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Bodies and Blueberries

Bodies and Blueberries ebook ISBN: 9781978164772
Author: Donna Walo Clancy
Number of Pages: 300 
File: bodies-and-blueberries.pdf
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THIS IS A RE-RELEASE OF Jams, Jellies and Weddings Murder!!! Summer Prescott Books is thrilled to re-release the newly updated version of this incredible Cozy Mystery!!Welcome to Whipper Will Junction, a small beach town in Maine with spectacular views of the mountains, where the residents all know each other and each other's business. Tourist season brings the sleepy little berg to life, and locals often find themselves outnumbered by visitors, fifty to one. The idyllic hamlet is known for being a safe, quiet place to live, and until recently, there hadn't been a murder in Whipper Will Junction for over forty years. A recent spate of murders threatens to rock the town to its core, particularly when Richard Wells, a beloved elder statesman of the town disappears, leaving residents to wonder who or what is causing the tragic upheaval. Tabitha Moon, the owner of a local shop, Jellies, Jams, and Weddings, is a bit bewildered to find herself smack dab in the middle of a real life mystery, and vows to do her best to help solve it. Teaming up with her best friend, Jenny, and her adorable crush, Greg, the determined shopkeeper sets out on a mission to make Whipper Will Junction safe again. Can the trio find Richard Wells before it's too late? With a sprinkling of loveable locals and their often misguided efforts, you'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll fall in love with the down-home goodness of Whipper Will Junction. Come visit for a spell, in a town where the gossip is plentiful, and so are the bodies...

Hikers' Stories from the Appalachian Trail

Hikers' Stories from the Appalachian Trail ebook ISBN: 0811746127
Publisher: Stackpole Books
Author: Kathryn Fulton
Number of Pages: 176 
File: hikers-stories-from-the-appalachian-trail.pdf
Reads: 7181683


Collection of highlights from twenty-one Appalachian Trail blogs.

Schedule B.

Schedule B. ebook ISBN:
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: schedule-b.pdf
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Blueberries ebook ISBN: 1925938182
Publisher: Scribe Publications
Author: Ellena Savage
Number of Pages: 256 
File: blueberries.pdf
Reads: 2311297


‘I mean who cares about opinions, gossip, whatever, when bodies are so vulnerable, in search only of love and breath.’ The body frequently escapes her, but is always very much present in these compellingly vivid, clear-eyed essays on an embodied self in flight through the world, from the brilliant young writer Ellena Savage. In Portuguese police stations and Portland college campuses, in suburban Melbourne libraries and wintry Berlin apartments, Savage shows bodies in pain and in love, bodies at work and at rest. She circles back to scenes of crimes or near-crimes, to lovers or near-lovers, to turn over the stones, re-read the paperwork, check the deeds, approach from another angle altogether. These essays traverse cities and spaces, bodies and histories, moving through forms and modes to find a closer kind of truth. Blueberries is ripe with acid, promise, and sweetness.

The Highbush Blueberry and Its Management

The Highbush Blueberry and Its Management ebook ISBN: 9781560220213
Publisher: CRC Press
Author: Robert E Gough
Number of Pages: 288 
File: the-highbush-blueberry-and-its-management.pdf
Reads: 247931


Here is a book that sets forth vital information growers need to produce highbush blueberries effectively and efficiently. Written from the grower?s point of view, The Highbush Blueberry and Its Management presents technical information in a highly readable manner that is easy to understand. It helps growers make proper decisions before they plant--saving them both time and money. Simply by following the directions on planting, a grower could cut his post-plant mortality rate to less than ten-percent. The Highbush Blueberry and Its Management provides detailed information that growers can apply directly to their work. The author addresses various aspects of blueberry management, including how to select new cultivars, pruning techniques, soil preparation and management, harvesting, pest control, and marketing. He describes over four-dozen cultivars and discusses blueberry growth and development, fruit production, propagation, and more. The problem of pests such as birds, nematodes, and insects and mites is addressed and strategies for control of these pests are included. An appendix provides a chart, the first of its kind, to help diagnose disorders of highbush blueberries. The chart contains descriptions and discussions of these disorders to help growers identify and treat them quickly and effectively. Appendixes also include handy tables, equivalence charts, and calculations for fast and easy reference. An overview of world production of highbush blueberries informs readers of developments in other countries. This thorough and readable book is sure to become a trusted guide for growers of highbush blueberries worldwide. The book is international in scope and contains information useful to growers from Australia and Japan to Chile, Poland, and Finland, places where such information is often scarce, if available at all. Bursting with practical, helpful knowledge, The Highbush Blueberry and Its Management is a vital guidebook not just for professional growers, but for cooperative extension personnel and university-level small fruit researchers as well. With its readable style, it can also be used as an ancillary text at the graduate and advanced undergraduate level.

