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Cullman County, Alabama Marriages 1921 - 1937

Cullman County, Alabama Marriages 1921 - 1937 ebook ISBN: 1387632930
Author: Robin Sterling
Number of Pages: 424 
File: cullman-county-alabama-marriages-1921-1937.pdf
Reads: 2205454


This book contains all the marriages which took place in Cullman County between the year 1921 and 1937. Images of the original documents from the Cullman County Court House were examined page by page and transcribed. Not only was the basic information recorded, but other significant details were gathered such as names of bondsmen, names of officials performing the ceremony, names and relationships of those granting permission, and the location of the ceremony. Sometimes, other details such as birthdays, were recorded. Additionally, details of all licenses returned unexecuted were recorded. The main part of the book is an alphabetical listing of all the grooms. A full name index of the brides follows in the last section. This book is a handy tool for those with ancestors in Cullman County, or surrounding counties.

The Wizard's Guardian: Book Three of the Guardian Trilogy

The Wizard's Guardian: Book Three of the Guardian Trilogy ebook ISBN: 1300194146
Author: Adeana Terrill
Number of Pages: 274 
File: the-wizard-s-guardian-book-three-of-the-guardian-trilogy.pdf
Reads: 2208523


Mirshalla, and now Miranda and Mynx due to the evil wizards duplication spell, have a lot to worry about: A magical battle finds Miranda trapped on another world that has almost no magic and is full of strange "technologies..". worse, the evil wizard Aragoth may be her only way home! Kidnapped by the evil wizard Zezaarian, Mirshalla finds he intends to bond with her. And to make sure Mirshalla cooperates he is using threat of torture and death against Tab and Daria who are in his dungeons. Can she escape? Can she rescue Tab and Daria? Mynx, and the others rush to the rescue... into the very heart of the capital city of the wizards. It is a race against time to keep Zezaarian from bonding with Mirshalla and killing Tab and Daria. All while worrying about those pesky fey prophesies of causing the downfall of a kingdom and finding Arkadeea, the fabled land of the fey.

I Love You from the Edges

I Love You from the Edges ebook ISBN: 1496911814
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Author: Karen Best Wright
Number of Pages: 124 
File: i-love-you-from-the-edges.pdf
Reads: 2403978


What Readers are Saying “An amazing captivating story. It gives grandparents raising kids the comfort of knowing, you are not alone.” -Bill Trammell, a single grandfather from Wisconsin, raising his adopted grandson. “Karen is honest and vulnerable and takes even the worst of what happened and makes something beautiful out of it. A compelling story, from someone who’s been there!” -Laura Montané Bailey, LMFT, author of Courageous Love “Karen tells her story with integrity in a compelling style, leaving the reader wanting more. Through her challenges, she found the way to empowerment, giving the reader a gift.” -Lynne R. Gassel, author of Fifth Child: The Turbulent Path that Led to Raising Our Child’s Child “By sharing her moving, poignant journey of raising her three granddaughters, Karen reveals her challenges, commitment, and courage along with her desire to empower other grandparents.” -Donne Davis, Founder GaGa Sisterhood, a social network for grandmas I Love You from the Edges is Karen’s love story of raising her young granddaughters for several years, letting them capture her heart, her life, and her soul, and then having to give them back – resulting in a painful, yet spiritual journey of love, healing, and reunion. Along with her story, she includes suggestions on the “how’s, what’s and why’s” one should consider when beginning the journey of raising someone else’s child. Included is the health and wellness assessment program Karen designed specifically for grandparents and relatives raising children. Using her holistic approach, this assessment focuses on six aspects of wellness: physical, emotional, social, spiritual, mental/intellectual, and environmental. Whether you are a grandparent, great-something, aunt, uncle, or any relative raising someone else’s child, this book is for you.

Bond with Nature

Bond with Nature ebook ISBN: 9788183321396
Publisher: Ratna Sagar
Author: Ruskin Bond
Number of Pages: 224 
File: bond-with-nature.pdf
Reads: 8541278


Suitable for 9 to 15 year olds

Power of the Vampire

Power of the Vampire ebook ISBN: 1479741582
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Dee Krull
Number of Pages: 383 
File: power-of-the-vampire.pdf
Reads: 5615194


Summary of Power of the Vampire In the second book of The Saga of a World Called Htrae, Laurel is kidnapped by a hybrid named Learden. When she looses hope of ever seeing Kianas again, she gives herself up to the feelings she has for Learden. But when Kianas comes back into her life she finds she must make a decision between them before one of them dies. As she tries to resist the change and the monster growing inside her, she soon realizes that her linage and the true prophesy have claimed her to be the one to bring freedom and peace back to this planet. The king however, plots her capture in hopes of preventing her from leading an army of hybrids that would defeat him. Fearful of loosing his throne, he plans to unleash a secret weapon that could wipe out life on Htrae as it almost did once before.

