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Bogeyman ebook ISBN: 9780990557302
Publisher: Wildblue Press
Author: Steve Jackson
Number of Pages: 250 
File: bogeyman.pdf
Reads: 3710908


For years he stalked elementary schools and playgrounds looking for young girls from low-income neighborhoods to abduct, rape and murder. They were "throwaway kids" to him, hardly missed, soon forgotten. He was every parent's worst nightmare. The bogeyman they warned their children about, who lurked in the shadows outside of bedroom windows.

Secret Dallas: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure

Secret Dallas: A Guide to the Weird, Wonderful, and Obscure ebook ISBN: 168106104X
Publisher: Reedy Press LLC
Author: Mark Stuertz
Number of Pages: 208 
File: secret-dallas-a-guide-to-the-weird-wonderful-and-obscure.pdf
Reads: 3515339


Take an excursion through the weird, the wry, and the wonderful idiosyncrasies that comprise the Big D. From the Playboy Marfa bunny-with-a-muscle-car sculpture, to the ceaseless failed attempts to navigate the Trinity River, to the invention of the computer chip and German chocolate cake, Dallas is the birthplace of the whimsical, the wistful, and the profound. Secret Dallas answers questions about Big D you never knew you had, catapulting you through a portfolio of little-known but fascinating people, places, episodes, and artifacts. Think of it as a scavenger hunt travelogue, providing insights into hidden rhinestones and diamonds in the caliche. Secret Dallas is a riveting excursion into the city's odds and ends, where the rare and the phenomenal express the big, the bold, and the brash in everyone.

Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy

Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy ebook ISBN: 1618686402
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Author: Thommy Hutson
Number of Pages: 250 
File: never-sleep-again-the-elm-street-legacy.pdf
Reads: 3747074


The definitive chronicle of the making of Wes Craven's 1984 classic horror film. Never Sleep Again is the ultimate chronicle of one of the most important horror films of the 20th century. Hutson takes fans deeper into the movie’s boiler room than they’ve ever dared go, from exploring what spurred mastermind Craven to the beginnings of Robert Shaye’s revolutionary New Line Cinema. Features dozens of exclusive cast and crew interviews, in addition to thoughts from those who worked with Craven and Shaye prior to their Nightmare. Including rare and never-before-seen material, this extensively researched, comprehensive look back is the definitive account of the film that began what many have called the best, most frightening and imaginative horror franchise in motion picture history.

Every Mother's Nightmare

Every Mother's Nightmare ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Onyx
Author: Charles Bosworth
Number of Pages: 350 
File: every-mother-s-nightmare.pdf
Reads: 4925907


Reveals the harrowing story of two mothers, Jude Govreau and Mari Winzen, whose children were brutally killed by a vicious murderer, and recounts their efforts with a lone district attorney to bring the murderer to justice. Original.

Quiet as the Grave

Quiet as the Grave ebook ISBN: 9781426883613
Publisher: Harlequin
Author: Kathleen O'Brien
Number of Pages: 384 
File: quiet-as-the-grave.pdf
Reads: 9254787


WHEN DESIRES BECOME DANGEROUS, LOVE CAN BE DEADLY Whispers of foul play circulate through an upscale community when beautiful Justine Milner disappears. But only when her body is discovered more than two years later is her ex-husband, Michael Frome, accused of murder. Portrait artist Suzie Strickland learned firsthand how manipulative and cruel Justine could be when they were rivals for Mike's affection in high school. She believes in Mike's innocence and suspects she's found a chilling link to a darker side of Justine's privileged life. How deep was her involvement with a mysterious group called The Mulligan Club and their seductive, dangerous games? The answers may come too late. Because the truth about what happened to Justine is proving just as deadly as the secrets she kept....

