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Blue Mars

Blue Mars ebook ISBN: 0553898299
Publisher: Spectra
Author: Kim Stanley Robinson
Number of Pages: 784 
File: blue-mars.pdf
Reads: 5996748


Winner of the Hugo Award for Best Novel • One of the most enthralling science fiction sagas ever written, Kim Stanley Robinson’s epic trilogy concludes with Blue Mars—a triumph of prodigious research and visionary storytelling. The red planet is no more. Now green and verdant, Mars has been dramatically altered from a desolate world into one where humans can flourish. The First Hundred settlers are being pulled into a fierce new struggle between the Reds, a group devoted to preserving Mars in its desert state, and the Green “terraformers.” Meanwhile, Earth is in peril. A great flood threatens an already overcrowded and polluted planet. With Mars the last hope for the human race, the inhabitants of the red planet are heading toward a population explosion—or interplanetary war. Praise for Blue Mars “A breakthrough even from [Robinson’s] own consistently high levels of achievement.”—The New York Times Book Review “Exhilarating . . . a complex and deeply engaging dramatization of humanity’s future.”—The Philadelphia Inquirer “[Blue Mars] brings the epic to a rousing conclusion.”—San Francisco Chronicle

Mars la bleue

Mars la bleue ebook ISBN: 2258151317
Publisher: Presses de la Cité
Author: Kim Stanley ROBINSON
Number of Pages: 688 
File: mars-la-bleue.pdf
Reads: 2285457


Le troisième et dernier volet de la saga visionnaire et culte Le Vert a triomphé, Mars est " terraformée ". Ceux qui espéraient préserver la planète rouge dans sa terrible beauté ont perdu la bataille. Leur objectif, désormais : empêcher l'invasion des Terriens. Et qu'importe si, sur la planète mère, la situation est désespérée : un déluge cataclysmique a fait monter l'eau des océans, aggravant une surpopulation déjà critique. Poussés par le désespoir, les Terriens sont prêts à tout, et même à déclarer la guerre à Mars. Il s'agit alors maintenant de conquérir les autres planètes du système solaire. Les premiers colons s'embarquent dans des astéroïdes évidés pour des voyages de plusieurs dizaines d'années. Un nouveau départ pour l'humanité ?

The Book of Mars

The Book of Mars ebook ISBN:
Author: Samuel Glasstone
Number of Pages: 315 
File: the-book-of-mars.pdf
Reads: 4010567


For the general reader.

Mars la rouge

Mars la rouge ebook ISBN: 2258151333
Publisher: Presses de la Cité
Author: Kim Stanley ROBINSON
Number of Pages: 528 
File: mars-la-rouge.pdf
Reads: 275090


Le premier volet de la saga visionnaire et culte Demain. Cent pionniers s'embarquent à bord de l'Arès, un immense vaisseau spatial dans lequel ils vont voyager une année entière. Leur destination ? Mars. Seul un homme y a déjà posé le pied, John Boon, légende vivante qui s'est porté volontaire pour ce second voyage, sans espoir de retour vers la Terre. Car les hommes et les femmes de l'Arès devront aller au-delà de l'exploration : ils devront rendre habitable ce monde hostile, descendre dans ses canyons pour y chercher de la glace, ensemencer les vallées où coulèrent des fleuves, braver le désert pour y inventer de nouvelles villes avec des matériaux nouveaux. Mais ils devront surtout affronter leurs différences politiques et religieuses pour recommencer l'Histoire.

Visions of Mars

Visions of Mars ebook ISBN: 0786484705
Publisher: McFarland
Author: Howard V. Hendrix,,George Slusser,Eric S. Rabkin
Number of Pages: 222 
File: visions-of-mars.pdf
Reads: 2996864


Seventeen wide-ranging essays explore the evolving scientific understanding of Mars, and the relationship between that understanding and the role of Mars in literature, the arts and popular culture. Essays in the first section examine different approaches to Mars by scientists and writers Jules Verne and J.H. Rosny. Section Two covers the uses of Mars in early Bolshevik literature, Wells, Brackett, Burroughs, Bradbury, Heinlein, Dick and Robinson, among others. The third section looks at Mars as a cultural mirror in science fiction. Essayists include prominent writers (e.g., Kim Stanley Robinson), scientists and literary critics from many nations.

