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Blue Blue Sea Finds His Cape

Blue Blue Sea Finds His Cape ebook ISBN: 9780692568880
Author: Miranda Prather
Number of Pages: 32 
File: blue-blue-sea-finds-his-cape.pdf
Reads: 8364705


Although he was no American Pharoah on the track, Blue Blue Sea finds his "cape" in retirement.

The Jogger by the Sea

The Jogger by the Sea ebook ISBN: 9780845348727
Publisher: Associated University Presses
Author: Charles Edward Eaton
Number of Pages: 91 
File: the-jogger-by-the-sea.pdf
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Sea and Sardinia

Sea and Sardinia ebook ISBN: 1504017315
Publisher: Open Road Media
Author: D. H. Lawrence
Number of Pages: 256 
File: sea-and-sardinia.pdf
Reads: 8047777


Renowned author D. H. Lawrence recounts his voyage to Sardinia in this spellbinding travelogue In January of 1921, D. H. Lawrence and his wife, Frieda, set out for unspoiled country: the pristine island of Sardinia. For the following nine days, Lawrence fixes his unflinching gaze upon the Mediterranean island, where ancient ruins collide with the detritus of a modernizing society. Blending mythology with historical fact, his account is both lyrical and shrewdly observed. With a keen awareness of the socio-political climate, Lawrence captures a Sardinia that is both timeless and of the moment. This ebook has been professionally proofread to ensure accuracy and readability on all devices.

Chivalric Stories as Childrenäó»s Literature

Chivalric Stories as Childrenäó»s Literature ebook ISBN: 147661735X
Publisher: McFarland
Author: Velma Bourgeois Richmond
Number of Pages: 384 
File: chivalric-stories-as-childrenäó-s-literature.pdf
Reads: 8297963


Knights and ladies, giants and dragons, tournaments, battles, quests and crusades are commonplace in stories for children. This book examines how late Victorians and Edwardians retold medieval narratives of chivalry—epics, romances, sagas, legends and ballads. Stories of Beowulf, Arthur, Gawain, St. George, Roland, Robin Hood and many more thrilled and instructed children, and encouraged adult reading. Lavish volumes and schoolbooks of the era featured illustrated texts, many by major artists. Children’s books, an essential part of Edwardian publishing, were disseminated throughout the English-speaking world. Many are being reprinted today. This book examines related contexts of Medievalism expressed in painting, architecture, music and public celebrations, and the works of major authors, including Sir Walter Scott, Tennyson, Longfellow and William Morris. The book explores national identity expressed through literature, ideals of honor and valor in the years before World War I, and how childhood reading influenced 20th–century writers as diverse as C. S. Lewis, J. R. R. Tolkien, Siegfried Sassoon, David Jones, Graham Greene, Ian Fleming and John Le Carré.

Le jour où le diable m'a trouvée

Le jour où le diable m'a trouvée ebook ISBN: 2012037739
Publisher: Hachette Black Moon
Author: April Tucholke
Number of Pages: 336 
File: le-jour-où-le-diable-m-a-trouvée.pdf
Reads: 1134125


Rien de bien excitant ne se passe jamais dans la petite ville balnéaire où vit Violet White. Jusqu’au jour où s’y installe un certain River West. Dès son arrivée, des choses étranges commencent à se produire dans la ville. Violet s’interroge sur ce garçon qui habite désormais dans l’arrière-cour de chez elle. Est-il seulement un très beau menteur au sourire fourbe et au passé mystérieux ? Ou pourrait-il être plus que cela ? La grand-mère de Violet l’a toujours mise en garde contre le diable, mais elle n’a jamais dit qu'il pouvait avoir l’apparence d’un garçon aux cheveux noirs qui fait des siestes au soleil, aime le café, vous embrasse dans un cimetière... et vous donne envie de l'embrasser en retour. Violet est aveuglée par son charme et perd toute lucidité. Exactement comme le voulait River... La peur du diable ne disparaît que lorsqu’on lui tient la main...

