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When Blushing Hurts

When Blushing Hurts ebook ISBN: 1491750286
Publisher: iUniverse
Author: Enrique Jadresic, MD
Number of Pages: 152 
File: when-blushing-hurts.pdf
Reads: 7886695


For most of us, blushing when we re embarrassed or anxious is a common occurrence. But for those who suffer from a stronger type of blushing, or blush more easily, also known as pathological blushing, this abnormal facial reddening can become physically and psychologically tormenting. In "When Blushing Hurts," author and noted psychiatrist Dr. Enrique Jadresic offers hope for those who experience this condition. He examines blushing from the dual perspective of the healer and the healed, offering inspired testimonies of patients who sought medical help and successfully overcame their pathological blushing. Backed by scientific fact, Jadresic explores the delicate balance of human emotion and how it affects our physical responses. In addition, Jadresic discusses options for treatment, including drug therapy, cognitive-behavioral techniques, and even surgery. Frank, compassionate, and informative, "When Blushing Hurts" offers solid information, help, and hope to those who suffer from blushing. Praise for "When Blushing Hurts," First Edition "Dr. Jadresic's book, which is both meticulous and heartfelt, contributes greatly towards sharing information on and furthering an understanding of a disorder that is medically benign but psychologically tormenting, and orients the physician and the layman on the treatment possibilities offered by medicine today." -Alejandro Goic, MD, President, Chilean Medical Academy "While reading "When Blushing Hurts," I once again admired Dr. Jadresic s expository talent, his elegant, poetic pen, his thoughtful honesty, and his clinical ability." Renato D. Alarcon, MD, Mayo Medical School, Rochester, USA "

Blushing Breakthrough: How to Stop Blushing and Conquer Social Anxiety

Blushing Breakthrough: How to Stop Blushing and Conquer Social Anxiety ebook ISBN: 0557296889
Author: Jim Baker
Number of Pages: 123 
File: blushing-breakthrough-how-to-stop-blushing-and-conquer-social-anxiety.pdf
Reads: 4249162


I Couldn't Believe How I Stopped Blushing, Nor Will You! Jim Baker, a Former Blusher, recounts the story of how he beat blushing and took his life back. 100+ page book helps understand blushing and teaches control of mind and body. Stop blushing today!

The Blushing Phobia - Erythrophobia

The Blushing Phobia - Erythrophobia ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Mabel Dawn Van Niekerk
Author: Mabel Dawn Van Niekerk
Number of Pages: 56 
File: the-blushing-phobia-erythrophobia.pdf
Reads: 6892086


Teach yourself to relax and breathe correctly when you know that you’re going to be in a situation that could trigger off blushing. When you’re in control of your feelings you will not think about blushing, and if you do blush a little, remember that most people don’t even notice or even care about it. Remember all the skills you learned from early childhood, some things seemed like you would never be able to master them, but you did in the end because you were persistent. Training yourself not to be so shy will also take persistence, but you will be well rewarded by feeling the exhilaration of being able to face strangers with self confidence, knowing that you no longer fear blushing in public.

The Blushing MBA

The Blushing MBA ebook ISBN: 0595372872
Publisher: iUniverse
Author: Feddy Pouideh
Number of Pages: 292 
File: the-blushing-mba.pdf
Reads: 4119860


Enjoy a funny sneak-peek at life inside an Ivy League business school from someone who's been there and lived to tell the tale... Excerpt from The Admissions Interview: I can't remember anything on my resume. Oh my God, I've gone blank-what am I doing here? My pulse is racing, my throat is tight, and I'm sweating. Move out of my way, I have to get out of here! After 20 minutes, my nerves finally begin to calm (which would have been great if the interview hadn't finished in 10). The interviewer concludes with, "How do you want to be remembered by your classmates?" Remembered? Because this program will surely be the death of me? He hands me his card when we finish. "Call me if you have any questions." The interview is over. Over? I am numb as I leave his office, stunned that the moment I have worked a lifetime for is now history. Wait! When he said, "It's over," was he referring to the interview or to my future in business? The Blushing MBA is a funny, candid chronicle of one woman's adventure inside an Ivy League business school. It's an inspirational tribute to college, graduate school, and to anyone who has ever dared to enter the wild world of business.