Mars - A Warmer, Wetter Planet

Mars - A Warmer, Wetter Planet ebook ISBN: 9781852335687
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Author: Jeffrey S. Kargel
Number of Pages: 557 
File: mars-a-warmer-wetter-planet.pdf
Reads: 7172281


Mars is the Solar System's other wild, wet, water world. Long believed to have become cold, dead, and dry aeons ago, we now having striking new proof, not only that Mars was a relatively warm and wet place in geologically recent times, but that even today there are vast reserves of water frozen beneath the planet's surface. This compelling new evidence may well boost the chances of a manned mission to Mars sooner, rather than later. The discovery is also forcing a complete rethink about the mechanisms of global planetary change. What does the drastic turn of events on Mars mean for Earth's climate system? Could life have thrived on Mars very recently, and might it survive today in short-term hibernation? Will humans soon be capable of living off the natural resources that Martian hydrogeology has naturally offered us? Will humans one day be capable of setting off the same chain of events that nature has repeatedly triggered to set off warm, wet episodes on Mars? How could Mars be terraformed into a New World? (And should we even contemplate doing so?) This book offers a visually beautiful, scientifically detailed and accurate presentation of the evidence that has forced this new revolution in Mars science. From the reviews:"Long believed to have been cold, dead and dry for eons, there is now striking new proof that not only was Mars a relatively warm and wet place in geologically recent times, but that even today there are vast reserves of water frozen beneath the planet's surface. In this absorbing, beautifully illustrated book, Kargel describes the still-unfolding revolution in our knowledge about the Red Planet and how future concepts of Mars will continue to be molded by new revelations of four billion years of geology". (LUNAR AND PLANETARY INFORMATION BULLETIN)nbsp; From the reviews:" This exhaustive, effusive, and enthusiastic book conveys the excitement of frontline scientific research about as well as can be done. Kargel describes himself as a member of the "Tucson Mafia," a group of scientists in full rebellion against the "Mars Establishment" and its belief in a cold, dry Mars. His ideas are presented in meticulous detail, supported by hundreds of superb pictures, many taken by the author himself. Some--perhaps most--of his ideas are controversial and may ultimately prove to be wrong, as he himself often points out, but we have to applaud the (sometimes career-risking) courage with which he has pursued them. In spite of the large amount of rather technical information, the reader is swept along by the author's enthusiasm in conveying it and ability to integrate it into a coherent vision. The reader also learns about the process of science: the thrill of having a new idea and discussing it with others at conferences and cafes (and bars), the drudgery often involved in pursuing the idea, the perils of the formal review process for publications and grant applications, and the roles played by personality conflicts and power politics. Summing Up: Enthusiastically recommended. All levels. "nbsp;(T. Barker, CHOICE, March 2005)

Lost in Space

Lost in Space ebook ISBN: 9780826479204
Publisher: A&C Black
Author: Rob Kitchin,James Kneale
Number of Pages: 224 
File: lost-in-space.pdf
Reads: 3011493


Science fiction - one of the most popular literary, cinematic and televisual genres - has received increasing academic attention in recent years. For many theorists science fiction opens up a space in which the here-and-now can be made strange or remade; where virtual reality and cyborg are no longer gimmicks or predictions, but new spaces and subjects. Lost in space brings together an international collection of authors to explore the diverse geographies of spaceexploring imagination, nature, scale, geopolitics, modernity, time, identity, the body, power relations and the representation of space. The essays explore the writings of a broad selection of writers, including J.G.Ballard, Frank Herbert, Marge Piercy, Kim Stanley Robinson, Mary Shelley and Neal Stephenson, and films from Bladerunner to Dark City, The Fly, The Invisible Man and Metropolis.

