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Blue Noon

Blue Noon ebook ISBN: 0748126783
Publisher: Hachette UK
Author: Scott Westerfeld
Number of Pages: 368 
File: blue-noon.pdf
Reads: 1838735


The secret hour is beginning to crumble and the darklings are preparing to feed for the first time in centuries. The Midnighters look to Rex for a plan, but his dark side is threatening to overpower him. Melissa can taste his animal instincts leading him into taking greater and greater risks. But as Bixby faces the darklings' hunger, will it be Rex or another Midnighter who will to make the final sacrifice to save the ones they love?

The Blue Noon

The Blue Noon ebook ISBN: 1480477605
Publisher: Open Road Media
Author: Robert Ryan
Number of Pages: 344 
File: the-blue-noon.pdf
Reads: 8755280


The true story of England’s worst traitor is the backbone of this thrilling novel about love and deception behind enemy lines Harry Cole’s rakish charm carries him all the way from London’s East End to Hong Kong, where he chauffeurs a local colonel—when he’s not bedding the man’s wife. With the Imperial Japanese Army about to spoil the fun, Harry quits the East, settling in France just before the Nazis take over. His timing might need a little work, but he’s found the perfect cover—as the debonair Captain Mason of the British Special Operations Executive, Harry plans to stay out of the way until the war is over, and maybe make a little money in the meantime. It’s all going perfectly until a beautiful French nurse convinces Harry to stick his neck out for what is right. He finds that aiding the Resistance is just the kind of high-wire act he was born to perform, and with Odile’s support he grows bolder and more creative than ever. But the two lovers are operating in a den of deception, and risk crossing the wrong person at every turn. Sure enough, by war’s end Harry Cole is facing the one charge that even he might not be able to talk his way out of: treason.

Midnighters #3: Blue Noon

Midnighters #3: Blue Noon ebook ISBN: 0060519576
Publisher: Harper Collins
Author: Scott Westerfeld
Number of Pages: 384 
File: midnighters-3-blue-noon.pdf
Reads: 6275720


the darklings will hunt once again The secret hour when time freezes arrives every night at midnight in Bixby, Oklahoma. It's a dangerous time, when five teenagers are the only humans awake and dark creatures crawl out of the shadows, but at least the midnight hour is regular and predictable. Until suddenly, the blue time comes . . . in the middle of the day. The noise of school stops. Cheerleaders are frozen in midair, teachers brought to a standstill. Everything is the haunted blue color of the midnight hour. The Midnighters can't understand what's happening, but as they scramble for answers, they discover that the walls between the secret hour and real time are crumbling. Soon the dark creatures will have a chance to feed after centuries of waiting, unless these five teenagers can find a way to stop them. A desperate race against time, a mind-blowing mystery of paranormal logic, a tale of ancient evil and spine-chilling sacrifice: blue noon is the exhilarating third volume in the Midnighters series by acclaimed author Scott Westerfeld.

Blue of Noon

Blue of Noon ebook ISBN: 0241215390
Publisher: Penguin UK
Author: Georges Bataille
Number of Pages: 128 
File: blue-of-noon.pdf
Reads: 1595601


Set against the backdrop of Europe's slide into Fascism, Blue of Noon is a blackly compelling account of depravity and violence. As its narrator lurches despairingly from city to city in a surreal sexual and mental nightmare of squalor, sadism and drunken encounters, his internal collapse mirrors the fighting and marching on the streets outside. Exploring the dark forces beneath the surface of civilization, this is a novel torn between identifying with history's victims and being seduced by the monstrous glamour of its terrible victors, and is one of the twentieth century's great nihilist works.

Personal Narrative of Travels to the Equinoctial Regions of the New Continent

Personal Narrative of Travels to the Equinoctial Regions of the New Continent ebook ISBN: 1108027989
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Author: Alexander von Humboldt,Aimé Bonpland,Helen Maria Williams
Number of Pages: 874 
File: personal-narrative-of-travels-to-the-equinoctial-regions-of-the-new-continent.pdf
Reads: 4568740


The Prussian naturalist Alexander von Humboldt (1769-1859) was one of the most famous explorers of his generation. Charles Darwin called him 'the greatest scientific traveller who ever lived'. In 1799, Humboldt and the botanist Aimé Bonpland secured permission from the Spanish crown for a voyage to South America. They left from Madrid and spent five years exploring the continent. Humboldt reported his findings in a total of thirty volumes, published in French over a period of more than twenty years beginning in 1805. This English translation by Helen Maria Williams of one important component of Humboldt's account, the Relation historique du voyage (1814-1825), consists of seven volumes and was published in London between 1814 and 1829. Volume 6 (1826) summarises many of Humboldt's findings about the North-East of South America, its topography and geology, and compares the societies of the mainland with those of the West Indies.