Love Never Dies: From Heaven My Sister Speaks

Love Never Dies: From Heaven My Sister Speaks ebook ISBN: 1622873068
Publisher: First Edition Design Pub.
Author: Angela Dawn
Number of Pages: 244 
File: love-never-dies-from-heaven-my-sister-speaks.pdf
Reads: 4180951


Two sisters bound by love and courage continue their oh-so-familiar conversations regardless of being separated between the paths of life and death. This is a true story of two deaths and one life, which has proven that the bonds of love do exist beyond the grave. After the sudden death of Angela’s mother and shortly thereafter her sister, Angela refused to believe that she had lost them forever. She set off on a journey in search of the truth. Her mother and sister guided and supported her as she discovered a world of existence in the afterlife. They speak about their life in heaven, about God the Creator, the universe, mankind, the reason for living and the soul's purpose. The discovery and understanding that Angela experienced, brought much comfort in a time of grief. Join Angela as she is taken on a journey in which she unravels the truth—the truth of life.

The Bond with the Beloved

The Bond with the Beloved ebook ISBN: 0963457403
Publisher: The Golden Sufi Center
Author: Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee
Number of Pages: 151 
File: the-bond-with-the-beloved.pdf
Reads: 5678588


As in other mystic traditions, Sufism sees the relationship between the seeker and God as that of lover and beloved. This wise, beautiful book, written by the spiritual successor to Irine Tweedie (Daughter of Fire), describes the inner journey that takes the lover back to the God he refers to as "the beloved".

Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light ebook ISBN: 1897448740
Publisher: Laitman Kabbalah Publishers
Author: Yaniv C
Number of Pages: 592 
File: let-there-be-light.pdf
Reads: 1409421


The book of Zohar (Radiance), also known as The Zohar, is regarded by many as the most enchanting and mysterious composition ever to be written. No other literary work has provoked quite so much awe and admiration among writers, thinkers, and spiritual seekers. The Zohar contains all the secrets of creation, but until recently the wisdom of Kabbalah was locked under a thousand locks. Thanks to the work of Rav Yehuda Ashlag (1884-1954), the last of the great Kabbalists, The Zohar is revealed today in order to propel humanity to its next degree. Ashlag's Sulam (Ladder) commentary has made The Zohar accessible to all. Let There Be Light contains selected excerpts from the series Zohar for All, a refined edition of The Book of Zohar with the Sulam commentary. Each piece was carefully chosen for its beauty and depth as well as its capacity to draw the reader into The Zohar and get the most out of the reading experience. The number at the beginning of each item marks the item in the portion from which it was taken. More importantly, as The Zohar speaks of nothing but the intricate web that connects all souls, diving into its words attracts the special force that exists in that state of oneness, where we are all connected. The Zohar is the bridge that connects us to that source of energy and vitality that permeates all of reality.

Losing the Bond with God

Losing the Bond with God ebook ISBN: 031339329X
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
Author: Kailla Edger
Number of Pages: 199 
File: losing-the-bond-with-god.pdf
Reads: 926315


Empirical research provides the basis for a comprehensive depiction of evangelical Christian men who self-identify as sexual addicts. * Direct quotes and stories from interviews with study participants * Diagrams of the Cycle of Sexual Addiction and the Life Worlds of the Evangelical Sexual Addict * Appendices covering: participant profiles, research design, data analysis, and the definitions of terms

Refused to Be Broken

Refused to Be Broken ebook ISBN: 9781462855346
Publisher: Xlibris Corporation
Author: Anita Hasan
Number of Pages: 105 
File: refused-to-be-broken.pdf
Reads: 8689725


Nicole Kennedy grew up without ever knowing her father. Her mother on the other hand made her feel like she was not loved. At six, Nicole was told by her mother that she was raped, thus her conception. Despite this shocking revelation, she still had the urge to look for the one man that had been missing in her life. Nicole would have to endure physical, emotional, and verbal abuse that went on for several years even into adulthood. Amid the trials and tribulations, Nicole mustered the courage to move on with faith. Follow Nicoles journey to find her father in this inspiring story of how one woman Refused to be Broken.