Jellies, Jams, and Bodies

Jellies, Jams, and Bodies ebook ISBN: 9781798940617
Publisher: Jelly Shop Mysteries
Author: Donna Walo Clancy
Number of Pages: 176 
File: jellies-jams-and-bodies.pdf
Reads: 4491118


This is a reissue of Jellies, Jams and Bodies and Bodies and Blueberries.Whipper Will Junction, a small coastal town in Maine, offers beautiful beaches and views of mountains in one destination. Small shops line Main Street, the hub of the town. The residents all know each other and each other's business. Tourist season brings the place to life when the locals are outnumbered by visitors, fifty to one.There hasn't been a murder in Whipper Will Junction for over forty years. It has been a safe, quiet place to live. Now, bodies are popping up everywhere. To make matters worse, Richard Wells, the beloved town elder has disappeared.While opening her new shop, Jellies, Jams and Weddings, Tabitha Moon is thrust into her first real life mystery to solve. Will she be able to find the murderer and rescue Mr. Wells in time? Teaming up with her best friend, Jen Jones, and her new love interest, Greg Stone, they work together to make their town the safe place that it used to be.With its cast of lovable locals like Gladys Twittle, Samantha Moon and Sheriff Puckett, you will fall in love with Whipper Will Junction. Come visit!WHERE THE GOSSIP IS PLENTIFUL AND SO ARE THE BODIES.

Blueberries from Heaven

Blueberries from Heaven ebook ISBN: 9781441300904
Publisher: Peter Pauper Press, Inc.
Author: Carol Tebo
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: blueberries-from-heaven.pdf
Reads: 7182612


Our popular Charming Petites "TM" have eye-catching 4-color art and a wide array of subjects. Each has a 24K gold-plated or silver-plated charm to keep on the ribbon bookmark or to wear on a bracelet or necklace. Unlike anything else in the Christian book industry, these beautiful books (3-1/4" wide x 4" high) are filled with messages of goodwill and inspiration, combining Scripture and carefully chosen text. Hardcover case, 80 full color pages with a 24K gold-plated charm on a ribbon bookmark.

Texas Mushrooms

Texas Mushrooms ebook ISBN: 0292786263
Publisher: University of Texas Press
Author: Susan Metzler,Van Metzler
Number of Pages: 360 
File: texas-mushrooms.pdf
Reads: 7414785


Hundreds of species of mushrooms flourish in Texas, from the desert and semiarid regions of West Texas to the moist and acid soils of East Texas, where species that can also be found in South America live alongside those that might be spotted in Malaysia and Europe. Texas Mushrooms was the first—and is still the only—guide to all of the state’s mushrooms. This colorful, easy-to-follow book will surprise and delight uninitiated nature enthusiasts while also supplying the experienced mushroom hunter with expert identification information. Excellent color photographs and precise descriptions of over 200 species will enable the mushroom hunter—even the amateur—to make quick, careful, easy distinctions between the edible varieties and the potentially toxic ones. In addition, kitchen-tested recipes are included, along with charts giving spore sizes and a list of recommended further reading. In Texas, mushroom hunting can be a year-round, state-wide activity, and with this enticing field guide, collecting, identifying, and preparing wild mushrooms will become an activity the entire family can enjoy while appreciating the beauty of Texas from a new and fascinating angle.