The Mystery of Easter Island

The Mystery of Easter Island ebook ISBN: 159605588X
Publisher: Cosimo, Inc.
Author: Katherine Routledge
Number of Pages: 404 
File: the-mystery-of-easter-island.pdf
Reads: 6760888


We set to work to excavate some of the statues which stood on the slope of the Raraku mountain. The natives were entirely indifferent whether they worked or not, but by paying high wages and giving any quantity of mutton, we were able at this time to get a certain amount of precarious labour for digging and camp work. The whole lot, including my maid-servant, went in for every week-end to the village, and it was always a matter of anxiety to know whether they would ever return. -from Chapter XII Western anthropology's first in-depth look at an isolated culture is also a daring adventure story of around-the-world travel. In February 1913, archaeologist Katherine Routledge set sail on a custom-built yacht-with a small crew and the support of British Association for the Advancement of Science, the British Museum, and the Royal Geographical Society-for Easter Island, where she embarked up the first effort to catalogue the island's mysterious statues, interview the natives, and document their culture, folklore, and traditions. Her scholarship is impeccable-this 1919 work is still considered foundational-but her lively writing and her practical perspective make this a delightful read that thrill armchair travelers and amateur ethnographers alike. British archaeologist KATHERINE ROUTLEDGE (1866-1935) studied at Oxford University. She also wrote With Prehistoric People (1910), about her experiences in Africa after the Boer War.

Un milliard de dollars sous les mers

Un milliard de dollars sous les mers ebook ISBN: 9782221087565
Author: Gary Kinder
Number of Pages: 508 
File: un-milliard-de-dollars-sous-les-mers.pdf
Reads: 161576


En septembre 1857, alors qu'il ramène vers New York des centaines de mineurs de Californie, le Central America est pris dans un ouragan et sombre avec ses passagers et les vingt et une tonnes d'or qui se trouvent à son bord. Cent vingt ans plus tard, le jeune Tommy Thompson, ingénieur génial passionné d'exploration sous-marine, décide de retrouver la légendaire épave. Après avoir convaincu un groupe d'investisseurs de miser plusieurs millions de dollars, il mettra au point la méthode pour repérer le Central America par près de trois mille mètres de fond et remonter son trésor à la surface. En septembre 1989, après des années d'efforts et d'innombrables péripéties, l'équipe de Tommy Thompson parviendra à son but. La valeur de l'or récupéré sur le Central America avoisine le milliard de dollars.

Shenandoah Valley Pioneers and Their Descendants

Shenandoah Valley Pioneers and Their Descendants ebook ISBN: 0806345438
Publisher: Genealogical Publishing Com
Author: T. K. Cartmell
Number of Pages: 572 
File: shenandoah-valley-pioneers-and-their-descendants.pdf
Reads: 1341004


This is an exhaustive regional history of the parent county of nine present-day Virginia or West Virginia counties. It features several hundred detailed genealogical and biographical sketches of early families of old Frederick County. With an improved index

THE KALEVALA or Land of Heroes - New Improved Edition

THE KALEVALA or Land of Heroes - New Improved Edition ebook ISBN: 1907256563
Publisher: Abela Publishing Ltd
Author: Anon E Mouse
Number of Pages: 765 
File: the-kalevala-or-land-of-heroes-new-improved-edition.pdf
Reads: 3589011


THE following translation was undertaken from a desire to lay before the English-speaking people the full treasury of epical beauty, folklore, and mythology comprised in The Kalevala (the Land of Heroes, the national epic of the Finns.) The Kalevala describes Finnish nature very minutely and very beautifully. Grimm says that no poem is to be compared with it in this respect. A deeper and more esoteric meaning of the Kalevala, however, points to a contest between Light and Darkness. The numerous myths of the poem are likewise full of significance and beauty, and the Kalevala should be read between the lines, in order that the full meaning of this great epic may be comprehended. The whole poem is replete with the most fascinating folk-lore about the mysteries of nature, the origin of things, the enigmas of human tears, and, true to the character of a national epic, it represents not only the poetry, but the entire wisdom and accumulated experience of a nation. One of the most notable characteristics of the Finnish mythology is the interdependence among the gods. The Finnish deities, like the ancient gods of Italy and Greece, are generally represented in pairs. They have their individual abodes and are surrounded by their respective families. The Sun and the Moon each have a consort, and sons and daughters. Only two sons of Paeivae appear in The Kalevala, one comes to aid of Wainamoinen in his efforts to destroy the mystic Fire-fish, by throwing from the heavens to the girdle of the hero, a "magic knife, silver-edged, and golden-handled;" the other son, Panu, the Fire-child, brings back to Kalevala the fire that bad been stolen by Louhi, the wicked hostess of Pohyola. 10% of the net profit from the sale of this book will be donated to charities.