The Martians

The Martians ebook ISBN: 0553898302
Publisher: Spectra
Author: Kim Stanley Robinson
Number of Pages: 448 
File: the-martians.pdf
Reads: 3305805


Kim Stanley Robinson’s Mars trilogy is one of science fiction’s most honored stories, with Red Mars winning the distinguished Nebula Award, and both Green Mars and Blue Mars honored with the Hugo. Now Robinson returns to the realm he has made his own—the planet Mars—in a brilliantly imagined drama with a searing poetic vision. From a training mission in Antarctica to blistering sandstorms sweeping through labyrinths of barren canyons, the interwoven stories of The Martians set in motion a sprawling cast of characters upon the surface of Mars. As the planet is transformed from an unexplored and forbidding terrain to a troubled image of a re-created Earth, we meet the First Hundred explorers—men and women who are bound together by Earth’s tenuous toehold on Mars. Presenting unforgettable stories of hope and disappointment, of fierce physical and psychological struggles, The Martians is an epic chronicle of a planet that represents one of humanity’s most glorious possibilities. Praise for The Martians “A uniquely rewarding experience of state-of-the-art science fiction.”—The New York Times Book Review “No one familiar with Robinson’s trilogy can read through these final, valedictory stories without feeling moved.”—The Washington Post “The stories are beautifully written, the characters are well developed and the author’s passion for ecology manifests itself on every page.”—Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Les Martiens

Les Martiens ebook ISBN: 2258152585
Publisher: Presses de la Cité
Author: Kim Stanley ROBINSON
Number of Pages: 370 
File: les-martiens.pdf
Reads: 9956516


D'une mission en Antarctique aux terrifiantes tempêtes de la planète rouge, Les Martiens met en scène toute une galerie de personnages, colonisateurs de la planète sœur magistralement décrite par Kim Stanley Robinson dans sa trilogie martienne, l'un des grands classiques de la science-fiction. Depuis l'épopée des Cent - les premiers explorateurs -, ce sont des générations d'hommes et de femmes qui ont transformé en colonie durable ce qui n'était au départ qu'un avant-poste à l'existence bien ténue. Les expéditions internationales ont débouché sur la création d'un monde qui a connu une évolution inéluctable, avec son cortège de luttes politiques, de révolutions et de conflits armés. A une époque où la longévité est de l'ordre d'un siècle et demi, Les Martiens raconte l'épopée de générations d'humains vivant aux limites de la frontière ultime, où les paysages façonnés par les hommes sont sans cesse en butte aux monstrueux caprices de la nature. Les Martiens, c'est la chronique épique d'une planète qui représente l'un des refuges les plus plausibles de l'humanité. A l'horizon 2050, autrement dit demain...


Worldmakers ebook ISBN: 9781429961868
Publisher: St. Martin\'s Griffin
Author: Gardner Dozois
Number of Pages: 400 
File: worldmakers.pdf
Reads: 6405275


When mankind moves out to the stars, the colonists of the future will remake the worlds they inhabit in their image. Included here are twenty stories from the most imaginative writers in the field, including: Poul Anderson * Stephen Baxter * Gregory Benford * Arthur C. Clarke * Greg Egan * Joe Haldeman * Philip Jennings * William H. Kieth * Geoffrey A. Landis * Ian McDonald * Richard McKenna * Laura Mixon * G. David Nordley * Robert Reed * Kim Stanley Robinson * Pamela Sargent * Cordwainer Smith * Bruce Sterling * John Varley * Roger Zelazny These are the stories of the explorers and pioneers who transform their destinations in the image of their distant home--exciting tales of alien landscapes and the struggle to make them suit human desires.

The Death of Blue Mountain Cat

The Death of Blue Mountain Cat ebook ISBN: 1626815054
Publisher: Diversion Books
Author: Michael Allen Dymmoch
Number of Pages: 328 
File: the-death-of-blue-mountain-cat.pdf
Reads: 6880218


In this “exciting” sequel to The Man Who Understood Cats, psychiatrist Jack Caleb and cop John Thinnes must solve the murder of a Native American artist (Library Journal). Native American artist Blue Mountain Cat seems determined to provoke controversy with his new installation, which strikes art patron Jack Caleb as “Andy Warhol meets Jonathan Swift in Indian country.” As the artist’s former therapist, Caleb can’t help wondering what is driving this new aggressively satirical direction with pieces like Red Man’s Revenge and Native American Gothic. There’s something to offend everybody, many of whom are at the opening—including a litigious developer, an outraged Navajo woman, a black-market antiquities dealer, and the artist’s stunning blond wife, who discovers her husband stabbed to death in a gallery room with a bone knife from his own exhibit. When Chicago homicide detective John Thinnes arrives at the museum, he drafts his friend Caleb to help him navigate the crime scene and the terra incognita of the art world. As the suspects expand to include a desperate museum director, a savage critic, a married mistress, and a shady partner, the shrink and the cop once again find themselves something of an odd couple but a very effective detective duo . . .

