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Bombproof ebook ISBN: 0733638430
Publisher: Hachette UK
Author: Michael Robotham
Number of Pages: 400 
File: bombproof.pdf
Reads: 283034


Police desperately pursue the most wanted terrorist in the country in this hold-your-breath psychological thriller from world-renowned author MICHAEL ROBOTHAM Sami Macbeth is not a master criminal. He's not even a minor one. He's not a jewel thief. He's not a safe-cracker. He's not an expert in explosives. Sami plays guitar and wants to be a rock god but keeps getting side-tracked. Fifty-four hours ago Sami was released from prison. Thirty-six hours ago he slept with the woman of his dreams at the Savoy. An hour ago his train blew up. Now he's carrying a rucksack through London's West End and is the most wanted terrorist in the country . . . BOMBPROOF is a heart-stopping, darkly compelling chase across London's criminal underbelly where an ordinary man faces an extraordinary situation, by multi-million-copy bestselling author MICHAEL ROBOTHAM. **Includes an exclusive extract from Michael's new standalone thriller THE SECRETS SHE KEEPS** 'Will have you turning the pages compulsively' - The Times 'Robotham doesn't just make me scared for his characters, he makes my heart ache for them' - LINWOOD BARCLAY 'A terrific read' - Guardian 'LIFE OR DEATH is a nerve-shredding thriller with the heart and soul so often missing from lesser crime and suspense novels. I couldn't stop reading, yet I didn't want Audie's story to end. Robotham is an absolute master.' - STEPHEN KING

Bombproof Your Horse

Bombproof Your Horse ebook ISBN: 1570768749
Publisher: Trafalgar Square Books
Author: Rick Pelicano
Number of Pages: 254 
File: bombproof-your-horse.pdf
Reads: 2992390


Every horse, from the pampered show-hunter to the family pet, is faced at one time or another with an object or situation that is overwhelmingly terrifying, or just downright confusing. With his systematic approach to "bombproofing," Sergeant Rick Pelicano of the Maryland National Capitol Park Police shares his methods on how to be proactive rather than reactive when it comes to training your horse to deal with such situations. His vividly illustrated manual shows you how to accustom your horse to a variety of circumstances, noises, and objects, thereby turning him into a more pleasurable, submissive, confident, and ultimately safer mount.

The Drowning Man and Bombproof

The Drowning Man and Bombproof ebook ISBN: 9780751547467
Author: Michael Robotham
Number of Pages: 783 
File: the-drowning-man-and-bombproof.pdf
Reads: 7654396


THE DROWNING MAN: Vincent Ruiz is lucky to be alive. A bullet in the leg, another through the hand, he is discovered clinging to a buoy in the River Thames, losing blood and consciousness fast. Vincent has no recollection of what happened, and nobody believes him.The only clue is a picture in his pocket, a photograph of a young girl, Mickey Carlyle, who disappeared three years ago. And though Mickey is presumed dead, Vincent has the nagging doubt that she is alive and in terrible danger... BOMBPROOF: Fifty-four hours ago Sami Macbeth was released from prison. Thirty-six hours ago he slept with the woman of his dreams at the Savoy. An hour ago his train blew up. Now he's carrying a rucksack through London's West End and has turned himself into the most wanted terrorist in the country...

Better Than Bombproof

Better Than Bombproof ebook ISBN: 9781570764363
Publisher: Trafalgar Square
Author: Rick Pelicano,Eliza R. L. McGraw
Number of Pages: 169 
File: better-than-bombproof.pdf
Reads: 1207618


"Sergeant Rick Pelicano of the Maryland National Park Police has trained horses to face just about any object or circumstance they might encounter during police work without wide eyes and snorts, And while you and your horse may not encounter many of the obstacles used in the exercises, you'll both gain confidence and skills that will help you through the unexpected---whether you're schooling in an arena or riding in a parade."---Horse & Rider "Horses being horses' doesn't have to come with the territory, as Sergeant Rick Pelicano explains in his proactive methods for training a horse to be absolutely safe when confronted with unusual circumstances." ---Horses all Haven't we all wanted a bombproof horse at one time or another? This book certainly will help all horses achieve a new level of good behavior. Even if you only use one or two tips from this volume, it is well worth the purchase price."---Equestrian "A wealth of how-to, common-sense strategies, and ideas to help you and your horse maneuver through life's obstacles---wherever you go, and whatever pops up! A must-have book!"---Natural Horse

Your Horse Needs a Bombproof Rider

Your Horse Needs a Bombproof Rider ebook ISBN: 9781477495056
Publisher: Createspace Independent Pub
Author: Donna Lindahl
Number of Pages: 182 
File: your-horse-needs-a-bombproof-rider.pdf
Reads: 1012025


"Afraid to ride? Get a bombproof horse." This standard advice did not work for me! My fear could rattle the nerves of even the most unflappable of equines. What happened to me? I'd ridden and trained horses for 20 years - why was I afraid? How could I overcome the unreasonable fear that kept me out of the saddle? Books always have answers! I headed for the library and found many excellent books dealing with equine fear - but what about human fear? People who have never felt fear have a difficult time understanding fear. I was going to have to solve the problem of fear myself. And it was MY problem, not my horse's. I was going to have to learn how to bombproof myself! I succeeded - I became a bombproofed human - and you can too!