Where Sea Meets Sky

Where Sea Meets Sky ebook ISBN: 1476796408
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Author: Karina Halle
Number of Pages: 384 
File: where-sea-meets-sky.pdf
Reads: 6508934


"A new adult novel about an American who visits New Zealand and falls in love on his journey"--

Entre ciel et mer...

Entre ciel et mer... ebook ISBN: 2755631783
Publisher: Hugo Roman
Author: Karina Halle
Number of Pages: 318 
File: entre-ciel-et-mer.pdf
Reads: 4125258


" Pourront-ils aller jusqu'au bout de leur rêve ?" Une new romance qui capte à merveille sous un jour nouveau, l'angoisse existentielle des jeunes de vingt ans. Un éclairage nouveau, à l'esprit cru, et au langage direct témoignant de la réelle sensibilité d'une auteure abonnée aux bestsellers et adulée par les critiques de USA TODAY. Joshua Miles, à peine plus de vingt ans, vit chez sa mère, accumule les petits boulots sans avenir et tourne en rond, jusqu'à ce qu'il rencontre Gemma Blackburn, une étrangère pleine de vie, débarquée de Nouvelle-Zélande. Ce qui débute comme une aventure sans lendemain, va rapidement constituer un véritable tournant dans la vie de Josh. Incapable de se sortir Gemma de l'esprit, il décide sur un coup de tête, de partir la retrouver en Nouvelle-Zélande, avec pour tout viatique un sac-à-dos, un peu d'argent et le nom de Gemma sur un bout de papier. Gemma, entichée elle-aussi, l'embarque pour un voyage-éclair autour de ce pays magnifique, durant lequel Josh va s'ouvrir à la vie, au plaisir, à l'amour, et aux chagrins d'amour qui vont de pair. Parce que lorsque l'amour vous embarque, il arrive qu'il ne vous lâche plus, même si vous savez pertinemment que vous devez lui dire adieu.

Midwife of the Blue Ridge

Midwife of the Blue Ridge ebook ISBN: 1440633452
Publisher: Penguin
Author: Christine Blevins
Number of Pages: 432 
File: midwife-of-the-blue-ridge.pdf
Reads: 362328


A stirring debut novel ?of love, struggle, and savagery on America?s colonial frontier? (Bernard Cornwell). They call her Dark Maggie for her thick black hair, but the name also has a more sinister connotation. As the lone survivor of an attack on her village, she was thought to be cursed?and unfit for marriage. Maggie is also gifted with quick wits and skilled in medicine, trained as a midwife. Venturing to the colonies as an indentured servant, she hopes to escape the superstitions of the old country?and find a home of her own. But what she discovers is a New World fraught with new dangers.

Blue-grass and Rhododendron

Blue-grass and Rhododendron ebook ISBN: 0813137748
Publisher: University Press of Kentucky
Author: John Fox Jr.
Number of Pages: 324 
File: blue-grass-and-rhododendron.pdf
Reads: 8928580


Serving as tour guide, Fox invites his audience to go with him log rafting down the Kentucky River, bass fishing in the Cumberland Mountains, rabbit hunting in the Bluegrass, and chasing outlaws in the border country of Kentucky and Virginia. Along the route we meet Old South colonels and their ladies, lawless moonshiners and their shy daughters, bloodthirsty preachers, and educated young gentlemen visitors who explore the southern mountains for fun and profit. These sketches offer a delightful blend of macho adventure and sage observation by an erudite young writer who had lived in the two worlds that provide his subject matter-the elegant society of the Bluegrass aristocracy and the hardscrabble feuding clans of mountaineers.

The Fairy of Mani

The Fairy of Mani ebook ISBN: 6185040875
Publisher: Εκδόσεις Σαΐτα (Saita publications)
Author: Vasilis Poulimenakos
Number of Pages: 16 
File: the-fairy-of-mani.pdf
Reads: 609468


The Fairy of Mani lives in the caves of Inner Mani and Oitylo but her favourite beach is Porto Cayo, located in the southern neighbourhood of Cape Tainaron. From centuries, the summers you will find her hang about there. Sometimes she stands nailed on the tall rocks, at others she basks in Armenopetra, scanning the ships which sail timidly around Cape Maleas, and sending fortunate words and smiles. Most of the times, though, she is lost into the blue waters, transforms into mermaid, finds home in the sea bottom and saunters on the earth at nights.