghan orphan, “Green on Blue is harrowing, brutal, and utterly absorbing. With spare prose, Ackerman has spun a morally complex tale of revenge, loyalty, and brotherly love” (Khaled Hosseini, author of The Kite Runner). Aziz and his older brother Ali are coming of age in a village amid the pine forests and endless mountains of eastern Afghanistan. They are poor, but inside their mud-walled home, the family has stability, love, and routine. One day a convoy of armed men arrives in their village and their world crumbles. The boys survive and make their way to a small city, where they gradually begin to piece together their lives. But when US forces invade the country, militants strike back. A bomb explodes in the market, and Ali is brutally injured. To save his brother, Aziz must join the Special Lashkar, a US-funded militia. As he rises through the ranks, Aziz becomes mired in the dark underpinnings of his country’s war, witnessing clashes between rival Afghan groups—what US soldiers call “green on green” attacks—and those on US forces by Afghan soldiers, violence known as “green on blue.” Trapped in a conflict both savage and contrived, Aziz struggles to understand his place. Will he embrace the brutality of war or leave it behind, and risk placing his brother—and a young woman he has come to love—in jeopardy? Green on Blue has broken new ground in the literature of our most recent wars, accomplishing an astonishing feat of empathy and imagination. Writing from the Afghan perspective, “Elliot Ackerman has done something brave as a writer and even braver as a soldier: He has touched, for real, the culture and soul of his enemy” (The New York Times Book Review).

Creation Out of Clay

Creation Out of Clay ebook ISBN: 0802838707
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
Author: Brother Thomas,Bill Aron,Rosemary Williams
Number of Pages: 218 
File: creation-out-of-clay.pdf
Reads: 4693791


This lovely book presents essays and recent works in porcelain by Brother Thomas Bezanson, praised as "one of the greatest artists in the Western pottery world" by well-known Japanese ceramicist Tatsuzo Shimaoka. Brother Thomas explores his faith and the process of creation side by side with illustrations of the celebrated porcelain vases, plates, and tea bowls that are his life's work. The book also contains a nineteen-page photo essay on Brother Thomas at work in his studio by Bill Aron of Los Angeles, an introduction by Joan Chittister, and an illustrated index of the works of Brother Thomas now held in more than fifty museum collections around the world.

Journal of the British Astronomical Association

Journal of the British Astronomical Association ebook ISBN:
Author: British Astronomical Association
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: journal-of-the-british-astronomical-association.pdf
Reads: 8762338


Vol. 53-54 includes prospectus entitled Its Nature, aims and methods.


Publisher: iUniverse
Author: Robert Manns
Number of Pages: 136 
File: boys-will-be-boys-and-five-one-act-plays.pdf
Reads: 3001401


With the loosening of constraints on what may be discussed and portrayed in plays dealing with homosexuality, similar relaxation should be expected for heterosexual works. Within the bounds of good taste, of course. And taste, like time, alters. Hopefully, the time is now. *** In an age of miniaturization, the one-act play should find itself at home. People do attend concertized etudes, most often for the piano, and that is precisely what a one-act play is-an etude. Sometimes it's a character study, others a piece of action, still others a complete little story, and several strung together selectively can make a program.

William S. Schwartz

William S. Schwartz ebook ISBN:
Author: Manuel Chapman
Number of Pages: 267 
File: william-s-schwartz.pdf
Reads: 1444710


Green Prism

Green Prism ebook ISBN: 1612101887
Publisher: eStar Books
Author: A. Hyatt Verrill
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: green-prism.pdf
Reads: 3622286


""Into the Green Prism"" and ""Beyond the Green Prism"" in one book! A simple stone excavated from a ruin turned out to be so much more! Dr. Ramon sets out to discover more about this mysterious stone which seems to have mystical qualities

Gentlemen in Blue

Gentlemen in Blue ebook ISBN: 147381457X
Publisher: Pen and Sword
Author: Hans Onderwater
Number of Pages: 512 
File: gentlemen-in-blue.pdf
Reads: 2968191


This is the history of 600 City of London Squadron from when they formed in 1925 to their disbandment in 1957.


Water ebook ISBN: 1897235232
Publisher: Thistledown Press
Author: H. E. Taylor
Number of Pages: 220 
File: water.pdf
Reads: 1659999


When all the animals are gone, and the world become a desert, where shall hope be found? After the extinctions, a post-human Métis woman reaches out in hope and encounters a strange and unexpected future. Billie Featherstone is one of few people to survive "the great extinction" thanks to a genetic mutation carried largely in the Metis population. Her skeleton is charged with Restart - a video game-like element for reanimating. She routinely patrols the biological war-plagued borders of her people's territory where extinctions abound, deserts spread, and post-humans struggle. Water is a solidly researched novel inspired by the mathematical extrapolation of the length of time a technological civilization can exist. From such thinking, Taylor creates a world of the future based on society's current environmental indifference.