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Body and Soul

Body and Soul ebook ISBN: 0813922305
Publisher: University of Virginia Press
Author: Robert S. Cox
Number of Pages: 286 
File: body-and-soul.pdf
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The statesman and reformer James Oglethorpe was a significant figure in the philosophical and political landscape of eighteenth-century British America. His social contributions—all informed by Enlightenment ideals—included prison reform, the founding of the Georgia Colony on behalf of the "worthy poor," and stirring the founders of the abolitionist movement. He also developed the famous ward design for the city of Savannah, a design that became one of the most important planning innovations in American history. Multilayered and connecting the urban core to peripheral garden and farm lots, the Oglethorpe Plan was intended by its author to both exhibit and foster his utopian ideas of agrarian equality. In his new book, the professional planner Thomas D. Wilson reconsiders the Oglethorpe Plan, revealing that Oglethorpe was a more dynamic force in urban planning than has generally been supposed. In essence, claims Wilson, the Oglethorpe Plan offers a portrait of the Enlightenment, and embodies all of the major themes of that era, including science, humanism, and secularism. The vibrancy of the ideas behind its conception invites an exploration of the plan's enduring qualities. In addition to surveying historical context and intellectual origins, this book aims to rescue Oglethorpe’s work from its relegation to the status of a living museum in a revered historic district, and to demonstrate instead how modern-day town planners might employ its principles. Unique in its exclusive focus on the topic and written in a clear and readable style, The Oglethorpe Plan explores this design as a bridge between New Urbanism and other more naturally evolving and socially engaged modes of urban development.

Body and Soul

Body and Soul ebook ISBN: 1452933227
Publisher: U of Minnesota Press
Author: Alondra Nelson
Number of Pages: 289 
File: body-and-soul.pdf
Reads: 4883326


The legacy of the Black Panther Party's commitment to community health care, a central aspect of its fight for social justice

Body and Soul

Body and Soul ebook ISBN: 9780810849938
Publisher: Scarecrow Press
Author: Tony Williams
Number of Pages: 381 
File: body-and-soul.pdf
Reads: 1226825


Body and Soul concentrates on the creative and cultural dilemmas--both personal and political--that affect the individuals in Aldrich's films.

Body and Soul

Body and Soul ebook ISBN: 9780252072352
Publisher: University of Illinois Press
Author: Peter Stanfield
Number of Pages: 213 
File: body-and-soul.pdf
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Alongside extensive, thought provoking, and lively analysis of some of the most popular jazz and blues songs of the 20th century, this text contains new work on blackface minstrelsy in early sound movies, racial representation and censorship, torch singers and torch songs, the Hollywood Left, and hot jazz.

Common to Body and Soul

Common to Body and Soul ebook ISBN: 3110196514
Publisher: Walter de Gruyter
Author: Richard A.H. King
Number of Pages: 279 
File: common-to-body-and-soul.pdf
Reads: 9177023


The volume presents essays on the philosophical explanation of the relationship between body and soul in antiquity from the Presocratics to Galen, including papers on Parmenides on thinking (E. Hussey, R. Dilcher), Empedocles’ Love (D. O’Brien), tripartition in Plato (T. Buchheim), Aristotle (C. Rapp, T. Johansen, P.-M. Morel), Peripatetics after Aristotle (R. Sharples), Hellenistic Philosophy (C. Rapp, C. Gill), and Galen (R. J. Hankinson).

Body, Soul, and Baby

Body, Soul, and Baby ebook ISBN: 0307569187
Publisher: Bantam
Author: Tracy Gaudet,Paula Spencer
Number of Pages: 544 
File: body-soul-and-baby.pdf
Reads: 3285720


In a culture that rarely sees pregnancy as a journey to self-discovery, Body, Soul, and Baby offers a fresh perspective on this transformative life experience by showing women how to tune in to the cues offered by their bodies and souls—as well as by the babies growing within them—for a healthier pregnancy, a more fulfilling birth experience, and a deeper bond with their baby. Drawing on the best of both complementary and conventional Western medicine, Dr. Gaudet has written a groundbreaking guide that shows you how to become an active participant in your pregnancy. By working with the natural processes of pregnancy, you can discover how to: • Pick up important signals from within about what you need, what your body needs, and what is right for both you and your baby • Tune in to cues that can alert you to early signs of problems • Use the mind-body connection to reduce stress, explore this remarkable life change, and bond with your baby • Nurture your whole self, including your evolving sexual and sensual needs • Make informed and conscious choices that reflect both your personal feelings and the latest medical information • Collaborate with your doctor or midwife, and build a supportive health-care team Empowering, inspiring, and respectful of the wisdom of the female body and spirit, this invaluable book also includes advice on eating right and staying active, and natural and alternative approaches to pain relief. Whether you’re already pregnant or preparing to be, the time to start listening to your inner wisdom is now, and the guide to doing it is here.


