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Blue Light in the Sky & Other Stories

Blue Light in the Sky & Other Stories ebook ISBN: 9780811216487
Publisher: New Directions Publishing
Author: Canxue
Number of Pages: 212 
File: blue-light-in-the-sky-other-stories.pdf
Reads: 2519987


A collection of tales rooted in Chinese folk traditions and contemporary issues includes the stories of a family's victimization by hostile townspeople and elements from their new seaside home, the imaginative walking journeys of a pair of friends, and an elderly man's life in a cloud-covered wooden building where he is served pancakes by a hostile youth. Original.

The Blue Light Syndrome

The Blue Light Syndrome ebook ISBN: 3642676480
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Author: H. Senger
Number of Pages: 665 
File: the-blue-light-syndrome.pdf
Reads: 456038


Investigations on the specific effects of blue light on plants began some fifty years ago. In re cent years the growing awareness of blue-light-in duced phenomena in plants, microorganisms, and animals has accelerat ed and expanded this research into an ever-increasing variety of blue light effects in biological systems. In 1977, J .A. Schiff and W .R. Briggs proposed a specific meeting to present and summarize the various blue-light effects and to discuss their mechanisms and possible photoreceptors. In view of the variety of re sponses and the range of organisms affected by blue light the term Blue Light Syndrome seemed to be the only appropriate one for the meeting. With the help of the International Advisory Committee (W.R. Briggs, Stanford; J. Gressel, Rehovot; W. Kowallik, Bielefeld; S. Miyachi, To kyo; W. Rau, Munich, and J.A. Schiff, Waltham), and the very generous financial support provided by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft as well as by the Bundesministerium fur Forschung und Technologie, the Kultusminister des Landes Hessen, and the Philipps-Universitat Marburg, the "International Conference on the Effect of Blue Light in Plants and Microorganisms" was held in July 1979 in the Philipps-Universitat Mar burg."

Blue Light Effects in Biological Systems

Blue Light Effects in Biological Systems ebook ISBN: 3642697674
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Author: H. Senger
Number of Pages: 538 
File: blue-light-effects-in-biological-systems.pdf
Reads: 6749617


Four years ago The Blue Light Syndrome was published as the Proceed ings of the 1 st International Conference on the Effect of Blue Light in Plants and Microorganisms. Subsequently the interest in this fascinating and growing field of re search has further increased, as is reflected by numerous publications. Blue light effects cover such a wide spectrum of organisms, responses and methods that communication among scientists with backgrounds in biology, biochemistry, and biophysics is particularly necessary. These facts not only justified, but demanded calling the "Blue Light Family" together again. In spite of many fmancial problems, the second confer ence attracted 113 active members from 19 countries. The 2nd International Conference on The Effect of Blue Light in Plants and Microorganisms was held in July 1984, like the first at the University of Marburg. The organizer could again rely on the help of the International Advisory Committee (W. Briggs, Stanford; M. Furuya, Tokyo; J. Gressel, Rehovot; S. Miyachi, Tokyo; W. Rau, Miinchen; J. Schiff, Waltham; P .-S. Song, Lubbock). The very generous financial as sistance from the DFG and the support of the Philipps-Universitat Mar burg and its Sonderforschungsbereich "Zellenergetik and Zelldifferen zierung" were the prerequisites to organizing the conference. The present book consists of 56 original papers. The partitioning into eight chapters is always a problem. The grouping of different aspects of the papers into these chapters has not always been obvious, so that one or the other contribution could possibly fit in another chapter.

Pale Blue Light

Pale Blue Light ebook ISBN: 1603063102
Publisher: NewSouth Books
Author: Skip Tucker
Number of Pages: 392 
File: pale-blue-light.pdf
Reads: 6908215


Pale Blue Light is a rare espionage thriller set in the Civil War. Young Rabe Canon leaves his family's Alabama plantation at the start of the Civil War, befriending Major Thomas Jackson of Virginia Military Institute -- later the esteemed Stonewall Jackson. When Jackson suffers a mortal wound at the Battle of Chancellorsville, Canon suspects foul play. Canon undertakes a cross-country journey to discover the truth behind Jackson's death, one that entangles Canon with a beautiful Yankee spy as he tries to avoid capture in gold-rich California. Author Skip Tucker combines historical accuracy with plenty of gunfire and intrigue for an epic, entertaining novel.