The Encyclopedia of the Gothic

The Encyclopedia of the Gothic ebook ISBN: 1119064600
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
Author: William Hughes,David Punter,Andrew Smith
Number of Pages: 880 
File: the-encyclopedia-of-the-gothic.pdf
Reads: 464200


Offering challenging insights into the development of the genre and its impact on contemporary culture, this wide-ranging and interdisciplinary work brings together a notable team of scholars writing on all aspects of the Gothic as it is currently taught and researched. Comprises over 200 newly-commissioned essays by an impressive international team of scholars, whose expertise extends beyond Gothic literature to film, music, drama, art, and architecture Based on the successful two-volume reference work, this comprehensive and wide-ranging research is now available in an accessible single-volume paperback edition Explores relevant authors, national traditions, critical developments, and notable texts that continue to define, shape, and inform this subject A-Z entries range from Angels and American Gothic, to Wilde and Witchcraft, creating the definitive reference guide to all aspects of this strange and wondrous genre

Death Bogle at the Crossroads

Death Bogle at the Crossroads ebook ISBN: 1619400839
Publisher: Weiser Books
Author: Elliot O'Donnell,Varla Ventura
Number of Pages: 21 
File: death-bogle-at-the-crossroads.pdf
Reads: 8896671


Varla Ventura, fan favorite on Huffington Post’s Weird News, frequent guest on Coast to Coast, and bestselling author of The Book of the Bizarre and Beyond Bizarre, introduces a new Weiser Books Collection of forgotten cryptoclassics. Magical Creatures is a hairraising herd of affordable digital editions, curated with Varla’s affectionate and unerring eye for the fantastic. Beware the death bogle! A sighting of this fearsome creature will likely lead to sudden illness and untimely death. Folklorist Elliot O'Donnell warns of this relative of The Bogieman and all that lurk at the crossroads in this Edwardianera collection about the notsofair fairies of old.

Art Nouveau

Art Nouveau ebook ISBN: 9780719041617
Publisher: Manchester University Press
Author: Jeremy Howard
Number of Pages: 240 
File: art-nouveau.pdf
Reads: 9512849


Jeremy Howard shows how the Art Nouveau movement changed the face of European art and design from Paris to Prague. Clearly structured by country, the book traces the emergence of the movement, highlighting the particular interpretations of the style in each country. Countries covered include Belgium, Spain, Britain, Austria, Hungary, Russia, and others. Includes 100 illustrations, 18 in color.

Claw Hammer

Claw Hammer ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Crossroad Press
Author: Paul Dale Anderson
Number of Pages: 280 
File: claw-hammer.pdf
Reads: 8212432


Book 1 of The Instruments of Death Series - featuring the fictional city of Riverdale, Illinois... Relentless, inhumanly cunning, a killer stalks the serene streets and elegant houses of the quiet Illinois suburb of Riverdale. The victims' skulls are shattered, their flesh torn and flayed. Hard on the killer's trail, a dedicated cop and a brilliant young doctor risk everything to run an elusive, insanely savage predator to ground. Their only clue–a beautiful girl, scarred body and soul by a past she can't escape. Their only hope–untangling the dark, terrifying secrets of that past before their quarry turns the tables and makes them the hunted. Torn from the pages of today's headlines, Claw Hammer is a suspense-filled novel of psychopathological investigation orchestrated by a masterful storyteller. Now a part of the acclaimed Instruments of Death series from Gordian Knot Mysteries, and Crossroad Press Publishing, Claw Hammer introduces Detective Carl Erickson and Pathologist Marsha Wade to lovers of crime fiction.

Agee Agonistes

Agee Agonistes ebook ISBN:
Author: Michael A. Lofaro
Number of Pages: 350 
File: agee-agonistes.pdf
Reads: 6363302