A Historic Resources Study: The Civil War Defenses of Washington, Pt. 1

A Historic Resources Study: The Civil War Defenses of Washington, Pt. 1 ebook ISBN: 9780160885259
Publisher: Government Printing Office
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: a-historic-resources-study-the-civil-war-defenses-of-washington-pt-1.pdf
Reads: 1730824


Tells the history of Civil War forts and other defenses in the Washington, DC area. This study provides historical information to improve and enhance interpretation of the parks and historic resources and provides a historical framework fro future preservation efforts. A great deal of new information pertaining to the relationship of minorities to the Defenses of Washington was discovered. The role of U.S. Colored Troops in construction and defense of the fortifications is better understood. In addition, much new information is available on the work of Freedmen and women in the Defenses of Washington. Finally, the association of African Americans with the former fortifications after the Civil War is better known. Furthermore, much information relating to the day-to-day construction and maintenance activity within the Defenses of Washington during the Civil War was also uncovered. Teachers, students, historians, and others interested in the American Civil War history, particularly in the Washington, DC area would enjoy this publication. Related products: American Civil War resources collection can be found here: https: //

Rope Rescue for Firefighting

Rope Rescue for Firefighting ebook ISBN: 9780912212616
Publisher: PennWell Books
Author: Ken Brennan
Number of Pages: 289 
File: rope-rescue-for-firefighting.pdf
Reads: 7116678


• A step-by-step guide for rope rescue• Chapter illustrations cover knots, ascent, rigging systems, and anchor points • Identifies critical techniques required for rope rescue This book helps to establish effective and safe technical rope rescue operations. Brennan begins by aiding you in identifying the risks in the area that you are operating in and assessing your organizational strengths and needs, then follows with a discussion of the various rope rescue components. Includes illustrations of the knots and systems mentioned.

Fort McAllister

Fort McAllister ebook ISBN: 1439612730
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
Author: Roger S. Durham
Number of Pages: 128 
File: fort-mcallister.pdf
Reads: 9223730


Many earthen fortifications defended the city of Savannah and its numerous water approaches after the Civil War broke out. One of these defenses, Fort McAllister, protected the entrance to the Ogeechee River and the strategic railroad and highway bridges upstream. From November 1862 to March 1863 the U.S. Navy bombarded the fort seven different times without success. The fort finally fell to General Sherman in December 1864; ironically, the final threat the fort faced was not from an enemy trying to get up the river, but from one trying to get down the river to the sea. In the 1920s auto magnate Henry Ford renovated the fort and focused new attention on its history. In 1960 the State of Georgia built on Ford's work and opened the fort as a State Historic Site to mark the centennial of the Civil War. Today visitors can quietly wander the massive, earthen walls and gun positions, gaze across the wide river and expansive marshes, and ponder the thundering, blazing reality that once played on this ground.

The Bombproof Roll and Beyond

The Bombproof Roll and Beyond ebook ISBN: 9780897325776
Publisher: Menasha Ridge Press
Author: Paul Dutky
Number of Pages: 192 
File: the-bombproof-roll-and-beyond.pdf
Reads: 5416878


"The Bombproof Roll and Beyond" is an introduction to edge control and balance for paddlers at the beginner through advanced levels. Most of this book is dedicated to the Eskimo roll, because the path leading toward mastery of the roll introduces the aspiring paddler to almost all the fundamentals needed for advanced whitewater maneuvers. A reliable roll also gives paddlers the confidence to experiment with new techniques.

The Nautical Magazine for 1874

The Nautical Magazine for 1874 ebook ISBN: 1108056539
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
Author: Various authors,Various
Number of Pages: 1086 
File: the-nautical-magazine-for-1874.pdf
Reads: 8557129


The 1874 Nautical Magazine includes legal reports, shipbuilding statistics and strong criticism of proposals for government safety regulations on shipping.

The Military Engineer

The Military Engineer ebook ISBN:
Author: N.A
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: the-military-engineer.pdf
Reads: 3674455


"Directory of members, constitution and by-laws of the Society of American military engineers. 1935" inserted in v. 27.

Broken Me 262 Jet Fighters Part 2

Broken Me 262 Jet Fighters Part 2 ebook ISBN:
Publisher: RCW Technology & Ebook Publishing
Author: David Myhra, PhD
Number of Pages: 26 
File: broken-me-262-jet-fighters-part-2.pdf
Reads: 6315366


Photographs and information of unfinished, war weary, crash-landed, cannibalized, new ones, but all "dead Messerschmitt Me262s, found scattered all over the former Nazi Germany at the end of World War II, 8may1945. Enjoy all nine parts!