The Wild Blueberry Book

The Wild Blueberry Book ebook ISBN: 0892729473
Publisher: Down East Books
Author: Virginia Wright
Number of Pages: 80 
File: the-wild-blueberry-book.pdf
Reads: 565433


Commercially harvested only in Maine and parts of Canada, wild blueberries are prized for their intense flavor and color. The Wild Blueberry Book follows the story of these luscious berries as they make their way from the barrens to your table, with some stops along the way for pie-eating contests, baking competitions, and even an annual musical celebrating the culture that has grown up around Maine’s official berry. You’ll meet growers, rakers, beekeepers, processors, winemakers, blueberry queens, and some of the food scientists who are unlocking the secrets behind blueberries’ amazing health benefi ts. Recipes, too!

Gay lovers

Gay lovers ebook ISBN:
Author: Rodney Nitzer
Number of Pages: 190 
File: gay-lovers.pdf
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Experiments in Blueberry Culture

Experiments in Blueberry Culture ebook ISBN:
Author: Frederick Vernon Coville
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: experiments-in-blueberry-culture.pdf
Reads: 9731939


A collection of reprints, chiefly from USDA and state agricultural experiment station bulletins, dealing with blueberries and their culture, varieties, diseases and pests, etc., in the United States; by various authors.

Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies

Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies ebook ISBN: 0520954793
Publisher: Univ of California Press
Author: Seth Holmes
Number of Pages: 264 
File: fresh-fruit-broken-bodies.pdf
Reads: 1484789


Fresh Fruit, Broken Bodies provides an intimate examination of the everyday lives and suffering of Mexican migrants in our contemporary food system. An anthropologist and MD in the mold of Paul Farmer and Didier Fassin, Holmes shows how market forces, anti-immigrant sentiment, and racism undermine health and health care. Holmes’s material is visceral and powerful. He trekked with his companions illegally through the desert into Arizona and was jailed with them before they were deported. He lived with indigenous families in the mountains of Oaxaca and in farm labor camps in the U.S., planted and harvested corn, picked strawberries, and accompanied sick workers to clinics and hospitals. This “embodied anthropology” deepens our theoretical understanding of the ways in which social inequalities and suffering come to be perceived as normal and natural in society and in health care. All of the book award money and royalties from the sales of this book have been donated to farm worker unions, farm worker organizations and farm worker projects in consultation with farm workers who appear in the book.

Very Blueberry

Very Blueberry ebook ISBN: 0307788814
Publisher: Celestial Arts
Author: Jennifer Trainer Thompson
Number of Pages: 96 
File: very-blueberry.pdf
Reads: 1732845


Groundbreaking studies show that blueberries contain disease-fighting compounds not found in any other food. The high amounts of antioxidants found in them are believed to have powerful anti-memory-loss and cancer-preventing properties. And, despite their natural sweetness, blueberries are remarkably low in the carbohydrates and sugar calories overabundant in other fruit. Very Blueberry goes beyond the blueberry muffin (though it does include a sub-lime recipe for it!) and features this essential fruit in innovative new recipes like Goat Cheese Tart with Caramelized Onions and Blueberries; Arugula, Prosciutto, and Blueberry Salad with Honey-Citrus Vinaigrette; Pork Tenderloin with Peach-Blueberry Chutney; and Blueberry Salsa. With this charming, little cookbook, incorporating the recommended half a cup of blueberries into your daily diet will always be a sweet delight. • Features more than 40 blueberry recipes for breakfasts, soups, salads, entrées, jams, and gifts. • The blueberry is number one in antioxidant activity of all fruits and vegetables. Antioxidants prevent health problems like Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, cancer, diabetes, circulation problems, and urinary tract infections.

The Healthy Body Handbook

The Healthy Body Handbook ebook ISBN: 9781934559451
Publisher: Demos Medical Publishing
Author: Stuart C. Apfel, MD,David C Saidoff, PT
Number of Pages: 848 
File: the-healthy-body-handbook.pdf
Reads: 9197411


A healthy, strong body is essential to the enjoyment of life. The Healthy Body Handbook was written for all those who place great emphasis on living life fully. It will help you understand the basic structure and function of the musculoskeletal system of the human body, and is written in language easily understood by the layperson, with numerous illustrations. This knowledge will enable you to be proactive about your health, make positive lifestyle choices, prevent injuries, and participate fully in the healing of injuries - especially those that are sports-related. The authors include detailed advice regarding various exercises and the appropriate regimen for stretching and strengthening, both of which are essential to warding off age-related problems. The body sends out warning signals of impending overuse and the resultant potential for injury. In this book you will learn to listen to these signals, evaluate them, and make healthy decisions. The book also incudes information about the remedies and procedures physicians are likely to recommend after injury or illness. A healthy body also supports a healthy intellectual and emotional life. As the great American naturalist and philosopher Henry David Thoreau said, "Methinks that the moment my legs begin to move, my thoughts begin to flow."