Most widely noted for his acclaimed Let Us Now Praise Famous Men and his Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, A Death in the Family, Tennessee native James Agee was also a journalist, film critic, poet, and screenwriter. More than fifty years after Agee's untimely death, his canon of work continues to grow in popularity, and his ability to capture the human condition in all its forms remains unparalleled. Agee Agonistes is a compilation of seventeen essays from the James Agee Celebration hosted by the University of Tennessee in April 2005. The collection includes some of the best interpretations of Agee's work and explores the influences on his art, delineates the connections and syntheses he makes within his texts, and examines his involvement in music, ethics, surrealism, local and national history, cinema, television, poetry, literature, sociology, and journalism. The volume features never-before-seen pictures of Agee, previously unknown correspondence, and a remembrance by his oldest daughter, Deedee. The volume also includes the most extensive bibliography of secondary sources on Agee assembled to date. The essays are divided into four parts: Agee's Influences and Syntheses-Contributors: Paul Sprecher, William Bruce Wheeler, Jack Neely, Jeffrey J. Folks, Hugh Davis, Paul Ashdown Agee's Films-Contributors: Daniel Feller, Jeffrey Couchman, Mary E. Papke, John Wranovics Agee's Literature-Contributors: Fred Chappell, Angie Maxwell, John H. Summers, James A. Crank, Michael A. Lofaro Agee's Correspondence-Contributor: Brian Gempp. In addition, the volume includes an introductory essay entitled "Mapping Agee's Myriad Mind" by noted author David Madden. Agee Agonistes will be of interest to all those who study twentieth-century America and will introduce a new generation of readers to James Agee. Michael Lofaro is professor of American literature and American and Cultural Studies at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. He has authored and edited numerous volumes and is coeditor, with Hugh Davis, of James Agee Rediscovered: The Journals of Let Us Now Praise Famous Men and Other New Manuscripts. He is also the general editor for the ten-volume series, The Works of James Agee, and the editor of its forthcoming first volume, A Death in the Family: A Restoration of the Author's Text.

Nightmares in Red, White and Blue

Nightmares in Red, White and Blue ebook ISBN:
Publisher: McFarland
Author: Joseph Maddrey
Number of Pages: 201 
File: nightmares-in-red-white-and-blue.pdf
Reads: 4128930


This survey of the pivotal horror films produced in America examines the history of the genre as a reflection of cultural changes in the United States. It explores the origins of the genre and follows it to the present, using various films to document the evolution of Hollywood horror flicks and illustrate their cultural significance. A second part focuses on eight directors whose personal visions helped shape the genre - from early pioneers like Tod Browning and Alfred Hitchcock to modern masters like John Carpenter and Wes Craven.


Pilot ebook ISBN: 1291263047
Author: R. D. Drabble
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: pilot.pdf
Reads: 3999074


The Boogeyman

The Boogeyman ebook ISBN:
Publisher: Crossroad Press
Author: B.W. Battin
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: the-boogeyman.pdf
Reads: 1651916


THE TERROR BEGINS... A bloodthirsty specter has wiped out an entire family and left a message in purple crayon: THE BOOGEYMAN WAS HERE. THE HORROR GROWS... Sheriff Melissa James must find the creature who becomes more elusive the more he kills. And tracking him down after he kidnaps her own kids is every mother's nightmare come true...


Kamchatka ebook ISBN: 0802195555
Publisher: Open Road + Grove/Atlantic
Author: Marcelo Figueras
Number of Pages: 312 
File: kamchatka.pdf
Reads: 6982906


An O, The Oprah Magazine Summer Reading Pick. A “brilliantly observed, heartrending” novel of a Buenos Aires boy in exile (Financial Times). In 1976 Buenos Aires, a ten-year-old boy lives in a world of school lessons and comic books, TV shows and games of Risk. But in his hometown, the military has just seized power, and amid a climate of increasing terror and intimidation, people begin to disappear without a trace. When his mother unexpectedly pulls him and his younger brother from school, she tells him they’re going on an impromptu family trip. But he soon realizes that this will be no ordinary holiday: his parents are known supporters of the opposition, and they are going into hiding. Holed up in a safe house in the remote hills outside the city, the family assumes new identities. The boy names himself Harry after his hero Houdini, and as tensions rise and the uncertain world around him descends into chaos, he spends his days of exile learning the secrets of escape. Told from the points of view of Harry as a grown man and as a boy, Kamchatka is an unforgettable story of courage and sacrifice, the tricks of time and memory, and the fragile yet resilient fabric of childhood. “[Figueras] vividly evokes a child’s reaction to a world beleaguered by violence . . . [A] hopeful message about the healing powers of imagination and love.” —The New York Times

Lucky in the Corner

Lucky in the Corner ebook ISBN: 0544032039
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Author: Carol Anshaw
Number of Pages: 256 
File: lucky-in-the-corner.pdf
Reads: 2679174