Body-Soul-Spirit ebook ISBN: 0595442307
Publisher: iUniverse
Author: Joel T. Klein
Number of Pages: 188 
File: body-soul-spirit.pdf
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Body-Soul-Spirit explores the relationship between these components of life, their interaction, independence and interdependence. These are the most important queries which have occupied the human mind throughout the history of the species. The renewed interest in the relationship of the soul, body and spirit in our contemporary life suggests a widening trend to view the three as an inseparable unit. The resulting findings are the foundation of holistic therapeutic practice, which treats the human being as a whole. The author believes this material is timely and relevant to present-day medical thinking, teaching and healing processes. The Body-Soul-Brain-Mind-Spirit interaction is a frequent topic for the popular and secular press, magazines, newspapers, lecturers, healers and the religious faithful. Major medical schools have introduced courses on spirituality and holistic practices. The general public in ever-growing numbers seeks alternate approaches to health outside of medical and pharmaceutical interventions. In an unprecedented unique way, the author explores the relationship between body, soul, mind, spirit and intellect in mythology, philosophy, science and practice through a collection of dialogues, in poetry and prose. His analysis concludes that all these elements of humans perform as a unified, integrated system.

Journal of Emiria Walker

Journal of Emiria Walker ebook ISBN: 1543496059
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Emiria Walker
Number of Pages: 130 
File: journal-of-emiria-walker.pdf
Reads: 2049773


Diary of Emiria Walker spanning eight years, involving mental health, false beliefs, hearing voices and thoughts on my own matters.

The Sex Life of Food

The Sex Life of Food ebook ISBN: 9781429903325
Publisher: Macmillan
Author: Bunny Crumpacker
Number of Pages: 272 
File: the-sex-life-of-food.pdf
Reads: 1444766


"The sex life of food" doesn't mean that the strawberries have fallen in love with the oatmeal. It's a look at food—and sex—and how they go together in our daily lives much more often than we realize. There are so many ways that hunger and desire act on each other, and so many things that can influence our preferences. Not only are people moved by the taste, texture, and the shapes of the food they eat, but even the names of some dishes can kindle hunger—of both kinds—in some. As the author writes, "Sometimes cooking is foreplay, eating is making love, and doing the dishes is the morning after." The many things Bunny Crumpacker shares with the readers of her fascinating book almost could have inspired her to write a novel, sending Adam and Eve (with their apple) traveling through history as the icons of our passions. Instead, she has gone far beyond the obvious to bring us unexpected and tantalizing knowledge of how much and in how many surprising ways we assuage our hunger for both food and sex and how where there's one, there is often the other. The result is a continued delight. There's history and humor, obvious connections and truly amazing ones. The author enlightens us on a myriad of topics, including food in fairy tales, what politicians eat, comfort food, and manners at the table. But enough! There's too much to say. Turn the pages and let Bunny Crumpacker introduce you to The Sex Life of Food.

Modernity and Subjectivity

Modernity and Subjectivity ebook ISBN: 9780813919669
Publisher: University of Virginia Press
Author: Harvie Ferguson
Number of Pages: 218 
File: modernity-and-subjectivity.pdf
Reads: 6019126


Few concepts have come to dominate the human sciences as much as modernity, yet there is very little agreement over what the term actually means. Every aspect of contemporary human reality—modern society, modern life, modern times, modern art, modern science, modern music, the modern world—has been cited as a part of modernity's distinctive and all-embracing presence. But what is the exact nature of the reality to which the term modern refers? Has not such a promiscuous, ill-defined concept come to obscure and confuse rather than clarify a genuine understanding of our experience? Harvie Ferguson proposes a new view of modernity, arguing that, although it may variously be associated with the Renaissance, the European discovery of the New World, the Reformation, the Industrial Revolution, and many other significant ruptures with primitive or premodern society, modernity fails as an idea if it only defines itself against what it replaced. Instead, he writes, modernity finds its clearest definition through an exploration of subjectivity. For the modern world there is no higher authority than experience. No longer is the human world subordinate to a divine reality beyond the capacity of its own senses. This idea finds its greatest expression in the philosophy of doubt originated by Descartes. Doubt seemed the radical starting point from which to found a wholly modern philosophy that makes the distinction between subject and object, but those who came after Descartes soon reached the limits of self-discovery and became trapped in deepening levels of despair. This despair in turn found expression in the concepts of self and other, and eventually in a dialectic of ego and world, which distinguishes and links together the most important social, cultural, and psychological aspects of modernity. Moving beyond these dualities of subject and object, mind and body, ego and world, and replacing them with the triad of body, soul, and spirit, Ferguson redraws the map of contemporary experience, finding links with the premodern world that modernity's self-founding concealed.


