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Psychology of Body, Soul, and Spirit

Psychology of Body, Soul, and Spirit ebook ISBN: 9780880103978
Publisher: SteinerBooks
Author: Rudolf Steiner
Number of Pages: 232 
File: psychology-of-body-soul-and-spirit.pdf
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12 lectures, Berlin, Oct. 23, 1909-Dec. 16, 1911 (CW 115) This series of lectures provides the basis for an entirely new psychology. The first four lectures give a precise, dynamic understanding of the human soul in relation to the activity of the senses and to the subtle processes that make up the human being on Earth. The next four lectures focus on what we can know of the human soul based on direct observation alone. No theorizing takes place. To show what we can know of soul life through the immediacy of engaged observation of oneself and others, Rudolf Steiner refrains from using his own higher capacities of clairvoyance to form a picture of our soul life. The concluding lectures portray the relationship of soul life to spirit life, showing us how to awaken individual spirit life and how to distinguish between illusory and genuine spiritual experiences. Presented more than a century ago, we might be tempted to think that, insofar as psychology is concerned, the content of these lectures are outdated. It is also tempting to think that, because Steiner is not usually associated with the founders of modern psychology, his efforts must be considered, at best, an interesting aside. On the contrary, these lectures are actually a wellspring for the true stream of psychology, as the term itself means "soul study." A Psychology of Body, Soul, and Spirit should be read by anyone interested in psychology as well as by those interested in inner development. Whether we are involved in education, medicine, art, drama, economics, or business, the perspectives contained in this book have the potential to restore the frequently missing element of soul in psychology today. Robert Sardello's in-depth introduction places Steiner's lectures in the context of modern life and psychology and provides insights into how to read and use this text for inner development and a deeper understanding of spiritual science. Contents: Introduction by Robert Sardello Part 1 -- "Anthroposophy" The Human being and the Senses Supersensible Processes in the Human Senses The Higher Senses, inner Forces, and Creative Principles in the Human Organism Supersensible Currents, Group Soul, and the I in Human Beings and Animals Part 2 -- "Psychosophy" Aspects of Soul Life The Activities of Human Soul Forces The Senses, Feeling, and Aesthetic Judging Consciousness and Soul Life Part 3 -- "Pneumatosophy" Franz Brentano and Aristotle's Doctrine of the Spirit Truth and Error in Light of the Spiritual World Imagination-Imagination; Inspiration-Self-Fulfillment; Intuition-Conscience Nature, the Evolution of Consciousness, and Reincarnation "Steiner does not talk about soul; he speaks from soul. That is the entire method. There is, however, an entrance fee for doing psychology. The fee is that you need to leave behind your well-known-to-you self-identity. You must suffer the experience of leaving behind not only what you know, but also what you think you know of yourself. This requirement qualifies psychology as integral to the work of initiation. --Robert Sardello, from his introduction A previous translation of these lectures were published as Anthroposophy, Psychosophy, Pneumatosophy and as Wisdom of Man, of the Soul, and of the Spirit. This volume is a translation from German of Anthroposophie, Psychosophie, Pneumatosophie (GA 115)


Body-Soul-Spirit ebook ISBN: 0595442307
Publisher: iUniverse
Author: Joel T. Klein
Number of Pages: 188 
File: body-soul-spirit.pdf
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Body-Soul-Spirit explores the relationship between these components of life, their interaction, independence and interdependence. These are the most important queries which have occupied the human mind throughout the history of the species. The renewed interest in the relationship of the soul, body and spirit in our contemporary life suggests a widening trend to view the three as an inseparable unit. The resulting findings are the foundation of holistic therapeutic practice, which treats the human being as a whole. The author believes this material is timely and relevant to present-day medical thinking, teaching and healing processes. The Body-Soul-Brain-Mind-Spirit interaction is a frequent topic for the popular and secular press, magazines, newspapers, lecturers, healers and the religious faithful. Major medical schools have introduced courses on spirituality and holistic practices. The general public in ever-growing numbers seeks alternate approaches to health outside of medical and pharmaceutical interventions. In an unprecedented unique way, the author explores the relationship between body, soul, mind, spirit and intellect in mythology, philosophy, science and practice through a collection of dialogues, in poetry and prose. His analysis concludes that all these elements of humans perform as a unified, integrated system.