The Hard SF Renaissance

The Hard SF Renaissance ebook ISBN: 9781429975179
Publisher: Tor Books
Author: David G. Hartwell,Kathryn Cramer
Number of Pages: 960 
File: the-hard-sf-renaissance.pdf
Reads: 7987487


Something exciting has been happening in modern SF. After decades of confusion, many of the field's best writers have been returning to the subgenre called, roughly, "hard SF"-science fiction focused on science and technology, often with strong adventure plots. Now, World Fantasy Award-winning editors David G. Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer present an immense, authoritative anthology that maps the development and modern-day resurgence of this form, argues for its special virtues and present preeminence-and entertains us with some spectacular storytelling along the way. Included are major stories by contemporary and classic names such as Poul Anderson, Stephen Baxter, Gregory Benford, Ben Bova, David Brin, Arthur C. Clarke, Hal Clement, Greg Egan, Joe Haldeman, Nancy Kress, Paul McAuley, Frederik Pohl, Alastair Reynolds, Kim Stanley Robinson, Robert J. Sawyer, Karl Schroeder, Charles Sheffield, Brian Stableford, Allen Steele, Bruce Sterling, Michael Swanwick, and Vernor Vinge. The Hard SF Renaissance will be an anthology that SF readers return to for years to come. A major anthology of the "hard SF" subgenre-arguing that it's not only the genre's core, but also its future: Poul Anderson Stephen Baxter Gregory Benford Ben Bova David Brin Ted Chiang Arthur C. Clarke Hal Clement Greg Egan Michael Flynn Joe Haldeman James P. Hogan James Patrick Kelly Nancy Kress Geoffrey A. Landis David Langford Paul Levinson Paul McAuley David Nordley Frederik Pohl Robert Reed Alastair Reynolds Kim Stanley Robinson Robert J. Sawyer rdKarl Schroeder Charles Sheffield Joan Slonczewski Brian Stableford Allen Steele Bruce Sterling Michael Swanwick Vernor Vinge Peter Watts Sarah Zettel At the Publisher's request, this title is being sold without Digital Rights Management Software (DRM) applied.

Online Worlds: Convergence of the Real and the Virtual

Online Worlds: Convergence of the Real and the Virtual ebook ISBN: 9781848828254
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
Author: William Sims Bainbridge
Number of Pages: 318 
File: online-worlds-convergence-of-the-real-and-the-virtual.pdf
Reads: 9670431


William Sims Bainbridge Virtual worlds are persistent online computer-generated environments where people can interact, whether for work or play, in a manner comparable to the real world. The most prominent current example is World of Warcraft (Corneliussen and Rettberg 2008), a massively multiplayer online game with 11 million s- scribers. Some other virtual worlds, notably Second Life (Rymaszewski et al. 2007), are not games at all, but Internet-based collaboration contexts in which people can create virtual objects, simulated architecture, and working groups. Although interest in virtual worlds has been growing for at least a dozen years, only today it is possible to bring together an international team of highly acc- plished authors to examine them with both care and excitement, employing a range of theories and methodologies to discover the principles that are making virtual worlds increasingly popular and may in future establish them as a major sector of human-centered computing.

Understanding Contemporary American Science Fiction

Understanding Contemporary American Science Fiction ebook ISBN: 9781570035852
Publisher: Univ of South Carolina Press
Author: Darren Harris-Fain
Number of Pages: 220 
File: understanding-contemporary-american-science-fiction.pdf
Reads: 3499863


The acclaimed international bestseller in a fresh new jacket.Axis has fled to Talon Spike, the home of the Icarii, where he must learn to wield his Enchanter powers to fulfil the Prophecy. Somehow he must lead the Icarii and the Avar back into Achar, defeat his half-brother, Borneheld, and reunite the former kingdom of Tencendor under his rule.Meanwhile, Gorgrael waits impatiently for winter, to continue his destructive drive into the heart of Achar.Douglass skilfully moves her characters through this fantastic world where family ties can be deadly and love does not always conquer all.'.Sara Douglass makes her mark with this vivid, gritty saga brimming with treachery, action, bravery, and dark magic' - Elizabeth Haydon, author of Destiny.'This is storytelling at its best, with fast-paced action, gritty realism, powerful characters, magic and romance' - Romantic Times.'Epic storytelling on a par with Terry Goodkind and Robert Jordan' - Library Journal.