The Blushing Bride

The Blushing Bride ebook ISBN: 1460359372
Publisher: Harlequin
Author: Judith Stacy
Number of Pages: 288 
File: the-blushing-bride.pdf
Reads: 7086767


The last thing Jason Kruger needed was a city woman and her catalog of love! He ran a lumber camp, not a lonely hearts club. But Amanda Pierce, matchmaker extraordinaire, offered wedded bliss to his crew…and made him crave a life he never dreamed he'd desire! How on earth had Amanda found herself at loggerheads with a high timber man wearing a mountain-sized attitude? If Jason Kruger hadn't written requesting a mail-order bride, who had? And if he truly didn't want her in his life, why was he trying so hard not to get rid of her?

From Blushing Bride to Wedded Wife

From Blushing Bride to Wedded Wife ebook ISBN: 9780736917575
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
Author: Marla Taviano
Number of Pages: 271 
File: from-blushing-bride-to-wedded-wife.pdf
Reads: 1203810


Marla Taviano shares her noâholdsâbarred look at thefirst year of marriage with a sassy style that will keep readers captivated to the end. Young brides will laugh out loud, sigh with relief, and nodin agreement as Marla takes a refreshing, biblical look at everything fromimpossible mothersâinâlaw to disappointing sex, from toilet seats left up tothat confusing word âsubmission.â She provides important tips and truths aboutsuch important topics as... keeping expectations realistic fighting fairly communicating about money, sex, and inâlaws A young woman herself, Marla also includes timeâtestedadvice from older godly women. This honest and compassionate manual encouragesmarried women to see what God can do in and through them and their marriages.


Blushing ebook ISBN: 9780439530569
Publisher: Orchard (NY)
Author: Paul B. Janeczko
Number of Pages: 98 
File: blushing.pdf
Reads: 946960


A critically acclaimed poet and anthologist collects the most poignant and moving musings about love from a diverse group of classic poets and writers, such as Shakespeare, Walt Whitman, Maya Angelou, Emily Dickinson, and others.

The Psychological Significance of the Blush

The Psychological Significance of the Blush ebook ISBN: 1139619578
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Author: W. Ray Crozier,Peter J. de Jong
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: the-psychological-significance-of-the-blush.pdf
Reads: 4230513


The blush is a ubiquitous yet little understood phenomenon which can be triggered by a number of self-conscious emotions such as shame, embarrassment, shyness, pride and guilt. The field of psychology has seen a recent surge in the research of such emotions, yet blushing remains a relatively neglected area. This unique volume brings together leading researchers from a variety of disciplines to review emerging research on the blush, discussing in depth issues that have arisen and stimulating new theorizing to indicate future directions for research. Topics covered include: the psychophysiology of the blush; developmental aspects; measurement issues; its evolutionary significance and the role of similar colour signals in the social life of other species; its relation to embarrassment, shame and social anxiety; and the rationale for, and clinical trials of, interventions to help people suffering from blushing phobia.

Coping with Blushing

Coping with Blushing ebook ISBN: 9780859699198
Author: Robert J. Edelmann
Number of Pages: 96 
File: coping-with-blushing.pdf
Reads: 9968601


Blushing is far from trivial for those who blush frequently. Robert Edelmann shows how you can minimize the effect it has on life

Social Effects of Facial Blushing: Influence of Context and Actor Versus Observer Perspective

Social Effects of Facial Blushing: Influence of Context and Actor Versus Observer Perspective ebook ISBN:
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: social-effects-of-facial-blushing-influence-of-context-and-actor-versus-observer-perspective.pdf
Reads: 6819881