Mind.Body.Soul. ebook ISBN: 1982248009
Publisher: Balboa Press
Author: Kendra Leonard
Number of Pages: 80 
File: mind-body-soul.pdf
Reads: 4533451


in her search for peace, kendra writes about her experiences of being single, putting herself first, stepping into her light, and shining as bright as she can. through self discovery and putting in the work to find herself along the journey of this thing called life, she shares what she hopes will be a helpful guide to others as they go through life and all that’s unexpected. ultimately a lesson in learning to let go and release what no longer serves you so you can create space for what is to come.

Edith Stein and the Body-soul-spirit at the Center of Holistic Formation

Edith Stein and the Body-soul-spirit at the Center of Holistic Formation ebook ISBN: 9780820495392
Publisher: Peter Lang
Author: Marian Maskulak
Number of Pages: 229 
File: edith-stein-and-the-body-soul-spirit-at-the-center-of-holistic-formation.pdf
Reads: 1090418


With a particular emphasis on the soul, this book explores Edith Stein's holistic conception of the human being's body-soul-spirit unity, which forms the foundation of her Christian anthropology and her view of human formation. Characterized by an unremitting attention to interconnections, Stein emerges as a forerunner of contemporary holistic approaches. Edith Stein and the Body-Soul-Spirit at the Center of Holistic Formation demonstrates the breadth and relevance of Stein's work by engaging her thought with the anthropological views of fellow phenomenologist John Paul II, Wilkie Au's perspectives on holistic spirituality and formation, and several nonreductionist, neuroscientific viewpoints of the human being. This book also makes available to the English reader a significant amount of material from Stein's untranslated works. Anyone interested in theological anthropology, holistic spirituality, human formation, the body-mind question, or Edith Stein studies will benefit from the wealth of material presented in this single book.

Body, Mind, and Soul

Body, Mind, and Soul ebook ISBN: 9657146089
Publisher: GalEinai Publication Society
Author: Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh
Number of Pages: 341 
File: body-mind-and-soul.pdf
Reads: 4854412


The body-mind connection is a well-documented fact in today's medical paradigm. Yet, long before recent scientific research uncovered this natural linkage, it was described in Kabbalistic healing manuals, with one important difference--there it was understood to be a link between body, mind, and soul.Whether you rely on today's holistic healing or on more traditional medicine, you'll benefit from the Kabbalistic prescriptions for healing and understanding of human physiology laid out in this valuable book.Body, Mind, Soul: Kabbalah and Medicine includes: - A reference guide to the body-soul interaction- A detailed description of Kabbalah's understanding of disease and its root causes- Contemporary healing methods seen from a mystical point of view- A discussion of the healing power of prayer and teshuvah (return to G-d)

Homemaking as a Social Art

Homemaking as a Social Art ebook ISBN: 9781855840683
Publisher: Rudolf Steiner Press
Author: Veronika Van Duin
Number of Pages: 207 
File: homemaking-as-a-social-art.pdf
Reads: 1518410


Today, social and economic pressures affect the traditional role of the homemaker. Emphasis is placed on the working world instead of home life, and many struggle to function in several roles at once. This increasingly hectic climate has tended to downgrade of the work of the homemaker. Taking a spiritual perspective inspired by Rudolf Steiner, Veronika van Duin suggests that homemaking needs to be undertaken consciously as an honored and valued area of work, as nothing less than a "social art." She asserts that, by elevating our regard for the homemaker, we can enjoy a happier and more contented family and home life. The author does not claim any blueprint for perfect homemaking, but offers principles and observations based on a study of the seven "life processes" and how they affect us. She addresses the significance of rhythm, relationships, artistic environment, caring, self-development, and much more in this invaluable book.