A Psychology of Body, Soul & Spirit

A Psychology of Body, Soul & Spirit ebook ISBN: 0880109513
Publisher: SteinerBooks
Author: Rudolf Steiner
Number of Pages: 160 
File: a-psychology-of-body-soul-spirit.pdf
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"Steiner does not talk about soul; he speaks from soul. That is the entire method. There is, however, an entrance fee for doing psychology. The fee is that you need to leave behind your well-known-to-you self-identity. You must suffer the experience of leaving behind not only what you know, but also what you think you know of yourself. This requirement qualifies psychology as integral to the work of initiation. -Robert Sardello, from his introduction "Essentially, the correct meaning of theosophy is the allowing of the god within us to speak; what it tells you about the world is theosophy. Anthroposophy, for its part, may be characterized as the wisdom spoken by us as human beings when we are between God and nature, and allow the human being in us to speak of what is shining into us from above and of what is projecting into us from below. Anthroposophy is the wisdom that human beings speak. -Rudolf Steiner In 1904, Steiner publicly described this classic account of the Western path of initiation. Beginning with the assumption that "the capacities by which we can gain insights into the higher worlds lie dormant within each one of us," Steiner carefully and precisely leads us through the stages of preparation, illumination, and initiation, from cultivating fundamental soul moods of reverence and tranquility to esoteric self-development. He also provides practical exercises for inner and outer observation and moral development. By patiently and persistently following his suggestions, new capacities of soul and spirit begin to form, revealing the contours of the higher worlds previously concealed from us. Robert Sardello's in-depth introduction places Steiner's lectures within the context of modern life and psychology and provides insights into how to read and use this text for inner development and a deeper understanding of spiritual science. The challenges we face in modern life require ever-deeper levels of wisdom and insight. In this important book, Rudolf Steiner becomes a teacher, counselor, and friend through advice that is practical, clear, and powerful. The text shows us how to cultivate the capacities for such insights and places them at the service of humanity.

Body Soul and Spirit

Body Soul and Spirit ebook ISBN: 0557429838
Author: Herman Willett
Number of Pages: 80 
File: body-soul-and-spirit.pdf
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Many people wonder just exactly what man is, but most just assume that man is just the biological entity that is conceived, is born, lives, dies, is buried and rots in the ground to be no more. But this is far from the truth of what man is. Most religions even claim to know what man is, that he is a living soul, or a living spirit, often confusing the soul with the spirit or even claiming that the soul is the spirit and vice versa. I hope to clarify some of these misconceptions for you based on insights gained through study, meditation, and astral visitations.

Edith Stein and the Body-soul-spirit at the Center of Holistic Formation

Edith Stein and the Body-soul-spirit at the Center of Holistic Formation ebook ISBN: 9780820495392
Publisher: Peter Lang
Author: Marian Maskulak
Number of Pages: 229 
File: edith-stein-and-the-body-soul-spirit-at-the-center-of-holistic-formation.pdf
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With a particular emphasis on the soul, this book explores Edith Stein's holistic conception of the human being's body-soul-spirit unity, which forms the foundation of her Christian anthropology and her view of human formation. Characterized by an unremitting attention to interconnections, Stein emerges as a forerunner of contemporary holistic approaches. "Edith Stein and the Body-Soul-Spirit at the Center of Holistic Formation" demonstrates the breadth and relevance of Stein's work by engaging her thought with the anthropological views of fellow phenomenologist John Paul II, Wilkie Au's perspectives on holistic spirituality and formation, and several nonreductionist, neuroscientific viewpoints of the human being. This book also makes available to the English reader a significant amount of material from Stein's untranslated works. Anyone interested in theological anthropology, holistic spirituality, human formation, the body-mind question, or Edith Stein studies will benefit from the wealth of material presented in this single book.

The Human Being in Body, Soul, and Spirit

The Human Being in Body, Soul, and Spirit ebook ISBN: 9780880102759
Publisher: Rudolf Steiner Press
Author: Rudolf Steiner
Number of Pages: 189 
File: the-human-being-in-body-soul-and-spirit.pdf
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What is human nature? How are body, soul, and spirit connected? In ten lively lectures, Rudolf Steiner throws light upon these age-old questions about ourselves. With the example of illnesses and their origin, Steiner traces the relationship between body, soul, and spirit. His vivid description of human growth and development opens up the spiritual dimension of our lives and finally leads to the beautiful picture of the earth as a living being to which we have a very special relationship.