Nora and Fern are just like any other mother and daughter - their relationship is tumultuous, marked by brooding silences and curt exchanges. For Nora, Fern is an enigma - incomprehensible, unfindable. Fern has never really forgiven her mother for leaving her marriage to live with her lover, Jeanne. Their story is a contemporary one, in which mothering is a mapless journey and children are left to form themselves in the shadows cast by idiosyncratic parenting. Here, too, is the reality that perfectly reasonable people will find some way to throw a wrench into the smooth, well-oiled workings of their lives. Nora’s relationship with Jeanne has settled into domestic stability, triggering in Nora a familiar restlessness that leads to an affair. When Fern intuits her mother’s indiscretion, she looks to the two people she depends on most: her uncle Harold and her best friend, Tracy, who now has the overwhelming task of raising a baby. As Fern begins to take on more of the baby's care herself, she discovers some of the powerful ambiguities of parental love - and starts to find her way back to her own mother. Carol Anshaw has been praised for her "warmhearted sympathies and lively wit" (Newsday). LUCKY IN THE CORNER, with the author's inimitable humor and insight, shows us the way a family reconfigures itself as unexpected changes come its way - and how, no matter what shape it takes, it remains a family.

Generation Multiplex

Generation Multiplex ebook ISBN: 9780292774902
Publisher: University of Texas Press
Author: Timothy Shary
Number of Pages: 338 
File: generation-multiplex.pdf
Reads: 9834400


When teenagers began hanging out at the mall in the early 1980s, the movies followed. Multiplex theaters offered teens a wide array of perspectives on the coming-of-age experience, as well as an escape into the alternative worlds of science fiction and horror. Youth films remained a popular and profitable genre through the 1990s, offering teens a place to reflect on their evolving identities from adolescence to adulthood while simultaneously shaping and maintaining those identities. Drawing examples from hundreds of popular and lesser-known youth-themed films, Timothy Shary here offers a comprehensive examination of the representation of teenagers in American cinema in the 1980s and 1990s. He focuses on five subgenres—school, delinquency, horror, science, and romance/sexuality—to explore how they represent teens and their concerns, how these representations change over time, and how youth movies both mirror and shape societal expectations and fears about teen identities and roles. He concludes that while some teen films continue to exploit various notions of youth sexuality and violence, most teen films of the past generation have shown an increasing diversity of adolescent experiences and have been sympathetic to the particular challenges that teens face.

Romancing the Dead

Romancing the Dead ebook ISBN: 1440634734
Publisher: Penguin
Author: Tate Hallaway
Number of Pages: 304 
File: romancing-the-dead.pdf
Reads: 7773839


A book with bite and “a gem of a heroine”— third in the series from the author of Dead Sexy. It’s been one heck of a week for Garnet Lacey. The Vatican witch hunters finally think she’s dead, the FBI has closed their file on her, she’s co-founding a new coven—and the gorgeous vampire she loves has just asked her to marry him. How lucky can one girl get? Then, her fiancé goes missing and Garnet’s worried sick. Has he been kidnapped? Or could he have run off with that blonde from the coven? Now Garnet will have to seek the help of her future stepson—the same brat who turned her over to the witch hunters for a brand-new Jaguar. But there’s more bad news: the Goddess Lilith, who camps out in her body, has been making embarrassing appearances. And on top of that, some killer’s on her tail...

Child of Divorce, Child of God

Child of Divorce, Child of God ebook ISBN: 0830874712
Publisher: InterVarsity Press
Author: Kristine Steakley
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: child-of-divorce-child-of-god.pdf
Reads: 6307605


Children of divorce carry wounds into adulthood. Divorce affects our relationships to other people, our fears and longings, our faith, and our spirituality. We may have difficulties with anger, guilt, commitment or forgiveness. But our identity need not be marked only by our parents' divorce. God can enter into our woundedness and bring transformation and hope. Kristine Steakley chronicles the emotional and spiritual challenges facing adult children of divorce. She tells her own story of abandonment and estrangement with all the attendant questions of trust, self-worth and identity. But she has found that God can repair and reparent us in ways that heal and restore our relationships with ourselves, our parents and God.