The Odd Body

The Odd Body ebook ISBN: 9780740741883
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Author: Stephen Juan
Number of Pages: 304 
File: the-odd-body.pdf
Reads: 1182851


If you've ever had a question about your body (maybe one you're afraid to ask?), this book is for you. Things like why we yawn, why skin wrinkles after a bath, or even whether it's possible to keep a severed head alive: The Odd Body explains these and many other silly, weird, bizarre, and fascinating body mysteries. Dr. Stephen Juan entertains and rivets readers with his detailed answers. Reading The Odd Body is like having your doctor patiently answer all your random questions, one by one. But Dr. Juan goes well beyond the usual and ordinary things people wonder about bodies, like why most individuals are right-handed or why you get chills when chalk screeches across a blackboard. He also tells readers how a dead body is made into a mummy, the success rate of those who bore holes in their own heads to relieve headaches, and much, much more. The Odd Body is a unique combination of fun and fascinating material that's delivered by an expert who happens to be a great storyteller. The book's question-and-answer format makes it easy to pick up, turn to any page, and immediately become drawn into the intricacies of anatomy and physiology while gaining a better understanding of the human need to know more about ourselves.

Body After Baby

Body After Baby ebook ISBN: 9781583332801
Publisher: Penguin
Author: Jackie Keller
Number of Pages: 354 
File: body-after-baby.pdf
Reads: 8204641


The founder of NutriFit presents a day-by-day nutrition and workout program designed for even the busiest of new mothers.

Body and Soul

Body and Soul ebook ISBN: 0310731070
Publisher: Zondervan
Author: Bethany Hamilton
Number of Pages: 160 
File: body-and-soul.pdf
Reads: 8113141


Bethany Hamilton has become a fitness expert by virtue of being a professional athlete who has excelled—and she's done it while overcoming incredible challenges. Whether you know Bethany or not, whether you surf or not, everyone has challenges, and in Surfer Style, Bethany shares some of her core experiences with body, mind and spirit. Sharing her expertise as an athlete, New You helps young girls develop a healthy lifestyle, understand their changing bodies, gain confidence, and establish a pattern of healthy living starting at a young age. This book includes workouts specially developed for young girls by Bethany’s personal trainer, recipes and information on healthy eating based on “Bethany’s food pyramid,” which follows the Mediterranean diet, and advice on deepening your spiritual health, for a total body wellness book perfect for growing girls. This isn't a book about Bethany, this is a book about wellness, becoming your best “you,” through physical and spiritual balance, because spiritual health is just as important as physical health.

The Beauty Diet: Looking Great has Never Been So Delicious

The Beauty Diet: Looking Great has Never Been So Delicious ebook ISBN: 007154478X
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
Author: Lisa Drayer
Number of Pages: 256 
File: the-beauty-diet-looking-great-has-never-been-so-delicious.pdf
Reads: 2027195


A new diet-based approach to beauty from the author of Strong, Slim and 30! Media-savvy author: Drayer makes frequent appearances on “Today,” “The Early Show on CBS,” “ Good Morning America,” Fox News, and CNN Headline News Drayer is a spokesperson for Crest, Noxema, L’Oreal and the Dairy Council as an established expert in beauty nutrition Includes her top 10 “beauty foods” and complete four-week meal plan

Samuel de Champlain

Samuel de Champlain ebook ISBN: 9780968804902
Publisher: Summerhurst Books
Author: Betty Sherwood,Janet Snider
Number of Pages: 40 
File: samuel-de-champlain.pdf
Reads: 8077345


"Follow Champlain's lively adventures - his explorations, hardships, disappointments and accomplishments as he maps much of Quebec, the Maritimes and Ontario" Cf. Our choice, 2002.

Official Export Guide

Official Export Guide ebook ISBN:
Author: North American Publishing Company
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: official-export-guide.pdf
Reads: 1312210