Abstract Blushing is restricted to the facial area that is uncovered and in the center of social attention. Together with the observation that blushing typically occurs in interpersonal situations, it has been proposed that the blush might have acquired signaling properties with relevant social implications. Following such a functional perspective, this article evaluates the signal value and social effects of the blush. First, it is argued that the blush fulfils all criteria for being a reliable social signal. It seems impossible to fake or to suppress, and it seems to co‐occur with a specific mental state: The acute awareness that one's goal of esteem before others is at stake. Second, it is illustrated that the social effects of the blush may greatly vary as a function of context. In contexts that clearly imply some kind of misbehavior, the blush has face‐saving properties. Yet, in many other contexts, such as merely being the center of attention or situations that are ambiguous with regard to the blushing actors' antecedent behaviors, the blush may have undesirable effects. Third, it is illustrated that the signal value of the blush not only affects the observers but also the blushing actors. It is shown that the anticipated influence of one's blushing on other people's judgments may help explain why actors often consider blushing as a highly undesirable response, and why some people may even develop a phobic fear of blushing.

The Odd Body

The Odd Body ebook ISBN: 1449411398
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Author: Stephen Juan
Number of Pages: 304 
File: the-odd-body.pdf
Reads: 5664877


If you've ever had a question about your body (maybe one you're afraid to ask?), this book is for you. Things like why we yawn, why skin wrinkles after a bath, or even whether it's possible to keep a severed head alive: The Odd Body explains these and many other silly, weird, bizarre, and fascinating body mysteries. Dr. Stephen Juan entertains and rivets readers with his detailed answers. Reading The Odd Body is like having your doctor patiently answer all your random questions, one by one. But Dr. Juan goes well beyond the usual and ordinary things people wonder about bodies, like why most individuals are right-handed or why you get chills when chalk screeches across a blackboard. He also tells readers how a dead body is made into a mummy, the success rate of those who bore holes in their own heads to relieve headaches, and much, much more. The Odd Body is a unique combination of fun and fascinating material that's delivered by an expert who happens to be a great storyteller. The book's question-and-answer format makes it easy to pick up, turn to any page, and immediately become drawn into the intricacies of anatomy and physiology while gaining a better understanding of the human need to know more about ourselves.

Blushing in Boston

Blushing in Boston ebook ISBN: 9781544665160
Publisher: Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
Author: Kirsten Osbourne
Number of Pages: 262 
File: blushing-in-boston.pdf
Reads: 7643083


Brenda Holt is certain she'll never find love. At the urging of her friend Michaela, she contacts a matchmaker, hoping the woman will work magic and find her a man she can spend her life with. The only catch is, they will be introduced at the altar. When she first meets Daniel Axford, she's convinced that Matchrimony has made its first mistake. After a rough childhood, Daniel establishes an online dating site, running the business as its CEO. When using his own company doesn't work well for him, he hires a matchmaker to find a suitable bride. Not expecting to feel more than a passing affection for his new bride, he's startled when he sees her, afraid if he gets too close, he'll lose his heart. Can he spend the rest of his life with this woman without falling in love? Or will she break through the wall he's built around himself to find the man within?

Blushing Cheeks

Blushing Cheeks ebook ISBN: 1609680456
Publisher: Blushing Books Publications
Author: Blushing Books
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: blushing-cheeks.pdf
Reads: 4784778


