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Body of Proof

Body of Proof ebook ISBN: 1942266200
Publisher: WildBlue Press
Author: John Ferak
Number of Pages: 240 
File: body-of-proof.pdf
Reads: 3130762


The award-winning journalist and author of Dixie’s Last Stand delves into a troubling murder trial gone wrong in this “superbly crafted” true crime (Jim Hollock, author of Born to Lose). When Jessica O'Grady met Christopher Edwards, she was a starry-eyed Nebraska college girl in search of Mr. Right—and Edwards had a dark and deceitful soul. In May of 2006, Jessica's mystifying disappearance and a blood-soaked mattress sparked a state-wide media frenzy. Enter Douglas County Sheriff's CSI stalwart Dave Kofoed, a man so driven to solve high-profile murders that he had twice before planted false evidence. With public pressure high, Kofoed knew he had to act fast. But while Edwards was known to be the prime suspect, the baffling disappearance of the body and weapon made his guilt nearly impossible to prove. And when Edwards finally did face trial, his defense had questions about the forensic evidence used against their client. In Body of Proof, investigative journalist John Ferak explores why “the case of Jessica O’Grady’s disappearance remains controversial” in this “compelling account” (Peter Vronsky, author of Serial Killers: The Method and Madness of Monsters).

Wound and the Witness, The

Wound and the Witness, The ebook ISBN: 1438425112
Publisher: SUNY Press
Author: Jennifer R. Ballengee
Number of Pages: 200 
File: wound-and-the-witness-the.pdf
Reads: 1589030


Explores the rhetorical functions of torture and the witnessing of torture in both classical texts and contemporary contexts.

Murder After Death

Murder After Death ebook ISBN: 9780801445095
Publisher: Cornell University Press
Author: Richard Sugg
Number of Pages: 259 
File: murder-after-death.pdf
Reads: 3414610


Tracing the influence of continental anatomy on English literature across the period, Sugg begins his exploration with the essentially sacralising aspects of dissection before detailing ways in which science and religion diverged from and eventually opposed each other.

Srimad Bhagavad Gita

Srimad Bhagavad Gita ebook ISBN: 9780595323104
Publisher: iUniverse
Author: Yoga Niketan
Number of Pages: 670 
File: srimad-bhagavad-gita.pdf
Reads: 5556353


"The true spiritual commentary on the Bhagavad Gita is hereby published. Other than Kriyanvitas, no one else will be capable of understanding this, the reason being that from the beginning to end, Kriya and the states of Kriya are described here. If ordinary people read this they can create opposite meanings and, only paying attention to the words and language, will create all kinds of complicated agrumentations; thus, not understanding the essense of this, they will go about with nothing but the words. But for aware and devoted Kriyavans, this is a jewel of the heart. As they progress in Kriya - in the same way will they easily be able to discern its [the work's] true significance." -distilled from the Introduction of the original Bengali Edition English translation by Yoga Niketan Print edition is 657 pages

Age-Proof Your Body

Age-Proof Your Body ebook ISBN: 9780688151515
Publisher: William Morrow & Company
Author: Elizabeth Somer
Number of Pages: 376 
File: age-proof-your-body.pdf
Reads: 227833


Based on the assessment of hundreds of medical studies, this comprehensive guide shares the diet, recipe, fitness, and supplement plans that will help readers live at the peak of their health potential.

Star Power

Star Power ebook ISBN: 9781462036660
Publisher: iUniverse
Author: Arthur Susnow
Number of Pages: 300 
File: star-power.pdf
Reads: 5880569


Dick Jenkins is the most talented young baseball player in the major leagues. In fact, one might say he has star power. But Dick also has a dangerous secret compulsion, and unfortunately his young female fans who idolize him are adversely affected by this compulsion, and become the victims of his dark obsessions. The team executives and Dick’s cousin attempt to control Dick’s impulses, and because of his outstanding ability on the ball fi ld, when on occasion they fail to control Dick, the executives and his cousin will do anything to protect him and his career. Dick’s agent, a former major leaguer, becomes suspicious, and retains the services of a private detective, who uncovers the truth, and Dick is forced to flee. Time will tell if his past and subsequent behavior will catch up to him.

Evidence, Proof, and Fact-Finding in WTO Dispute Settlement

Evidence, Proof, and Fact-Finding in WTO Dispute Settlement ebook ISBN: 019957264X
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Author: Michelle T. Grando
Number of Pages: 410 
File: evidence-proof-and-fact-finding-in-wto-dispute-settlement.pdf
Reads: 6618489


This book examines how a World Trade Organization (WTO) dispute settlement panel formulates its conclusions with respect to the facts of a dispute brought before it. It does so by discussing the legal concepts which shape the process of fact-finding, analysing the approach taken by panels thus far and offering suggestions for improvement.