Blue Voyage

Blue Voyage ebook ISBN: 1504011392
Publisher: Open Road Media
Author: Conrad Aiken
Number of Pages: 152 
File: blue-voyage.pdf
Reads: 3505142


In this autobiographical debut novel from one of America’s most acclaimed poets, a writer’s sentimental journey across the Atlantic becomes a crucible of heartbreak and mental anguish William Demarest settles into his room, checks his pockets for his seasickness pills, and wanders onto the deck of the ship that will be his home for the next few days. The lights of New York City are still faintly visible, but Demarest’s mind is on London, where he hopes to be reunited with the woman he adores. He has spent countless nights pining for her and is finally ready to declare his love. In a state of feverish anticipation, Demarest steals onto the first-class section of the ship. There, to his surprise, he discovers the woman he is traveling thousands of miles to see, only for her to dismiss him with devastating coldness. For the rest of the voyage, Demarest must wrestle with golden memories turned to dust and long-cherished fantasies that will never come to pass. A brilliant novel of psychological insight and formal experimentation reminiscent of the stories of James Joyce, Blue Voyage is a bold work of art from a winner of the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize.

Basic TV Technology

Basic TV Technology ebook ISBN: 0240807170
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
Author: Robert L. Hartwig
Number of Pages: 192 
File: basic-tv-technology.pdf
Reads: 5288467


Basic TV Technology is the essential basic guide to the fundamentals underlying all television and video systems, written for students and nontechnical professionals. You don't need to have a math or science background in order to understand this explanation of how the principal pieces of equipment work, what their functions are, and how they are integrated to form a complex video system. An understanding of this material will be necessary for you to succeed in the real world, where one person often has to perform many different roles and functions within a production. Armed with some basic technical background information, you'll be more effective at figuring out new applications and at problem-solving. The fourth edition of Basic TV Technology has been updated to reflect the industry shift to digital video and includes new information on compression, television standards, LCD displays, HD, and equipment. This book features the accessible Media Manual format, in which every topic is covered in two pages: one of explanatory text and one of figures. Need more information on TV technologies, go to: accessible Media Manual format, in which every topic is covered in two pages: one of explanatory text and one of figures. Need more information on TV technologies, go to:

Le Bleu du ciel

Le Bleu du ciel ebook ISBN: 2720216275
Publisher: Fayard/Pauvert
Author: Georges Bataille
Number of Pages: 224 
File: le-bleu-du-ciel.pdf
Reads: 6207891


Le verbe vivre n'est pas tellement bien vu puisque les mots viveur et faire la vie sont péjoratifs. Si l'on veut être moral, il vaut mieux éviter tout ce qui est vif, car choisir la vie au lieu de se contenter de rester en vie n'est que débauche et gaspillage. A son niveau le plus simple, le Bleu du ciel inverse cette morale prudente en décrivant un personnage qui se dépense jusqu'à toucher la mort à force de beuveries, de nuits blanches et de coucheries. Cette dépense, volontaire et systématique, est une méthode qui transforme la perdition en connaissance et découvre le ciel dans le bas. Face à la mort, et sachant que rien ne lui échappe, il ne saurait être sérieusement question de " salut ", aussi la volonté de se perdre est-elle la seule éclairante _ la seule d'où puisse surgir une nouvelle souveraineté. Le Bleu du ciel en décrit l'apprentissage en dénudant au fond de chacun de nous cette fente, qui est la présence toujours latente de notre propre mort. Et ce qui apparaît à travers la fente, c'est le bleu d'un ciel dont la profondeur " impossible " nous appelle et nous refuse aussi vertigineusement que notre vie appelle et refuse sa mort.

Georges Bataille

Georges Bataille ebook ISBN: 1861895895
Publisher: Reaktion Books
Author: Stuart Kendall
Number of Pages: 192 
File: georges-bataille.pdf
Reads: 1538119


Georges Bataille was arguably the greatest influence on the poststructuralist revolution in twentieth-century thought and literature, yet few truly understand his work and legacy. Stuart Kendall now translates the work and life of this renowned French writer, anthropologist, and philosopher into a concise yet informative biography that reveals fascinating facets of this intellectual giant. Until his death in 1962, Bataille was an instrumental force in philosophical debate, acting as a foil for both Surrealism and Existentialism and advocating radical views that spanned the entire spectrum of political thought. Georges Bataille chronicles these aspects of his intellectual development, as well as tracing out his pivotal role in the creation of the College of Sociology and how his writings in aesthetics and art history laid the groundwork for visual culture studies. Kendall positions Bataille at the heart of a prodigous community of thinkers, including André Breton, Jean-Paul Sartre, and Jacques Lacan. A compelling account, Georges Bataille will be invaluable for all thinkers who have benefited from Bataille’s lasting contributions.


אותיות ebook ISBN: 9781583308509
Publisher: Feldheim Publishers
Author: Baruch Chait
Number of Pages: 58 
File: אותיות.pdf
Reads: 6154219


Each page displays a featured letter with its numerical value and explains how it appears in the Torah, in Rashi, and in script. Includes a list of vocabulary words.