This collection contains three complete novellas from three of Blushing Books top authors. These are not some short samples - this is sixteen chapters, over 60,000 words - for 99cents. Why are we doing this? Because we want you to try our books and our authors at almost no risk to you!Blushing Books publishes romances... with a twist. If you love old-fashioned romances where the feisty heroine ends up not only in the hero's bed for hot loving, but occasionally bare-bottomed over his knee for some even hotter (and usually well-deserved) spanking, our novels and novellas are for you! Do you want to know if he can REALLY tame that brat? You're in the right place. "The Good Man" by Carolyn Faulkner: Life in "The County" hadn't changed much in decades, and Emily Robertson wanted much more out of her own life despite the fact that that meant leaving Daniel, the man her heart so desperately wanted. But when she ended up back in the same small town they'd grown up in, Daniel takes complete advantage of an enforced encounter to lure her back into his arms and he wasn't going to let her go again, for any reason! Does a throbbing bum makes settling down a lot easier for a wanna-be city mouse? Emily's about to find out."Cade" by Paige Tyler: The beautiful, but irritating Riley Barnett has been a thorn in the side of the U.S. Marshals Service ever since she entered the Witness Protection Program. And now that she once again believes her identity has been compromised, new U.S. Marshal Cade Cutler is the one sent to placate her. But the simple task of babysitting her is made more difficult when she refuses to obey his simplest instructions. Cade has never met a woman so infuriating, and soon realizes that the only way to get through to her is to put her over his knee for a good, sound spanking. Riley, though, will be damned if she's going to take orders from the gorgeous Marshal just because he spanks her, especially when he refuses to believe that she's actually in danger. She has been in the Witness Protection Program long enough to know when someone is after her, even if all of the other times had been false alarms. But when it turns out that she's right this time, Riley has to depend on Cade to protect her, even if that means putting up with his spankings every time she refuses to follow his silly rules!"Her Personal Trainer" by Starla Kaye: Elizabeth Wingate receives an invitation to a cruise that will be her high school reunion. She remembers all the rejection she'd felt from her classmates, how she'd been teased hurtfully too many times. Inwardly she still felt like that woman no one could seem to love. She absolutely should not go on this stupid cruise. But she wanted to, she needed to. She needed some help first, though. Someone to help her whip her slightly out-of-shape body into bikini shape. So when her business partner suggests a personal trainer, that seems the perfect answer -- except for all of that horrible exercise stuff.Chase Sawyer owes Elizabeth's mother a favor and agrees to escort her to a gala since he will be in Kansas City for a few weeks anyway. He's never gone on a blind date and detests the idea. Arriving in town early, he decides to go meet the young woman he's positive he won't be attracted to, only to discover how strongly he is drawn to her. When she mistakes him for a personal trainer, he latches on to that opportunity to get to know her better. And as he does, he realizes the little spitfire, who isn't always cooperative about exercising and who needs an occasional bottom warming to get her back on track, might finally be the woman to make him settle down.

Journal of the Rosacea Research & Development Institute

Journal of the Rosacea Research & Development Institute ebook ISBN: 9781450203449
Publisher: iUniverse
Author: Joanne Whitehead, PhD; Brady Barrows
Number of Pages: 88 
File: journal-of-the-rosacea-research-development-institute.pdf
Reads: 999409


The Journal of the Rosacea Research & Development Institute, the first dedicated rosacea journal, is produced by volunteer rosacea sufferers. Articles by dermatologists, physicians, naturopaths, researchers and patients are included: A new class of topical medications may soon be available to treat facial redness Ocular rosacea, the number one contributor to poor ocular surface health Rheumatic autoimmunity as the cause of rosacea Inside rosacea Optimizing redness reduction, part I: Rosacea and skin care The importance of essential fatty acids for rosacea Food choices for rosacea immunity Rosacea, inflammation, and aging: The inefficiency of stress Psychological stress and rosacea The role of Demodex mites in the pathogenesis of rosacea and blepharitis and their control A molecular link between rosacea and gastrointestinal disease Signal Transduction Modulators to treat rosacea The effect of dietary salt on rosacea Is it possible for rosaceans to do research? Research Highlights Books and articles to be published in the future

Amber Ruin: (A Blushing Death Novel Book 8)

Amber Ruin: (A Blushing Death Novel Book 8) ebook ISBN: 9781647160371
Publisher: Soul Mate Publishing
Author: Suzanne M. Sabol
Number of Pages: 370 
File: amber-ruin-a-blushing-death-novel-book-8.pdf
Reads: 6865796


Dahlia, Dean, and Patrick are attempting a political coup of the supernatural world. Gathering allies to upset the balance and throw off the shackles of the ancients won't be easy. But to live alongside humans instead of in their shadow, they'll have to overcome enemies at every turn; vampires, shifters, the fae, and humans. Baba Yaga, the queen of the dark fae, has her own designs for Dahlia. Moving her chess pieces on the board, the ancient witch has set a trap to draw The Blushing Death back into her clutches. To possess Dahlia and the power of Fertiri magic for her own purposes, Baba Yaga will do almost anything--sacrifice anyone--to rise to power once more. Racing to survive Baba Yaga's traps and rescue two of her wolves, Dahlia enters Baba Yaga's mountain understanding that she may never come out again.