Financial Forensics Body of Knowledge

Financial Forensics Body of Knowledge ebook ISBN: 1118218981
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Author: Darrell D. Dorrell,Gregory A. Gadawski
Number of Pages: 560 
File: financial-forensics-body-of-knowledge.pdf
Reads: 9376411


The definitive, must-have guide for the forensic accounting professional Financial Forensics Body of Knowledge is the unique, innovative, and definitive guide and technical reference work for the financial forensics and/or forensic accounting professional, including nearly 300 forensic tools, techniques, methods and methodologies apply to virtually all civil, criminal and dispute matters. Many of the tools have never before been published. It defines the profession: "The Art & Science of Investigating People & Money." It defines Forensic Operators: " forensics-capable personnel... possess unique and specific skills, knowledge, experience, education, training, and integrity to function in the financial forensics discipline." It defines why: "If you understand financial forensics you understand fraud, but not vice versa" by applying financial forensics to all aspects of the financial community. It contains a book-within-a-book Companion Section for financial valuation and litigation specialists. It defines foundational financial forensics/forensic accounting methodologies: FAIM, Forensic Accounting Investigation Methodology, ICE/SCORE, CICO, APD, forensic lexicology, and others. It contains a Reader Lookup Table that permits everyone in the financial community to immediately focus on the pertinent issues.

Criminal Law and Procedure: An Overview

Criminal Law and Procedure: An Overview ebook ISBN: 1111802947
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Author: Ronald J. Bacigal
Number of Pages: 408 
File: criminal-law-and-procedure-an-overview.pdf
Reads: 3185129


Criminal Law and Procedure: An Overview, 3E, constitutes an overview of the essentials of the criminal justice system. It covers both theory and practice, and can be tailored to a particular jurisdiction by supplementing the basic principles with statutes and cases from a particular locality. Important Notice: Media content referenced within the product description or the product text may not be available in the ebook version.

The Pain-Proof Pocket Guide

The Pain-Proof Pocket Guide ebook ISBN: 162336650X
Publisher: Rodale Books
Author: Wyatt Myers,The Editors of Prevention
Number of Pages: 160 
File: the-pain-proof-pocket-guide.pdf
Reads: 482826


This must-have guide proves that you can live a fun and active life free of both chronic and short-term aches. The best part? There's no need for a complete overhaul or for expensive drugs and treatment. In The Pain-Proof Pocket Guide, you'll learn to make small, basic changes that will instantly boost the quality of your life! This handy and user-friendly book provides at-a-glance information such as: A complete (and delicious!) inflammation-fighting diet including the 8 scientifically proven pain-preventing foods A corresponding shopping list and recipes designed to make it as easy as possible for you to eat to beat pain Ten natural supplements that help shut off pain and protect your body from further harm Nine easy, effortless stretches that will soothe any hurting body part A calming yoga routine that increases flexibility and relieves stress Often-overlooked yet simple ways to transform your home and work spaces to minimize wear and tear on your body


Stress-Proof ebook ISBN: 1524704083
Publisher: Penguin
Author: Mithu Storoni
Number of Pages: 288 
File: stress-proof.pdf
Reads: 5273153


Discover simple, science-based strategies for beating stress at its own game When’s the best time to exercise – and how much is too much? Which foods fortify the brain, and which do the opposite? How can we use music, movement, and motivation to boost our rational brain and keep our cool no matter what life throws our way? Short bursts of stress are an inevitable part of modern life. But how much is too much? Research is uncovering the delicate balance that can turn a brief stressful episode into systemic overload, eventually leading to inflammation, anxiety, depression, and other chronic health issues. This practical and groundbreaking guide reveals seven paths to fighting the effects of stress--to strengthen our natural defenses so that our minds remain sharp, and our bodies resilient, no matter what life throws at us. Each chapter examines a common stress agent—including inflammation, an out-of-sync body clock, cortisol levels, and emotional triggers—and presents simple ways to minimize its harmful effects with changes in diet, exercise, and other daily habits—including surprising hacks involving music, eye movements, body temperature, and more. Translating cutting-edge scientific findings into clear and simple advice, Stress-Proof is the ultimate user’s guide for body, mind and well-being.

Before You Break

Before You Break ebook ISBN: 9780987343222
Author: Karen Finnin
Number of Pages: 179 
File: before-you-break.pdf
Reads: 1848211


The Greater Spiritual Responsiveness of Body and Awakening the Brain of Spirit

The Greater Spiritual Responsiveness of Body and Awakening the Brain of Spirit ebook ISBN: 9780787311056
Publisher: Health Research Books
Author: Brown Landone
Number of Pages: 150 
File: the-greater-spiritual-responsiveness-of-body-and-awakening-the-brain-of-spirit.pdf
Reads: 5007636


Contents: the Gate to the Path; Tones of Cathedral Bells in Your Body; Four Brains & Improvement vs. Transformation; Two Stupendous Truths - Life & Death Reversed; Spiritualized Matter & Responsiveness; the Seven God Rays of Creation; Spoken Word -.