A Possessive Billionaire vol. 12

A Possessive Billionaire vol. 12 ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Addictive Publishing
Author: Olivia Dean
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: a-possessive-billionaire-vol-12.pdf
Reads: 4084693


Who is trying to make Charles relive his parents’ death? And above all, why? Now inseparable and as in love as ever, Charles and Emma throw themselves headlong in search of answers. A breathless adventure that will take them places they should never have gone. And what if death were at the end of the trail? Don’t miss the last episode of Olivia Dean’s saga, His, body and soul! This is a complete, uncensored version: no scenes have been cut.

Mind, Body, Soul and Spirtit in Transactional Analysis

Mind, Body, Soul and Spirtit in Transactional Analysis ebook ISBN: 0955228700
Publisher: IMPACT
Author: Gordon Law
Number of Pages: 383 
File: mind-body-soul-and-spirtit-in-transactional-analysis.pdf
Reads: 2295482


Relationships may be understood as the contact that emerges from observable social rooles underpinned by inter-personal attitudes. Using transactional analysis and other approaches, this book presents a series of models based on an analysis of the relationships that are created when contact between people links imagos and roles to confirm existential life positions.Because the models provide a meta-level framework for understanding and influencing any sequence of interaction, irrespective of setting or TA specialism, they give ample scope for practitioners to exercise widely differing preferences, techniques and strategies for interacting with clients in ways that encompass a transpersonal or a spiritual view of relationships.

Jivamukti Yoga

Jivamukti Yoga ebook ISBN: 9780307486646
Publisher: Ballantine Books
Author: Sharon Gannon,David Life
Number of Pages: 320 
File: jivamukti-yoga.pdf
Reads: 5442865


The long-awaited, complete guide to the popular, vigorous American method of yoga that is deeply rooted in ancient wisdom and scriptures “In this day and age of health and fitness trends, it is assuring to know that Sharon and David encourage their students to draw inspiration from the classical texts of Yoga and timeless scriptural sources. What I appreciate so much about David and Sharon is how they help their Yoga students to understand and appreciate the wisdom of all the great saints and jivamuktas who have contributed to raising consciousness. Ultimately, it is Self-Realization, that is the true goal of Yoga.” –SRI SWAMI SATCHIDANANDA Creators of the extremely popular Jivamukti Yoga method and cofounders of the New York City studios where it is taught, Sharon Gannon and David Life present their unique style of yoga for the first time in book form. As they explain their intensely physical and spiritual system of flowing postures, they provide inspiring expert instruction to guide you in your practice. Unlike many books about yoga, Jivamukti Yoga focuses not only on the physical postures but also on how they evolved–the origins of the practices in yoga’s ancient sacred texts and five-thousand-year-old traditions–the psychotherapeutic benefits that accrue with a steady practice, and the spiritual power that is set free when energy flows throughout the mind and body. Jivamukti Yoga, which means “soul liberation,” guides your body and soul into spiritual freedom, physical strength, peace of mind, better health, and Self-realization–the ultimate goal of any practice. Gannon and Life help you understand each of the practices that comprise the yoga path to enlightenment: AHIMSA–The Way of Compassion: choosing nonviolence, respecting all life, practicing vegetarianism, living free of prejudice ASANA–The Way of Connection to the Earth: postures and sequences, breathing, transforming energy, understanding the bandhas KARMA–The Way of Action: creating good karma, giving thanks NADAM–The Way of Sacred Music: appreciating the sacred sounds of yoga MEDITATION–The Way of the Witness: how to sit still and move inward BHAKTI–The Way of Devotion to God: living with love, grace, and peace Whatever yoga you practice, Jivamukti Yoga will help you to strengthen and deepen that practice and lead you onto a path of spiritual clarity and self-discovery. “If there is only one book you read about the practice of Yoga, this should be the one. Sharon and David are deeply dedicated students and teachers of Yoga who have the rare capacity to translate their profound understanding to the reader. This book is for anyone who wishes to find transformation through Yoga. I’m grateful for their work and teaching.” –STEPHAN RECHTSCHAFFEN, MD Co-founder & CEO, Omega Institute From the Trade Paperback edition.