Blue Light Management for Depression, Cyclothymia, and Bipolar Disorder

Blue Light Management for Depression, Cyclothymia, and Bipolar Disorder ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Spiral Fractal Soul
Author: Charles K. Bunch, Ph.D.
Number of Pages: 250 
File: blue-light-management-for-depression-cyclothymia-and-bipolar-disorder.pdf
Reads: 1196681


Finally, there is something you can do with bipolar disorder/cyclothymia to reduce the highs and lows. A groundbreaking understanding of the management of your daily contact with blue light to the eyes leads to easy to follow ideas that lowers your hypomanic highs and elevates your winter and sometimes hot summer blues. These concepts are used daily and with all patients being treated at Boise Bipolar Center by Charles Bunch, Ph.D., clinical therapist. Dr. Bunch has 30 years experience treating the bipolar mood disorders. He is also author of the books; Soft Bipolar Suffering, Soul of the Soft Bipolar, and Soul of the Soft Bipolar Supporter. Numerous websites and other resources are listed in this book to help you make change day one.

The Blue Light Project

The Blue Light Project ebook ISBN: 1593764502
Publisher: Catapult
Author: Timothy Taylor
Number of Pages: 369 
File: the-blue-light-project.pdf
Reads: 3325553


Spanning a four-day hostage situation in the not-too-distant future, The Blue Light Project looks on as a city unravels and three lives intersect in unlikely ways. When an armed man seizes a television studio in the center of town, Thom Pegg, a former investigative journalist turned tabloid reporter, is as surprised as anyone to learn that he is the only person to whom the hostage taker will speak, bringing him inside the studio and in contact with the frightening truth. From outside, meanwhile, the drama of the enthralled and horrified city is revealed through the eyes of two very different people thrown together by the crisis. Eve is an Olympic gold medalist and local hero. Rabbit is a renegade street artist who has just completed a massive and mysterious installation on the tops of hundreds of buildings throughout the city. As events churn to chaos, Taylor paints a powerful picture of the sinister side of our interconnected world, taking us on a dizzying journey through black sites, 24/7 media cycles, cults of celebrity, gang stalking, underground art, societal paranoia, and dangerous cynicism. The result is a gripping work of dark brilliance, from which Taylor ultimately surprises us with grounds for hope.

Waves of Blue Light

Waves of Blue Light ebook ISBN: 1462877818
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: M. Domet
Number of Pages: 138 
File: waves-of-blue-light.pdf
Reads: 6343117


Capturing spiritual essence in prose, pictures, and poetry, Waves Of Blue Light, reflects the inner journey of M. J. Domet, whose personal experiences have led her to teach others the meaning of enlightenment. Reflecting on the guidance she has received on her path, MJ's honest rendition of her life lovingly invites you to look into her heart and soul, empowering you to heal your own.

Blue Light Responses

Blue Light Responses ebook ISBN:
Publisher: CRC PressI Llc
Author: Horst Senger
Number of Pages: 184 
File: blue-light-responses.pdf
Reads: 8813002


Adrift on a Sea of Blue Light

Adrift on a Sea of Blue Light ebook ISBN: 9780976139706
Publisher: Afro-Indies Press
Author: Peter Muilenburg
Number of Pages: 256 
File: adrift-on-a-sea-of-blue-light.pdf
Reads: 2736217


Red Light, Blue Light

Red Light, Blue Light ebook ISBN: 1351906119
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Author: Karen Sharpe
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: red-light-blue-light.pdf
Reads: 5189011


Based on extensive interviews with forty women working as prostitutes, Red Light, Blue Light examines a variety of personal developmental experiences and socio-situational factors that can combine to make prostitution neither an inevitable nor inescapable circumstance but a rational occupational choice. This book attempts to analyze why women enter the world of prostitution, how the skills and values of the business are transmitted and how the individuals themselves subjectively define, perceive and rationalise their activity. As opposed to the traditional stereotypical depiction of prostitutes as hopeless, downtrodden victims of male exploitation living lives of poverty, misery and wretchedness, the picture that emerges in this study is of an independent occupational group organizing and controlling the business in which they work. The book also presents a profile of clients of prostitutes and discusses the role of the police. Written in accessible style, the resulting monograph presents a fascinating, unique and comprehensive account of street prostitution in a northern city.

The House of Blue Light

The House of Blue Light ebook ISBN: 0807157929
Publisher: LSU Press
Author: David Kirby
Number of Pages: 88 
File: the-house-of-blue-light.pdf
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Blue Light

Blue Light ebook ISBN: 9780330372602
Publisher: Macmillan Children\'s Books
Author: Gary Paulsen
Number of Pages: 248 
File: blue-light.pdf
Reads: 1820577


Blue Light, Clear Atoms

Blue Light, Clear Atoms ebook ISBN: 9780732998707
Publisher: Macmillan Education AU
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: 434 
File: blue-light-clear-atoms.pdf
Reads: 2569594


The second edition of Blue Light, Clear Atoms builds on the richness and vitality that have made this poetry anthology a classic. It includes a vast selection from the canon and ventures into exciting new areas of poetry.Part 1 presents the work of 15 major poets for close study and Part 2 contains an inspiring selection of poems loosely grouped into nine universal themes. Key features additional poems from the literary tradition, including Shakespeare, Shelley, TS Eliot further widening