A Handbook on the WTO Dispute Settlement System

A Handbook on the WTO Dispute Settlement System ebook ISBN: 9780521602921
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Author: Organisation mondiale du commerce,World Trade Organization,World Trade Organization. Appellate Body
Number of Pages: 215 
File: a-handbook-on-the-wto-dispute-settlement-system.pdf
Reads: 6570654


The WTO dispute settlement system plays an important role in clarifying and enforcing the legal obligations contained in the WTO Agreement. It has gained a strong practical relevance as more than 300 disputes have been brought from 1 January 1995 through October 2003. While dispute settlement is certainly not the only activity taking place within the WTO, it has become an important part of the practical reality of the Organization. WTO dispute settlement has also become an important tool in the management by WTO Members of their international economic relations at large. The objective of this handbook is to give the reader a good understanding of the practical operation of this system. Working through this guide, the reader will be introduced to all elements of the dispute settlement process, from the initiation of a case through to the implementation of the decision.

Encyclopaedia of Occupational Health and Safety: The body, health care, management and policy, tools and approaches

Encyclopaedia of Occupational Health and Safety: The body, health care, management and policy, tools and approaches ebook ISBN: 9789221098140
Publisher: International Labour Organization
Author: Jeanne Mager Stellman
Number of Pages: 1174 
File: encyclopaedia-of-occupational-health-and-safety-the-body-health-care-management-and-policy-tools-and-approaches.pdf
Reads: 7616238


Revised and expanded, this edition provides comprehensive coverage of occupational health and safety. A new CD-ROM version is available which provides the benefits of computer-assisted search capabilities.

Learning to Reason

Learning to Reason ebook ISBN: 9780471371229
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Author: Nancy Rodgers
Number of Pages: 437 
File: learning-to-reason.pdf
Reads: 236513


Learn how to develop your reasoning skills and how to writewell-reasoned proofs Learning to Reason shows you how to use the basic elements ofmathematical language to develop highly sophisticated, logicalreasoning skills. You’ll get clear, concise, easy-to-followinstructions on the process of writing proofs, including thenecessary reasoning techniques and syntax for constructingwell-written arguments. Through in-depth coverage of logic, sets,and relations, Learning to Reason offers a meaningful, integratedview of modern mathematics, cuts through confusing terms and ideas,and provides a much-needed bridge to advanced work in mathematicsas well as computer science. Original, inspiring, and designed formaximum comprehension, this remarkable book: Clearly explains how to write compound sentences in equivalentforms and use them in valid arguments Presents simple techniques on how to structure your thinkingand writing to form well-reasoned proofs Reinforces these techniques through a survey of sets—thebuilding blocks of mathematics Examines the fundamental types of relations, which is "wherethe action is" in mathematics Provides relevant examples and class-tested exercises designedto maximize the learning experience Includes a mind-building game/exercise space


Age-Proof ebook ISBN: 145661357X
Author: Louisa Graves
Number of Pages: 302 
File: age-proof.pdf
Reads: 8403519


If you're a busy gal on the go, you're sure to enjoy best-selling author Louisa Graves, new doctor-recommended book, Age-Proof: Beauty Alternatives You Need to Know. Uncover powerful, yet safe, age-defying solutions that are scientifically proven and can help you to look and feel your best. This concise guide provides myriad DIY age-proofing beauty recipes, home remedies, low-glycemic meals, snacks and natural alternatives that can help uplift mood, boost brain power, balance hormones, ignite weight loss, rejuvenate skin and body, and much more. Enhance your health and wellbeing with proven alternatives that really work. The information is revolutionary and concise, and the product suggestions are accessible and affordable. Discover how to make your own healthy 'head to toe' beauty recipes and remedies * rid your body of toxins and reduce stress * improve wellbeing * reduce brain fog and increase mood with delicious foods and snacks * enjoy drug-free hormone-balancing alternatives that are safe * ignite fat burning * enjoy uninterrupted sleep * build bone density and firm muscles - in just 10 minutes a day * rejuvenate and firm sagging, mature skin * access doctor and spa-quality skin care products that cost a fraction of the price * avoid toxic skin care and household products * make your own healthy cleaning products * reduce enlarged pores, blemishes, prevent acne and fade stretch marks and pigmentation spots * rejuvenate hands * halt thinning hair * banish cracked heels, dark circles, cellulite, and more. Hundreds of Louisa's personal favorite age-proofing recipes and delicious low-glycemic meals and snacks are noted throughout and at the back of the book. In addition, the author provides a resource guide where you can locate ingredients, supplements and cutting-edge skin care and health products. Thousands of women report that they feel more energized and empowered, look and feel more beautiful, and ready to take on life's day to day challenges with a more uplifted attitude and much less stress, after having incorporated Louisa's proven suggestions.

The Poems of Browning: Volume One

The Poems of Browning: Volume One ebook ISBN: 1317873165
Publisher: Routledge
Author: John Woolford,Daniel Karlin
Number of Pages: 840 
File: the-poems-of-browning-volume-one.pdf
Reads: 3905660


The Poems of Browning is the first collected edition to be based on the earliest printed texts, and to present these texts in order of their composition.Together, volumes I and II provide an authoritative and accessible tribute to this great poet. Volume I, 1826-1840 traces Browning's career up to the writing of Sordello. It includes his only surviving juvenilia: The Dance of Death and The First-Borm of Egypt; Pauline, his first anonymous publication, and Paracelsus, the poem which made his literary reputation.