An Equal Stillness

An Equal Stillness ebook ISBN: 0297855816
Publisher: Hachette UK
Author: Francesca Kay
Number of Pages: 256 
File: an-equal-stillness.pdf
Reads: 9913545


Winner of the Orange Award for New Writers 2009 Artist, lover, wife, mother: can one woman be them all? Born in 1924, Jennet Mallow grew up with a disillusioned mother and a father haunted by memories of war. But Jennet has a talent - and a passion - for art. When she meets the handsome painter David Heaton they begin a tempestuous affair which takes them from the dank terraces of London to a bohemian artistic community in St Ives. But as Jennet's career flourishes, her relationship with David suffers - with potentially tragic consequences . . . 'The most beautiful, accomplished debut I have read for a long time . . . It is a powerful novel by a supremely talented artist' OBSERVER 'Enchanting . . . exquisitely written' DAILY EXPRESS 'A masterful portrait of a woman forging an unexpectedly dazzling career against the backdrop of familial duty' EASY LIVING

Promised Valley Peace

Promised Valley Peace ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Asymmetric Worlds
Author: Ron Fritsch
Number of Pages: 280 
File: promised-valley-peace.pdf
Reads: 3397929


Promised Valley Peace is the fourth and last novel in Ron Fritsch’s allegorical Promised Valley series. The conspirators and their allies from the first three novels give up on the gods, whose existence many of them doubt, and discover how to use horses in warfare. They prepare to employ them in a last battle to bring the prehistoric enemy hunters and farmers together as one people in a “new kingdom” and end warfare between them forever. Individuals who partner with persons of the same gender are once again in the front lines, risking their lives for their peoples. The first three novels—Promised Valley Rebellion, Promised Valley War, and Promised Valley Conspiracy—have won a number of awards. Reviewers have included these comments about the series. Reader Views: “It’s the story’s prehistoric setting that provides the basis for the intellectual question which binds the Promised Valley books together: ‘Could civilization and history, with their countless heaven-sanctioned wars and genocides, have begun differently?’ With that as his touchstone, Fritsch thoughtfully and compassionately offers answers through the story and its characters. While it’s an adventurous tale on its surface, it’s not what it seems to be; it’s much more. For me it was a book of revelations. For anyone who has never lost their child’s heart and imagination, Promised Valley War will compel them to consider all that the book has to say to them. That’s what unforgettable books do.” Kirkus: “The author’s well-rendered descriptions of the creeping onslaught of war give the reader a visceral feel for the endangered paradise that can occur despite the best intentions of the best people, and readers will be surprised by the twists he gives his tale. Alongside the careful plotting and natural-sounding dialogue, there's a refreshing amount of deeper resonances in the Promised Valley series, a steady undercurrent of commentary on the present day.” Feathered Quill: “An imaginative and well-crafted piece of fiction, featuring plenty of action and unexpected twists and turns. The suspenseful battles, sweeping scenery, and interpersonal drama would undoubtedly be a satisfying mix on the big screen. Are you listening, Hollywood?”

The Ohio River

The Ohio River ebook ISBN: 0813130360
Publisher: University Press of Kentucky
Author: John Ed Pearce, Richard Nugent
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: the-ohio-river.pdf
Reads: 9716498


People, Places, Things - Essays by Elizabeth Bowen

People, Places, Things - Essays by Elizabeth Bowen ebook ISBN: 074863570X
Publisher: Edinburgh University Press
Author: Allan Hepburn
Number of Pages: 480 
File: people-places-things-essays-by-elizabeth-bowen.pdf
Reads: 3354340


This volume collects for the first time essays published in British, Irish, and American periodicals during Bowen's lifetime as well as essays which have never been published before. The range of subjects alone makes these essays indispensable reading.Throughout her career, Elizabeth Bowen, the Anglo-Irish novelist and short story writer, also wrote literary essays that display a shrewd, generous intelligence. Always sensitive to underlying tensions, she evokes the particular climate of countries and places in Hungary,"e; "e;Prague and the Crisis,"e; and "e;Bowen's Court."e; In "e;Britain in Autumn,"e; she records the strained atmosphere of the blitz as no other writer does. Immediately after the war, she reported on the International Peace Conference in Paris in a series of essays that are startling in their evocation of tense diplomacy among international delegates scrabbling to define the boundaries of Europe and the stakes of the Cold War. The aftershock of war registers poignantly in "e;Opening Up the House"e;: owners evacuated during the war return to their houses empty since 1939. Other essays in this volume, especially those on James Joyce, Jane Austen, and the technique of writing, offer indispensable mid-century evaluations of the state of literature. The essays assembled in this volume were published in British, Irish, and American periodicals during Bowen's lifetime. She herself did not gather them into any collection. Some of these essays exist only as typescript drafts and are published here for the first time. Bowen's observations on age, toys, disappointment, charm, and manners place her among the very best literary essayists of the modernist period.

Touching Darkness

Touching Darkness ebook ISBN: 0748126775
Publisher: Hachette UK
Author: Scott Westerfeld
Number of Pages: 336 
File: touching-darkness.pdf
Reads: 6700195


Imagine falling for someone who can fly you through the air. Imagine loving someone who can see your darkest thoughts. Imagine having secrets that could destroy the things you cherish . . . Midnight in Bixby hides more than one secret, and uncovering them will put Jessica and her friends in more danger than they could have imagined. The Midnighters aren't the only ones seeking truth in the darkness. And if the group allow their own secrets to come between them they risk losing one of their own - forever.