Body, Soul, and Human Life (Studies in Theological Interpretation)

Body, Soul, and Human Life (Studies in Theological Interpretation) ebook ISBN: 144121075X
Publisher: Baker Books
Author: Joel B. Green
Number of Pages: 238 
File: body-soul-and-human-life-studies-in-theological-interpretation.pdf
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Are humans composed of a material body and an immaterial soul? This view is commonly held by Christians, yet it has been undermined by recent developments in neuroscience. Exploring what Scripture and theology teach about issues such as being in the divine image, the importance of community, sin, free will, salvation, and the afterlife, Joel Green argues that a dualistic view of the human person is inconsistent with both science and Scripture. This wide-ranging discussion is sure to provoke much thought and debate. Bestselling books have explored the relationship between body, mind, and soul. Now Joel Green provides us with a biblical perspective on these issues.

Mind, Body, Soul and Spirtit in Transactional Analysis

Mind, Body, Soul and Spirtit in Transactional Analysis ebook ISBN: 0955228700
Publisher: IMPACT
Author: Gordon Law
Number of Pages: 383 
File: mind-body-soul-and-spirtit-in-transactional-analysis.pdf
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Relationships may be understood as the contact that emerges from observable social rooles underpinned by inter-personal attitudes. Using transactional analysis and other approaches, this book presents a series of models based on an analysis of the relationships that are created when contact between people links imagos and roles to confirm existential life positions.Because the models provide a meta-level framework for understanding and influencing any sequence of interaction, irrespective of setting or TA specialism, they give ample scope for practitioners to exercise widely differing preferences, techniques and strategies for interacting with clients in ways that encompass a transpersonal or a spiritual view of relationships.

Body, Soul, Spirits and Supernatural Communication

Body, Soul, Spirits and Supernatural Communication ebook ISBN: 1527526232
Publisher: Cambridge Scholars Publishing
Author: Éva Pócs
Number of Pages: 503 
File: body-soul-spirits-and-supernatural-communication.pdf
Reads: 2829367


This book provides a nuanced picture of the notions of body and soul held by the peoples of Europe through the soul concepts associated with the Judeo-Christian tradition and other religions and denominations; and the alternative traditions preserved alongside Christianity in folklore collections, linguistic and literary records. The studies also emphasize the connections between these notions and beliefs related to death and the dead, as well as questions of communication between the human world and the spirit world. The essays here focus on the roles notions of the soul and the spirit world play in the everyday life, religion and mentality of various communities; their folklore and literary representations, as well as the narrative metaphors, motifs, topoi and genres of ideas about the soul and about supernatural communication, along with questions of the relationship between narratives and religious notions. This book will appeal to researchers and students of religion, mythology, folklore and the anthropology of religion, as well as general readers interested in the humanities.

Body & Soul

Body & Soul ebook ISBN: 0830874593
Publisher: InterVarsity Press
Author: J. P. Moreland,Scott B. Rae
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: body-soul.pdf
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While most people throughout history have believed that we are both physical and spiritual beings, the rise of science has called into question the existence of the soul. Many now argue that neurophysiology demonstrates the radical dependence, indeed, identity, between mind and brain. Advances in genetics and in mapping human DNA, some say, show there is no need for the hypothesis of body-soul dualism. Even many Christian intellectuals have come to view the soul as a false Greek concept that is outdated and unbiblical. Concurrent with the demise of dualism has been the rise of advanced medical technologies that have brought to the fore difficult issues at both edges of life. Central to questions about abortion, fetal research, reproductive techologies, cloning and euthanasia is our understanding of the nature of human personhood, the reality of life after death and the value of ethical or religious knowledge as compared to scientific knowledge. In this careful treatment, J. P. Moreland and Scott B. Rae argue that the rise of these problems alongside the demise of Christian dualism is no coincidence. They therefore employ a theological realism to meet these pressing issues, and to present a reasonable and biblical depiction of human nature as it impinges upon critical ethical concerns. This vigorous philosophical and ethical defense of human nature as body and soul, regardless of whether one agrees or disagrees, will be for all a touchstone for debate and discussion for years to come.

Body and Soul

Body and Soul ebook ISBN: 1452933227
Publisher: U of Minnesota Press
Author: Alondra Nelson
Number of Pages: 289 
File: body-and-soul.pdf
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The legacy of the Black Panther Party's commitment to community health care, a central aspect of its fight for social justice

Soul Economy

Soul Economy ebook ISBN: 0880109416
Publisher: SteinerBooks
Author: Rudolf Steiner
Number of Pages: 189 
File: soul-economy.pdf
Reads: 1484923


The important lectures in this volume were given by Rudolf Steiner in Dornach, Switzerland, to leading educators, including many from England. As a result, he was invited to Oxford, England, to expand on some of the themes presented in these lectures. Steiner begins by placing Anthroposophy as the foundation for understanding the principles behind Waldorf education. In the talks that follow, he describes an education based on the human being as a continually developing being of body, soul, and spirit. Out of this perspective, Waldorf education depends on the teacher's ability to observe and respond to each stage of a child's development. Steiner shows how Waldorf education emphasizes the efficient use of children's inner energies, and how children can be nurtured through their natural stages of development by giving them just what they need at the right time - an approach that he refers to in these talks as "soul economy." The topics on education include: health and illness, children from before the seventh year through adolescence, physical education, esthetic education, and religious and moral education. These detailed and accessible lectures give parents and teachers the keys to a much-needed renewal of education for our children and their future.