A String of Blue Lights

A String of Blue Lights ebook ISBN: 9781589985292
Publisher: Pudding House Publications
Author: William Palmer
Number of Pages: 30 
File: a-string-of-blue-lights.pdf
Reads: 9140994


The Spirit of the Blue Light

The Spirit of the Blue Light ebook ISBN: 9780027653502
Publisher: Atheneum
Author: Marianna Mayer
Number of Pages: 40 
File: the-spirit-of-the-blue-light.pdf
Reads: 5179847


A soldier on his way home from the wars helps out a mysterious old man who rewards him by telling him where to find the magic blue light.

Blue Light

Blue Light ebook ISBN: 9781852427337
Author: Walter Mosley
Number of Pages: 296 
File: blue-light.pdf
Reads: 8196216


From an unknown point in the universe, a blue light approaches our solar system. When it reaches Earth, it transforms those it strikes, causing them instantaneously to evolve beyond their present state of humanity. Blue Light is the story of these people and their transformation. Narrated by Chance, a bi-racial man whose entire life has been a struggle for self-definition, the novel traces the desparate conflict of the ?Blues? with one of their own, a man who, struck by the light at the moment of his death, has become the living embodiment of death. Blue Light refracts questions of identity, race and humanity - hallmarks of Walter Mosley?s writing - through a startlingly new fictional perspective.


Publisher: iUniverse
Author: Lois Scott
Number of Pages: 272 
File: the-house-of-blue-lights.pdf
Reads: 8267745


Renee Rousseau, a young college girl, uncovers shocking secrets of her past in old Cliff High, a seacliff house where her ancestors have lived for 200 years. Secrets that would change her life and send her ordered world down a different path. Sometimes the strong emotions of the past continue to live in the atmosphere where they are comfortable and the phantom listeners who watch silently will be heard from. People are not who they seem to be and even those that are closest sometimes harbor dark secrets. She meets a young doctor and, together, they root out the secrets of Cliff High. Renee is shocked at some of the sins, murders and intrigues that come to light after all the passing years. As the shocking indiscretions emerge, she learns much about many people-including herself.

A Cold Blue Light

A Cold Blue Light ebook ISBN: 9780441115037
Publisher: Ace Books
Author: Marvin Kaye,Parke Godwin
Number of Pages: 294 
File: a-cold-blue-light.pdf
Reads: 1420746


The skeptical philosopher, Richard Creighton, and the psychic, Drew Beltane, spend the night at Aubrey House in order to discover if it is actually haunted by ghosts.

The Blue Light

The Blue Light ebook ISBN:
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: the-blue-light.pdf
Reads: 9315518


The Blue Lights: A Detective Story

The Blue Lights: A Detective Story ebook ISBN: 1465518630
Publisher: Library of Alexandria
Author: Frederic Arnold Kummer
Number of Pages: 313 
File: the-blue-lights-a-detective-story.pdf
Reads: 9663133


Grace put her arm through her husband's and together they strolled across the springy green turf, their faces smiling and happy. The honeymoon showed no signs of waning. This lovely old country place, in southern Maryland, had been one of Richard Duvall's dreams for many years, and after his marriage to Grace Ellicott, in Paris, it had become hers, as well. It was but a short time after their return to America that they decided to make it a reality. Grace had encouraged her husband in the plan of giving up, for a time at least, his warfare against crime, his pursuit of criminals of the higher and more dangerous type, and had persuaded him to buy the farm which had once belonged to his mother's people, and settle down to the life of a country gentleman. His office was still maintained, under the able direction of one of his assistants, but Duvall gave little or no attention to its affairs. He was glad to withdraw, for the first time in over nine years, from active work, and devote his energies to early potatoes, prize dogs, hunters, and geranium plants—and, above all, to the peaceful enjoyment of his honeymoon, and the making of Grace the happiest woman in the world. She, on her part, found in their present situation all the joys of existence for which she had longed. With little or no liking for the monotonous round of society and its duties, and a passionate love of nature, she found in the many and complex duties of managing her part of their extensive estate a far greater happiness than any which city life could have offered her. The considerable fortune which her husband's clever work while in Paris had restored to her, had been safely invested in well paying securities, and she found her greatest joy in utilizing at least a part of her income in beautifying their new home. Richard had steadily refused to make any use of the money. It was a matter of pride with him, that his own savings had enabled him to purchase the property; but when Grace proposed to build an addition to the house, to provide him with a more comfortable library and work room, or insisted upon having the roads throughout the place elaborately macadamized, he was obliged to submit to her wishes. In this way, they planned and built for the future, together.