Curing Erythrophobia, Your Fear of Blushing

Curing Erythrophobia, Your Fear of Blushing ebook ISBN: 9781481293815
Author: Alfie Burke
Number of Pages: 34 
File: curing-erythrophobia-your-fear-of-blushing.pdf
Reads: 426335


We all blush from time to time. There will always be certain situations in our life where we will feel uncomfortable and embarrassed. There is absolutely nothing to be afraid or ashamed about going red in the face when certain situations call for it. It is a very normal reaction to an increased level of stress and anxiety.However, erythrophobia is out of the ordinary because it is the fear of blushing itself that is what is being dreaded. It occurs without any real reason or in anticipation of going red in the face before the situation even occurs. That may sound very funny to anyone else, but for the victim of the phobia it is a very real fear. Medically called as 'Idiopathic Craniofacial Erythematic', the fear of blushing is a disorder where there is an abnormal active response of the sympathetic nervous system. In layman terms, it is a condition characterized by too much sweating and reddening of the face even before any embarrassing situation occurs or without any apparent reason at all.Erythrophobia can be very stressful. It can develop hypersensitive feelings, social anxiety, poor interpersonal relationships, low self confidence and create obstacles in the person's intelligence, emotional, and social state of mind.Excessive blushing is a simple syndrome like a learning disability or stuttering. Therefore, you can make it go away in time with proper treatment and care. There are lots of options available to treat excessive facial reddening and sweating. Mental relaxation, scientifically called as 'Psychological Rehearsing,' is the safest treatment for curing this syndrome. There are also techniques of meditation, exercises, hypnosis, even facial creams including GABA which can be applied in order to calm down nerves impulse system and Endoscopic Thoracic Surgery (ETS) which is the only possible treatment for more severe cases. Whatever treatment you decide is right for you, the important thing to remember is that you can be cured of your phobia of blushing. That said, there is no need to torment yourself with worry and fear.

Spankings Because Cheeks Were Made for Blushing

Spankings Because Cheeks Were Made for Blushing ebook ISBN: 9781089671558
Author: Johnson Johnson Books
Number of Pages: 120 
File: spankings-because-cheeks-were-made-for-blushing.pdf
Reads: 5587608


Pick up your favorite pen and use our creamy high quality pages that turn on easy to record your favorite memories, take notes, or craft your to do list. Our books are professionally bound to ensure they last. Features: 120 lined pages Soft matte cover Lasts longer than a greeting card Lined college ruled notebook Gift Ideas: Adult Party Grab Bag Gift Stocking Stuffer Birthday Holiday Anniversary Party Bachelor or Bachelorette Parties Just Because

Body Shame

Body Shame ebook ISBN: 9781583911655
Publisher: Psychology Press
Author: Paul Gilbert,Jeremy Miles
Number of Pages: 306 
File: body-shame.pdf
Reads: 4707965


Those who feel shame about the way they look are vulnerable to impoverished social relationships and to a range of psychological difficulties. This book explores the role of shame in various physical and psychological disorders.

Even Odder Perceptions

Even Odder Perceptions ebook ISBN: 9780415061063
Publisher: Psychology Press
Author: Richard Langton Gregory
Number of Pages: 268 
File: even-odder-perceptions.pdf
Reads: 3901994


Our senses bring us all the information we have about the outside world, but do they tell the truth? If you've never questioned this before you may be about to. Take a stroll round the fertile garden of famous scientist Richard Gregory's mind. You will be led, through a series of whimsical tales and amusing anecdotes, to a personal vista of some of the most profound and puzzling questions in science today. Almost without realising you will be drawn into the debate on Hamlet's feelings, Schrodinger's cat, thinking machines and much more. You may be charmed, entertained, amused or confused but you will always be left pondering.