The Sex Column and Other Misprints

The Sex Column and Other Misprints ebook ISBN: 1930997787
Publisher: Wildside Press LLC
Author: David Langford
Number of Pages: 244 
File: the-sex-column-and-other-misprints.pdf
Reads: 3804000


David Langford has written for every issue of SFX, the top-selling British magazine about science fiction, since its launch in 1995. His sparkling column-imaginatively titled "Langford"-is notoriously the first page readers turn to. Now at last, The SEX Column collects over 130 instalments and extra features in book form.

Evaporating Genres

Evaporating Genres ebook ISBN: 0819571040
Publisher: Wesleyan University Press
Author: Gary K. Wolfe
Number of Pages: 280 
File: evaporating-genres.pdf
Reads: 9088202


In this wide-ranging series of essays, an award-winning science fiction critic explores how the related genres of science fiction, fantasy, and horror evolve, merge, and finally “evaporate” into new and more dynamic forms. Beginning with a discussion of how literary readers “unlearned” how to read the fantastic during the heyday of realistic fiction, Gary K. Wolfe goes on to show how the fantastic reasserted itself in popular genre literature, and how these genres themselves grew increasingly unstable in terms of both narrative form and the worlds they portray. More detailed discussions of how specific contemporary writers have promoted this evolution are followed by a final essay examining how the competing discourses have led toward an emerging synthesis of critical approaches and vocabularies. The essays cover a vast range of authors and texts, and include substantial discussions of very current fiction published within the last few years.

Les Quarante Signes de la pluie

Les Quarante Signes de la pluie ebook ISBN: 2258152593
Publisher: Presses de la Cité
Author: Kim Stanley ROBINSON
Number of Pages: 343 
File: les-quarante-signes-de-la-pluie.pdf
Reads: 7516302


Demain à Washington... Anna et Charlie Quibler oeuvrent aux applications des découvertes scientifiques visant à améliorer la vie sur terre, Anna comme chef de projet à la National Science Foundation, Charlie au titre de conseiller pour l'environnement de Phil Chase, sénateur plein de bonne volonté mais d'une efficacité relative. Or l'enjeu est de taille : il s'agit d'alerter le monde sur les dangers du réchauffement climatique global et de convaincre une administration réticente de prendre les mesures qui s'imposent. L'urgence devient criante lorsque la banquise se délite au Groenland, empêchant le Gulf Stream d'exercer son action régulatrice. Dès lors, c'est la réaction en chaîne : de terribles tempêtes frappent la Californie, puis éclatent un peu partout dans l'hémisphère Nord : des pluies torrentielles s'abattent sur Washington, qui est engloutie sous les eaux. Pour l'humanité, l'adoption des lois préparées par Charlie est désormais une question de vie ou de mort...

Big History

Big History ebook ISBN: 1595588450
Publisher: New Press/ORIM
Author: Cynthia Stokes Brown
Number of Pages: 320 
File: big-history.pdf
Reads: 9132150


Extend the human story backward for the five thousand years of recorded history and it covers no more than a millionth of a lifetime of the Earth. Yet how do we humans take stock of the history of our planet, and our own place within it? A “vast historical mosaic” (Publishers Weekly) rendered engaging and accessible, Big History interweaves different disciplines of knowledge to offer an all-encompassing account of history on Earth. Since its publication, Cynthia Brown’s “world history on a grand scale” (Kirkus) has been translated into nine languages and has helped propel the “big history” concept to viral status. This new edition of Brown’s seminal work is more relevant today than ever before, as we increasingly must grapple with accelerating rates of change and, ultimately, the legacy we will bequeath to future generations. Here is a pathbreaking portrait of our world, from the birth of the universe from a single point the size of an atom to life on a twenty-first-century planet inhabited by 7 billion people.