Mind, Body, and Soul

Mind, Body, and Soul ebook ISBN: 1438942001
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Author: Scott Weier
Number of Pages: 260 
File: mind-body-and-soul.pdf
Reads: 1680271


This book is about one mans life, mine, and how this life has been transformed into what God intended it to be in the first place. There are so many bible stories that I can relate to because of the trials and tribulations that I have gone through, most specifically the last 5 years, but also all of my life. The book is not to glorify me but instead to speak to how great of a God we have who can bring you peace and joy in your life no matter your circumstances. It's a story that does not even come close to resembling anything like the American Dream, or a life that anyone would choose given the choice. But a life that through it all, has found the truth, the way and the light in the Glory of God! And a life that if I had the choice to do over again, would not change a thing with it, for fear I would not get to this same place of total peace, joy and Love no matter what life throws at me. We all have trials and tribulations. We all have our own issues to deal with. This book is not to make mine bigger than anyone else's, or to compare hurts, but instead it is to help you find your way to this incredible peace through your hurts, as I have. And to help you find the truth that God tells us about through scripture. For 40 years of my life, I stumbled through Christianity, trying to understand what God was trying to tell me through his word in the bible. For forty years I did things my way, and using scripture to support my sinful behavior, instead of allowing it to crucify the evil in my spirit. And then when I finally came to the end of myself, because of severe trials, how God lifted me up from the dead. To be able to live life to the fullest. This book is written from a differentperspective than most Christian motivational books, as there is nothing special about me. As a matter of fact, based on my past sinful history, I am the most likely candidate to write a book about the teachings of God, and how to apply them to life. But then again, God works in mysterious ways and uses the least likely men and women to accomplish his goals. And this book is an example of this, because most of the preachers and authors who write these great books about what life is about come from a totally different perspective. Most of them have lived a fairly straight forward good life, and have not allowed themselves to be over come with sinful behavior that puts them in bondage as have I. Up until I was transformed by the Lord and set free from the bondage of sin, everything these preachers talked about seemed for other people and not for a man like me. Through out those 40 years I either thought that I did not have issues and was good enough to deserve God in my life and did not realize there was even any bondage on my soul. Or after hitting rock bottom, realized just how bad of a man I am, and felt like God would not ever forgive me. I know God well these days. I know the reason he had a man like me write this book. It is a book for all men and women to read. Because maybe you were like me initially where you think you are good and deserving of the mercy of God? Or maybe you were like me after the hard fall, where you realize that you are not deserving of God. Which ever place you are at in life, hopefully this book will bring you to the place I am now, where you to will know you are not worthy of God period. But also, you will learn what the true meaning of God's amazing grace isabout. You will learn just how merciful of a God we have. The hope is you to will find the Lord God and be released of the bondage of sin on your soul no matter where you are in life.

Body and Soul ...

Body and Soul ... ebook ISBN:
Author: George Wilkins
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: body-and-soul.pdf
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Liferider ebook ISBN: 163565291X
Publisher: Rodale Books
Author: Laird Hamilton,Julian Borra
Number of Pages: 256 
File: liferider.pdf
Reads: 4075421


NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER • Surfing icon Laird Hamilton offers inspiration to anyone who wants to elevate their ordinary, landlocked lives to do extraordinary things. “When Laird Hamilton surfs, you must watch. When he speaks, I listen. And when he writes a book, I’m damn sure gonna read it. Twice.”—Eddie Vedder, Grammy Award–winning lead vocalist of Pearl Jam Millions of us increasingly seek happiness in fads and self-help books, reaching upward every day toward some enlightened state that we wish to attain. Laird Hamilton is more intent on looking inward and appreciating the brilliant creatures we already are. In Liferider, Laird uses five key pillars—Death & Fear, Heart, Body, Soul, and Everything Is Connected—to illustrate his unique worldview and life practices. This is Laird Hamilton in his own words—raw, honest, and unvarnished—on topics he has rarely explored before. Based on extensive interviews and conversations between Laird and his coauthor, Julian Borra, with additional insights from Laird’s wife, pro-volleyball player Gabby Reece, Liferider takes on human resilience, relationships, business, technology, risk-taking, and the importance of respecting the natural world, all through the lens of Laird’s extraordinary life both in and beyond the ocean. Praise for Liferider “Laird is a hero, if you want him to be. That’s up to your perception. He challenges himself, and he challenges those around him. He shows us that the deeper we puncture into life, the more vibrant the colors get. The Laird Hamilton I know—real, faulty, moody, deeply loving, and communal—comes through on every page of Liferider.”—Josh Brolin, Award-Winning Actor “Laird Hamilton is a true individualist unafraid to carve his own path. These thoughtful mediations offer a unique window — illuminating and inspiring — into one of America's great innovators.”—Rory Kennedy, Documentary Filmmaker