Body, Soul, and Life Everlasting

Body, Soul, and Life Everlasting ebook ISBN: 9780802846006
Publisher: Wm. B. Eerdmans Publishing
Author: John W. Cooper
Number of Pages: 262 
File: body-soul-and-life-everlasting.pdf
Reads: 3988888


This widely acclaimed study of biblical anthropology is available once more along with a substantial new preface by the author. Fully engaged with theological, philosophical, and scientific discussions on the nature of human persons and their destiny beyond the grave, John Cooper's defense of "holistic dualism" remains the most satisfying and biblical response to come from the monism-dualism debate. First published in 1989, Body, Soul, and Life Everlasting is required reading for Christian philosophers, theologians, psychologists, and students interested in the mind-body question.

Body, Soul, and Image

Body, Soul, and Image ebook ISBN:
Author: Joel Irving Barstad
Number of Pages: 356 
File: body-soul-and-image.pdf
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Soul, Body, and Survival

Soul, Body, and Survival ebook ISBN: 1501723529
Publisher: Cornell University Press
Author: Kevin Corcoran
Number of Pages: 272 
File: soul-body-and-survival.pdf
Reads: 950834


How are soul and body related to one another? Are human beings immaterial souls, or complex physical organisms? Will we survive the death of our bodies? Does only the dualist view allow the possibility of life after death? This collection brings together cutting-edge research on the metaphysics of human nature and the possibility of post-mortem survival. Kevin Corcoran's collection, Soul, Body, and Survival, includes chapters from those who embrace traditional soul-body dualism, those who assert person-body identity, and those who propose entirely new views that fall outside the categories of monism and dualism. The first book to connect the metaphysics of persons with the belief in life after death, thus intersecting with theological as well as philosophical inquiry, it blurs the divide between metaphysics and the philosophy of mind.

Illuminating Sanctity

Illuminating Sanctity ebook ISBN: 9004381996
Publisher: BRILL
Author: Maria R. Grasso
Number of Pages: 192 
File: illuminating-sanctity.pdf
Reads: 8148805


In Illuminating Sanctity, Maria R. Grasso analyses the twelfth-century vita of Saint Amand. Her discovery and analysis of another set of preliminary drawings related to the miniature cycle demonstrates that a key alteration was made, isolating an important devotional image.

Body, Soul, and Bioethics

Body, Soul, and Bioethics ebook ISBN:
Author: Gilbert Meilaender
Number of Pages: 134 
File: body-soul-and-bioethics.pdf
Reads: 7417363


Meilaender suggests that the development bioethics as a discipline in its own right has not been entirely benign. He argues that an increasing focus on public policy has obscured the importance of background beliefs about human nature and destiny, and that without drawing attention to those beliefs one cannot fully see what is at stake in many bioethical debates. Rather than seeking a minimalist consensus, Meilaender explores ethical problems surrounding the end and beginning of life in order to uncover the "soul"--That is, some of the deeper issues within bioethics that need our attention. Abortion, the issue that so often lurks just beneath the surface of bioethical argument, is discussed in the final chapter. Throughout the book Meilaender emphasizes the "soul" of all these issues - questions about who we are and what we may become, and suggests that recapturing that soul will lead us to a new appreciation of the living body as the locus of personal presence.

Self, Soul, and Body in Religious Experience

Self, Soul, and Body in Religious Experience ebook ISBN: 9789004109438
Publisher: BRILL
Author: Albert I. Baumgarten,Jan Assmann,Gedaliahu A. G. Stroumsa,Guy G. Stroumsa
Number of Pages: 444 
File: self-soul-and-body-in-religious-experience.pdf
Reads: 5214966


These papers were delivered at the first international colloquium of the Jacob Taubes Minerva Center at Bar Ilan University. They investigate concepts of Self, Soul and Body across the religious traditions of the Mediterranean world, as well as in Africa and Asia.