Hot Magic

Hot Magic ebook ISBN: 0989413802
Publisher: Holli Bertram
Author: Holli Bertram
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: hot-magic.pdf
Reads: 7100419


When Julie Dancer’s hot new neighbor claims he’s got to have her in his bed to break an evil curse, Julie thinks he’s forgotten to take his meds. The truth is, Harrison Chevalier is a man of enormous power, leader of a group of energy wielders. Julie soon finds her quiet life crowded with a leather-clad Guardian, a mystery man who turns into an owl and a vengeful Shadow Walker intent on keeping her from breaking the curse. Julie knows nothing about Harry’s world or the power to transform energy. Harry knows nothing about Julie’s life or the power of love. A single kiss triggers a whole lot of Hot Magic, changing everything, and leading Julie to a choice that could save the world but destroy the man she’s grown to love.

Women on Ice

Women on Ice ebook ISBN: 0813554616
Publisher: Rutgers University Press
Author: Miriam Boeri
Number of Pages: 254 
File: women-on-ice.pdf
Reads: 6089971


Methamphetamine (ice, speed, crystal, shard) has been called epidemic in the United States. Yet few communities were ready for increased use of methamphetamine by suburban women. Women on Ice is the first book to study exclusively the lives of women who use the drug and its effects on their families. In-depth interviews with women in the suburban counties of one of the largest metropolitan areas in the U.S. chronicle the details of their initiation into methamphetamine, the turning points into problematic drug use, and for a few, their escape from lives veering out of control. Their life course and drug careers are analyzed in relation to the intersecting influences of social roles, relationships, social/political structures, and political trends. Examining the effects of punitive drug policy, inadequate social services, and looming public health risks, including HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C, the book gives voice to women silenced by shame. Boeri introduces new and developing concepts in the field of addiction studies and proposes policy changes to more broadly implement initiatives that address the problems these women face. She asserts that if we are concerned that the war on drugs is a war on drug users, this book will alert us that it is also a war on suburban families.

A Bond with the Mountains

A Bond with the Mountains ebook ISBN: 9788170703600
Publisher: Ratna Sagar
Author: Ruskin Bond
Number of Pages: 79 
File: a-bond-with-the-mountains.pdf
Reads: 6152752


Ruskin Bond s abiding love and reverence for the mighty mountains shines forth in this collection of mountain stories, thoughts and poems.

Fundamentally Flawed

Fundamentally Flawed ebook ISBN: 1622872282
Publisher: First Edition Design Pub.
Author: Joselyn Hasty
Number of Pages: 107 
File: fundamentally-flawed.pdf
Reads: 9694458


Infertility leaves a woman feeling hopeless, isolated, angry, and worthless. This 14 week, biblically-based group study is designed to help these women find hope and peace by exploring their complex emotions, gaining support from other women like them, and most importantly, by discovering their Father's heart.


Works ebook ISBN:
Author: Joanna Southcott
Number of Pages: N.A 
File: works.pdf
Reads: 4029139


Defending the Defenseless

Defending the Defenseless ebook ISBN: 1442202165
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers
Author: Allie Phillips
Number of Pages: 312 
File: defending-the-defenseless.pdf
Reads: 4297782


Do you love cats, dogs and other pets? Do you want to do more to help protect and advocate for these pets, but don't know where to start? Defending the Defenseless is for anyone who wants to join a growing crusade to bring animal protection to its rightful place in a civilized society, to protect animals from harm inflicted by humans, and allow them to live happily in an environment that appreciates their unique qualities. Regardless of career or lifestyle, anyone can become an advocate for pets in a growing movement to defend the defenseless. This book guides readers through the variety of ways they can help companion animals and offers practical tips to get involved, from donating money to volunteering at animal shelters, from opposing animal experimentation to raising children to protect animals. Defending the Defenseless is perfect for anyone who loves animals and is seeking guidance on how to get involved.

God's Messengers

God's Messengers ebook ISBN: 9781577312468
Publisher: New World Library
Author: Allen Anderson,Linda Anderson
Number of Pages: 237 
File: god-s-messengers.pdf
Reads: 6521545


Combining spiritual questions with heartwarming animal tales, God's Messengers will appeal to anyone who seeks the mystical in the everyday. The authors have gathered these accounts from a wide variety of people and divided them into four sections: Love, Wisdom, Courage, and Comfort. Each story answers a question, for example: Is there a God? Are prayers answered? and Is there a heaven? Throughout, wild and domesticated creatures teach humans about health, compassion, and unconditional love -- birds, coyotes, dolphins, and iguanas, as well as cats, dogs, and horses. Readers will learn about a ferret who helped an autistic boy play baseball, a dolphin who was saved by a concerned community, and a dog who pulled hair from her tail in sympathy with a chemo patient. 50 black-and-white photographs accompany these amazing stories.